5 Best Online Shopping Sites for Mobile Phones

There are a lot of shopping sites online today that offer amazing discounts on mobile phones but how many of them you trust? I have seen a site(I don’t want to mention its name) recently offering products for Re.1 with the shipping charges equal to the original cost of the product. Among such a lame marketing strategic ecommerce sites, which one should you choose? Here I am to help you in choosing the 5 best online shopping sites to buy mobile phones.

The following sites are not ranked in the same order they are put in. Please mind it before you continue.

1. Snapdeal

Snapdeal has evolved to be one of the best ecommerce websites in India competing with Flipkart and Amazon recently. Since the big failure of reputation(big billion day) for Flipkart, the sales on Snapdeal have increased substantially. It offers great deals on mobile phones with discounts ranging from 10-50% in normal seasons and 10-90% in festival seasons making itself an all time discount offering site in country’s ecommerce industry.

Along with these great deals, it allows discounts on its products as well. Check out some Snapdeal coupons for mobiles.

2. Flipkart

Who else have not bought anything yet on Flipkart. Being the India’s largest ecommerce store, Flipkart offers great deals on mobile phones with the 30-days replacement warranty from their side along with the regular warranty from the manufacturer of the product. Some mobile companies like Xiaomi, YotaPhone, Huawei only prefer Flipkart to perform the sale across the country.

Flipkart also offers good discounts on mobile phones from time to time. There is no need to say what happens when Flipkart offers discounts on festival days. Have you ever not heard about Flipkart servers being crashed during discount sales?

3. Amazon

Amazon is ever a show stealer. The sales in the country caught rocket speed since they launched their site for shoppers in India. Amazon is one the preferable market places comparable with Flipkart. Android One, when released was first and only available on Amazon and later spread its market places to Flipkart and other ecommerce stores.

Amazon features latest releases, takes pre-orders for the upcoming products and is one of the buyer certified sites to buy mobile phones on great deals.

4. Shopclues

Shopclues is no less to the above said ecommerce stores. All it makes difference is it takes a couple of days more time to deliver the goods. It depends on the density of the physical stores and transportation connections that a business has.

Shopclues also offers good deals on mobile phones but you may have to wait to get delivered for a little longer time.

5. eBay

eBay is one of the all time discount sales organizing website where you can find a deal any day in a year. They offer self replacement and refunding guarantee for their buyers upon the mobiles and other gadgets as well.

eBay is the oldest of all the ecommerce websites that we had discussed so far. The only thing to be careful about eBay is the reputation of the seller(of course you have to see it on any ecommerce store) as we have seen some of the wicked scams like ‘iPhone 5S with flappy bird pre-installed’ handsets being sold at very high prices.

Over to you

The best 5 may not be best at sales but best at giving buyer satisfaction. 'The best' are only according to my random opinion on ecommerce sites. It may differ for you in different perspectives. Be smart!

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