Monitoring Social Media in Building a Business

Social media plays an important role in promoting a business online. The direct communication it establishes between the customers and employees increases loyal customer base for a business. Distributing the brand and promoting the business online gives a exposure to the traffic on social media and generates a buzz for the brand online. Before you enter your business into social media, you need to make sure that you can keep on track of the analytics to measure the success of your efforts.


An important part of leveraging social media for business is to understand what industry-related conversations are happening online and recognizing when you should respond. Here are some tools you can use to monitor your business and industry mentions in social media:

Google Alerts

Set up multiple Google Alerts for your company, brand, products, leaders, industry terms, etc. The alerts will get delivered directly to your email inbox at the frequency you indicate (e.g., daily or as they happen) and they are a great way to track mentions of your brand and relevant keywords on the web.


Using a tool like HootSuite allows you to save keyword searches as a live stream so you won’t miss out on what’s being said about your brand, your industry and your products.


Hub Spot's social media monitoring tool enables you to set up filters in the key social media networks and track conversations relevant to your brand and industry.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook’s page analytics showing the trends and activities of the fans on your Facebook page will also help you track of your business reach to customers. This can help you brush-up your marketing and business strategies and growth is seen if resolution methodologies are adapted into your businesses wisely.

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