Finnish Startup Company Crowdfunding for its App Launch
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Finnish Startup Company Crowdfunding for its App Launch

Mekiwi Oy, Oulu based Finnish startup company have started a crowdfunding campaign for $50,000 $20,000 on this past Sunday to launch their time management multi-purpose application, Wimble this fall.

The campaign is a pre-sale campaign in which the budding company will be selling different kind of themes and extensions for Wimble along with the by-products, additional services and perks. Funding them will earn you premium themes and extensions in return after the app launched.

“Our main goal is to get at least $50,000 $20,000 for developing Wimble for iOS and iPhone along with Android release. If we can raise more, and reach our stretch goals, we will develop Wimble further. Our vision is to develop Wimble for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web, Wearable Devices and Connected cars.” says Mekiwi team about their Wimble project.

Wimble application is free to download. It will not display any advertisements and you no need to pay any subscription fee to use it. Mekiwi offering some awesome packages to fund contributors and this offer will end with the campaign on September 7th 2014 by 11:59 PT.

What is Wimble?


Wimble is an all-in-one smart phone application that helps people to manage their time, life and relationship efficiently.

Everything you create on Wimble can be shared with your friends and family. You can manage you personal and professional life,  your relationship with your friends and family in a well organized and planned way.

Wimble can be customized with different themes and extensions. You can also monitor your activity of managing your time in your real life events through Wimble and get motivated.

Who’s behind Wimble?


Mekiwi Oy is a startup company that delivers smart phone solutions to help people manage their daily life. The team you can see in the picture above are having together years of experience in developing different kind of products and services. They are currently working on Wimble for Android and looking forward to expand it to other platforms also with the crowdfunding.

To participate in the campaign and win a premium package, Go contribute your fund and help this Finnish company spread its roots in app market.


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