Install More RAM In Your Laptop For More Speed

Your Laptop is indeed your companion, especially when you're on the go. We often take both our laptops on vacation, in town to catch up on some work. And boosting your knowledge of your laptop with go a long long way in saving you money by repairing it yourself.

Installing memory is one of the easiest tasks. Take the time to first be sure you have the right RAM for your computer. If you're in doubt take it back to the place of purchase and be sure you have the right RAM. After being certain you have the right RAM, you're ready to open the system unit and begin. But first, you need to remove static electricity.


First: Turn Off the Laptop and remove the Battery, normally located on the bottom of the computer.

Second: Turn the Laptop over and locate the RAM compartment. Some Laptops Memory Module Compartments may be located in another area. Check your owner's manual to be certain.

Third: Remove any and all ESD or Electrical Static Charge from your body and clothes so no damage to the chips can occur. Use a screwdriver to remove the RAM compartment cover.

Fourth: Study the Memory Modules for a minute to understand how they are installed so you won't forget how to add the upgraded modules. Grasp the clip holding the old Module in place and push it up.

Grasp the module and carefully lift it up and out of the socket. Notice the indent in the module. This allow the module to be installed in only one way.

Fifth: Remove the new RAM from its protective wrap and study it to be sure it is not damaged. Place the module in the empty socket, carefully press down and allow the clips to click in place.

Sixth: Replace the Memory cover, and Battery. Reboot the computer and the operating system should recognize your new or added memory without any problem.

Its that easy when it comes to installing new or more memory. Read your computer's manual first to find out what type of ram memory you have and what is needed for upgrades.

Take time to Visit the Kingston Memory site above and use their memory configurator to find out the memory you need to upgrade your computer.

Go ahead and enjoy the faster speed you should experience once your new memory is installed. Don't forget to run scandisk, defragment,and disk cleanup to clean your hard drive of extra space.

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