How to Make Money by Offering eBook Downloads

Do you know that you can make money by offering eBook downloads to your visitors? Wait for a second! don’t get me wrong. What I’m going to share with you in this article is purely legal and non-copyrighting infringement method.

Tradepub allows online publishers to earn by promoting their eBooks through their websites and blogs. You need to apply for tradepub partnership program, RevResponse to get started.

What is TradePub and RevResponse?

Tradepub is an online subscription service provider for B2B magazine publisher owned by NetLine Corporation, a B2B integrated company that provides lead generation and marketing services for advertisers, marketers, and publishers.

RevResponse is a traffic monetization program introduced by NetLine Corporation which lets publishers monetize their content by producing valuable resources to their visitors.

How to Apply?

There are certain conditions to meet in order to sign up for RevResponse monetization program. They are,
  • You must own and operate the site with which you apply.
  • Your site must be live, fully-functional, and regularly updated with fresh content.
  • Your site content and audience must be relevant to the B2B offers TradePub provide.
  • Your site cannot feature adult content.
To apply for TradePub partnership program,
  1. Go to and click on ‘sign up now’ button.
  2. Fill in the form with proper details and submit.
  3. You will get an email asking you to confirm your email ID. Click on the confirmation link provided to confirm it.
  4. After email ID is confirmed, you will get another email asking you to answer some questions along with the confirmation of your website or blog.

What are those questions?

They actually asked me four questions during sign up process which I am presenting before you. You may or may not be asked the same questions while you sign up.

First question is to confirm that you own and operate the site with which you applied.

Second question is that how you came to know about RevResponse monetization program.

Third question they ask you is about your site audience and the plans you are going to implement in promoting their offers to your audience.

Fourth question is about any other affiliate or advertising networks you are currently working with.

Write a reply with good answers to all the questions and wait for their approval. Do not remove the tradepub link until you get a confirmation email at least. It took me a week to get approved. It might even take a long time. So, have patience.

Setting up Payment Options

You should set your payment method in order to get paid once your account is approved. You will get paid either through PayPal or by Check only. There are no other payment options available for now.

To set a payment method,

Log in to your partner account in and click on ‘My Account’ on the left sidebar.

Click on ‘Edit’ and scroll down to payment method. Choose a payment method and provide your details.


When done click ‘Submit’.

Congratulations! you have now set up your payment method for RevResponse monetization program.

How to Start Earning?

You will be provided an URL with the username you have chosen while signing up. Let your visitors visit that URL to download eBooks. For example, ‘amfastech’ is my chosen username and is the URL where I can offer downloads to my visitors.

RevResponse provides you different promotion tools through which you can offer downloads flexibly. They include Offers Catalog, Ad Units, RSS to Email, Confirmation Page, Offer Lightbox, Slideout Box, Top Bar, Resource Library and Referral Badges.

Referral Badges?

Yes! you can also earn from the leads generated by your referral’s links. You would get 20% of the earnings earned by your referral in the first 6 months of their partnership.

Your referral signs up link would be like this: Replacing the word SITENAME with your RevResponse username will make it your referral link.

Bonus News

Once your sign up is approved, RevResponse would automatically syndicate your blog posts through RSS feed and share them to a centralized blog with 20 million subscribers.

You will be paid for every post emailed –  You will receive ten dollars per blog post emailed. In addition, You will get a monthly analytics report to help you gauge your expanded reach.

Sign up today and start earning! All the best!

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  1. Awesome Sasidhar bhai.
    I still have one question . if they are paying for download only or email signup also.
    Lead generation basis network would be great.
    I just love this way of making money.
    Will be using to monetize my blog. Currently making my own eBook.
    And now revresponse will be next option for me.
    Thanks a lot.
    Have a nice day ahead.
    Vashishtha kapoor

  2. Hi Vashishtha,

    Yes, they would also pay for lead generations from your links along with the eBooks downloads. I don't know if you have noticed, many marketers on LinkedIn promore links from RevResponse than from any other money making program.

    Hope you would find it profitable too. All the best!

    Have a great weekend :)

  3. Thanks Sasidhar for introducing with a so nice make money program.
    I am gonna create a linkedin profile today.
    Hava a nice weekend you too.


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