Google forgets World Environment Day 2014, doesn't show up any special Doodle

It seems like Google have forgotten the special day, World Environment Day for this year 2014. Google reminds every special day of the year with a new doodle and all for a surprise when I woke up this morning, I found nothing on Google Indian search engine. After all World Environment Day is concerned to the whole world not just one country.
I tried to check out if people have forgotten the day too, not just Google. I found a significant rise of the keyword ‘World Environment Day’ rising in the Google Trends.


The doodle section also shows June 5th as the national day for Denmark but I couldn’t find any clue or word relegated to environment this year.




Google stood as an inspiration for many of the world causes. The act of not showing up any doodle disappoints the environmentalists and causes despair.


Anyhow, Google shouldn’t have neglected such a great worldly cause!

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