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EA Sports Cricket 2007,2008,2011,2012,2013 PC Game Cheat Codes

Note: All the following cheat codes are gathered from cheat book V2. We didn’t tried the cheats practically. The email addresses given below are the contact details of the code providers. We are not responsible if they didn’t responded to your emails, they are not our gamers.

Full Stamina:
Enter "ASIF" at MAINMENU by keeping your mouse cursor at "MY CRICKET" Option (Nether enter Nor click), Play & You will observe that your BOWLERS always have 100% stamina.

Enter "INZAMAM" (WITHOUT "") at MAINMENU by keeping your mouse cursor at  "MY CRICKET" Option(Nether enter Nor click), Play & you will see that Your BATSMEN always have FULL Stamina.

Super Speed:

Enter "AKHTER" (WITHOUT "") at MAINMENU by keeping your mouse cursor at "MY CRICKET" Option (Nether enter Nor click), Play,Bowl with Fast or Fast Madium or Medium Pace Bowler (No Spinner)  & You will observe that You bowler bowl with Super speed which has never been seen before & may be equal to 200 Km/h or greator... .by using this cheat, you can out your opponents very easily except PAKISTAN TEAM.

Empire Quitness:
Enter "HAIER" (WITHOUT "") at MAINMENU by keeping your mouse cursor at  "MY CRICKET" Option (Nether enter Nor click),Play,Bowl & You will observe that Empire don't give NOBALL despite parameter of your Bowler,s SpeedMeter reaches in RED ZONE,so in this way, you can increase your bowler's speed but not equal to 200Km/h or greator.... .

Fly Mode:
Enter "MALIK" (WITHOUT "") at MAINMENU by keeping your mouse cursor at  "MY CRICKET" Option (Nether enter Nor click)& While playing you will observe that your fielders have some enough Flying abilities to catch the bowl. In AUTO FIELDING,Press [Shift] key to fly your Fielder chasing the ball. 

Special Deliveries:
Enter "GUL" (WITHOUT "") at MAINMENU by keeping your mouse cursor at  "MY CRICKET" Option (Nether enter Nor click),Play,Bowl & you will see that your Bowler always has all Special Deliveries.

Magic Move:
Enter "SAQLAIN" (WITHOUT "") at MAINMENU by keeping your mouse cursor at "MY CRICKET" Option(Nether enter Nor click),Paly,Bowl & you will see that your (All kind of) bowlers bowl with magic move.

Fast Running:
Enter "RAZZAQ" (WITHOUT "")at MAINMENU by keeping your mouse cursor at "MY CRICKET" Option(Nether enter Nor click) & You will see that your runners run so fast such as a HORSE.

These all above cheats work in any difficulty. These Cheats can be deactivated by re-enter at PAUSE MODE(Press "ESC" While Playing) but can't be activated at PAUSE MODE,To do this, You will have to perform above Method.Play & Enjoy......

General strategies:
You can make batsman out by bowling with a slow medium bowler and bowling shot of the length bowl (slower delivery) With fast bowler you can bowl the good length bowl. The keeper will have no problems catching it. Keep the speed to almost full, but not full. Also, any swing will do. Play Straight and hit the Six hit shot only when the bowl is near your half crease length or else see your stump flying towards the keeper.

You can create 11 players and all of 100% ability and play the game you can won the game against any team. I try this hint and my highest score is 1057/4 against Australia. please try it

While playing, To get more runs in less time Hit as many as Leg-Square or striaght-drives By Pressing Shift. It will go a six.

Hints for best batting perfomance:
if You want to build high score in cricket 07 .
1.Set the batsman in the front of ball marker.
2.Press the shift button of left hand side and also press the s with them.
3.Now when the ball is just touch in the before that press any arrow key. will notice that batsman easily hit the six and four.

You create 11 players and all of 100% ability and play the game you won the game any team. I try this hint and my highest score is 2475/2 against South Africa. please try it

With a fast-medium bowler,bowl an out swinger or straight delivery at or near the leg of the batsman(not on the off side).with a fast bowler bowl a leg-cutter on the off-side of the batsman.keep a slip ready.this cheats are of right handed batsman. Use vice versa for left handed.

If you want to take wickets early select a medium fast bowler and bowl the ball near batsmen's foot or say bowl a Yorker. the batsman will either be bowled, caught or score only 1 run.
Make a new player and make player's all things full and add to a squad do it again and again in a same team.

To Hit Sixes In 5 star Game without getting out,just move the batsman foot at the middle wicket(only legstump full should be visible) and press the advance shot button with boost shot(shift) to the leg side.If you get the timing it goes for six

That is actually not a cheat but a handy trick if your are a bowler, first have a fast bowler (e.g.  Shoaib Akhter) then bowl from round the wicket,but first you have to decrease batsman's strength by putting bounce, then have a York bowl at batsman's feet with full speed bowl,the batsman will try to hit Six but a good Yorker will bowl him out.have practice in nets & first you will also be hit for some sixes but don't get upset keep bowling he'll be bowled out. By the if anyone knows how to use the cheats of Placing the cursor at My Cricket or else. Do inform me on my mail address

New ball tricks:
You must have come across a ball which has made your batsman caught behind or by slip
as it slicks his bat and u see the radar showing no swing.I'll suggest a method 2
do this.
especially during the new ball session,use the
buttons.the bowling speed must either be completely full or completely
any direction left or right when the bowler jumps and hold it down.try for an over
using same'll get that trick for sure.recommended for new ball session only.
use specially skilled pace bowlers like Mcgrath your created player(100%), Harmison,
Shane bond etc.

When the pitch condition is dry in a test match your spinner play a key role at 4th and 5th day give a quicker bowl to the batsman at good length and take one fielder at silly point and 1 at short cover.

To get batsman out easily choose a spinner,place a fielder at short fine leg and bowl Yorkers on the legs of the batsman.when the batsman hits it the ball will go straight to the short fine leg fielder.I got Aus team out for 8 runs using this method.for any more tips contact at
ENTER one of the following code by keeping your mouse cursor at my cricket.

Code           Result

Ball fixed at Yorker(batsman leg side) and fielding leg side (close)at two fielder deliver speed 83kp get. you play the wet pitch take legspiner bowler bowling marker fixing the center of the pitch (meddle stump)and delivery to bowl no speed to get lbw or bowl.

Its a good way to make a batsman. Where we come then-When you ball with a fast bowler (e.g.B.Lee)you will ball a reverse swing around the wicket(if the batsman is right-handed) and ball over the wicket(if the batsman is left handed). You can do the same trick using Yorker ball from fast medium bowler(G.McGrath).

We have discovered an unplayable ball which is bowled by a LEG-SPINNER in case of HARD AND NORMAL pitch.
If a DRIFT BALL using Default "D" key is pitched before the short-pitch length.i.e-As closest to the bowler. No short as per our knowledge can be played on this ball.The ball is not considered as a NO BALL or a bouncer even if it goes above batsman's head. We have seen bowlers like "SHANE WARNE","STUART McGILL" and other LEG SPINNER'S of well known teams bowl this delivery.

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  1. where is my cricket option in cric 07 with cric 12 patch


  3. No! The only way to activate a cheat is to place your mouse pointer on the 'MY CRICKET' option and type it. Saving the game after doing it may or may not work. It depends on the patch you are using.

    NOTE: Don't hit space bar while entering your cheats!

  4. Sorry friend, we cannot send you such patches. It is against our terms and conditions. It is available on the various sources on the internet, you can just find them easily from Google!

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  7. None of the tricks discussed here is working in Circket 2008. I checked a moment ago

  8. All the above cheat codes are gathered from cheat book V2. We haven't tried them. Thank you by the way for your time on testing and notifying us! We'll take care of them!

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