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After making a tutorial about how to create and edit blog posts in blogger, I would like to elaborate the tutorial on usage of the blogger editor. You can bring a structure and shape to your article when composing it. Don't run in hurry. I'll go through each and every option clearly.

The list of blogger controls available in the blogger editor are shown pictorially: Just hover your mouse over each option in the editor to know what it is used for.

I'm going through all options one-by-one from left to right order as shown in the above image.

Compose Editor

Typing an article in compose mode looks similar to any other text editor application program like Wordpad and MS Word. Whatever you type in, you'll get it displayed in textual format. Most basic bloggers would like to use this mode.

HTML Editor

Typing article in this format is shown in purely HTML version. But the output at last would be in textual format only. Most of the advanced bloggers would like to compose article in this format (or) would like to swap between this mode and normal 'Compose' mode to make it look their article beautiful.

Undo & Redo

Undo & Redo, these buttons function as they do in any other text editors. These are no new to us as we use them in our daily computer usage life. So I hope no need to introduce why those options are kept for.

Choosing Font

You can chose different fonts in you article. But remember using such fonts those have less readability that means those fonts that are difficult to read are to be avoided.

Choosing Font Size

You can also choose font size according to your needs. Those parts of the article you wanted to get the readers special attention can be put in larger fonts.

Choosing Heading

Not all the article would be in single pace. We' would want to use headings, sub-headings under and minor headings under them sometimes. At those times you can use this option.

One more important thing about settings headings is related to SEO(Search Engine Optimization) which you would see in our advanced tutorials. We're trying to make our tutorials more novice-friendly.

Putting Text Decorations

Text decorations, you know them very much in MS Word and Wordpad. You can set your text to Bold, Italic and Underlined. Also you can set your text to strike off.

Text & Background Colors

You can set colors to your text and background of the text just like you use them in MS Word. You can use these options to highlight the text with special font colors than ordinary.

Adding Links to Text

You can add links to the some part of text in your article. For Eg., I am adding link to the text 'Blogger Basics' in this article. Then it would look like this:  Blogger Basics. That means, when you click on the text 'Blogger Basics', it would take you to the URL specified above. You might have noticed by now me putting links in some parts of the text of my articles.

When adding links, you should care about two options mainly: Open link in new tab and Adding 'nofollow' attribute.

If you leave the first option un-ticked, the link you set for the text would get loaded in the same windows taking your blog readers away from your blog. Ticking it is recommended if that link takes reader out of the blog.

Un-ticked second option would give a 'backlink' to the URL that is specified to the text and it would help the link owner building SEO to his website or blog. You can learn more about SEO from our SEO tutorials.

Adding Image or Video in blog posts

You can insert image or video to your article. 
The options look like above with icons as shown. Images are uploaded into blogger and videos are uploaded into YouTube at first and then inserted into articles. Blogger don't have file hosting facility.

Adding Jump Break

Jump Break is same as you see it in MS Word as Page Break. The settings and content can be differentiated with Jump Break in a single page.

Aligning Content

Blog post content can be aligned either with left, center and right alignment setting. This is also not new option for MS Word or similar text editor users.

Adding Bullets

You can add ordered or unordered bullets to important points in your article.

Adding Quote Text

Adding quote text would give the best attention to the best point to the content. This whole line is an example of quoted text.
 Remember the quoted text would look different in each different template.

Removing Previous Format

The letter T with X mark on it removes formatting to the text and leaves it naked. When you pasted some little info from some where and it if doesn't matches with your blog's article formatting type. Simple remove the formatting to that outside content and set local blog's formatting.

Hope you are done with learning basic controls of blogger editor. Read other articles in basics to learn better.

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