Most Common Cases for your Computer’s Damage that you can’t expect

Computers give surprises in hard times!

When is the last time you saw your computer working in good condition? I hear some of my friends saying that the computer was working good till last night and all of a sudden it isn’t starting up this morning. This is what I call a surprise.

There are number of reasons for a computer’s failure. It is hard to list all of them out. Though, I’ll try to take you through some most common factors that lead a computer to fail to work the next time and come up with proper solutions.

It is recommended to back up the data from the hard drives into cloud or other external disks.


Case 1: Working fine till last time, but failed to start up now

This situation creates panic for the computer owners. They fear that the whole work they were working on last night would be lost or have to do again.

Stop worrying first! This can’t solve your problem. Answer my following questions to diagnose the problem.

#1 Have your computer warned you about the havoc ever in the past?

If your answer is YES:
What the error is about? Is it about software failure of hardware failure?

Most of the computer users won’t care about errors and warnings expect if they are programmers or computer geeks. Common computer users neglect the notifications, warning & error messages generally. If you are one of the normal users, you should concentrate on what I’m going to suggest.

Never ever neglect a notification or error or warning message that is shown on the screen. This would help you get back your computer to life again when undergone repair.
Solution: If you are pretty sure about the warnings you have noticed in the past, that means the way to find a solution is made easy.

There might something wrong with your operating system or the software you have installed on your computer. ‘System Restore’ would work for most of the software failure cases.

Don’t forget to scan your computer with the latest updated anti-virus after the restore. Software might be a cause or data lose.
It sometimes can be the hardware problem also. The drivers or the incompatible software installed may cause the problem.

Usually we don’t care about the warnings but only see if the software/game is running or not!

Some heavy software tools and high graphical games might need better hardware configuration than you computer had. When you try to install them on your computer with lower than recommended configuration, hardware conflicts arises. Some software may insist installing on the downgraded configuration, but some finds room to adjust with inadequate hardware. At those times, hardware perishes on the repeated usage of that game or software. This might be a cause for your computer failure.

In that case you may have to find the damaged hardware and replace it with new. Make sure to install the upgraded configuration this time.

#2 Is the power supply good?

Have you checked out the power supply to your computer? Is it good?

If YES: If the power supply is found good then answer my next question, how old is your computer?

Old computer hardware may get damaged due to over-heating caused due to excessive usage. Believe me you are going to laugh at me if I say that the now-a-day application software have improved a lot and they definitely need better configuration to run smoothly.

Only software upgrade cannot make your tasks go smooth. Upgradation is needed on both sides.

If you are thinking about upgrading your hardware, I recommend you to buy a new computer instead.

If NO: Set your power supply right. If you don’t have an idea of how to give connections to a computer, call support home.

#3 Any thunderstorm last night?

Yes! thunderstorms can damage computers. After all, computers are also electronic devices!

If YES: Thunderstorms cannot damage software. If the computer is not starting up means a hardware failure in this case.
  • If you are getting power supply to your PC, your SMPS is good.
  • If the processor fan is running, you motherboard is safe.
  • If the computer is showing up error messages regarding operating system and showing disk failure messages, your HDD might be at risk.
  • If you can see the error messages or something else on the monitor, your monitor is good.
* Check the spike and power plugs before you come to diagnose the computer.

Case 2: It been a long time since I used my computer

If this is case you are referring this article, you might not be in a such a panic the people at case 1 do.

It’s Ok! I understand! you need your computer back to work. Let’s check the following scenarios which might be the causes for the computer failure.

#1 Do you remember it working in good condition when you used it last time?

We have to make sure that your computer was in good condition when used at last time. If there was a failure at last usage, you forgot it by chance and then troubleshooting now would be a loss of time. So go deep in to your digital memories once be fore we begin.

If YES: There might be a reason with your last standing wires and cables. Check them once I any damages can be found. Wires and cables are rat’s favorite dish. They love chewing them and we hate it.

If NO: Open and clean your computer hardware. Long lasting cast away of computer might get dust in critical parts and interrupt them from working.

#2 Do you have children at home or they visit your home often?

Is your computer child prone? Is it safe from children hands?

Stop giving me that look! Children can spoil computers even when they are not turned on.

If YES: Good to see a children victim like me. My home always will have as many children as mosquitos. They are naughty, always playing around me asking for computer games. Yes! you’re right that is the biggest mistake I’ve done, playing computer games with children for just one heck of time.

Children can wreck you PC mocking you in front of them. Check your wires at first and try tapping on the CPU to know if it was damaged due to death fall from a height. All the best for you in this case.

If NO: You are the luckiest guy! You computer might have been damaged due to the reasons shared above.

That’s all I could remember about computer havocs I have experienced in my life till now. Hope the above cases would help you troubleshoot the problem and at least gave you an idea how to talk to a technician when taken to.

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