How to Get Google AdSense Approved in Very First Attempt

You would get astonished if I say that for about 50% of the world’s live blogs are born inspired by AdSense earnings of successful bloggers who have already had their footprints in the blogosphere.

Also, it is a fact that most of the live blogs work for the AdSense only. Are AdSense earnings that inspiring?

Yes, they are! There is no such thing that can beat AdSense in the world. It is the only thing that pays the best rates for the ad spaces on your blog.

Google is as serious as it pays the best rates while approving AdSense accounts for a blog. It considers many factors in getting an account approved.

I am not going to babble about those AdSense guidelines today as I know that you don’t care to read them even from Google’s official page. But yet, I strongly recommend you to go through them more than once and understand them thoroughly.

Because you know what, the tricks I am going to reveal to you today will not work if you don’t follow Google guidelines.

Hoping that you had gone through Google guidelines(AdSense program policies) once at least before continuing with this article, I would like to talk about the tricks to get your AdSense account approved for the very first attempt.

#1 Maintain a neat design of your blog

Design is the crucial aspect of your blog while applying for AdSense account. Most people may not consider it and so you might have rarely heard about the design-AdSense thing.

Why design?

Your blog template shows your interest in building a blog for readers. As you know that Google respects the motive(building for readers) very much.

A neat design should give everything insight for the reader of your blog. It should have good navigation, content should be prioritized on the whole and structure of the post also matters in this case.

How do I know that good design works out

Because I’ve seen people among my friends and others in the blogosphere with neatly designed blogs getting their AdSense accounts approved in the very first attempt of their blogging career. I hope that makes solid evidence to prove that design matters.

#2 No. of articles

I’m sure that you have listened about this being said by many pro bloggers and fellow AdSense approved blog owners that no. of posts matters while applying for an AdSense account.

If so, how normal websites(non-blogs) are able to get AdSense accounts approved?


No. of articles might be considered, but not in numbers actually. Even less number of articles with high-quality content can get the job done.

I have read many articles on the internet talking about the requirement of a number of articles. Some said 20, some said 40 and some said only 10.

No. of articles cannot be totally ignored. It matters when stuffed with quality content. So, do not leave it out. Maintain at least 10 quality articles on your blog before you apply.

#3 Sync your blog with G+

Google+ integration with your blog is not a myth. That doesn’t mean Google is partial about G+. It means that whenever you post something on your blog, will be shared automatically to your Google+ page(however, you may turn the feature off anytime you want).

You may have seen Google showing up the post links from your circles when you were searching for something on it when you are logged in.

Google+ integration will help you this way in getting traffic from your circles.

#4 Decent traffic

I know it is hard to get huge traffic for a startup website, but it is not that hard to get minimal traffic at least. If your content is more appealing and along with the help of automated G+ sharing will help you get 100+ visitors at least.

Also, the quality, unique content will always get ranked at the top in the search engine results page.

#5 Put a contact us page

Not only the content, but Google also respects many other facts in considering an AdSense account for approval. ‘Contact us’ page is one of them.

Why contact us page?

Your website is like your physical address on the map. What does it mean if you don’t really have a physically recognized address for your house? People will know that there is a house in that place but never been recognized officially.

Is it about recognition?

No! you got me wrong. If anyone wants to send a mail to your house address which doesn’t have one officially, will it be possible for you to get a mail to it?

You are living in a house which is not recognized by the government and which don’t have a physical address actually is eligible to get suspected. Isn’t it?

Why would someone live in a house without having an official identification to it? No identification means no name in government citizens list. So, what else could be the purpose of living like a ghost? Isn’t it scary?


There must be a proper communication channel that connects readers and the owner(s) of the website so that they can share their opinions, objections and can establish proper communication with the website’s managing team.

A contact us page also proves your authentication over the website/blog, making it easier for Google in verifying your AdSense application.

#6 Disclaimer page

A disclaimer page is one of the considerations that Google take for approving the AdSense account. A disclaimer page is an agreement between the blog readers and website owners about how the website is going to use the information of the visitor. Any action taken by the visitor on the site must be specified in the disclaimer.

As yours a blog, the disclaimer need not be that specific as you don’t record or monitor any footsteps of your visitors.

However, there is no problem in specifying more in the disclaimer. If you are confused about what to write in a disclaimer for your blog, you can use the ready-for-you tools that can easily create one for you.

#7 Privacy policy page

Privacy policy page in one of the things that Google look for on a website that was applied for AdSense.

Just like a disclaimer, the ‘privacy policy’ promises the privacy of the visitors of your website/blog. If you can’t create a privacy policy on your own, you can do it by using free tools online.

Here are some free tools online:

#8 Age of the blog

The age of your blog is also a metric that Google considers for approval of AdSense. The actual time period that Google recommends to wait before applying for AdSense is 6 months.

Now tell me seriously, can you wait for 6 months?

No! right?

I have seen pro bloggers getting their blogs approved for AdSense in a month or two. There is no wonder about it as they have fulfilled all the requirements that are needed for an AdSense account.

And in the short period of one or two months, they have shown consistent inbound traffic which would have impressed Google to award the approval that earlier.

One last advice

It has already crossed 1200 words till now and so I will make it simple.

Blog for your readers, not for AdSense approval. Your every move to sophisticate your visitors will help you a step forward in getting AdSense account approved.

Don’t forget to share your happiness when you got approved. All the best!

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