Which Topics Can Earn You Best Income for Job Listing Blogs?

As blogging is started with job listings blogs by many of the beginners these days, the number of blogs with jobs niche are being increased in high numbers. The existence of high number of blogs on this niche found to be having high rate of spun articles there by devaluating their ad space inventories in Google ad space biddings.

Devaluated ad spaces are in turn provide low CPCs for the ads displayed, even for optimized ad spaces. So, to bring back the value of those ad spaces and to increase the earnings through advertising on your blog, you need to post updates on ever trending topics with genuine content.

The following are some of the strong and weak topics that you need to take care of while blogging for a jobs niche blog. Keep them in mind and start blogging effectively, you will see the difference in a month or two.

Trending Topics

Write about Software Jobs – Millions of engineering students are graduating every year in the country. Most of them are preferring IT jobs than that of the rest.

Over 7,00,000 searches are being made each month about IT jobs on Google alone. Just think about the volume of searches on all major search engines coactively. They would flood traffic to your site if you could provide some genuine and quality updates.

Write about Pharmaceutical Jobs – The thing you don’t know and will amaze you is that the pharmaceutical industry also have its importance compared to IT industry. The search volume of pharmaceutical jobs is a bit lower than IT industry but not too low.

Over 4,00,000 searches are being made each month about pharmaceutical jobs on Google alone. It could increase your incoming traffic if you could focus on these category of job updates also.

Write about Bank Jobs – Beating the two above volume searches bank jobs touches 1.2 million searches per month in India. The growth of the banking industry in India has caught a speed these days and you know that well.

Write about Government jobs – State and central government of India is providing a lot of opportunities for graduates in different sectors and departments. However the search volume in this competition would never get down unless the government faces crisis.

General graduates may not go to software industry but engineering graduates can come to government sectors. The competition from both the ends keeps the search volume to 6,00,000 per month on Google alone.

Write about Miscellaneous Jobs – You may not well aware of the different departments that pay decent salaries for their employees. Take an example of cruise lines which gives an opportunity to earn awesome bucks in short time.

Posting updates about these kind of jobs will bring the incoming searches right to your blog as there won’t more sites talking about these rarely discussed categories. Overall searches for these kind of jobs may not even reach for 1,00,000 count but definitely would work for you.

Weak Topics

Don’t write about data entry jobs – It is a job listing blog that doesn’t mean you should post every silly job offer that you come to know about. Data entry jobs are not career oriented jobs. So you no need to keep the updated information about them in your blog. Just think, visitors coming to see career oriented job updates won't expect updates about data entry jobs in the middle. It also spoils your reputation.

Don’t write without unreliable information – Not all jobs are real. Yes! they aren’t. They are just created by the middle men to fill their own pockets. Take a look at some fake job offers and make sure you won’t promote one’s scam in your blog. However we’ve discussed about identifying the fake job offers in the past and I hope you are so well aware of them.

Don’t write if there is no update on official sites – It might sound a bit similar to the above point but not what you think it is, exactly.

Once a company invited only 20 members for interview personally but the attendees counted to 2000. The company was shocked by seeing the uninvited guests and asked them to write the job portals in a list they had referred about this interview in to order to sue them.

You friend in your room is going to interview on a particular date, doesn’t mean that he is just going to a walk-in where everyone is allowed. So don’t post hoaxes on your blog and get sued by the companies.

Don’t post everything else that’s trending – I understand that getting traffic to a blog of high competitive niche is hard but not impossible when you could maintain it properly. Do not ever post any other trending topic that is totally an alien to your blog’s niche. You may get traffic but at the same time you would loose the value of your site.

Don’t post next month’s updates today – Many bloggers I know who maintain job oriented blogs practice this black hat technique till today. Posting expectations about the future topics of your niche is allowed but posting about the same like it happened yesterday or right now is not recommended.

Let me explain it to you clearly, Suppose that IBPS PO written examination results are rumored to be releasing the next month. You can post an update like this:

“IBPS PO CWE results are expected to be announced next month”

but not like this:

“IBPS PO CWE results released (or) Download IBPS PO results” before the actual results are announced.

Wrapping up

Job listing blogs may only get successful if you work on them hardly enough. Creating a blog and posting a bunch of updates doesn’t make your blog valuable. The more the visitor’s trust, the more it increases the value of your site. Try to make your site a valuable source to your  visitors.

All the best!

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