Apple iPhone 6 Review: Is iPhone 6 Really The Next Generation Device?

Apple iPhone 6, the most chanted mantra of all the past days of an year was released now. Apple announces it as a next generation device as many others are already experiencing the future with Android. The following was the picture that was trending on facebook since the next day of Apple launch.

Let’s take a look at the announced features of iPhone 6 and see if this bad reputation was correct or just a hoax.

The Bigger Screen 

Its too late for Apple to come come up with a bigger screen. After all, the bigger screen trend is just a market trick and it has nothing to do with the features. Android devices have already upgraded to 5 and plus inch sized screens by now.

Apple might have been confident enough to continue with smaller one till iPhone 5S. Though, it released a version of iPhone with 5.5 inch screen along with 4.7 inch one. May the company is planning for something big with this market research in its future versions.

The Thickness 

This is one of the influential firmware standard the smart phone companies are fighting over. One comes this month with some ‘x’ thickness and another comes next month with ‘x-0.1’.

Smart phones with android operating system are settings different benchmarks day by day. If we talk about Apple iPhones, they come once in a year or two. It is not possible for them to maintain the frequent tweaking operations of the device’s design and standards.

iPhone 6 comes with 6.9mm thickness and 6 plus comes with 7.1mm. It may not be the thinnest smart phone on earth as there are Android devices with like Gionee Elife 5.5 still in the market.

The Design 

Design is as important as features as some local smartphone manufactures gloat on their beautiful metallic design in TV commercials. Apple iPhone has got an iconic design from the beginning. The gold finish design that iPhone 5S has got was the most adorable one and fans sold their kidneys to buy one. In fact the sharp edged iPhone 5S gold design was copied by many local manufacturers like the one Micromax had introduced, the Canvas Knight.

The iPhone 6 comes with a new, smooth and rounded edge design that lumia was introduced with. The lumia phones like 925, 1020 have the same smooth rounded edged design but the one iPhone 6 has got looks a total different.

The Features

The features are the best metrics to measure if a device is worth buying. They are even important in comparing the market value. iPhone 6 came with the features that everyone are expecting and un-expecting.

iPhone 6 can render 1334x750 pixels on the screen with the pixel density of 326ppi where as iPhone 6 Plus can render 1920x1080 pixels with pixel density of 401ppi. It also has finger print resistant screen that can adjust brightness using 500 cd/m2 max brightness technology in sRGB standards.

The 64-bit A8 processor with the support M8 motion coprocessor has increased the iPhone ability to speed up tasks 50% more.

The 8MP iSight camera with 1.5u pixels increased the performance of photography according to the keynote in the launch event. You can see the sample pictures taken with iPhone 6 in the event news headlines.

Video recording looks like a bit improved with more enhanced face detecting technology and cinematic slow motion and time-lapse effect on videos.

The finger print sensor was continued with iPhone 6 also in the home button.

The features like Wi-Fi calling and voice over LTE look like been adapted from the trending smart phone features.

The sync with Apple was revamped with Air play mirroring on Apple TV 2n generation or later.

The newest version of iOS includes health apps that monitors and acts as personal digital health adviser and assistant.

The Apple Pay is the catching feature the company has introduced in these years. You can add your card details in iTunes account and process your payments easily and securely. The iSight camera of iPhone will help you add a different card into your iTunes account. Your card details will be never shared to any other device including apple servers or stored in yours.

I will come up with an article about Apple Pay very soon and stay tuned to amfastech to know more.

One more thing…

Is iPhone 6 really a big thing? before we conclude if it is or not, let‘s talk about the technological advancements that set some benchmarks to the competitors for a better tomorrow.

Apple was the first to introduce IPS retina ready display technology on smart phones. It is the first to introduce Siri, the digital voice assistance intelligence. iPhone is the first commercial device to have finger print scanner as a screen lock. It is now introduced the health apps and the gear Apple watch, the so rumored iwatch, techies were gossiping about.

Apple always had a step head in introducing new technologies to the world. It is released once in a year or two means not that it is lag behind the technological advancement. The company always tries to set its quality metrics on the top in any technology and so prices high in the market.

So I believe “Yes! Apple iPhone 6 is the next generation device.”

What do you think? Share our thoughts in comments below.

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