How to Add Your Blog Feed to Feedly: Comprehensive Tutorial

This comprehensive tutorial is going to help you set up your blog feed to feedly reader in a simple and easy way. It is obvious that you may find the “Sorry. No sites found” error while trying to add your feed but don’t worry there is a solution for it. Read on, to know it!

Feedly is one of the best news feeders that fetches the feeds from all over the internet and let us subscribe for them. If you would want to add your blog’s feed to feedly, you can do it in two ways, one is a simple way and another is a tricky way.

Adding your blog feed in a simple way

The simple way to add your blog to feedly is by simply searching your blog URL. To do so,

Log in to your feedly account and click on Add Content button on the left pane. Now add your search in the form of URL or title of your blog.

Searching by URL is mostly recommended as it would give results much accurately than for searching with a title.

If it shows up with your blog in the results, then it is fine and it is sure that feedly is able to access your feeds.

Click to open the feed of your site and click on +feedly button to add the feed to your subscriptions list.

The reason why I asked you to subscribe to your own feed is that you can keep track of your feedly feed easily from your control panel.

How does it automatically recognizes my feed?

Feedly keeps track of other feeder sources of your blog like RSS or feedburner. Before you get to know about the tricky way, you should verify if your RSS or feedburner feed is working finely.

For Blogger blogs
If yours is a blogger blog and you wanted to add your blog feed to feedly, you should make sure if your blog is feed enabled or not. To check so,

Go to your blogger blog’s dashboard > Settings > Other > under Site feed check if Allow Blog Feed is enabled or set to None. If it is set to none, feedly can’t take your feed as well as blog search engines too.

Make sure it is set to any of the other options among Full, Short, Until Jump Break, Custom.

Save Settings and exit.

For WordPress blogs
Go to Settings > Reading > Syndication Feeds Show Most Recent. Give a positive value(the number of recent feed posts to be shown) in the feed.

Type UTF-8 in Encoding for Pages and Feeds and Save Changes.

Check the health of you RSS or FeedBurner feed
It is also important to check the health of your feed. Feedly accepts your RSS or feedburner link to add your blog.

Go to RSS or Feedburner and syndicate you feed of your blog if it not showing latest updates.

After you make sure that your blog is enabled with feed and feed reader is in sync with your blog, you can proceed to the tricky way of adding your blog to feedly.

Adding your blog feed in a tricky way

The tricky way is tricky because it needs to make sure of the old feed reader’s health and blog’s permissions to enable feed.

When you don’t find your blog on feedly through the search, you can do it in a different way.

Copy and paste the following URL followed by your RSS or feedburner URL.

This would looks like as shown below,

Click on +feedly button and get your blog feed delivered by feedly. The feedly will now be able to recognize your site from now as there is at least one subscriber to it(none other than you).

That’s it! you are successfully added your blog to feedly feed successfully. Now you can promote your feedly URL that we have used above to your readers.

All the best!

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  1. HI, can you tell me how the tags are added to the blogs? Do i have to add them by myself so my blog can be found unter a special tag or is it catagorized automaticly by feedly ? thanks daniel

  2. Hi Daniel,

    You will have to add the tags by yourself. To add or remove the tags, go to 'Organize' and edit, remove or add the existing collection tag. That's it! Hope that helps!

    Thank you for asking!

    Have a great day :)


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