Using Facebook for Effective Lead Generation in 2014

Facebook, as you know is the largest social network with billions of accounts and hundreds of millions of active users per day. You know facebook as a platform that helps you meet childhood friends, colleges buddies and families that locate far far away from each other.

According to the stats only 42% are ready to agree with you. The 37% use it for both personal and business purposes. Only 2% of people say that they use facebook exclusively for business purposes and astonishingly they are one of the top most successful business persons in the world. The opportunity they see is using it for business to business lead generation.


Yes! you read it right! lead generation through facebook is possible. Facebook can be used in more creative ways than you think. Generating business leads is one of the creative strategies what successful businessmen have found.

So, How am I going to generate leads for my business?

The answer is quite simple and less complex. Facebook runs on content, I mean the content that is mostly engaging and useful by the organic users. Multimedia content on facebook would get much interaction than that of textual content. Videos are most shared than links and images are most liked than textual status updates.

Create adorable content

Create adorable content with attribution links of your product. I won’t say ads but it should be informational and a reason to buy your product or service. You can create amazing videos that could show the necessity to sign up to your services or products.

Create infographics – Infographics is a great way to engage people on social media on your content. The visual information attracts reader than textual paragraphs.

Create status updates that show off features of your services and product along with the direct links to the subscription page. Because, once tend to subscribe, no visitor would care reading other stuff on the page.

Set up a fan page for your business

Fan pages are the most reliable elements of facebook for a business. Create compelling content that is said above here on the page and observe the user interests. This helps you do a little research on current market trends and act upon the next product quickly.

Setting up a fan page is easy, but you should not leave it incomplete after creating. Take better care about the cover photo and profile picture of the fan page. Don’t forget to place your logo in both of them to get your business a branded identification.

Post regularly on it

As you believe lead generation is an ongoing process, you facebook fan page should get into sync with it. Posting regular updates is proving that you are still alive on social media. When a fan comes to your page and finds out the last update shows up with the date before a month or two, the next second he’s gone.

Post something human. Facebook has rolled out some major changes for its newsfeed eliminating and less prioritizing the posts that are useless and automated using third party applications

Generate ‘likes’ to increase fan radius

You are creating adorable content and posting everything human, you’re good. But, if you don’t have any fans who care to read your updates, you’re done! all your efforts would go to dust.

Generating ‘likes’ for your fan page is not a hard job. Invite your customers, friends and employees to ‘like’ the page and share it. This is most effective way to get followers for your business page.

Use hash tags – hash tags promote your content far beyond your expectations. Use moderate number of hash tags that truly relate to the content you are creating would surely help your business reach more number of users online. Do not flood the hash tags in order to get more like as it might bring you a bad repo at facebook team.

Use facebook ads

Facebook ads are another great way to promote your content on facebook. Sign up for a couple of ad plans one after another and see the difference. It is better to sign up for ad campaigns that run at commercial times. For example, the evening times and weekends are more commercial than that of working hours. Festival seasons are more commercial than normal days. So be smart and choose a best season for signing up.

Promote your posts

Not only the fan page as a whole, you should opt to promote your posts on it often. Promoting a post that is talking about the offer you are giving at commercial times would help you in 3 dimensions at a time. It promotes your product or services, promotes your post about it and also promotes you fan page making a tri-hit for single shot.


That all I got for you? No! there are so many creative ways to generate leads from social media giant like facebook. All you have to do is find the possibilities. If you think I forgot something that has to be in the list, comment below. I’ll add it up in the article with a thankful attribution of your name.

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