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Recover Deleted Data from iPhone – Contacts, Photos, Text Messages & WhatsApp History

It is very common to find yourself stuck in a dilemma when you accidently delete important data from your phone. Recovering lost data is a tiring task that might be rendered useless if we are unequipped with appropriate tools and software. In this situation iMyFone D-Back Software is a knight in shining armor. For people who have been in this situation where they are unable to recover the lost data on their device this article might shine some light on how to resolve that problem.

Why do we need it?

As clumsy as most of us would deny being, we have all been in a situation where we wish we had an undo button. Our devices as compact and reliable they might seem to us are vulnerable to environmental hazards as well as computing malfunctions. In these circumstances our data is exposed to being deleted or damaged.

Our devices are prone to certain malware and viruses that puts the data on our phone at risk. There have been cases where users forgot their passcode lock and became victim to a complete phone reset losing all the data on their device. Upgrading your device initiates an auto reset which also leaves the data on your device at bay. Jail breaking your device is never recommended unless absolutely necessary. Amongst the multiple reasons, the safe return of the files and data on your device can not be guaranteed.


What does it do?

iMyFone D-Back Software has a grasp on multitude of applications on your device. This enables the user to efficiently trace the data on your device without any trouble. Smart Recovery empowers the users to search and look up specific data in a flash of a second. iMyFone D-Back Software ensures to keep the integrity of the data and files intact when recovering. You can search up the data depending on file type, file size or file name specifically. More than that iMyFone D-Back Software would sieve through each and every file on your device to find the lost data. The effectiveness of the entire system is impeccable.

The software can recover almost all the deleted files on your iPhone, including text messages, notes, contacts, photos, videos, call history, WhatsApp/Wechat/Kik/Viber conversation.


iOS devices have a built in safe switch when it comes to data recovery. Utilizing iMyFone D-Back Software’s lightening flash technology you would be done recovering your lost data in no time. iMyFone Data has outdone itself when it comes to recovering data on your iOS device even without the back up data. The software itself incorporates the iDevice and manages to go through each and every hidden aspect in order to recover the files you lost. Your contacts, messages, photos, videos and all files would be recovered in no time, thanks to iMyFone D-Back Software and its latest algorithm.


You can be a victim of theft where your iDevice might be stolen or lost. Your precious data on your iPhone might be lost forever. With the help of iMyFone D-Back you can easily sweep through your iTunes account. iTunes is a safe lock storing all your saved data for whenever you wish to access it. iMyFone D-Back ensures a safe connection with your iTunes account even without your device. So if you ever seem to misplace or lose your iDevice you can always count on iMyFone D-Back for the safe recovery of your important data and files.


iMyFone D-Back also establishes a reliable connection with your iCloud account. You can extract the files and data you require and transfer it to your iDevice or desktop. The software enables the users to preview the files extensively so that you can selectively choose what you want to restore on our device. iMyFone D-Back Software is capable of reading through the data and alarm you in case any files are being stored twice on the phone.


In a nutshell the software is a helping tool that conjoins variable data recovery option in one place. It opens a world of possibilities where you can easily recover any file or document without any hassle.

The properties of iMyFone D-Back Software adheres to the ever increasing needs of the people and cater to all those who wish to benefit from its impeccable data recovery options. You can rely on iMyFone D-Back Software when it comes to the safe recovery of your lost data.

* This post is sponsored by iMyFone D-Back Technology Co.Ltd

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Buy Brand New iPhone 7 at Rs.6,999. The Name’s Micromax Canvas 1

If you desperately wanted to have an iPhone 7 but don’t have budget more than Rs.7,000, this news will cherish you. Micromax has released a new smartphone under the Canvas series called Canvas 1. This new budget smartphone looks exactly like iPhone 7 but with a Micromax fist logo on the back. If we stick an Apple sticker to its back, no one would never notice it’s a Micromax.

canvas 1 iphone 7canvas 1 iphone like

What about the specifications?

I understand your concern. Of course everyone would want the best for the buck. Rs.7,000, okay Rs.6,999 to be exact is not a dime, it’s serious money. You don’t want to spend it on a play toy. Micromax Canvas 1 comes with the following specifications. Add drum rolls if you want now.

micromax canvas 1 battery

Screen: 5’ 1280x720p screen with 2.5D glass.

Processor: MediaTek MT6737 quad-core processor with 1.3GHz clock speed.


Storage: 16GB

Expandable Storage: Up to 32GB through SD card.

Battery: 2500mAh

Cameras: 5MP, 8MP

Software: Android 7.0 Nougat based

Colors: Matte Black, Chrome Black

Weight: 150g

Does it have an audio jack?

micromax canvas 1 displayWise question. Yes it have 3.5mm audio port on the top. You no need to compromise for headphones or charging when you need the both. I would recommend you to not use the earphones while charging as it may catch you having a mockup Android.

If your mind’s asking you this, “Should I buy it?”

Micromax gives a 100-day replacement promise on any hardware issue on the device as a part of 1 year warranty program. With good hardware backup and Nougat on the top of it, you could access the features like picture-in-picture windows for multitasking and better battery management.

If you feel like “Shut up and take my money”

If you want to buy iPhone 7, I mean Micromax Canvas 1, take a walk around your city and look out for retail stores. Because, the Canvas 1 is now available in offline stores at Rs. 6,999.

Bad luck! I would have cashed it if it’s available online through affiliates. If you like this article, like and share it. Comment the link to buy it if it’s available online.

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10 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

social media marketing mistakes

Social media marketing can be a minefield. When done right, it can drive traffic towards your business, yield unprecedented conversion rates, and boost your SEO and audience engagement. However, when done wrong, social media is a huge drain on time and resources, and is not at all fruitful. While having social media profiles is a good start, the following mistakes are easily made, and can be a huge hindrance to your business.

These are the top 10 social media marketing mistakes to avoid:

1. Failing to Engage with Your Audience

Whenever your customers comment or post on your page, it is essential to respond. Even if they are writing something negative, there should always be a polite professional response to show that you do in fact care about your customers.

2. Not Hiring Qualified Professionals

For a relatively low cost you can engage the services of an expert and professional editor for your content writing and proof reading. This can massively boost the quality of your posts, which in turn will drive engagement and SEO. There’s no doubt that search engine crawlers check for spelling and grammar mistakes, so by hiring an editor, you erase any chance of that, and free up time to concentrate on strategy and campaigns.

You can place an ad and interview potential candidates with Upwork or Freelancer, where you post the task that you need doing, and then potential candidates apply. This is a great way to create a long term working relationship with the same writer, so the same voice is present across your business. However, some businesses prefer a more automated service, which is fast and efficient, such as Paper Fellows or Big Assignments.

You simply fill in an order form and then your work is assigned to an available expert. A similar approach is followed by Contently, though rather than specializing in writers, this source specializes in content marketing, which ever platform you choose depends on what you are really looking for for your business.

3. Over Selling Yourself

Social media isn’t the place to be too pushy – you can’t just describe how great your business or your product is. Instead, describe how you understand your audience, and how your business can help them.

4. Not Utilizing Online Content Marketing Tools

The key ingredient to social media marketing is high quality content. There’s no escaping the fact that every post needs to be well-written and original if it’s going to be successful. Fortunately, for content marketers that are not especially gifted at writing there are several free and easy to use tools available online that can drastically improve your content. The following are essential:

Hemingway App – this is a comprehensive spelling and grammar checker that goes into much more detail than anything offered by a word processor. You’ll be advised when your sentences are too long, your structure could be better, and we you’re using too many adverbs or unnecessarily complex vocabulary. This really makes your writing stronger.

Easy Word Count - it’s now a well-acknowledged fact that posts of 1000-1500 words are the best for engagement, and no landing page should ever be less than 300 words. You can use this tool to make sure you stick to your targets, even if you’re writing on a mobile device.

Headline Analyzer - as there are millions of new websites and pages of content posted online every day, it’s not surprising that you need a catchy headline to make sure yours stands out and is appealing to your audience. This tool helps make sure that every title attracts the maximum number of clicks.

5. Posting Too Little or Too Often

There’s a fine balance that you will need to find – you can’t post sporadically or you’ll be overlooked, but you can also lose followers by posting constant meaningless updates.

6. Not Monitoring Your Posts

You should be regularly monitoring analytics to check the successes and failures of your posts, so you can learn from mistakes and continue to grow.

7. Trying to Use Every Social Media Platform

Facebook and Twitter are important, and potentially LinkedIn for a HR Manager. Outside of that is quite industry specific, but there is definitely no need for a business to try and keep up profiles across every social media platform.

8. Being Inconsistent

All of your social media campaigns should have one goal in mind, and every post should contribute to the goal. They shouldn’t be random.

9. Not Optimizing Your Content

On Twitter you should use hashtags, on Facebook make sure your location and up to date details are available. Posting generically to each site is not as effective as taking the time to optimize your content.

10. Not Being Original

While recycling content every now and again can be a good thing, it should only be your own content, as plagiarism is a huge turn off to many on social media.

Avoiding the ten mistakes listed above is simple, and by doing so you can multiply the effects of your future social media marketing.

About author: Sharon Conwell is a freelance writer, specializing at digital marketing and content optimization; blogger at

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8 Techniques to Prevent Insider Threats in Organization


Many organizations and employees focus their security measures on network borders; but forget to focus on insider threat in an organization. Rarely anyone in the organization can guess about the insider who caused an attack whether intentional or not. It might be hard to believe that the well-dressed lady or gentleman with a nice smile from the next office might be the culprit who has been giving your company a hard time while you are busy searching for a non-existing external cyber-criminal.

Well, an insider threat is malicious cyber threat to an organization that comes through an organization’s personnel such as employees, ex-employees, contractors or business associates who have full information to the organization and access to their data, security passes, and computer systems.

Insider threats usually come from any level in an organization but usually, the higher-level employees offer bigger threats since they have high-level security clearance and more access to the company’s classified data. According to a survey conducted by Dell on cyber security professionals, 59% of the insider threats are from managers followed by 48% by contractors, 46% by regular employees, 41% by IT administrators and staff and the least being 30% from third party service providers.

Insider threats are usually disgruntled employees or ex-employees who believe that the organization did not do justice to them and are therefore looking for revenge. It might also come in the shape of an ignorant employee who accidentally leaks the organization’s vital information without intending to or perhaps those greedy employees who trade in classified company data and information to make an extra buck.

On the other hand, these threats may also come via unfortunate situations like blackmailed employees who are forced to turn against their organizations to save their loved ones or their dirty little secrets. Whether justified or not, these inside threats pose a major threat to all organizations worldwide.

This calls for a serious alarm to all organizations against insider threats where serious security measures should be put in place to counter insider threats as equally as external threats. It is time to tight the loose nuts. Here are some of the security measures that would help reduce insider threats in a modern organization.

1. Conducting a periodic risk assessment for the whole organization

Organizations must assess their critical and most valuable assets and the risks that might occur periodically and then come up with strategies on how to protect those assets from both inside and outside threats. Most firms wait until there is an attack before they can take measures against the attack, which already has caused damage. These periodic risk assessments periods must be at short intervals to reduce the risk of a cyber attack in between the assessments.

2. Conducting periodic security awareness training for all employees

A good number of employees pose a threat to their organizations due to ignorance or by being unaware of the security policies in the workplace. By conducting security awareness training, employees are made to understand security policies and procedures of the organization; why they exist and the consequences in case one violate the policies. Such a measure wards off the possible intended inside attacks while it also reduces cases of ignorant insider threats by a huge percentage.

3. Encouraging separation of duties and minimal privileges

By separating duties of employees and giving them minimal access privileges, an organization is bound to restrict employees to their line of work securing the other departments in case one decides to attack the organization’s system. This will make it easy to identify the source of the problem keeping in mind that there are no overlapping roles.

4. Logging, monitoring and auditing employee actions periodically

By monitoring and logging employee actions periodically, the organization will be able to discover suspicious action of the insider threat before he/she does the actual damage to the organization. This way, the organizations will always be a step ahead of the threat.

5. Keeping an eye on system administrators and privileged users

Statistics show most inside threats usually come from the system administrators and privileged users such as managers who have access to most if not all of the data in the organization. Caution must be exercised on such individuals to secure the data they have in their control. Remember, as you keep an eye on those privileged users do not forget to watch the junior employees.

6. Monitoring and responding suspicious behaviors in workplaces

As much as the organizations are monitoring their employees’ online activity on their user accounts, it may not be enough! In other words, it is prudent for any organization to monitor their employees’ behavior in their workplaces to take note of dissatisfaction and complaints, which can drive them to turn against the organization.

7. Deactivating user access following termination

Once an employee leaves or is fired from an organization, his access credentials should be terminated immediately. Of course, most ex-employees, especially the ones fired are usually dissatisfied with the organization. They would want revenge against the authority or person who is responsible for their job loss. What would be the better way to do so than misusing their privileges?

8. Actively defending against malicious codes

Privileged users and system administrators who are inside threats sometimes attack the organization system by planting logic bombs or malicious codes which will disrupt the system in place. Therefore, by putting in place a system that defends the organization against malicious codes, one can reduce attacks on the systems by these inside threats.

At last..

These just a few major measures can help you counter insider threats in organizations. To cut the long story short, a good amount of resources should be dedicated to counter insider threats. Let us just say that organizations today should be very wary of the insiders if they are to have an upper hand in the war against cybercrime.

Author Bio: Harry Patel is a full-time businessman and part time blogger.He has more than 10 years experience in web development and marketing. Currently, he is working as a consultant.

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5 Website Structure Elements That Impact SEO in 2017

For online businesses, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important as it plays a huge role in deciding the success of their business. In general, SEO is a set of techniques that can be applied to optimize websites for search engines and therefore, enhance search engine rankings of a business website. In today’s competitive business market, SEO is more imperative than ever. If you have a web site, blog or online store, SEO can assist your business develop and satisfy the business goals. SEO helps businesses to top in search engines and superior SEO practices develop the user experience and usability of a web site.

SEO is vital for the smooth functioning of a big web site. SEO can aid you to succeed in the modern competitive business market. The search engine optimized web site is more expected to have more clients and make more sales. Optimizing your business web site for search engines with the help of SEO tactics will offer you great benefit over non-optimized sites and you can enhance your chances to rank higher in search engine platforms including Google, yahoo, Bing, etc. SEO will let you to relate with those looking for your product or service and aid turn them into future clients.

5 Website Structure Elements That Impact SEO

An imperative feature of SEO is making your website simple for both users and search engine channels to identify with. SEO aids the search engines to get to know what each page is about, and how it may be helpful for users. There are a lot of things that influences SEO. Website Structure is one of the elements that impact SEO. The superior your site structure, the better your possibility of higher ranking in the search engine platforms. Every website has a structure and website structure really matters. If you are planned and watchful with your web site structure, you will have a web site that lets you to attain search superiority.

Here is top 5 Website structure elements that can make an impact on SEO in 2017:

1. Crawlability

Crawlability of a website is imperative when it comes to its appearance in search engine results. If you are seeking to throw out indexing issues, you should give importance to Crawlability. It is acknowledged that if a robot finds a cul-de-sac when crawling a website, the SEO gets impacted unhelpfully. Crawlability denotes the capability of a search engine to crawl through the whole text content of your Web site, effortlessly finding the way to every one of your Webpages, devoid of coming across an unforeseen cul-de-sac.

Crawlability is all about the search engine's capacity to access and move content slowly on a page. If a site has no Crawlability problems, web crawlers can gain access to all its content with no trouble by following links between pages. A website is supposed to be Crawlable if site's pages are interrelated well and create no trouble for users in steering one place to the other.

2. Internal Links

Internal linking is another important element that impacts SEO. Internal Links make it possible to navigate across the pages with ease if a user visits any website. Internal linking is a key SEO method for website promoters. In general, internal linking stands for any links from one page on a domain which direct to another page on that similar domain. Internal linking indicates the complete navigation plan that a website implements to improve a website's ease of access and user experience. The crucial thought behind internal linking is that a user can find one page to another with no hassle.  

There are many advantages that internal linking serves. One main reason site owners give importance to internal links is that it can enable them to tell Google as well as site visitors that a specific page of content is imperative. To link pages and posts internally, site promoters should bring into play keywords inside the content and then link these keywords to other related pages or piece of content on your website. Internal linking reduces the page intensity and lets users an easier means to locate other pages.

3. User Experience  

Website structure can make an impact on user experience. Webmasters and owners recognize what it means to have a site structure that boosts SEO. Today, user engagement and user experience are vastly significant. It presents sufficient reasons for valuing website structure and visitors will not stay on your page for longer periods if the website lacks quality, interlinks, good navigation and a set of other main traits.

A badly structured website deters the visitor which will certainly have huge negative impacts on your SEO tactic. An excellent user experience design will make visitors to stay on your site. Make sure to cart off the unwanted colors, the fonts, the kerning, the graphics, the images, and the white space for the reason that a good quality site design presents a great structure.

4. URL Structure

URL Structure is another imperative aspect that impacts SEO. You have got to think about how your individual pages URLs are built. URL has a huge outcome on the whole SEO campaign. Website promoters have to watch over the existence or non-existence of irrelevant character such as #, @, % and many more.

It is significant for you to generate a URL structure that follows your navigation hierarchy. You have to take care of the URL length because the majority of the successful online websites have smaller names which make it simple for users to say or retain information. There is a possible SEO advantage that website promoters can get from incorporating your company’s target keywords into this crucial navigation part.

5. Easy-To-Use Navigation

Easy-to-use navigation is a crucial aspect that impacts SEO. Navigation can decide your website’s overall performance when it comes to keeping visitors, maintaining them engaged and driving them through the conversion.

You should make sure to create your site navigation in HTML or CSS as it presents user-friendly navigation. When you make your navigation, it is important for you to keep the coding easy. HTML and CSS keep the coding easy and it is also a safest method. Coding in other platforms such as JavaScript, Flash, and Ajax will restrict the crawler’s capability to wrap up your site’s ingenious navigation and hierarchy.

Author Bio: I am Robert Lynch. I enjoy writing because it presents me a lot of knowledge and information regarding a lot of things. I have been writing as a freelance writer for the past many years now and it have made me a good writer. Presently, I work for a best custom essay writing service online and it helps me to deal with different types of papers every day. I also love writing articles for blogs.

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Indian Domination: Will India Rule The Smartphone Market In The World?


Through the years, India has been building its reputation as the fastest growing smartphone market in the world. The country’s efforts finally bore fruit as it cemented achieved success in 2016, selling over 27.5 million devices in the second quarter. But that doesn’t stop there. Experts have projected that the progression will continue in 2017. With such promising growth, will India eventually rule the smartphone market in the world? 

Forecast On India’s Smartphone Market 

In 2015, Digital Trends published an article predicting that India will be the second largest smartphone market by 2017. Another report from Strategy Analytics put it more bluntly, saying that the nation will unseat the US this year.

True enough; the country is currently seeing tremendous growth in the mobile industry. In fact, India recorded a 6 percent growth in the January-March period. Furthermore, shipments grew 15 percent to 29 million units in the said quarter. If the trend continues, it might be possible that India will record higher sales than the US this year.

Factors Boosting Sales

Why do India’s sales keep on growing? Let us look at some of the factors:


More and more consumers are buying mobile handsets in India due to their low prices, and they are equipped with advanced features. There are 4G smartphones below 10000 INR, and they are sophisticated enough for work and everyday use. Aside from affordable smartphones, many telecom companies in India also offer data plans at reasonable costs.


Technological Advancements

Even the Indian government is contributing to the popularity of smartphones in the country. The initiative “Digital India”, for instance, promotes smart banking services.


Cashless Payments

India is now gaining momentum to turn into a cashless society. A report from Business Standard says that cities in the country have adopted to the system.

Rural areas are beginning to catch up as well. Khandalavadi was the first cashless village in India, where residents are using mobile wallets to pay for food delivery, taxi, and other services.


Who else will be more welcoming of new technologies than millennials, right? India has a large and growing population of this demographic. And every time people from this age bracket begin to earn, consumers, more often than not, will contribute to the country’s digital consumption. For instance, he/she will buy a smartphone.

Competition Among Manufacturers

Another major factor that boosts smartphone sales in India is the tight competition. Moreover, it deserves a closer look due to the intriguing fact that Chinese manufacturers are dominating the market.

Yes, you read that right. Chinese smartphones are more popular in India than the local ones. At least, that is what the data shows. Here is an overview of market shares for the March quarter as provided by the Business Standard:

  • Samsung: 26%
  • Xiaomi: 13%
  • Vivo: 12%
  • Oppo: 10%
  • Lenovo: 8%

As you can see, no Indian player made it to the top five for the said quarter. These figures are prompting manufacturers, both foreign and local, to focus on new launches, marketing, and innovative payment options (such as online paying). Companies spend more money to remain competitive, thus keeping the smartphone market vibrant.

Moreover, the growing price aggressiveness in India pushes manufacturers to keep their products affordable. And as they do so, more consumers are able to buy smartphones.

Capping It Off

Based on recent reports, we can see that the smartphone market trend in the country is still growing. The nation is basically ripe for digital investments. If the growth in India continues, and if the US market remains slow, then there is a high probability that the former will replace the latter in the ranks.

We can almost expect year-end reports to declare India as the second largest smartphone market in the world. Not that far-fetched, right? Still, the question remains: will India attain a worldwide rule and unseat China?

Well, if you can see the competition in the country, it is hard to answer in the affirmative. If local manufacturers completely step up to the game and match everything the Chinese companies will offer, then there is a chance. That is a problem India has to resolve, and we’ll only have to wait and see in the coming months or years.

Author Bio: Mary Alusin is a content writer of She is a passionate writer who has written a number of articles related to gadgets and technological advancements today. When she is not using her time typing on the computer, she spends quality time with her daughter.

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Why Is It Important to Write Quality Content?

Content is king and writing quality content is necessary. Many businesses are hiring content writing services from companies in order to get content for their business. The world is going digital and so, content should be appealing and it should be of high quality as well. Businesses want to hire the best writer for churning out content for their website. It should be SEO friendly and the content should be like sugar. It should attract the crowd! We have listed the important of quality website content. Why is it important to write quality content? Take a quick look!


The Importance of Quality Website Content:

1. Quality Website Content Provides Value for the Readers

As a reader or visitor, the content should be of relevance. If the content provides value for the readers, they will share it on their social media page and they will probably buy your services. You can hire social media copywriters to create social media updates for the readers. The proper usage of hash tags and short and crisp content will attract the readers. It will drive traffic to your website.

2. Quality Content Means More Sales

If your writing is convincing, people will want to buy your products. Words are very powerful and so, you should think of hiring a writer in order to get professional looking content which attracts prospective customers. If your writer will write in a conversational tone and add relevant images and videos, it will improve the quality of the content.

3. Creating Evergreen Quality Content

If you write about the Top 10 baby products of 2017, it will have a shelf life. However if you write about the baby products buying tips, it will be evergreen. People will want to read the buying tips instead of reading about the best products of the year 2017. There will be some other writer who will write a new article in 2018 or 2030.


4. Quality Content Means More Sharing

If your content is appealing, people will share it online with their friends and families. Make sure you content is a crowd puller. It should not be boring! When you join a content writing company, you will be told to write content which is engaging. People should find it so interesting that they would want to share it with the world.

Joining a content writing agency will give you the exposure that you need as a writer. You can join to get some amazing projects which will help you to improve as a writer. You need to explore in order to become a better writer. Join a good portal and start writing! It is very important to write quality content in order to inspire the world and get more sales.

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