Things to Mind While Registering a Domain Name for Your Blog

So, at last you have decided to register a domain for your blog! What is that you consider when registering a domain name for your blog? What comes first for you in getting a custom domain for your site? Is it domain name or length of the domain? or else is it the price you can get it for?

What ever might be your first priority, you must consider all the points I asked you above. The following are the list of things you should mind when buying a domain name for your blog.

1.Domain host

If domain host, as first priority gave you a “yayh!” expression, you should be a beginner. No pro blogger would disagree prioritizing domain host at first place.

A good domain host should give you 99.99% uptime with no DNS issues. Domain registered with such hosting providers would suck you up. What I mean is the hosting providers with not better than best uptime would really let your site down at visitors.

Choosing a host with DNS issues would also ground your site. You might face very frustrating issues regarding the identification of the site. For example, you won’t get directed to www version of your site when a naked domain is typed in. Its like typing would not redirect to

2.Domain name

Domain name matters all. How bizarre it looks if the site have a different name and a whole different domain name. For example, my site is about superman and if I wanted to register a domain name, I should register it with the names related to the niche I have chosen. How would it would be if I register it with a name related to cheese burgers? sounds weird and funny right?

When you search for superman in the search engine, it would end up showing with superman keywords. Google may consider these kind of irrelevancies unsuitable to the queries typed in and as a result your site will get stomped down in the search results.

3.Domain length

I know you are aware of this. In fact you would have experienced difficulty typing in a looooong domain name in the address bar once in your life time. No one has patience not only to type in but also to notice a long domain name. For example, domain name, would be easier to remember than

So make you domain name shorter. Follow the KISS metrics here, Keep It Short and Simple.

4.Don’t look for cheap domains

I hope you are not blogging to cheat or run away taking funds from people. As long as you are not, you should not opt for cheap domains every time. Cheap domain names can only give you a domain name and nothing else. They don’t come with email hosting feature even. A domain bought for short currency notes won’t help make large ones either.

Cheap domains might be the reselling products. The impression that the URL has made on the people till then on internet would be reflected on yours. Make sure you are buying a new one.


Be careful! everything counts in SEO. Taking from a domain name and to its uptime, every single aspect is considered in filtering out websites that are low qualified for visitors.

All the best! happy blogging!

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