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Language and Formatting settings in blogger are outnumbered compared to Post & Comment, Mobile & Email and Basic settings that we have seen so far. Because these settings will not affect your blog that much.

Choosing Language & Transliteration


Language of the blog is the language in which you want your blog appears. This doesn’t change the language of your blog posts but changes the language of the blog interface for a reader.

For e.g., If the language is set to ‘Chinese’, the blogger interface will be shown in Chinese. That means the text that is not related to our blog posts will be turned into Chinese and it will not affect our blog posts at all.


Transliteration is a feature that allows you to write in your blog in your own language with the English keyboard. This works the same way the Microsoft’s Language Indic Tool works.

To make it simpler to understand, it is how you SMS in your own language.

For e.g., Kaise ho?(means ‘How are you?’ in English)

Learn how transliteration works in real time from this link.


Formatting is not what actually it sounds like. It is related to the time zone of your blog. You can set a time zone that will display date and time accordingly on your blog posts.

Time Zone – Sets the actual time zone of the country you are living in.
Date Header Format – Sets the format of display of date and time on your blog posts.
Timestamp Format – Sets the timestamp format when you publish a post.
Comment Timestamp Format – Sets the timestamp format when someone comments on your blog posts.

So that’s it for now and isn’t it simple to understand? I recommend you to read the rest of the Blogger Basics too.

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