Top 10 New Apps for Windows Phones for Free

The smart phone operating system giants Android, IOS and Windows Phone lays a step forward in the competition among each other in releasing new applications to their devices. There is a myth that Android is the only operating system that releases more useful free applications more than others in the race. No Windows phone user would accept this statement. Windows also have a lot of free applications releasing every interval of time. The following are the list of top 10 new free applications available in Windows Phone website.

1. Windows 8.1 Launcher

Now there is no need to wait for Windows 8.1 to reach the Lumia series now, you can install this app to get the new Windows 8.1 look on your Windows 8 phone.

Win 8.1 Launcher
Windows 8.1 Launcher Features:
  • Live Tiles!
  • Login with your Live-ID and get your name and picture displayed on right hand side-top corner (exactly like in Windows 8.1).
  • Launch Windows phone apps and services like dialer, contacts, make new appointment, update status on your social networks with one touch, YouTube, Bing search, navigation via Bing maps, Windows phone store, basic phone settings and much much more.
  • Variable sizes of tiles.
  • Change phone's accent color / change the tile color in display settings and relaunch the app and the live tiles will adapt to the user's choice!

2. Rotation Lock

This application requires WP8 GDR update 3 or newer to run. It will not run on any low version less than GDR3. So better to update your WP8 with GDR update 3 very soon if you wanted this application to run on your phone.

Rotation Lock
Download & Install this App
This application is pinned to the start menu for quick access of rotation lock.

  • Select rotation lock from camera lens list. '
  • Select custom color for pinned tile.
  • Launch from Internet Explorer favorites.
  • Fix center alignment of logo on the wide tile.

3. InNote

InNote is a handwriting note taker featuring a natural digital ink and a full set of tools with a beautiful UI.

Download & Install this App
  • A full set of ballpoint pens, brush pen, marker pen, highlighter and quill pens providing lifelike handwriting experience.
  • A color palette of millions of colors
  • A selection of paper templates
  • Adjust the size of eraser and even more.

    4. India TV

    India TV app for Windows phones support users to watch free TV channels national and international and listen to FM radio. This application supports standard SD and HD channels to watch for free. Most of the national and international TV channels that can be watched through this app are Blessing TV, Doers TV, Angel TV, GBN, Star Movies, EuroSport, HBO, BBC, ESPN, and some local channels.


    5. Goal Live

    If you are a football freak, this app would fill your appetite. Keep yourself up-to-date with the real time football scores available today brought to you by Goal.


    • Real Time scores
    • Super-fast push notifications
    • Live Events
    • Action from over 750 Leagues & Competitions
    • Predict the result

      6. allows you to find other users near by and share your photos along with the high resolution photos taken with 1020. With you can share seamlessly with users on all major platforms, as well as email addresses - It's as Simple as Click. Pick. Share.

      7. HR Interview

      This application is a boon for those who are freshly into job hunt. After reading this you will get enough confidence to answer an interview. This app got amazingly good response from the users side.


      8. Music

      This is the best MP3 Music Downloader app for Free. Download music MP3 on Windows Phone
      • Music songs available with Copyleft and Creative Commons license
      • Download Classical Music of Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and many more.
      • Download MP3 Music to your Windows Phone device
      • Listen to MP3 music - Manage your MP3 music songs library.

      9. GMail

      This GMail application is connects you to your Gmail.
      • Easy to use interface
      • Back, Forward and Refresh buttons for easy navigation
      • Read incoming messages in the Inbox
      • Compose new meassges
      • Deleate, Archive and Mark your emails

        10. Cam Scanner

        Turn any Smartphone into a Scanner with CamScanner for Intelligent Document Management. CamScanner is an intelligent document management solution for individuals, small businesses, organizations, governments and schools. It is the perfect fit for those who want to scan, sync, edit, share and manage various contents on all devices.


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