Should You Take Facebook News Feed Surveys?

Do you know that you can tell facebook which is the high quality content and which is not?

Facebook is taking user opinions in defining the quality content rather than leave it to some heartless junk of code which are called algorithms since last year. That doesn’t mean facebook would be totally considering the user opinions to priorities their news feed among ads.

It is not the first time for facebook to run tests on social behavior and user priorities online. But I won’t think this would come under that bad category experiments by facebook which had hurt people who took it in the recent past.

The survey would help us get high quality content on our news feed rather than showing some crappy ads and like-baiting updates.

Should you take the survey?

There is a need to take these surveys and we’ve already discussed about it in the past. The information thus we provide will be helpful to us in return and so you should take one.

How to take a survey?

Login to your facebook account and watch for the downward arrow mark on each status update that looks like this: downward-arrow

Click on it and select ‘Take a survey to make your News Feed better” option.


Then you will be shown some light box pop up like this:


Click on ‘Start Now’ button to get started with the survey.


You will asked to rate some randomly chosen status updates within your reach. In general, you will be shown 15 random updates at a time. You can choose to quit the survey by click on the ‘X’ button on the popped up window and also can choose to rate some more posts on your interest at the end of 15 questions.


I have seen a lot of improvement in news feed quality since last spam reduction algorithm update by Facebook. I strongly believe that the user opinions have got an important place in programming it.

Haven’t you seen any difference in your news feed stories? Share your experiences with facebook news feed quality in comments.

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