EaseUS Todo Backup Utility Review: An Automated Data Backup Companion

Taking data backup is vital and helps user in successfully restoring their lost or deleted files back when disaster situations took place. EaseUS Todo backup software is feature enrich and capable program to make superior backup copy of important files and protect it from accidental failure or become corrupt and allows user to perform flawless recovery in the event of hard drive failure, system crash or malware attack.

Unlike Windows inbuilt data backup utility, this application is uniquely designed to carry forward various data backup and make storage device migration tasks easier and simpler than ever. Intuitive and wizard based steps make your data backup and restoration process faster and trouble free. Any level of PC experienced user can perform the desired data backup tasks easily and in hassle free manner.

Below are the top benefits that you could taste right away:
  • This tool can backup sector by sector data and allows full operating system backup including installed applications, app data, settings, customizations etc.
  • Allows user to create partial or full system image to backup entire hard disk data in one single file. Later, the software only backup the incremental backup to reduce the overall time taken to backup large or recently modified files.
  • You are free to take backup of only selective files and folders. Or, can able to recover only desired files and folders from the created backup copy.
  • This application can also backup data of your Android devices such as contacts, mails, calendars, notes etc. and save the copy to your Android device. Later, you can perform full recovery in just one click and restore everything back as it was before.
  • Schedule this application to backup crucial files on any specified time interval so you don’t have to. This tool will automatically initiate the backup process and finishes it in minimum possible time.

What if you want to replace disk, transfer data or upgrade system to SSD?
Yes, the application comes handy whenever you came across situations mentioned above. EaseUS Todo backup helps you to upgrade the smaller size hard disk to relatively longer capacity hard drive without reinstalling OS and applications. Clone HDD feature of this tool will help to copy/move the entire content of existing hard drive to new location including the transferring of OS to new HDD in just a matter of time. It’ll also help you in making the exact replica of damaged or failing disks and make you able to restore data in the event of full system inaccessibility or complete hard disk crash.

P.S.  Size of the destination drive should be longer or more capacitive as compare to source drive.

Step to clone HDD

  1. Once the application is installed and running on your computer, navigate to the home screen of the software.
  2. Click on Clone from the left hand side menu of this tool and then select  Disk Clone feature
  3. Select the source disk for which, you want to make exact copy. Also choose the Target drive on which, entire contents of the source drive will be copied/moved.
  4. Make sure to check mark the box stating Sector by sector clone option located at the bottom. This will perform sector by sector cloning and ensures effective cloning of the source disk.
  5. Click Proceed to begin the cloning procedure.

Final Thoughts

EaseUS todo backup is one of its kind software and proves to be of lot more use when data disaster situation strikes. Just use this tool and schedule it to take automatic and incremental backup and forget the data loss problems. Most importantly, the software is free for home and personal uses as well as perfectly suitable for users with any level of expertise or computer knowledge.

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