A Project on Multi Banking Account System | Abstract & Source Code Free Download


The Multi Banking System Interface is targeted to the future banking solution for the users who is having multiple bank accounts in multiple banks. This interface integrates all existing banks and provides business solutions for both retail and corporate.

This system acts as a standard interface between the clients and all the banks. By using this portal any client who maintain accounts in various banks can directly log on to Multi Banking System Interface and make any kind of transactions. In the backend, system will take care of the entire obligation required in order to carry on transaction smoothly.


The objective of this application to make the Customers of various Banks can do their account accessibility and transactions using this solution.  They need not to interact with various applications or websites of each bank.  The Admin will add new Bank details and can update the existing details of the bank.  The Admin will accept/reject the registration of a Customer to use this application.

The Bank Admin makes access this site to see the all Customer transactions, account Transfer status, etc.  He/she can accept or reject the fund transfer of the Customer.  Should able to provide Response for the queries related to the Customers.

The Customers should make request for multiple bank account access to the Administrator.  He/she can view the Account related information.  The customer should able to transfer the amount from one bank to another bank account using this system by providing the Secondary authentication details.  The customer also facilitated to generate report for own bank details for a respective period.  The Customer should able to send Queries to the Bank Admin.

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