Remove Virus from your Computer without using Antivirus

The typical part of computer security involves the removal of the brutal viruses from it. Computer viruses cannot be stopped as long as the technology advances. There is no such antivirus software that removes the 100% computer viruses. No such patches, versions or updates of the antivirus software are existed yet and not expected too. So how to remove virus from the computer if antivirus can’t help you at most? The answer for this question exists since command prompt born. You can easily remove virus from the hard drive or your removable drive by using simple CMD commands.

Remove Virus from your Computer without using Antivirus
Step 1: Open Command Prompt in your computer (Press ‘Win+r’ and type ‘cmd’).

Step 2: Select the virus effected drive. For eg., say D: drive is effected with virus, to enter into it simply type d: , then you will be entered into d: drive.

Step 3: View all files in it by typing dir command. Then type attrib –s –h *.* /s /d command  and press enter to view all the system and hidden files which may not show up with dir command.

Step 4: Identify the odd .exe file(s) which is suspectable and an autorun.inf file(s) that runs the virus executable file.

Step 5: Rename the autorun.inf file to a random name by using rename command. The rename command would look like this,
rename autotun.inf sdfasdf
The new renamed file name can be anything of your choice.

Step 6: Now navigate to d: drive and check extra renamed unknown file format and a .exe file with some weird name(You may find more renamed unknown format files as well as .exe files if you found more than one type of virus in Step 3). Shift+ Delete those files from the memory.

If you can’t find odd executable files in your computer and wanted to format it to clean the drive, at least rescue your infected data from viruses before you format it.

Congratulations! You’re done! Your drive is free from viruses now. Though antiviruses can’t remove 100% virus fro your computer, it would be better to have one as to protect your computer precautionary.

Comment below if you have any queries regarding the virus removal. I will try to help you utmost.

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