[Shocking Video] John Cena Died After Wrong Head Injury is a Scam

Facebook scams have no stop it seems. A new scam was found circulating from my friends profiles saying that John Cen, the famous WWE superstar dies after a wrong head injury. The hoax was generated to trick users into installing malware applications and harmful code in order to hack.
It also says that the WWE superstar was injured in match against Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as ‘The Rock’ while performing a deadly stunt in the action. This reveals the fact that the hoax was generated in 2012 when the drama between ‘The Rock’ and the John Cena was on fire about WWE championship.
However the message in the video is not true and John is fine and doing well. He also fought a match with Kane in the past Monday night RAW and qualified for the WWE World Heavy Weight Championship match at Money in the Bank ladder match 2014. The same hoax was generated in the name of Mark Callaway, popularly known as ‘The Undertaker’ in the past.
The WWE death hoaxes are generated to drag Facebook users into useless online surveys and installation of malware & harmful code. Therefore to hack.
The scammers also tried to convince users to click on the video to watch it full in its new[2014] propagation. The below screenshot showing fake conversations in the comments reveals their intention to trick us.


I wonder I could just found two comments only that too, one asking a way to watch the video and another saying how to, as a reply. I think ‘Hustle, Loyalty, Respect’ has more number of fans than we can see in comments.


Poor scammers, get caught this time too!

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