Latest 7 News Apps for Android

In the world of Android, there are unlimited numbers of applications belonging to various categories. Below is a list of seven news applications that are most popular among the users.

1. CNN Application for Android

CNN Application for android
It helps in keeping the user informed about all the latest and breaking news. Users can go through the entertainment, national, international and technical stories. Users can easily watch live video clips and CNN shows. With the help of iReport, users can contribute their own story and upload photos and videos to support their story and make it unique. Few permissions may be needed to get access to some of the features such as camera, network connection, and weather but it is only to enhance the user’s experience.

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2. Google Currents

Google CurrentsIt provides the user with tablet friendly and mobile magazines from various publishers such as Tech Crunch, The Guardian, and Forbes. All editions are available in offline mode. Since this application makes use of Google Search, it provides breaking news in various categories. With the help of a fast scan, users will be able to swipe through different editions. Users can also save their favorite stories and continue later on.

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3. AP Mobile

AP MobileIt is a guide having all the latest information and news. Users can stay connected with all the latest news from various trusted sources such as The Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, The Miami Herald, etc. Browse through any content of World news, business, sports, entertainment, top news, breaking news, etc. Users can read the news in English, French, and Spanish. They can also watch videos, share articles and view pictures.

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4. Feedly

FeedlyThis application aggregates news content from various popular blogs and site to deliver the news quickly. All this information is delivered to the user in a mobile format. The user interface is built in a way that it easily is optimized to fit in tablet and phone format. All the Google reader subscriptions can be transferred and the different configurations can be synced between the two devices. Feedly has great speed and host news feed and blogs in the user’s pocket.

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5. The Guardian

It is among the top media outlets across the world. It keeps the user engaged by allowing them to participate in conversation, debate, submit comments and share their content. Users can schedule their daily download and save the data to be read offline. Users remain up to date with all the latest activities happening around the world and can easily browse through video and audio content.

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6. NPR News

NPR NewsWith the help of NPR news application, radio still lives in this world. Fit for every age, the institution of public radio has condensed their programming to a single platform. Users can listen to various programs such as Fresh Air, Talk of the Nation, All Things Considered, and many more. Users can form play-list, share and read all news and stories. It also allows the user to search for different NPR stations through call letters, zip code, and location.

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7. The Onion News Network

The Onion News NetworkIt is a video catalog that helps the users to go through videos of different shows and news channel. Its archives are updated on a daily basis and the user can access the latest data any time.

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