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Why Do I Need an SSL Certificate for my E-Commerce Store?

If you are one of those who is planning to launch an e-commerce website, then you already might have heard the term "SSL" a dozen times. And as I guessed you might be confused since you are not familiar with the term and several questions like what is it, how does it work, why is it so crucial, and blah blah blah might be going on your mind.


Relax, that is why we are posting this article. SSL initially may seem as a complicated topic but once you understand what exactly it is and why you need it, it doesn't seem any more like rocket science.


So let's start with an introduction to SSL, why you need it, and how you can get one for your store. By the end of this article, your confusion should be gone.


What is an SSL and What Does it Stand for?

First of all, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it is also sometimes called as Transport Layer Security (TLS). SSL is a protocol used to protect sensitive information to be private. It basically establishes an encrypted connection between the web browser and server by exchanging a symmetric key.




Every message that transmits should pass the internal inspection for the uprightness of this encryption before it works. And by any chance, if the check fails, the encrypted information will be safe. We use SSL almost every day when we browse sites like LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and other e-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. The encryption used restricts hackers and eavesdroppers who steal sensitive information like credit cards or user credentials.


How Important is SSL to Websites?

Any website which wants to secure its transaction details, it will have to acquire an SSL certificate for that domain. The SSL certificate utilizes the encryption to all the website activities from page and form submissions and product pages to financial transactions. Hence, this restricts hackers from stealing your valuable data and other such attacks.


SSL for E-Commerce Websites

Because of its data protection nature, SSL is extensively used by almost every e-commerce store which collects customers' private and payment-related information. There are 2 main reasons behind the usage of SSL certificates


Data Protection

The very first reason for using SSL certificates is to keep sensitive information safe by sending them with an encrypted connection. Usually, e-commerce websites need customers' private information like user credentials, credit or debit card details for payment, etc. which could easily be stolen by thieves during it is sent by the customer to the server or the other way around if there are no encryption methods employed.

It is completely your responsibility to keep your customers' information safe and confidential. By utilizing an SSL certificate to enable SSL encryption not only makes your website's data but also your customers' private information well encrypted and thus becomes unreadable to anybody to steal your data.


Customers' Loyalty

The security of the private information especially credit or debit card details has always been the biggest concern of e-shopping customers because of the hacks and identity thefts happen every day. Consequently, customers are being quite careful while making online purchases which ultimately leads to the sales of your e-commerce store. If you are not able to convince your customers that their payment-related information is protected, then how can you expect them to trust you and buy products from your e-store?


With SSL enabled, your customers will feel a sense of protection and thus end up coming back to your website for future purchases.


How to Know if a Website Uses SSL?

There are 3 instant ways to find whether a website has an SSL certificate or not.


1. Look for a green colored "lock" icon in the address bar

2. The website URL starts with "https" instead of "http"

3. You can also check using SSL Installation Checker tool


Depending on the usage of SSL by a website, the above points may not be applicable to every page. Earlier, this wasn't the scenario. The Internet Standard was that the SSL certificates were limited to domains or certain pages where private information like payment-related data is sent or received.


But, when in 2014 Google announced that as the website security is a top priority for them that is why they had started using HTTPS as a ranking signal. Which means that a website having an SSL certificate had a greater opportunity at ranking higher for a search compared to the website not having one.


This has changed the whole picture of having an SSL certificate. Instead of securing just one page, store owners have started encrypting their websites with full SSL certificates, replacing their URLs from "HTTP" to "HTTPS."


How to Know if You Need an SSL Certificate for Your Store?

Well, by now you might have understood the need and importance of an SSL certificate for an e-commerce store. But, how to know if your store needs one? It's simple if your website doesn't require any kind of sensitive data then you may not really need one. Because the only thing that excludes store owners from having SSL certificates is the usage of offsite payment processors like PayPal.


If someone or you making a payment through PayPal then PayPal is responsible for keeping your financial data secure and safe. In such scenarios, you don't need an SSL because the information is never stored in your database for someone else to steal it.

Usually, offsite payment processors often have their own security systems and methods to safely process the transactions. Hence you don't need an SSL because they will have it covered.


Another scenario is if you don't allow your customers to create accounts (no username & no password) of any kind on your website then in that case too you wouldn't be needing an SSL. Which means unless you disable this account functionality on your website, you will need an SSL certificate to secure those accounts.


How to Get an SSL Certificate?

Well, there are lots and lots of websites who provide SSL certificates within no time. Some of the popular ones are GeoTrust, Comodo SSL and RapidSSL, There are different plans and pricing for certificates so before you purchase one , spend a few minutes correctly choosing the one you need.


To protect your customers' data and expand your business, it is extremely important to use an SSL certificate. As there are many providers of SSL, we recommend you to choose a reliable web host at an affordable price.

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How to Choose the Best Cloud Server Hosting Provider

Cloud as a technology has become the main stay in the industry of IT. Most of the organizations see it as the strategic move to reduce cost, mitigate risks and achieve scalability of resources and other capabilities.




So, companies that make the strategic decision of moving to cloud - based technologies have to identify the best cloud service provider who can keep their data safe against potential thefts and simultaneously meet all their business needs too.




Before finalizing the cloud hosting provider, it is important to understand the need to review different Cloud service providers.


Why the review of cloud service providers is important?

  • Several providers offer different services under one term- ‘cloud’, which makes it difficult to compare their different offers.
  • Cloud market is flooded with a myriad of new entrants, who flaunt having qualitative services and far- reaching experience in hosting or application delivery. This raises concern about verifying their today’s service performance along with the ability to evolve their services to meet future needs of your business.
  • Your provider should grow with your business needs (at times, your needs might outgrow the cloud service provider’s datasheets).
  • Cloud service providers tend to fall into three camps:
    • Genuine cloud service providers.
    • Resellers marketing themselves as the end to end solution providers at the SMBs end of spectrum.
    • Service providers who are not aware of the standards established by Managed Service providers.

Thus, before sealing the final deal, it is of utmost importance to have a comprehensive review of Cloud service provider that you plan to entrust with your business.


With options ranging from Microsoft public cloud, Amazon’s AWS to Google’s Compute Engine and more, choosing a cloud provider can be a tough task. So consider these points below as a guide to what you should know about a provider before taking the leap.


1. Health of the provider’s business

  • Trust – Check the provider’s reputation and see who it’s partners are. Find out what level of cloud experience he has. Customer reviews are the best way to find strengths and weaknesses and search the truth.
  • Financial position – Check the stability track record and healthy financial position of the provider, so that you have no fear of long term successful operation.
  • Organizational structure, planning and risk management – Check the provider’s formal structure of the organization to achieve a systematic working and efficient utilization of resources. Also, check policies to manage risks and processes to analyze third party vendors and providers.
  • External audits (compliance) – The managed cloud provider should be able to instill confidence in its users by validating compliance or examination of the financial statements through a third-party audit, further reducing investors’ risk.

2. Support provided for administration

  • Service Level Agreements and resource monitoring – Providers should be able to provide a basic SLA defining the level of service expected from him, thus, promising assurances of quality and craftsmanship along with sufficient control –tracking and monitoring of services given to customers. Also, the provider should be able to generate performance- based reports.
  • Automated accounting and billing – Provider should be able to provide monitoring of resources that customers are using and also of costs so that clients know their usage bills.

3. Technical capabilities of the provider

  • Flexible deployment and management – Just ensure that your provider enables easy deployment of all cloud models – public, private and hybrid and has mechanisms to upgrade your software and applications respectively.
  • API integrated interface – The provider should use API interfaces to help a customer build easy connections to the cloud.
  • Event and change management – The provider must give access to adequately trained staff, which monitors and manages and resolves problems covered by SLAs. Also, there should be a help desk and ticket raising platform, synced with the monitoring/management system. Moreover, the CSP should assure documented and formal systems for requesting, logging, approving and testing changes, prior to their implementation.

4. Security measures

  • Security policies and infrastructure – Provider should have security infrastructure for all types of cloud services and also security policies and procedures to control access to customer systems.
  • Identity management – Any changes made to any application service or any hardware component should be authorized on a personal or group role basis. Moreover, user authentication should be made compulsory for anyone who wishes to make any change to an application or data.
  • Data backups and retention policies – To ensure the integrity of customer data, data backup policies and procedures should be operational effectively and must be reviewed, updated, approved annually and communicated to the customers too, on an annual basis.
  • Physical security – This section includes protection of personnel, hardware and programs. To ensure security, controls that ensure physical security should be in place, effectively, like access control protocols, identification card, CCTVs, on-site security, environmental safeguards for data centers to protect equipment and data from disruptive events. Most importantly, there should be redundant networking and a well-documented disaster recovery plan to maintain seamless business continuity.

Before wrapping up, do not forget to compare pricing plans and technical features of the providers.


Looking forward to your comments. Please drop in the section below.

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How To Setup Custom Domain To Your Blogger Blog On WhoGoHost

WhoGoHost is one of the Nigerian hosting providers that sells domains and hosting space for the people of Nigeria. We have found some usability issues on their website during a session with one of our help seekers. The dashboard after logging in gives no clue to add or edit values properly. If you wanted to setup your Blogger blog, you will find it very hard to do it from your dashboard directly.


It would be a bit hard to find the option to add CNAME values of your blogger blog in WhoGoHost’s dashboard. A new blogger or the one with no knowledge of setting up a domain to one’s blog will almost quit trying.




The CNAME setup for Blogger blog is given separately and that is not found on the dashboard. It can barely be found on the site itself, though searched thoroughly. You can find it on Google with a keyword “WhoGoHost Blogger” or here it is for you:


The Blogger CNAME form would look like this:




The CNAME form filling process goes like this:

  1. Enter you email ID
  2. Select a number as a security PIN
  3. Enter the domain name
  4. Enter Subdomain 1 as ‘www’
  5. Enter CNAME value 1 as
  6. Enter the unique subdomain value provided by Blogger for your blog in Subdomain 2
  7. Enter the unique CNAME value provided by Blogger for your blog



When you are done with entering the details correctly, click ‘Send CNAME Records’ to raise a support ticket. Then the process will be taken over by the customer care. Wait for 24 hours to get it completed.


The sad side of it is that the hyperlinks for help text (highlighted in above screenshot) are inactive. So, one should have a sound knowledge of setting this up or should contact the expert to finish the job.


That’s it! A bit twisted, but easy though. Hope the company takes care of this usability issues and provides a proper solution to the problem very soon.


Feel free to ask me any questions regarding this setup. I’ll be happy to help you out. Share this tutorial to your Nigerian friends who are planning to buy a domain from WhoGoHost.

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Is Unlimited Web Hosting Really Worth Trying?

I know you are in love with the so- called unlimited stuff. Who doesn’t? But don’t believe the mere words. Because nothing comes unlimited. Even the Sun has a limited age. So never think it is unending when you hear the word “unlimited web hosting” the next time. Here we are going to crosscheck the word unlimited when it comes with hosting.


Is unlimited web hosting not limited?



This question raises after reading my above lines. I already told you that everything has a limit. Then how can Web Hosting not be included in everything? Yes, unlimited web hosting is also limited. Do you remember the terms and conditions you ticked while purchasing the web hosting? That long document has all the information which solves your doubt. They will not allow you to break their rules. Limitations are specified in that rules & regulations document. So whenever you break their limited space, traffic, and bandwidth, you will be warned to slow down.


Why are they using the word ‘unlimited’?

No rocket science here. Simple psychology. They want to get more sales. That’s all. No one ever look at them if they tag the word limited for their services. But the word “unlimited” with relatively less cost can do wonders. The meaning of unlimited hosting can vary from one host to another. Because someone may give you 10 GB and some other a 15. But the fact is that you can’t figure out whether we are using an unlimited account or limited. Why because, we will never ever exceed the limit unless we use it fully.


What if we exceed the limit?

Just think, you exceed the limit of disk space or bandwidth. Then you will get an email from your hosting providers saying the same. We may delete some items from the web or reduce the traffic we are getting. Both the solutions are not at all good. We can’t raise our voice against them. Even if we do, it will reach nowhere. Because we put a tick mark beside the phrase “I Accept” without even reading a word.


Why don't we hear such cheating stories?

Because no small websites exceed the limit. Unlimited web hosting usually comes with shared hosting. Shared hosting is the basket of small website owners to put their eggs into. A decent small website/ blog needs only 5 GB disk space and 10 GB bandwidth. But they play safe by giving us 15 GB disk space and 30 GB (or less) bandwidth with an unlimited tag. We will be happy. They gather our money. No issue from both the sides.


Big web admins know this. So they purchase private hosting packages like VPN. But the fact is that it costs more than we could expect. Don’t forget to spend some extra bucks if you are going to do something big and serious. There is nothing wrong with it.


What do you think now?

I think your perspective about unlimited hosting has been changed now. If you are planning to launch a small website, just purchase those limited plans like Because, it will cost you very less compared to those unlimited stuff. Who on the earth will be ready to pay extra money for just two words, unlimited hosting?


Read some reliable reviews and comparisons from authoritative sites like LinkedHosts before landing on a plan.


Moreover, these great unlimited hosting can offer you reliable web hosting solutions for longer times.

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HostUCan Makes Finding Web Hosting Easy

Hello fellow bloggers and webmasters! Here I am with another best online place, HostUCan, to find proper tools and services to build a website at best. We’ll take a look at the options this website is providing us in choosing the best online web building and related resources.


Building a website is not as easy as it was. There used to exist a very few sites and companies that provide web resources to webmasters in the past, but it is 2015. We have a lot of companies to choose and a lot of options to consider here now. Almost all of them look similar and even offer similar packages. Selecting a plan or package among those website is another hurdle. All these collectively creates confusion over choosing one.


We would generally search for reviews on the internet about the product or service that we wanted to buy, in such a confusion. It would take a lot of time and there is no guarantee that you would come out with a conclusion. Because reviews on different website can drive you crazy thereby leading to quit the searching. Sadly, you’d end up signing up for a wrong deal at wrong time and from a wrong company.


Not all companies are best at everything. Isn’t it?


HostUCan was designed to serve this purpose. It helps webmasters find best SEO and web related tools, hosting plans, domains, discounts on them and tutorials. Their mission is to help webmasters and it extends to introducing the CEOs and other heads of the companies through interviews published on their site. They also update the news related to technologies supported by web hosting companies so that the visitor (webmaster) can be wise while buying.


First impressions

There we go! HostUCan is neatly designed yet not with mobile friendly template. That would not be a problem as a webmaster would be developing the website on a computer. So, he would be referring the website from a desktop or a laptop computer only. Here are some of the first impressions I’ve got about the website:


Search on visit – One can find the hosting and domain searches right on the home page. It is easy to choose a hosting with dropdown selection menu filters like app framework, hosts country, daily page view and data center.




Searching domains is as easier as buying one. The search interface represents the interface of a domain selling company where you can select the ‘. ‘ extension to search.


Can check the keyword ranking – A tab on the homepage allows webmasters to check the rank of your website links for specific keywords on Google and Bing. This cool feature will show up the position on the SERP and page URL of the site given.

There also available multiple domain tools to find the details of your competitor websites.


HostUCan is maintained as a webmaster community where webmasters share their options and review their experiences about the companies listed. Isn’t that cool?

Neat navigation menu – The navigation menu is well organized and categorized here. The resources information is dived by type CMS/Script and popularity. Take a look at the web hosting search page for example.



My favorite part of this website is the tutorials. The website is more than a coupon website. The owner blogs regularly on the issues related to hosting, domains and web security. They also blog about content marketing, SEO and web design.


HostUCan is a package of web resources. Webmasters would find it easy to find a web hosting or domain with the filtering tools they provide. When you visit their website, don’t forget to get back and share your opinion on it.

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While shopping, we don’t just buy things in an attempt. We would check out similar products, compare them and select the best one out that matches our needs and budget. If you are such a person who wants the top best products in a row and wanted to check out each one of them specifically, it would have been taking a lot of time for you so far to check out the innumerous similar products in front of your eyes on a screen.


Moreover, it is also not possible to compare number of products against each other on your screen at once. It would be good if there is a chance to compare products side-by-side before choosing to buy. Top10inaction is such a website which allows us to compare top ten products side-by-side. It would then be easy to pick out a product among those top 10.


What is “Top 10 in Action”? is a professional product review website that covers the products of different kinds. They help people in taking complex buying decisions through their reviews. They are established back in 2012 with this theme and has reviewed so many products so far.


First impressions

Handy categories page – Any website would have some introduction about themselves on the page, but this website owner has placed the categories right on the home page itself. You can directly access the product comparisons right from the home page only.




Quick star rating on products – Every product is rated out of 5 stars. There is no need to look out for a top product deeply as there exists star ratings on the summary list itself. You can choose to read a review that meets your required rating.


All 10 in one page – The impressive thing on this site is that, it all the top 10 products on the same page without the need of horizontal scrolling. Take a look at this web hosting page for example. Each and every product in the 10 is compared just like a typical ecommerce site does.


Feature star ratings – Top 10 in action not only provide the comparisons of specifications and price but also provide star ratings for features, uptime, speed and customer support.


Some products might be good at features but might be poor at providing customer support. Some might be good at giving uptime but not so many features. You can summarize the list based on these features and can select one at last.


Editorial review – Specifications are not enough to take choices, everyone need detailed reviews. Top10InAction provides the editorial reviews for each product mentioned in the top ten list. You can go through them and decide if to choose it or not, by the end.


For example, if you have chosen a product from the top list and you still doubt to buy it. The detailed product reviews will help you take a decision at the end. Isn’t seeming like you are given so many chances over buying just one product?


Discounts specified – Sometimes, it’s the budget that matters. We may need the products within our budget, even they are from top 10. There available discount prices under each product so that we can pick out one that comes within our budget.


What’s best?

Top 10 would be the top best themselves. Top10InAction takes immense care while choosing the top 10 best products. They would consider reputation of the company, features provided, specifications the product has, reliability it offers, server speed the company promises and customer support while choosing the best. So, there is no need to worry about choosing a bad product from the list.


Top10InAction impressed me. It helps us filter the required product by lessening the effort and providing more sophistication.

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Who won’t love coupons? Coupons give us discounts, price offs and a lot of happiness when a deal is grabbed for a cheaper price. there are a lot of coupon website which always focus about those ecommerce store products and travel tickets.

Webmaster like me don’t travel too much. I actually spend a lot on websites, hosting, themes, SEO tools and strategies. Not only me, a lot of webmasters do the same. How can a coupon website be helpful to this community of internet users who actually are busy in building the web?

A2 Coupon is such a website which provides the deals related to web hosting, SEO, domains, SSL, themes and other related tools. Let’s take a look the kind of feasibility this website is offering to webmasters(its customers) in choosing a web estate with in budget.


First impressions

The very first impressive feature of this website is the providing of cheap hosting and domain links on the navigation bar.


To test a web application or a beta version of the website, a company or an individual will look forward for a cheap hosting and domain providers. The links on the navigation bar will take us straight to the list of hosting and domain companies that offer services for cheap prices.

The best part of it is A2 Coupon team will take care of quality in considering ‘the best list’. They consider reliability, quality of the customer support, ease-of-use, hosting company’s legacy and money back guarantee.

Precise details about the hosting provider – Just providing coupon codes of never-heard-so-far hosting companies cannot help us with our trust levels. A2 Coupon provides the details of the hosting provider which leaves us option to assess its reputation. After all, they seem like not considering the no-trust worthy providers to mention on their website.

Categorized deals – A2 Coupon categorizes the deals by web hosting and domain categories. Imagine picking up a mango flavored chocolate from a mixed up candy sack. Isn’t it difficult? It happens the same if they are mixed up. Categorization not only saves time but also allow us to compare the similar deals.

Enlightening articles – I’m not kidding! A2 Coupon also speaks out their voice. They write about the hosting providers, tutorials providing information that enlightens our knowledge as well.

Top companies

A2 coupons offer coupons of services offered by top companies like GoDaddy, Bigrock, BlueHost, Hostagator, Host4ASP.NET, NameCheap and so on.

They only display deals offering by well established and reputed companies and we have already discussed about it earlier in this article.

Top best deals

There is no need to search and note down the offers and discounts every similar web hosting company is providing. A2 Coupon provides a top list of best web hosting deals on the right sidebar. One can easily find the best among the top 10 deals displayed over there.

Top cheap deals

Price matters for testers, webmasters and event bloggers. Bloggers who maintain an event blog would like to take up cheap hosting and looking forward so. Also, micro-website managers would like to spend less of web hosting and domains.

A top list of cheap deals is displayed on the sidebar, right under the ‘top best deals’. One can easily grab a deal from these lists, compare them with similar ones those are mentioned inside the details page.

What’s new

Not only the top ones, we have a list of new deals on the sidebar, right under both the ‘top lists’. looks more like a tech blog with discount coupons and precise information about the same. So, what do you wait for? Go, look around the site and grab a deal that suits best for your needs from this list.
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7 Essential Tips To Backup Your Website

This article is submitted by Parker Hansen. He works with TopTenReviews


What would happen to your business if your web host accidentally deletes your website or your main computer with all of your website data crashed? If the thought makes you shudder, installing the most current back-up data software on your system and having a well-developed back-up plan in place will allow you to get back online quickly. To eliminate having to rebuild your website from scratch and losing valuable business because of one mistake, review this list to educate yourself about what you should know about backing up your site.


Understanding why you should back-up your site will encourage you to act quickly.

1. Most website hosts most likely will not take contractual responsibility to regularly back-up your original website or the changes you make to original content. The few website hosts that do put protective measures in place to make duplicate files do so for their benefit and normally do not make the files available to clients.

2. Saving and storing the original site on a server or local computer is not enough because servers can crash and computers can develop viruses. Also, if you are the type of webmaster who makes regular changes to your content, those changes will not show up in the original version. Having a protected version of the original site data will allow you to safely add the updated content and keep your back-up site current.

There are multiple ways to back-up your website, including:

3. Install a traditional back-up software program on your computer that will automatically maintain your original files, restore valuable information if your computer ever crashes, and update old files with virus-free data. The best traditional back-up software programs can be found by reviewing the top programs. These programs do not require you to know any special programming languages, and they offer numerous restoration options.

4. Use a cloud solution to back up your system and server files. Cloud capabilities are always expanding and are an inexpensive way to store your files online. There are many cloud storage providers such as Amazon S3,, Mozy, SOS Online Backup, and more.

5. WordPress users who do not want to install software on their computers or who cannot upload back-up software to their servers can use plugins such as BackupBuddy, DropBox, UpDraftPlus, and Backup Scheduler.


WordPress offers over 80 search results for back-up plugins, so consider the number of downloads, how often the plugin is updated, and the amount of support provided before choosing one.

6. Automated back-up solutions services offer you a hassle free way of updating and protecting your website. Once you setup an automated back-up service, you do nothing because the service automatically copies, updates, and restores all of your files, saving you time and money. Some of the better services are Carbonite, BackBlaze, and CrashPlan.

Once you choose a method to back-up your site, determine which files to save on split backup locations.

7. One of the most effective strategies is to establish both on-site and off-site back-up solutions. This method ensures that you will be able to access your site’s data should there be a failure at one location. On-site locations include external and internal hard drives, USB drives, and Network Attached Storage; Off-site storage includes cloud storage or storage on a server in another location.

Choosing the best back-up plan for your website takes a little research, patience, and leg work. However, your efforts will be rewarded because you now have peace of mind that a solid plan is in place to protect your site’s files against corruption and viruses.

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The Key Perspective To Choose The Right Web Hosting Service

Whether you offer hand crafted scarves or are building a little business domain, one of the first activities you have to finish is an expert site. In today's economy, a business without a site hasn't arrived yet. With such a variety of online web facilitating bundles, the methodology may feel overpowering. Nonetheless, there are key perspectives that need to be considered before selecting a host supplier for the long term.

Included Domains

The Web utilizes a few domain suffix, for example, .com, .org and .net, to imply a business' association. At the point when picking a host, see whether they permit you to purchase a few domain with one bundle. Case in point, a client sorts in rather than In the event that you possess both these areas, they'll be steered to the right site each one time. Buying a few domains permits you to blanket numerous suffix to keep client stream steady.

Hard Drive Space 

In the event that you run an independent composition business, you needn't bother with a ton of host hard drive space for your site. Be that as it may, a site that offers many individual items needs impressive space. Converse with a machine proficient about the hard drive space your business requires. Each one organization is novel, yet in a perfect world you need more space than you oblige now to help future development. Restricted space regularly obstructs deals as you stretch a product offering.

Email Accounts 

You may have five workers now, however the business could rapidly stretch to 10 or more individuals in the following one or two years. Dissect your potential business development when selecting a host and their email record limits. Cheap bundles regularly have 10 email client limits. Consider a more costly choice to blanket upwards of 25 client accounts. Every representative needs their own particular record to stay beneficial.

Day in and Day out Backing 

Some site hosts are hard to contact on the off chance that you have any specialized issues. Get some information about their backing before consenting to an agreement. Indeed read autonomous audits about their past help polishes. In the event that you discover numerous individuals griping about poor help, proceed onward to the following organization. You in a perfect world need accessible help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sites take requests year-round, permitting you to stay productive even amidst the night. Any issues ought to be tended to quickly by the host.

Continuously consider your business' center needs before selecting facilitating peculiarities. You would prefer not to be bolted into a site that doesn't offer all the potential development essential later on. The site is an augmentation of your fantasy and expert viewpoint.
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Things to Mind While Registering a Domain Name for Your Blog

So, at last you have decided to register a domain for your blog! What is that you consider when registering a domain name for your blog? What comes first for you in getting a custom domain for your site? Is it domain name or length of the domain? or else is it the price you can get it for?

What ever might be your first priority, you must consider all the points I asked you above. The following are the list of things you should mind when buying a domain name for your blog.

1.Domain host

If domain host, as first priority gave you a “yayh!” expression, you should be a beginner. No pro blogger would disagree prioritizing domain host at first place.

A good domain host should give you 99.99% uptime with no DNS issues. Domain registered with such hosting providers would suck you up. What I mean is the hosting providers with not better than best uptime would really let your site down at visitors.

Choosing a host with DNS issues would also ground your site. You might face very frustrating issues regarding the identification of the site. For example, you won’t get directed to www version of your site when a naked domain is typed in. Its like typing would not redirect to

2.Domain name

Domain name matters all. How bizarre it looks if the site have a different name and a whole different domain name. For example, my site is about superman and if I wanted to register a domain name, I should register it with the names related to the niche I have chosen. How would it would be if I register it with a name related to cheese burgers? sounds weird and funny right?

When you search for superman in the search engine, it would end up showing with superman keywords. Google may consider these kind of irrelevancies unsuitable to the queries typed in and as a result your site will get stomped down in the search results.

3.Domain length

I know you are aware of this. In fact you would have experienced difficulty typing in a looooong domain name in the address bar once in your life time. No one has patience not only to type in but also to notice a long domain name. For example, domain name, would be easier to remember than

So make you domain name shorter. Follow the KISS metrics here, Keep It Short and Simple.

4.Don’t look for cheap domains

I hope you are not blogging to cheat or run away taking funds from people. As long as you are not, you should not opt for cheap domains every time. Cheap domain names can only give you a domain name and nothing else. They don’t come with email hosting feature even. A domain bought for short currency notes won’t help make large ones either.

Cheap domains might be the reselling products. The impression that the URL has made on the people till then on internet would be reflected on yours. Make sure you are buying a new one.


Be careful! everything counts in SEO. Taking from a domain name and to its uptime, every single aspect is considered in filtering out websites that are low qualified for visitors.

All the best! happy blogging!
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Avail Dedicated IP For Your Advanced Hosting Service

A Dedicated Hosting IP enables a hosting account to have its unique address and refrains other accounts in that browser from sharing the same address. Renowned websites and the e-commerce one have dedicated Internet protocol addresses. A host of advantages is attached to these dedicated addresses. If you have a site that is business oriented or a merchant account and you intend to accept payment through credit card then a dedicated IP address is a compulsion. This is primarily due to the reason, that Secured Socket Layer Certificate is mandatory for these sites. You would not obtain those, without dedicated addresses.

Use of IP address

Internet Protocol addresses are assigned to different web servers and devices that are connected to the internet. Primarily this address comprises of four numbers, which are segregated by dots or periods. Routers, switches and computers have their individual IP addresses. Address of a web server is fixed, which means that whenever you type the address, the server will only be identified. Unlike the dedicated ones, in shared addresses, there are partitions in the server and the website owners also share the maintenance charge of the server. However, this does not mean that you need to pay more for the dedicated services, as the hosting services also have various packages for dedicated IPs.

Benefits of dedicated ones

To prevent spamming, many servers block IP addresses and not the individual user. In the case of shared ones, block of an IP address, means that of various sites having the same address. However, with dedicated address, you will have control of your mail server. If you have a shared address, then pay a small fee to a hosting company to enjoy the benefits of dedicated IP address. Few specific benefits of the latter are

  • It is fast to navigate especially, when the traffic load is heavy.
  • If you are intending on creating a corporate intranet, then it is beneficial.
  • You can enhance the compatibility of your site with various browsers.

Facilitates anonymous FTP

With a dedicated IP address, you can access your site during the period of domain propagation, when domain names are not available. Few hosting services, also require dedicated address to permit anonymous file transfer protocol. This protocol is the standard used to transfer various files between two electronic devices that are connected to the internet. It enables a computer to permit an FTP software user to access files stored in the disk drive of the former, that is intended or sharing. It is referred as anonymous as the user is denoted so. To facilitate anonymous FTP, dedicated IP address, is required.

Obtaining SSL certificates easy

Secure Sockets Layer certificates are essential if you want to have an online store. Apart from this, if the website has provisions of transmissions related to health care services, or use of credit cards, then this certificate is essential. This certificate is a protocol that ensures that transmission of any message or any information is secure on the internet. To ensure readers that they have entered a secured login area, and they are transacting through a safe ssl link, then you would require this certification. And, this is not possible without dedicated IP address.

If you want optimize your site with a web browser, or want to promote various sites then you can have different IP addresses for all of them. You would naturally, not want search engines to associate different sites together. Having a dedicated IP address not only improves the chances of better ranking of the sites but also helps in uphold different websites. Hosting services around the country, offer assistance to purchase a dedicated address and set it up. They also help with technical assistance round the clock so that your website can be online within a short duration.

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Nick Damon initially has a shared IP address for his website. Of late he has procured a dedicated IP address. With the new address, he could obtain a SSL certificate that helped him to set up an online store and ease the transaction through credit
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Chip Into Array Of Positives Of Cloud Hosting For Resellers

As the modern technicality is advancing to an all new extent, majority of technical inventions are blowing everyone’s mind. One such example is cloud computing services. Cloud computing can be defined as a vital phrase, which is solely used in order to describe various major computing concepts, with special focus on a large section of computing services, connected through real time communicating services. The major source in this regard, is the internet, and you have to take the help of a host device for that, which is a computer. If defined in a scientific manner, then cloud computing can be define as a synonym to distributing computing segment, which have the ability to run any form of application, on different computing areas. The main aim was to connect the computers from various sections, all at the same time.

Advantages over dedicated server

When it comes to advancement segment of hosting section of cloud computing arena, then you might come across different major beneficial aspects. The main aim of cloud computing services is to rely upon various resource sharing services, which helps in achieving economic growth in large scale of any business organization, which is quite similar to utility services.

  • The first and foremost advantage when it comes to dedicated server is the cost area. You can easily deal with the functionality, associated with a dedicated server, without wasting more than a fraction of your entire budget plan. The speed also needs to be mentioned, in this regard.
  • Another major section is the scalability arena. You just have to upgrade the plan of your company in order to stay at the top of the competitive market. You can now get to your desirable results, with the help if user friendly control panel segment. With this service, you can easily upgrade the present, working scenario.
  • Plan and manage your backup services with proper friendly control panel. It can also help you properly in flexibility arena. You can now easily increase your service plan by just providing as many resources as you can.

Shared hosting beneficial aspects

  • The hosting section related with shared services is best known for security services. Your private file will remain secured and cannot be viewed by anyone, apart from you. You can be rest assured, in this section.
  • Controlling your administrative and other root access, can be easily done with the help of this modern technical advancement. Moreover, you can now easily modify your configuration files and also at the same time, install applications, for increase the brand name of your company. 
  • Modify your old software system, with proper cloud computing areas, which can boost up your sales figure. On the other hand, you can also rely upon the isolated segment form other actions, in the same server. Now, your work process cannot be slowed down by any other customer.

Latest advantages services

When the main talking point revolves around hosting in cloud computing zone, then you cannot miss out the cost effective manner in technology infrastructure areas. Now, you just have to focus on only the upfront spending services, without even burning a hole in your pocket. Other than reducing the capital cost value, you can also enjoy better accessibility services, which will surely make your life easier. Moreover, as icing on the cake, now you can easily monitor your work flow and other eminent project details, from anywhere you want.

Best online options

Only reliable professionals, dealing with web developing areas can help you with the best cloud host services. If you browse through the internet, you might come across different significant options, near your hand. Check the credibility of the online stores, before making your final decision.

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Natalie Johnson is a well known researcher, when it comes to cloud computing and cloud hosting services. She is even known for offering some of the best tips and advices, which will increase your knowledge in this arena. She is a die hard follower of reliable website, namely
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Tools To Avoid Tariff Drop While Migrating A Domain Name To A New Hosting

The free service that lets a webmaster to submit the website and sitemaps to Google Search Engine is Google Webmaster Tool. With the help of the tool, it is possible to affect the indexing of a website, and configure the way in, which search engines are supposed to crawl, the website. With the help of the webmaster tool, it will also be possible to get a list of all the errors that are detected on the webpages of the website. Certainly, it is the powerful instrument with the help of which as a webmaster you will not only be able to optimize the website but also maintain an effective control in which Google Search Engines access the site.

Migrating A Domain Name To A New Hosting

Geographic Targeting

In the Webmaster tools, you can expect to benefit from a feature that is aimed at Geographic targeting. With the help of the geographic targeting feature, you will be able to target users of a particular country. If, in case, your domain has a number of top-level-domains, this type of feature is enabled. The domains for which this type of feature is enabled can be as highlighted below:
  • Com
  • Net
  • Org
It is by means of pointing the website to a particular country that it will be able to improve the ranking of the site for that particular country and avoid tariff drop while migrating domain name to a new hosting.

Set Crawl Rate

Crawl rate of the site can also be fixed with the help of the Webmaster tools. This will offer you with the facility of setting up as to how fast will Google bot take to crawl, your website. It is also possible for you to be able to maintain a control on the number of pages that can be indexed on an everyday basis. It is important to note that the custom crawl rate must not be set to such an extent that the crawl rate becomes a lot faster. The reason behind the same is that it can consume a significant amount of bandwidth and hold an adverse effect on website load time. The Webmaster tool also offers you with many other types of features as highlighted below:
  • Crawler Access
  • Parameter Handling
  • Site links
  • Change of Address

Crawler Access

It is on the Crawler Access tab that it will offer you with the opportunity of being able to perceive as to what are the parts of your website that are crawled by Google Search Engine. This tab also offers you with the facility of being able to generate robots.txt file that will help you to be able to generate a URL removal. While making use of the same it is important to ensure that you do not block any part of the website until and unless it is necessary to do the same. Prohibiting Google bot from crawling portions of your website can hold a disastrous impact on your overall SEO campaign.

While migrating changing your domain name, it is important to leave it at the discretion of Google as to how to handle every single parameter. This needs to be followed until and unless you are confident as to what the parameters are all about. This type of console cannot be looked upon as the right alternative that will help you to deal with duplicate website content. While changing the domain name to a new hosting, you can always make it a point to remove site links that are not required. If you are a first time user, you must be aware about the advanced features of these tools.

Author Bio:

Andy Besant the author of the article is interested in learning all aspects that relate along with the online advertising world. The author is aware about all the features that remain associated along with the Webmaster tools.
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Top 10 Cloud Computing Services

It is true that many people are still not completely aware of what cloud computing is. In simple words, it involves accessing shared resources over a simple network. The concept has received serious appreciation during the last couple of years and many companies have now come forward with their products that simplify cloud computing for the end user.
Top 10 Cloud Computing Services
Here is a list of top service providers with simplified cloud computing services to make your online establishments even valuable.

1. Amazon:

It is a popular choice for the users mainly because this web service offers resizable computer capacity in the cloud. It can make web-scale computing a breeze for developers. Some of its interesting features include impressive interface that allows for easy configuration, great control of computing services, and so on – it also makes it easier to boot new server.

2. Verizon:

It is one of the best options for those who are interested in the delivery of on-demand functionality. The computing service you get from Verizon is quite flexible – the storage is persistent and you don't have to deal with any issues regarding load balancing and security. It is equally simple to build your own system on blank servers.

3. IBM:

The kind of cloud computing service you receive from IBM is truly impressive. With IBM, you can enjoy several services actually, like you can have architecture for hybrid and private cloud and enjoy other IBM Smart cloud services and solutions. The company has a network of eight data centers to make it easier for you to find infrastructure for your establishment. They also offer SAP applications.

4. Salesforce:

Known as the best cloud computing technology organization in India, the solutions they offer make your business secure, faster, and reliable. They have also acquired the services of Model Metrics, which is known to help companies use different call center and mobile technologies along with different social enterprise solutions. The company is also in the business of offering custom mobile solutions for Android and iPad.

5. CSC:

The Company enjoys a good reputation in offering a variety of cloud computing services. It makes your apps cloud compatible and, at the same time, improves security in cloud processes solutions. You can also use their services with on-demand capabilities to turn your traditional application environment into clouds-based environment.

6. Rackspace:

It's another popular choice, which is known for offering services to quickly scale numerous servers to provide you with easy access to different resources. You will have the benefit of selecting public, private, or hybrid clouds, and, at the same time, you will get the opportunity to determine the types of solutions you want to implement in data centers. Your IT departments will be in a better position to build and test apps in cloud. It also allows you to make use of cloud files for quick and easy online file storage.

7. Google:

It offers a web service that you can use to access relational databases embedded in Google's cloud. With its services, you can easily fix your focus on your specific services and applications. At the same time, you can easily share and create backup for Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word documents. This highly available cloud is fully managed and offers secure computing environment throughout the world.

8. Blue Lock:

It is an ideal solution for anyone interested in taking advantage of public cloud hosting. It makes it easier to migrate from your traditional datacenter to public, logical or hybrid cloud model. It includes several services - it is available in exactly the same size you need to manage your workload, connects you with virtual datacenters managed by Blue Lock and so on.

9. Microsoft:

It offers an extremely flexible and open cloud platform that simplifies the task of building, deploying and managing a diverse range of applications across a number of datacenters managed by Microsoft. It helps your IT department makes and implements new strategies for better business economics and agility. It comes with unlimited storage and stays on Open Unlimited servers for maximum scalability.

10. Joyent:

It is another powerful cloud platform that allows you to take advantage of smart machines that make running your applications a lot easier and convenient. You will get to use infrastructure for mobile and web applications. You can notice several amazing features in this cloud platform, including resiliency, reliability, observability efficiency and better scalability.

Author’s bio:

The article was provided by Sonia Jackson who writes for She can ask all your questions about writing and editing.
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Tips for Finding Cheap Hosting for Your Website

You do not need plenty of money to start your own website. Whether you are a small business owner who wants to venture into ecommerce or a blogger who wants to set up a self-hosted blog, it is possible for you to build and set up a website without spending too much money. There are a number of web hosting service providers that offer cheap hosting for businesses and individuals who want to launch a website with a limited budget. Cheap hosting solutions may have limitations but they are often adequate enough for websites and blogs that are just starting out. If you are on the lookout for affordable hosting for your website, here are some tips that can help you find a good web host that offers cheap hosting:clip_image002
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Learn from the Experience of Other Website Owners 

With the number of web hosting service providers in the industry, you are likely to have difficulty finding a web host for your website. One of the difficulties in finding a good web host is that all of them promise to offer superior service and efficient customer support. Finding a good web host is made more difficult by the fact that not every web hosting company offers a trial period wherein you can test their services firsthand. The best way to avoid the inconvenience of unreliable hosting services is to read web hosting reviews and feedback posted by other website owners and bloggers online. You can find these reviews in forums that discuss web hosting as well as in several websites. Try to learn from the experiences of others so you can avoid web hosts that frequently experience loading issues and downtimes. The feedbacks of other website owners about how their hosting provider dealt with hosting issues will also give you an idea which cheap hosting providers have inefficient and terrible customer support services.

Look for a Web Host that Offers a Money Back Guarantee

Many of the cheap hosting service providers require you to have a long term contract with them so even if they only charge $10 per month, you will pay over a hundred dollars upon sign up because of the year -long contract. This is fine unless you have mistakenly signed up with a web hosting provider that has unreliable and inefficient services. You will either end up enduring the terrible services or lose money so you move to a better and more reliable web host. It is therefore helpful to consider cheap hosting services that come with a money back guarantee just in case you are not satisfied with the service given to you, you can request for a refund and use the money to find a better and a more suitable web hosting provider for your website.

Choose a Web Host with Helpful Tech Support

Some web hosting companies are able to provide cheap hosting because they do not spend a lot of money employing support services staff to accommodate inquiries and support requests from their customers. You may not have to expect your cheap hosting provider to accommodate your support requests via their business phone systems but there should be some form of technical support that you can contact for help when you encounter issues with your website. If your website suddenly becomes inaccessible for unknown reason, for example, you need to report the problem to your web host and ask for advice on how to fix the problem. Some web hosts merely offer knowledge bases, FAQs and email support but there are also cheap hosting service providers that accommodate support requests and inquiries via live chat.

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Leslie Young is a Blogger, web designer and developer for 3 years. She contributes her work to some blog sites that is related to her field of work. She usually writes about business communication, telecommunications such as business phones and cloud phones, as well as all the latest gadgets including smartphones and tablets. Follow her on Google+.

Leslie Young also wrote:

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