Download Nokia’s Z Launcher for Your Android Phone Now

Nokia has launched the customized app launcher, the Z launcher recently and got a good response from the users. It was a spark in the dark for Nokia on the death bed.

Initially, it was only kept available for a limited number of devices and users but after getting good feedback and responses from them, Nokia made it available for many other devices on Google Play as ‘beta’ version.

What is Z launcher?

The Z launcher is an app launcher introduced by Nokia in recent times. This application learns how you use the phone throughout the day and adapts your usage. The application’s productivity increases as you use it. That means it will work better after a week than you used it for the first time.
Scribble – You can just scribble a letter to open up the apps.
Launch – The launcher will bring up results from apps, contacts and websites.
Adaption – The application will learn your usage and behaves accordingly making the apps faster than normal.

What’s new in Z launcher beta?

The Z launcher comes with little improvements to its features making it work more better, faster and intelligent.

Faster – Made faster by improving optimization for some handsets and improvising finger touch tracking.

Better Intelligence – The prediction of apps for the letter you scribbled has been improvised by adding the Wi-Fi networks and key elements.

Improvised Scribble – The language recognition ability of scribbling has been added with the support of Pinyin Chinese support and some optimization.

Compatibility for rooted devices – The new version of the Z launcher is compatible with the rooted devices also.

How to download

Download Z Launcher for your android phone from this link. Unfortunately, BlueStacks doesn’t support this app

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