Tools To Avoid Tariff Drop While Migrating A Domain Name To A New Hosting

The free service that lets a webmaster to submit the website and sitemaps to Google Search Engine is Google Webmaster Tool. With the help of the tool, it is possible to affect the indexing of a website, and configure the way in, which search engines are supposed to crawl, the website. With the help of the webmaster tool, it will also be possible to get a list of all the errors that are detected on the webpages of the website. Certainly, it is the powerful instrument with the help of which as a webmaster you will not only be able to optimize the website but also maintain an effective control in which Google Search Engines access the site.

Migrating A Domain Name To A New Hosting

Geographic Targeting

In the Webmaster tools, you can expect to benefit from a feature that is aimed at Geographic targeting. With the help of the geographic targeting feature, you will be able to target users of a particular country. If, in case, your domain has a number of top-level-domains, this type of feature is enabled. The domains for which this type of feature is enabled can be as highlighted below:
  • Com
  • Net
  • Org
It is by means of pointing the website to a particular country that it will be able to improve the ranking of the site for that particular country and avoid tariff drop while migrating domain name to a new hosting.

Set Crawl Rate

Crawl rate of the site can also be fixed with the help of the Webmaster tools. This will offer you with the facility of setting up as to how fast will Google bot take to crawl, your website. It is also possible for you to be able to maintain a control on the number of pages that can be indexed on an everyday basis. It is important to note that the custom crawl rate must not be set to such an extent that the crawl rate becomes a lot faster. The reason behind the same is that it can consume a significant amount of bandwidth and hold an adverse effect on website load time. The Webmaster tool also offers you with many other types of features as highlighted below:
  • Crawler Access
  • Parameter Handling
  • Site links
  • Change of Address

Crawler Access

It is on the Crawler Access tab that it will offer you with the opportunity of being able to perceive as to what are the parts of your website that are crawled by Google Search Engine. This tab also offers you with the facility of being able to generate robots.txt file that will help you to be able to generate a URL removal. While making use of the same it is important to ensure that you do not block any part of the website until and unless it is necessary to do the same. Prohibiting Google bot from crawling portions of your website can hold a disastrous impact on your overall SEO campaign.

While migrating changing your domain name, it is important to leave it at the discretion of Google as to how to handle every single parameter. This needs to be followed until and unless you are confident as to what the parameters are all about. This type of console cannot be looked upon as the right alternative that will help you to deal with duplicate website content. While changing the domain name to a new hosting, you can always make it a point to remove site links that are not required. If you are a first time user, you must be aware about the advanced features of these tools.

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