How To Find Your Lost Phone With A Single Email Message

It is very common to leave and forget the accessories that you carry around on a busy day. The worst part of it is you won’t find a phone in a place you live in, say your room or home. One of the worst put-it-somewhere-and-lost things is losing your mobile phone which has all the contact details and important schedules of your day-to-day plan. What you do normally ask your friend his phone and dial your number. What will you do if you don’t find another phone or a friend around? How do you think you can find your lost phone?

Without having any other option, you would go for a raid on your own room or home throwing things down, dragging the drawers out and leaving them opened and wrestling with your bed and pillows. Overall of this, you will get frustrated about it. The thing that is frustrating to you would be that your phone hiding somewhere in the same room. If you had ever lost your phone in the same room, you would have done all the James Bond thing before. The method I’m going to discuss in this article is quite other side of the coin.

Setting up the link between your phone and email

If you could make the phone ring (when you had no alternate phone around), you can skip all the phone finding job. You can do it so by sending an email message to yourself with a hashtag from your computer.

IFTTT, the free automation tool will make the internet work for you better. It is very easy to setup a recipe in IFTTT so that any novice can set them up in a couple of clicks.

‘Help me find my phone’ is such a recipe that can find your lost phone quickly. You can start using it from the ‘Use’ button below.

By sending an email to yourself with a hashtag #lostphone in the subject or body of the message will make a call to the linked number immediately.

To activate the channel, click on the ‘Use’ button shown above. This will take you to the recipe page where you can do the rest of settings.

Click on the ‘Activate’ button to register your phone number with the service.  This service is currently available in the US only and like to be introduced in other countries soon.

A window will pop up and asks you to enter the phone number. Enter your phone number and hit ‘Send PIN’.


It will send you a 4-digit secret PIN, enter it in the field and click ‘Activate’.


Once the phone number is confirmed, the pop-up windows close. Get back to the previous recipe page and set the message as per your requirement.


After everything is set up, click the 'Use Recipe’ button to make the channel go live. You can edit the channel settings whenever you wanted from the IFTTT dashboard.

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