Role of Social Media in Promoting a Business

Social media started generating buzz among the marketers and business owners since along ago when it was born. Those who are doing right use of social media in business are increasing their customer base and there by seeing a significant growth in revenue.

Social media provides a platform for direct communication between your customers, prospects and employees. What is more, it is a key driver of content distribution and brand visibility online.


Social networks like Google+ and Pinterest, can significantly impact the social media landscape, but most businesses need to focus first on the major players, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Before you start using these social networks in marketing and business, you need to monitor social media to measure if your efforts are truly getting successful.

Role of Facebook in Business

With more than 800 million monthly active users, Facebook has become the major player in the social media industry. From a marketing perspective, Facebook serves as a powerful platform for building a community of advocates and increasing word-of-mouth marketing.

The first step in leveraging Facebook for business is to set up a business page. Set up a business page and start promoting it on Facebook. You can also sign up for Facebook Ad campaigns to promote effectively.

Role of Twitter in Business

Twitter is a social network on which people share 140-character messages. Users “follow” or subscribe to each other’s updates and can receive messages via multiple technology devices, including desktop computers, smart phones, and text messages.

Understanding how and if people are talking about your business and industry on Twitter will dictate your decision on whether you should invest the time to start and manage a Twitter account for your business. If you decide that Twitter is right for your business, you can visit to sign up for a free account. Here are a few tips for setting up a business Twitter account:
  • Use the name of you business as your Twitter username.
  • Use your business logo or a picture of the person managing the account as the profile image for the account.
  • Create a custom Twitter background that provides additional information about your business.
  • Use tools like HootSuite or TweetDeck to determine industry influencers and potential customers that your business should follow.

Role of LinkedIn in Business

The social network businesspeople may be most familiar with is LinkedIn. This network of over 150 million business users is a major player in the lead generation game.

To get started using LinkedIn for your business, set up and complete your personal profile as well as a company profile for your business. When setting up these profiles, remember to optimize your information by adding links to your website and blog. Take the time to make the descriptions of yourself and your business interesting and an accurate reflection of your experience, knowledge, and passion.

Once you have created these profiles, you can explore LinkedIn’s other tools widely used for marketing. The professional network has two major features that are of particular use to businesses for lead generation and customer acquisition.

LinkedIn Groups

The Groups feature allows LinkedIn users to create and participate in discussions around a topic within LinkedIn. Groups can be a great way to make potential business connections and share relevant blog content or new offers.

LinkedIn Answers

The second feature, LinkedIn Answers, enables you to find people publicly stating they have a specific challenge or need. Identifying these questions and responding
with resources of yours that answer that person’s question can turn into a great marketing opportunity for your business. Ultimately, you can generate high-quality traffic and leads from LinkedIn Answers.

This is not everything! there are a lot of social networks which can give a boost to your business online. Keep researching on them too and stand yourself up high in the industry.

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