iPhone 6 Repair Guide Before Taking it to AppleCare

It’s just been two weeks hardly since the iPhone 6 was launched into markets and people started looking for repair manuals on the internet after watching the guy dropping his new iPhone 6 on the concrete floor while airing on Australia's live TV. He was the first guy to drop his iPhone 6 on live TV and he became an overnight star on social media.

You cannot escape from the unexpected accidents happen to your iPhone anytime anywhere. Not that I’m scaring you or not even it is final destination X I’m frightening you about.

You need not to afraid if something happens to your new iPhone 6. I am now going on with the tips to remember before you take your damaged iPhone 6 to the hospital, the Apple Care.

“Accidents happen. Sometimes a screen can get cracked or shattered. We’re here to help.” says Apple in their repair support page.

Repair and replacement cost varies with iPhone model and your AppleCare coverage. Replacing the screen costs about $109 for 4.7 inch version of the iPhone 6 and $129 for iPhone 6 plus just as iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 costs. You will also be charged with the shipping fee of $6.95 exclusive of local taxes if you are a US citizen.

Remember that the accidental damage would not be considered under one year limited warranty. If you get to claim the warranty of your iPhone 6 at Apple store, they will diagnose your device first and will make sure it doesn’t have experienced any external damage.

Any external damages would cost extra out-of warrantee fee. The out-of-warrantee costs for the iPhone 6 is $299 and iPhone 6 Plus is $329 with shipping charges included.

Don’t forget to backup your iPhone 6 to iCloud if possible.

If you want to claim your ‘First one to drop new iPhone 6’ title, contact News9 Australia and narrate them your story. Just kidding!

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