How to Insert Your Website’s Homepage as Cover/First Page of Your eBook

So, you have started writing an eBook? That’s good but writing isn’t enough. You need to design its cover page, the first page of your book appealing to the reader. Also, it should represent your website so that the readers could get quick notice of it when opened.

The time and money have you been wasting hiring cover page designers for all your previous eBooks will now be saved(I think so if you like my trick).

As you make your eBook in PDF format, you need a professional version of the Acrobat Reader to edit it. If you don’t have the professional version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, download one from this link and install it on your computer.

Open the Acrobat Reader Pro on your computer.

As the first page of the eBook has no cover page at all. We have to insert an additional page i.e., the blog/website’s home page before the current page.

Always remember that we are inserting a webpage, not the normal PDF page here.

Go to Tools > Pages > More Insert Options(under Insert Pages) > Add PDF From Webpage, give URL of your website’s homepage and click Create.

Your website’s homepage will then be downloaded by Acrobat Reader.

and will be opened like as shown below,

The page thus added will have active hyperlinks to your webpages.

It may show the unnecessary parts that are extended to further pages which you don’t want to add to your eBook. Take a look at the following screenshot for better understanding.

Let’s remove the extra pages from the document.

To remove pages, go to Tools > Pages > Delete. A new window will pop up and asks you to enter the page range to delete pages in between.

Enter the range from 2 to 7 and hit Ok. The webpage will now remain in a single page that needs to be cropped out to make it look better.

To crop the page, go to Tools > Pages > Crop and drag your selection and hit ‘Enter’.

A new window will pop up asking you to Set Page Boxes. Under the Page Range, keep the count from 1 to 1 and leave the rest of the options untouched unless you want to over-do the cropping.

After you are done, click OK. The cropped page will now be shown like this,

Now add your eBook as an attachment to the existed page.

To do so, go to Tools > Insert from File and attach your eBook to it.

Choose to place it After 1st page(website’s homepage).

Here is what it looks like after attaching your eBook and your website/blog’s home page,

Now Save it.
  1. Make your website’s homepage as the cover page of your eBook if it is appealing enough for the reader (Only add if the home is good as a cover page).
  2. Make sure you crop the webpage as per the dimensions of pages in your eBook.
  3. Make sure you do not ads on your cover page(many websites will have ads on their home pages), because adding clickable ads other than your website might be against the policies of your advertising network.
  4. Do not place too many clickable hotspots on the cover page.
That’s all. All the best with your eBook. By the way, don’t forget to share a copy with us!

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