How To Make Your Own Computer in Just Seconds

“Making your own computer?” Yes! you read it correct. Kano provides the toolkit with which you can make your own computer in seconds of time. It is simple fun and useful toolkit fit for all ages, all over the world. Mostly, Kids would find this assembling of the computer parts interesting and educating as well.

Can we use it hard?

No! we can’t run the heavy had hard software tools on it as it is limited with hardware specifications. A computer built using “Kano” would have,

  • A computer, powered by Raspberry Pi
  • Games like Pong, Snake
  • Music and sounds
  • HD video
  • A speaker
  • Towers of dynamite ( Minecraft)
  • A wireless server
  • A custom case, with stickers, decals, or any printed design
  • Most Debian Linux packages
  • Pretty much anything else, because Kano is open source

This is much enough for kids and novices to understand computers at starting level. This much is enough to teach about computers and its basics.


Watch this video how a computer can be built in seconds of time!


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