Protect Your Credit/Debit Card from Backoff Virus at POS Systems

The rapid use of credit/debit cards for shopping and bill payments have posed a threat targeting the POS systems at sales counters. CERT-In has warned people who use the credit/debit cards so frequently about the threat in the Indian cyber space recently.

Hackers are targeting the windows based point of sales systems to steal credit/debit card information of customers. To execute the attacks, they have introduced a new virus into the Indian cyber space called “Backoff”, a Trojan virus program that searches for the remote desktop applications to establish the attack.

Computer Emergency Response Team states that the Trojan can steal information like the card holder’s name, their account number, CVV number and also the expiration details that are necessary enough to commit a fraud. The virus is reportedly executes in stealth mode and cannot be found by many antivirus systems.

“The malware makes a network connection to various command and control servers and uses HTTP POST request to transfer the data of the victim system. The POST request generated from the victim machine consist of various parameters identifying different information about the infected machine.” said the advisory about the virus.

CERT-In has confirmed 62,189 attacks this year till may. The response team also warned about BrutPOS, another POS targeted virus last month and about Bladabindi virus, the severe systems comprising malware program earlier. The noticeable thing is that these attacks were focused on one and only one operating system, the Microsoft Windows.

How to Protect Your POS System?

There found no complete solutions yet but these tips can help you prevent the attacks for some extent. The protection measure for POS system are as follows.
  • Upgrade to latest version of the operating system.
  • Update your antivirus program definitions from time to time.
  • Let your operating system install updates automatically.
If you are still using Windows XP, consider following the tips specified in this article to troubleshoot your POS system. Though the tips may help you protect your POS system, I strongly recommend you to upgrade to the latest version, Windows 8.1. I know that you hate to upgrade, but you have to.

Not only the excessive use of credit/debit cards pose a threat, but also every other technology too. Hackers focus on the trending technologies to execute their hacks as to extend their possibilities.

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