Recover Deleted Photos From Your Samsung Galaxy S4

The high definition camera in Samsung Galaxy S4 is quite compelling to take photos. Everything is OK until someone somehow deletes the media in any smart phone. Then comes the all worry about how to recover the deleted photos or media files. After a little timed search on the internet, I found a solution for this problem. Let’s take a look at it.

When you delete the files from Galaxy S4, they are not really deleted, more likely they can come alive with a proper recovery software.

Watch the video below & follow accordingly or just proceed reading the textual method.


Step 1: Don't take any new photos until you recover them

Photos and videos captured on Samsung Galaxy S4 are stored on the memory storage, when a delete command is issued to selected files, the android OS doesn't just go to destroy these files, instead, the OS merely label the "deleted" photos or videos as dispensable and frees up the memory these files occupied for storing new files at some point in the future. Before newly captured videos or photos swamp in, the files deleted from Samsung Galaxy S4 can be recovered. 

Step 2: Download & install the recovery software on your computer

Download photo recovery for Samsung Galaxy S4. The software is able to recover deleted photos, videos and audio files from Samsung Galaxy S4.

Download Photo Recovery Software for Windows

Download Photo Recovery Software for Mac

Step 3: Connect the device to your computer

Enable the USB Debugging mode on Galaxy S4 before you connect your device through USB to your computer. For that go to settings on your phone, tap about phone, tap on "build number" repeatly for 7 times, you don't have to be super precise, just tap it repeatably. Then the hidden option "Developer Option" will appear, turn on USB debugging. Connect your phone with computer via USB cable.

Step 4: Start Recovering Photos

Start photo recovery for Samsung Galaxy S4. Click on the 'recover photo, audio & media'. A window asking 'Select Media for Recovery' is opened.

Choose the drive letter that represents Samsung Galaxy S4's memory. Click "scan". Once the scanning is completed, you will be looking at a big list of files organized by file types and file extensions. Use the file type filter to locate the pictures taken with Samsung Galaxy S4 and hit the "Recover" button.

galaxy s4 photo recovery

Step 5: You should mind this doing 

Breath a sigh of relief looking at your recovered photos ;)
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  1. Why is it that my removable media doesnt show up? Is it because I don't have a SD card?

  2. Have you gone across step 3 Fred?

  3. Rooting super user access isn't necessary. Please check if your PC or MAC still installing driver like things for your phone..

  4. I don't think so..It doesn't have to be rooted..have you tried premium version or trail one...trail versions may come with limited functionalities...

  5. My phone is also not showing up on the drive list.....please help...I've lost 5 years of photos that I had on the phone :(

  6. Are u sure that Samsung S4 drivers are installed when u plug-in your phone..checkout your device in 'driver manager' (on windows). If you don’t see it, you don’t have Galaxy S4 USB drivers installed, download and install Galaxy S4 Windows drivers here.

  7. Do the same in MAC also if you are using can download and install Samsung S4 drivers download them from Samsung support site

  8. For all those facing difficulty of device connection..try this software


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