Windows 10 is going to have new light weight web browser other than IE

Microsoft, after bypassing the version number has released a technical preview of their new age operating system, Windows 10 at Event Space, San Francisco recently. The announcement of the new operating system with enhanced features have already started to raise expectations at tech savvy's and Windows lovers.

Internet Explorer, the native web browser in Windows operating system is going to get a sibling in Windows 10. Microsoft has reportedly announced a new default web browser code-named ‘Spartan’ for its new version of OS where it mostly looks and feels like Firefox and Chrome.

Spartan is known to be using Microsoft’s Chakra JavaScript engine and Trident rendering engine(which is not WebKit). This new browser is going to support extensions more like Chrome and Firefox.

The new lightweight web browser is seemed to be focused on running smoothly on multiple devices without any loading issues. As it is being said that new Windows is going to be multi-device friendly in the launch of Windows 10 technical preview earlier.

There are also expectations if ‘Spartan’ is supported in the non-Microsoft operating systems like Android and iOS as Microsoft made it clear in the past that they are not going to port IE to any other non-Microsoft operating systems. Hoping for the best of Spartan!

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