Buying Movie Tickets via BookMyShow Online: Hidden Constraints Revealed

Sometimes you should take a break from work to make the most of yourself. A movie can refresh your mind and make it move smartly the next day. I go watch a movie whenever I feel struck at work and I love doing it. It nourishes my mind and feels like recharged for next busy day.

Ok! the point is, do you really have time to stand in a row to book your tickets? Of course you might have got enough time buddy, but who bares the waiting? We go online, book tickets and watch movie, enjoy and back home. Do you know that you are spending more than normal while buying tickets online?

You might have heard about the site BookMyShow on TV with a very funny babbling commercial “…book my show”. Yeah! that is where I am going to show you as an example this time. I know you are smart enough to book the tickets for yourself, but I’m pretty sure you are not aware of their hidden constraints. Bite your tongue now!


#1 Registering an account – You can even book your tickets by not registering to BookMyShow. But to access your booking history and to keep track of the offers, you must register.

#2 Tickets pricing – You will be charged Rs.5/- to Rs.25/- per ticket as for internet charges depending upon the ticket price. Additional to it, service taxes and other eligible charges are also included. You may be aware of only the internet charges while booking but mind the taxes also pal.

#3 Limited tickets – You can only book 10 tickets per transaction in each area and category of the cinema screen. However this limit is not permanent and will be changing from time to time. If more than limited per transaction is needed, you need to make a call.

#4 Should carry credit/debit card to the cinema – You should carry your credit/debit card with you to the cinema to make sure that the person is the bonafide owner of the card.

#5 Should carry ID proof along with e-mail or SMS – You have to carry with you a copy of the email or SMS on your phone along with the original ID proof when transaction is made through internet banking. Doesn’t it sound like attending a government organization recruitment exam?

#6 Sending your friends to the movie instead of you – If the transaction is made through your card and you wanted to send you friends or family in your absence, self-attested copies of your ID proofs and credit/debit card are to be sent with them. I thought you are just going to a movie for a mood change, are you?

#7 Cannot cancel, change the tickets – Though it is an online process, you cannot cancel or change the timings, screen, seat numbers and date of the show. No refund are issued. I don’t find any point of booking online.

When everything has went online, people thought it was facilitating. But if closely observed for some online purchases like buying movie tickets, I see some kind of loss in it. Benefits apart!

What do you say? Is online buying of movie tickets a benefit or loss? Share your opinion in comments.

Note: No offenses on BookMyShow website. It is taken as an example for movie ticket booking website.

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  1. You can use email and mobile of the person who is going for movie and pay using your NetBanking account. I do it all the time for my family.


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