Microsoft Makes .NET Open Source and Adds Cross Platform Development Capabilities in Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft Corporation has reinforced its commitment to making .NET a cross-platform developing environment by open sourcing it to run on Linux and Mac OS platforms. Hereby, Microsoft announced the next version of Visual Studio environment, Visual Studio 2015 and also announced Visual Studio 2013 Community that provides access to the Visual Studio core toolset recently this week in its connect(); event.

“With billions of devices in the market today, developers need tools that target many different form factors and platforms. Through Visual Studio and .NET we are committed to delivering a comprehensive end-to-end solution for developers to build and manage applications across multiple devices and platforms,” says S. Somasegar, corporate vice president, Developer Division, Microsoft.

As promised in the previous events, Microsoft provides full .NET server stack in open source that includes ASP.NET, .NET Compiler, .NET Core Runtime, Framework and Libraries thus enabling developers to build with .NET across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Microsoft will be closely working with the open-source community now and will take contributions from the worldwide developers to improve .NET in future through .NET foundation that was announced during April 2014.

What’s new coming in Visual Studio 2015?

Visual Studio was built to support any device taking from iOS, Windows, and Android to any other future platforms. Visual Studio 2015 was built to develop any application and service of any device and any platform.

Microsoft has also announced the preview of ASP.NET 5.0, a streamlined framework and runtime optimized for cloud and server workloads in the release event of VS2015.

VS 2015 comes with new connection manager with which you can easily connect your applications to the line-of-business APIs such as Office 365, SalesForce and others.

Visual Studio Online

Microsoft also announced additional features for Visual Studio Online. They are
  • Release Management as a service
  • Cloud Development Projects

Update 4 for Visual Studio 2013

Microsoft in connect(); also released another update(update 4) for Visual Studio 2013 which features productivity enhancements and additional capabilities.

You can buy an updated version from here.

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