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5 Must Have Apps for Your iPhone 6

iPhone 6 has marked the benchmarks for the next generation of smart phones and there is no doubt about it. From the day it is announced to be releasing to the day it is launched, excitements spread over the social media networks like never.

Congratulations to you for having one that everyone dreamed to be having. Apart from the bending complaints, the new version of iPhone is really awesome with its functionality and looks as well.

Having an extraordinary phone doesn’t make it useful, having the right apps makes it so. I have picked up some useful applications every iPhone 6 is worth having them. Here are they,

1. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone

Have you ever lost your phone? You won’t care if it a normal smart phone and what if it is your new iPhone 6? I had recently read a story about how a guy could recover his lost iPhone 6 on ‘The Verge’. His story have made it clear that this app is a must-have one your iPhone.

2. Inbox by Google


Inbox is the new definition for email inbox define by Google so recently. Inbox app is not just a email UI anymore, it can remember the dates, notify, alarm and alert you as per the schedules. If a single app is such useful, how could I miss mentioning it in the five of my choice.

3. Microsoft Word


Being an windows user and having an iPhone is always hard to swallow. The synchronization feature that an iPhone have with the Mac computers is not existed with Windows.

Though it is, the Microsoft comes up with amazing MS Office apps on to iOS and MS Word is one of them. There exists MS Excel and PowerPoint too, but I don’t want to make this article look like it’s dedicated to Microsoft apps.

4. MyScript Calculator


MyScript Calculator is a simple and elegant tool that transcripts what you write on the screen, calculates and displays you the result. It may not recognize the textual representations but works brilliant with the numerical and other mathematical operations.

5. Microsoft Remote Desktop


Microsoft’s remote desktop app helps you to connect to a remote PC and your work resources from anywhere. You can access your remote resources through your remote desktop gateway. The app allows you to easily connect to external monitors and projectors while giving presentations.

What do you think?

These are the 5 apps that I picked up randomly but chose them very selectively. What do you think? Are they really worth trying? Share your thoughts in comments below.
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A Complete Tutorial On Selecting The Best XML Parser

This is a guest article submitted by Emily Heming, a savvy writer for a leading Mobile Application Development Company from where you can also avail the facility to hire dedicated iPhone developers with her best assistance.


XML parser forms a crucial component of every iPhone app development project. Being careless during the selection of an XML parser can refrain you from developing an outstanding iPhone app. With an incredible collection of XML parsers available for the iPhone projects, it often becomes tedious for the developers to choose the best XML parser.


Through this blog, I intend to make it convenient for you to select an XML parser for your iPhone app development project. I'll be sharing tips that would enable you to choose from a million different XML parsers that are available for the iPhone. So, let's know more about these tips and make the most of them.


Unleashing the types and importance of an XML Parser

Well, deciphering the XML code included within an app is something that's quite crucial and challenging for the developers who're going to work on the app's development part in the future. An XML parser is the component that does this job well. It offers all the vital information to the program on how it should read the XML code. There are two types of XML parsers, as explained below:




SAX parser – This is the one wherein the XML code is notified as and when the parser navigates through the XML tree. Here, you need to keep a track of the state and objects that are required for monitoring the data.




DOM Parser – This is the one that reads the entire XML document and builds up an in-memory representation. While using a DOM parser, you can even construct Xpath queries for pulling out particular pieces of code.


And now, XML parser selection tips you can't afford to miss

1. Analyze what you actually want to do with the parser

The selection of an XML parser primarily depends on what you actually want to do with the help of the parser. If you're inclined on just reading small XML documents, then a parser like TouchXML, GdataXML and KissXML can turn to be handy. Similarly, if you want to read extremely large XML documents, then the parser's performance is something you need to be bothered about. Under such a situation, XML parsers like TBXML, LIBXML2 SAX and libxml DOM serve as the best fit.


2. Check out the accuracy rate of deciphering the XML code

As one of the commonly overlooked factors for choosing a parser, accuracy of deciphering XML code is something that needs to be paid due heed to. While choosing an XML parser, you need to check whether there are any non-trivial bugs or not.


Although no parser is perfect, there are definitely some that turn to be more reliable as compared to others. Two of the commonly encountered bugs in XML Parsers include the ones mentioned below:

  • Failure to report the incorrect syntax used in the code
  • Reporting the correct constructs as errors

Well, it’s actually hard to say which one of the above two is more severe. While the former one causes issues for systems that receive malformed documents which finally get rejected, the latter one prevents you from handling the data efficiently.


3. Check out the parsing speed of the shortlisted XML Parser

Before proceeding ahead with the selection of an XML parser, it is necessary to check out the parsing speed of the parser in addition to the amount of memory space that's consumed by it.


If you're planning to serve the XML document via a network, then the speed with which data is moved over the network is to be watched out. It is quite essential to buffer your I/O or else it's going to affect your code's performance, irrespective of how fast or how slow the parser is. Talking about memory space, SAX is generally much more efficient as compared to DOM parser.


4. Check out the license under which the parser has been published

It is important to check out the license under which the parser is published. While a majority of parsers are available for free in the free-beer sense, others are free in the free-speech sense. Ensure that the license restrictions don't get in your way of selecting the right XML parser for your iPhone project.


Wrapping Up

So, with those handy XML parser selection tips, I'm sure it would become simpler for you to choose a relevant and highly useful parser for your next iPhone app development venture.

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Enhance Your Communication By IPhone Apps For Business Owner

In the event that you are an entrepreneur, you know how troublesome it might be running an organization particularly from the beginning. Because of mechanical advances in versatile correspondences, you can get to the best possible instruments to upgrade your business interchanges.

There are numerous business applications accessible and new ones popping up consistently. There are applications made to encourage more prominent benefit in every aspect of your business, whether its dealing with your accounts or getting the most out of your interchanges frameworks. Actualizing these applications is no more a choice, however a need for enhancing your business operations.

Let's take Apple as a case. Apple has in excess of one million applications in the Application store. As per a Localytics' report, clients of the iphone and ipad are about twice as reliable to their applications than Android clients, the investigation found. Around 35% of Apple gadget clients opened their applications 11 times or more, contrasted with only 23% of Android clients. On account of this current, how about we investigate these iphone applications you ought to consider to help you enhance your business interchanges:


It is safe to say that you are the individual who is constantly attached to your work area? Here is an application intended for you, Acrobits permits you to make calls utilizing your organization ID and achieve your group with augmentation based dialing capacity. Best of everything, it doesn't use up your smartphone minutes. Acrobits is the heading SIP Customer on the application store. This application works with the most recent abilities of ios.

This iphone SIP client app empowers you to make free phone calls to other VoIP clients. VoIP administration suppliers are regularly called SIP suppliers, that is the reason the application is alluded to as SIP Customer.

Acrobits offers the adaptability of VoIP to cell phones effortlessly. Awesome for representatives that travel abroad. Among the gimmicks of Acrobits softphone customer incorporates: notices on approaching calls, different SIP record help and nitty gritty call history.


The best gimmick of this VoIP application is that it offers free calls to any smartphone in the United States and Canada. It gives high definition voice clarity, feature calling and the sky is the limit from there. Up to 10 clients on the iCall system can feature gathering all the while. In examination to different applications, iCall is an incredible decision in light of the fact that feature conferencing with 10 clients is a typically paid administration.

Voice Brief

It is safe to say that you are an occupied proficient who finishes different assignments without a break in sight? All things considered, this is the right application for you. This intriguing application utilizes content to-voice systems to peruse you the most recent news, climate and even your twitter and Facebook nourishes. This application empowers you to pick the wellspring of your inclination, for example, CNN and Fox News. Voice Brief can additionally read rundown lines from your Gmail account.

Dragon Dictation

This helpful application interprets your voice reminders into mail the same way your VoIP smartphone framework does. Don't squander significant time, use Monster Correspondence for making messages, instant messages or even to redesign your Twitter and Facebook accounts. The main thing you have to do is talk, see the content and send it!

There is most likely Apple strives to give its clients applications the most noteworthy benchmarks. Their objective is to help, upgrade their time and accomplish the occupation effectively, effortlessly and rapidly. Take a stab at fusing these most recent iPhone application patterns to build your business benefit.

What are the most helpful iPhone applications? What applications do you utilize day by day? We need to know!
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