How to Change Your Blog Details in IndiBlogger

Everyone need a change and everything need to be changed after sometime. The old style of living and the old style of blogging never exists forever. Even businesses change with times. Taking from Microsoft to yesterday’s Nokia, businesses change, to get better than before. End of motivation!
If you have a blog with great content, the next thing you do is find a place where you can get much exposure of it. IndiBlogger is such a place, where bloggers from India are allowed to share their bogging passion on one platform. You are allowed to share your post links, discuss about things in forums and participate in contests. Before I go with modifying blog details in IndiBlogger, we should talk about a little more about IndiBlogger.
IndiBlogger, being a large community for only quality Indian bloggers take better care of registrations. Every blog URL submitted while registering is verified keenly. If they meet their quality guidelines, they approve it, else they deny it without any hesitation. Thus this quality blog registration process had built a great community of bloggers with quality content blogs.
You might want to change your blog title or its description for that time as you wished. There is a need to change the title in your IndiBlogger profile also as a fellow blogger or visitor might get lost between the changes you have made.
For example, let us suppose your blog title and description was something like this, ‘Star Dust – the Bollywood news blog’ and you’ve changed it to ‘Bollywood News’ – the Indian cinema news reel’. When a visitor from IndiBlogger visits your blog, he would be happy to read your content but, before that he would find himself lost or being redirected to another blog that he didn’t expect. As a result he might just close the tab without knowing that he’s closing down the content he wanted to read.
Remember, you can sync any changes made to your blog on to your profile in IndiBlogger except the blog URL. You are not allowed to change the URL of your blog that is once approved.

Changing blog details

To change you blog details in IndiBologger,


Step 1: Log in to your IndiBlogger account and click on ‘Dashboard’.




Step 2: Click on ‘Account Settings’ and you’ll see your account details like as shown below:





Step 3: Under ‘Your blogs’ section, scroll down to the blog you wanted to modify details for and click ‘Edit’.


Step 4: Edit the details as per your wish and hit ‘Update Blog Listing’.


That’s it! You are now successfully changed your blog details in IndiBlogger. Wait! don’t forget to put your smile in comment section below.

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