Joyoshare HEIC Converter for Mac Review

Apple as a brand never fails to surprise you and apple as a product never fails to offer better solutions with its every upgrade in the iOS. One such sublime change apple embraced in its iOS11 – HEIC. First things first, HEIC (High-Effeciency Image Format) is the new image format Apple has shifted to for the fact the new image format consumes just 50% of memory space as compared to traditional JPEG format and it could not have been possible with out their refined compression technique.

With each architectural innovation comes a path breaking solution, the solution, HEIC, is now available on iOS devices with A9 processors and higher versions of it. Which means, starting from iPhone 7 and the forthcoming devices will put an end to saving photos on JPEG or any traditional format and will switch to saving on HEIC format. Now that, HEIC format comes by default, images can be shared on facebook, messenger, whatsapp etc with out much hassle, but the glitch welcomes you while viewing the images on your Mac book. The reason being, HEIC format is not compatible for viewing images on your Mac machine.

Now how to view HEIC format images on Mac? We bring you Joyoshare HEIC converter for Mac that converts HEIC format pictures to JPEG/PNG/BMB,GIF,TIFF formats that are compatible for viewing on mac. We have installed and tried converting images, and the results are breath-taking. We do recommend you to download the trail version and try out the software. Also, we feed you with the process of converting images using HEIC converter toJPG and other formats as well.

You don’t have to worry about picture quality, Joyoshare HEIC converter software will convert HEIC photos to JPG, PNG, BMP without picture distortion. Download and install the trail version on your mac. Open the application, with out paying much attention to reading manual or instructions, to convert convert HEIC to JPG on Mac right from the word go. The home screen should look like the below snapshot.


Choose the destination on your mac to store the converted images from the preferences menu. And at the bottom of the window you get to see image format to which you wish to convert. You can actually play with the resolution and the level of quality you want to have for your converted images.



Ensure, the HEIC images you want to convert are on your local machine but not on cloud. Click on Import option at the lower-bottom of the window or you can actually drag and drop images. Once the image reaches the converter, the current resolution of the picture pops up, now click on bottom-right option to convert the image. Thus far, Joyoshare HEIC converter is the best best solution to convert HEIC to JPG, PNG, GIF and more.

Interestingly, Joyoshare HEIC converter is capable of converting multiple images at one go, ooh yeah! Just in no time. Quick, very quick in deed. We have tried other softwares in the market and our verdict – Joyoshare HEIC converter is the most efficient HEIC to JPG Converter with zero loss quality.

When it comes to effecienty, Joyoshare HEIC converter is the best in the market, when it comes to effectivity, yet again, Joyoshare HEIC converter tops the cards with its efficacy to fastly convert HEIC images to JPG, PNG with two modes in seconds.

If you own a mac book and using iPhone 7 or later versions, you got to have Joyoshare HEIC converter installed. As an ending note we give you the links to download trail version and premium version of Joyoshare HEIC covnerter.
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Filmora Scrn Review: Screen & Game Recording Software You Should Try

Screen casting or recording is one essential feature required for any kind of computer user today. It is important that this feature is utilized well irrespective of the software that you use on your computer. As Windows has not yet introduced the native screen recording software yet, it has become compulsory to pick a third-party software. We have come across a latest screen recorder software lately, named ‘Filmora Scrn’ developed by Wondershare.

Wondershare is famous for its video editing software solutions. If you have been into video editing or YouTubing, you might have come across the name ‘Filmora’ from Wondershare already.

I did not expect much with Filmora Scrn though it is from Wondershare with proven stand in the video editing software business. But, it actually surpassed my expectations.

Filmora Scrn offers great customization settings before even recoding the screen or an application. Ranging from the ability to record from 25FPS to 120FPS, this simple tool simply amazes me.

How to download and install Filmora Scrn:

Step 1: Filmora Scrn is available on Wondershare’s official website and you can download it from this link. After downloading the setup file, run it.


Step 2: Click on ‘Install’ button and wait until it finishes installation.


Setting up and using Filmora Scrn:

Step 1: After installation it will show a welcome screen with ‘Get started’, ‘Quick capture’, and ‘Video editor’ options. Click on ‘Get Started’.


Step 2: It will show four modules of settings, ‘Screen’, ‘Audio’, ‘Camera’, ‘Advanced’ on this screen.


Step 3: Select a section you want to customize the setup. The selected section will show a pink tick mark on its tail.


The screen recording can be setup to record the full screen, custom size or a particular application.

Step 4: Setup your screen ratio and frame rate in case of screen recording. In case of game recording, select the ‘Game’ radio button and pick your gaming application from the drop-down of all running windows on your computer. You can set to record the game up to 120FPS.


Step 5: Setup your audio settings here. You can choose to have desktop audio and microphone audio in the recording.

Step 6: Choose your web camera here. If you are a YouTuber and you have a camera to record self in the corner side of the screen recording, you should set it up here.


Step 7: The advanced settings section has three segregations again, ‘General’, where you show it the path to save the recording and option to GPU acceleration. I would recommend not to use this unless you have a dedicated graphics memory on your computer. This acceleration won’t be necessary for a normal screen record. If you are using this tool to record your gameplay, then you may use this option.

Choose correct encoding and hotkeys in the next two sub sectional options. Make sure the hotkeys won’t get conflict with the other software shortcuts.

Quick capture:

You can also use 'Quick capture' option to capture the screen with default microphone and camera settings. However, the quick capture will allow you to choose the microphone and camera from the connected devices.


Editing recorded video:

Filmora Scrn opens up the recorded video in a simple editor. I expected that it would open up in Filmora video editor studio for more control over editing. It hasn’t asked me to choose Wondershare application to edit it in.


The screen reorder video is a simple editing tool. You can cut, copy and combine it with music tracks if you want. It offers a timeline with layers of editing for basic editing operations.

This video editor have various annotations to use on the recording. It contains captions, arrows, overlays, bubbles, banners and cursor effects which are useful to emphasize a specific part of the frame. In case of tutorials, they are useful to make the viewers understand well.

Filmora Scrn video editor offers two wonderful blur effects called 'Horizontal Mix' and 'Vertical Mix' to shade out the elements of the video with less patched look. If you observe the below screenshot, you would not notice where I applied this effect.


There are opacity settings and blending mode to edit the video to the context of the content. The voice-over of the video can be detached and replaced by the newly recorded audio with few clicks.

After finishing editing, you can directly upload the video to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Twitch. Obviously, you can save it different formats onto your local computer and do the uploading later if you want.

However, the recorded file will be saved as .MP4 file which can be imported into Filmora Video Editor or any other video editing software separately and can be edited in that environment.

I liked Filmora Scrn’s ability to record screen with needed customized options. The editor is what little bit disappointed me as a video editor and a YouTuber. If you have Filmora already on your computer, the ‘Scrn’ would become a perfect companion for your requirement.

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9 Ways to Use the “Be Everywhere Effect” to Maximize Your Brand Exposure and Link Acquisition

The “Be everywhere” effect is the perfect tactic that small to medium-sized business can use to outwit their larger competitors. It’s the subtle art of appearing larger than your organization actually is. However, it allows your brand to improve its recall and perceived value to attract more traffic, leads, sales and links.


To achieve this, companies need to work smarter, not harder. Use the following tactics along with this small business checklist to generate more inbound links and an improvement in your business’s brand awareness.

Publish posts on your own website

The first action that you should take is publishing posts on your own website. You will already have an audience that you can promote to, whether it is 100 followers on social media or the people within your organization, the posts that you publish will help to expand your brand awareness as an author, as well as the product or service that you are promoting. You can see a great example from Crazy Vegan Kitchen here.
The easiest way to start doing this is by publishing regular blogs and forwarding the publications to your audience in newsletters or email broadcasts.

Publish guest blog posts on the most popular and relevant sites in your industry

You want to get yourself featured on other websites that have an established audience that is relevant to the product, service or value incentive that you are offering. Doing a guest blog post in the right way can trigger hundreds or even thousands of new visitors to your website, resulting in more subscribers and sales for your site.
Publishing an evergreen guest blog post can continually drive you more web traffic leads and continue to generate your ongoing exposure.
One of the great examples in the SEO industry is the guest post contribution on Moz by Matthew Barby. Even though the post was published several years ago, the post ranks on Google and continues to get traffic, whilst branding Matthew as an SEO expert.

Publish an eBook or a small book

This is one of the most effective ways to create more exposure and link acquisition opportunities for your business. It involves a bit more work, but publishing a short ebook of at least 8000 words is enough to establish yourself as a credible author in your niche. The ebook only needs to cover a specific topic that solves a problem in your industry.
The ebook can be used to network, attract subscribers, create PR opportunities and to generate inbound link opportunities.

Set up a retargeting campaign for people that have visited your web content

You want to trigger brand recall with people that visited or viewed your published content. You can set up a retargeting campaign with display ads, search marketing ads, video ads, and social media ads to make them become more familiar with your personal and company brand.

Publish videos on YouTube

One of the quickest ways to gain exposure is by publishing videos on YouTube. YouTube is one of the biggest website platforms on the planet and has millions of users browsing the platform every day. By publishing useful videos for your targeted audience, you can gain more brand exposure, inbound traffic and increased inbound link opportunities.
Conduct research to find out what are the relevant video topics in your industry that gain views and subscribers. Make a list of those topics and then create a strategy to develop those videos as a part of your YouTube content marketing strategy.
The videos don’t have to be complicated. They just need to deliver value for the target audience.
A simple video could yield thousands or even millions of views, as well as an influx of traffic.
There’s a good case study here from one website that had their video go viral. It also shows the amount of inbound traffic the site received as a result of viewing the video.

Participate in interviews

Find opportunities to participate in interviews on YouTube channels, blog post interviews and even podcast interviews. This will expose to an entirely new audience and can easily add credibility and klout to your brand.
There are several platforms that are always on the lookout for guests. You simply need to compile a list of those platforms that are looking for experts to interview and then approach them with a pitch to appear on their show.

Curate and share relevant posts on social media

As simple as this sounds, it can yield results over the long-term. Build a loyal following by sharing content from your own platform, as well as other relevant and useful information from other specialists in your field. They will start to take notice of you sharing their content and they may even do the same.
This will expose you to their audience, as well as potentially get you featured on their web platforms (and websites), as well as grant you a link back to your website.
You can see a good example of how to implement this on Melyssa Griffin’s website.

Contribute to Q & A

You can easily contribute answers on Q&A sites that’s relevant to your industry. You can use Google to do a query search on frequently asked questions in your industry. Once you create a list of those questions, you can answer them thoroughly.
Don’t just try to answer any question. Be strategic and try to find those questions that gain a lot of web traffic. If they are on sites like Quora, see how many views the answer has received and also how many replies have been published. You might find some questions that are in need of a reply, but have gained several hundreds of views already.
It’s also possible to generate inbound lead enquiries or sales as a result of the answers that you provide, as you demonstrate value, which improves your perceived credibility.

How many publications do I need to create the “Be everywhere effect”?

This will differ from industry to industry, but it’s likely that you will need to get between 100-200 features on the most prominent platforms in your industry. This will allow people visiting those sites to continually be shown your brand, which will improve the brand recall for both your personal and organization’s brand.
Utilizing the “Be Everywhere effect” in your organization’s promotional strategy can yield great exposure opportunities and attract natural links to the site. When implemented well, it will continue to boost the organization’s brand perception and value ongoing.

Author Bio: Nathan Elly is the branch manager for the digital marketing agency, Digital Next. A savvy SEO expert based in the heart of Melbourne, Victoria, you can find him enjoying the local eateries and playing football with his teammates outside of the office.
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Pop Your Profit Up With The Best Monetization Solution For Webmasters

Online monetization has become the major trend in the digital environment and now it’s possible to monetize almost everything. And I mean… Everything. All the digital entertainment is almost built on these bones and keep growing.

So, you have a website on your own, you worked so hard to build up your audience. Now it’s time to think about earning some extra from your website audience or even make it your lifetime earnings.

Ready, steady… Go.

Finding a monetization solution may seem you an easy-peasy deal as the Internet is trashed with them. But, it may become not so simple as it looks. There are a lot of ephemera advertising networks that closes with the full amount of your earned money, there are a lot of scam advertising networks that don't even pay.

The easiest and the most popular monetization solution among the publishers is Adsense, a high-end Google monetization solution with an overwhelming mass of rules that make you feel like under a sword of Damocles.

Advertising and affiliate networks are the second popular monetization solutions but they are most stable and can become as profitable or even more profitable than Adsense.


What’s pops and how to cook them?

What do you imagine when you hear pops advertising? Something irritative? Well, you shouldn’t. It should sound like a jangling of coins because there it is: a mother lode.


Why’s that?

Just a few words: It’s profitable. While some webmasters doing $8 a day with banners other resourceful webmasters doing $100 a day with pops. Pop advertising is worth every penny.

There’s one thing you should stick to: To avoid mass audience irritation you should take it easy on pop-ups or just skip to… Popunders.

They just pop under the main browser window or creating a new tab and it’s less irritative than a bunch of windows keep popping in front of your website users’ screen. They definitely don’t deserve this.

why choose popups

Where is the money, Lebovsky?

The solution is out there. I am pleased to present you Clickadu - a premium advertising network, specializing in popunders.

Established in 2014 they have grown to a massive advertising net with 4500 active publishers and still continuing to grow.


why choose clickadu


What’s so great about Clickadu?

First, an eye-catching thing is support. I know that you’re interested more in hearing that money-thing but support is really doing great and every question or suggestion can be solved right away with your personal manager or support team.


And now, a gold bag. The minimum payout is $10 what is good for small-traffic websites and your earnings can be withdrawn twice a month or by request. It’s good to see a variety of payment methods even the popular crypto BitCoin.

What are they paying for? The basic model is CPM (means per 1000 ad impressions), that’s a way more profitable than banner CPC/CPM. For high-demanding traffic, the CPM could raise up to $14 or even more. Constantly updating Anti-Adblock code could help you to earn 20% more.

Handy Monetization Platform makes it easy to monetize your website. The statistics update every hour and there you can filter your earnings as you wish: by date, by a website, by ad zone etc.


What’s the catch?

That sounds a little too good to be true. But it is, except that you can’t monetize a website with 36 daily visitors. Still, you need to work on a traffic quantity and quality to earn more so be patient there. Those two ‘q’ can lead you to the success affiliate marketing.


Watch my stats going:

clickadu stats
Here’s a small tip over here: Never watch CPM column as it’s just a… Number. The main thing here is profit.


Should I try?

You definitely should even if you’re still questioning your success. No one bites you if you try and at the end a humble or not so bounty is waiting for you. Double your earnings with website monetization.


Good luck on your way to the pop!

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MNP Fails To Port Number From Airtel to Idea | Same Number Stays Active From Both Networks

Mobile Number Portability is one of the best surfaced schemes of TRAI to encourage the right to chose a network ove the same number. This is actually a wonderful feature that will allow an user choose among the networks accoding to his requirement.


Do you think you mobile number is unique and cannot be used from different IMEI numbers at the same time? You are wrong!


Yes! One number can be used from different mobile phones and telecom companies are just hiding this possibility.


Even I thought the same till this morning but a major flaw in their networks transportation exposed a serious bug in their network gateway.


What actually happened?

I had been Idea’s loyal customer for the past 10 years and due to the prolonged interruption of the network in my area, I switeched it over to Airtel 5 months ago.


I saw the same problem with Airtel these days and I thought I’d switch back to Idea. So I went to a retailer and submitted my proofs and got an Idea SIM card (under MNP applicaiton).


I had to wait for Airtel to go offline forever to insert Idea SIM card for the activation process. I did not get any service turn off from Airtel but I got a message showing that Idea has been activated.


No I have two SIM cards, fully functional and active from both the networks.


MNP failure airtel to idea


Yeah! Thats’s what scared me.


How is this even possible?

There might be an issue in the common network gateway that these telecom companies are using. This duplicated my number onto another electronic chip which is a major bug in their gateway software system. This either should be updated or looked after to avoid further damage to the user identification.


Never throw away your old SIM card like a boss

With an out-of-service SIM card in hand and a newkly activated SIM in phone, anyone would feel the swag of a boss throwing it away into the bin or on road.


Imagine the possibilities if someone picks up the SIM and puts it in his mobile phone and uses it since it’s active and fully functional.


Sounds scary right?




What shall you do?


If you want to dispose the old SIM card, break it into two and throw it away. That’s the best you can do.


But..What about the duplicate identity?

This somehow creates a worry abuot the identity security of our own. If someone could clone a SIM card which would be under our identify proofs and uses it for any anti-social activity or to destroy the personal reputation, may be they can.


Telecom industry should take this issue seriously and make sure this won’t happen. If this bug can give a notmal personal like me the access to have both networks active with one single number, it’s enjoyable to have multiple network access but not secured as of now.


Beware about the SIM cards till eSIMS come into real market. Stay safe!

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Best Web Design Tricks That Can Boost Conversion

Boosting conversion rates and increasing sales is the number one priority of anyone who uses their website to make a profit and run a business.


Even though you may be a blogger yourself, your long-term plan may involve full-time blogging and site monetization, both of which require certain web design principles to be implemented in order to make your site more user-friendly and inviting.


Web designers are often lost as to what to do with their site to further increase conversion rates while bloggers think about what they are doing wrong with their research writing and articles that the visitors simply don’t like enough to subscribe or get in touch with them. What are some of the essential steps you should take in order to tweak your site for a conversion boost without looking for writing help in order to do so?




Value proposition definition

No one wants to be a regular at a website that doesn’t know what it’s doing. People want to be able to connect with your content, purpose, and product on a personal level before putting any more effort into your content. This means that your brand’s value proposition needs to be as clear as possible all around the site.

  • Why are you doing what you are doing? What is your long-term vision and milestones for achieving that vision?
  • How are you going to achieve that vision? What types of content do you provide for your readers? What products do you sell?
  • What are the key benefits, ingredients and/or prices of the products or services you provide? If there are no costs, what are the benefits of following your site and sharing it with friends and family?

These questions are broken up into three segments, each more difficult to answer than the previous one. These are essential steps towards creating a friendlier environment for a boost in conversions, no matter if you are working towards a better student life or provide medical or cosmetic items for sale.


Be Predictable & user-friendly

Believe it or not, people like predictability and familiarity in the websites they visit. Choosing to experiment with your layout and provide a “unique browsing experience” might not be a good idea if you are aiming to boost your conversions.


Taking a look at what your competitors are doing (based on your particular niche) is a good idea to get a grasp on how to better optimize your navigation layout for faster browsing. For example, if people expect to see a navigation bar on top with drop-down menus about college writing opportunities, why not give them that? Explore what your audience might want or even ask them outright while your site is still under construction.


Visual and textual consistency

Keeping your pages consistent throughout the website is an essential step in attracting more conversions. People who see the effort you put into their ease of navigation and visual consistency will love to come back again and again, even bringing their friends with them. This often means that you will have to do a complete check on every piece of graphics you have on your site and make sure that the colors match up and create a visual hierarchy among them.


Also worthy of note is the written content you have featured on your site using a writing service or creating it yourself. Checking for grammar errors, formatting problems, and hidden backlinks or advertisements can easily be done by getting some essay paper help online and talking to a professional. People in the online writing industry will have far more insight into how your site should be optimized for better reading and SEO optimization.




The least possible number of clicks

A simple psychological exercise with your development team will give you a good idea of how a user might feel while navigating your website. If it takes more than five clicks for your visitors to make a purchase or more than three clicks to get to an article they want to read, you are doing something wrong.


An excess number of pages per website is the number one reason for so many sites failing to reach a high conversion rate. People get bored after a few clicks and go look for top writers or designers for their needs somewhere else on the web. Optimize your site for the fastest possible results from the point of a user and watch your conversion rates grow.


Avoid ads whenever possible

Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors and try reading a couple of your articles, navigating your site or buying something with ads constantly popping up around you. No one wants to see ads disrupt their browsing experience, especially if you want to boost conversion rates and have people come back over and over.


Putting ads neatly into sidebars, out-of-sight banners or relying on sponsored content is much more user-friendly than using popups and pushing people to read pointless ads. These ads are essential in keeping your site alive, no matter if you sell food products, research papers or something third. However, your job is also to make these ads as least intrusive as possible when the general public is concerned.


Adapt for mobile

Lastly, optimizing your site through responsive design and making sure that as many people can access it as possible is a sure way to boost conversions. Some people use their mobile and tablet devices to browse the internet without even thinking about a desktop computer.


Use responsive design in order to make sure that your site can be accessed through multiple devices and seen in its original form nevertheless. This will also increase your SERP ranking and SEO, bringing in more people organically without relying on external marketing or backlinks.


In summation

Whenever you think about implementing a new ad system on your site or adding a new design layer to the existing layout, just ask yourself what your customers would do. This should give you a clearer picture of whether or not an option will make their lives more difficult or easier, subsequently affecting your conversion rates in the process.


Do whatever you can to encourage people to come back to your site through original content and services but pay attention to their habits and expectations as well. Combining these two elements in a healthy balance is the key to success when conversions and retention are concerned.


Author Bio: Angela Baker is a freelance writer who is seeking to discover new ways for personal and professional growth. Currently she`s working in Best Essay Education company and trying to improve herself in the blogging career. Angela is an experienced and self-driven specialist who cannot imagine her life without writing.

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IPhone 8 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8–Which One to Pick?

You might be thinking about getting either iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and you are not able to decide because you don’t have complete information about the specifications of the phones. The best way to know which offers you value for money is to compare features included particularly the camera and security.

Here is a comparison that will help you to easily choose between the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.



From the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 is a better deal as it comes with modest enhancements. It features two 12-megapixel rear-facing cameras, one with a telephoto aperture of f/2.8 and the other at f/1.8. It also comes with a fast and larger sensor that makes low-light results better and the snaps speedier. It offers spot-on exposure even when lighting is inconsistent. On the other end, the Galaxy Note 8 offers 12MP dual rear cameras of f/2.4 and f/1.7 aperture. It allows you to do optical zoom and portrait shots. So, which of the two wins when you take the camera as the sole comparing factor? This comes as a draw.



The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features the Exynos 8895 chip for some parts of the world and the Qualcom Snapdragon 835 for other parts. In both cases, the phone is a complete powerhouse. With the 6GB RAM, the phone runs smoothly. It also looks like Apple might come with a commanding lead when you consider the performance of the iPhone 8. The A11 Bionic chip used on the iPhone 8 is a complete upgrade from the A10 Fusion chip that powered the iPhone 7. The iPhone 8 is more powerful and it performs better at multitasking.


The first thing you probably will look at before picking either the iPhone 8 or the Galaxy Note 8 is the design. On the iPhone, there is no much difference from its predecessors when you consider looks, but there is some little addition to the glass backing that replaced the aluminum finish. The upgrade is slick but the look and feel is generally the same as before. If you jump on to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s look, it offers an almost all-screen design that leaves thin bezels at the bottom and top. It looks striking, so if this is your consideration before picking one of the two, the winner obviously is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Battery and perks

One of the benefits of the iPhone 8 is the wireless charging system, which Apple embraced starting with the iPhone 8 Plus. However, it seems it’s not that special in this battle as the Note 8 also uses such a charging system. Both rely on a Qi coil for charging, which means you can use any pad that is compatible to charge your phone. Additionally, the phones come with fast charging capabilities, but on durability of power the iPhone seems to score better. The efficient operating system of the iPhone 8 is the contributing factor to achieving higher battery life.

Other features you might want to consider when comparing the two is ease of navigation. You will find that the Galaxy Note 8 comes with the S Pen, which adds a productive boost for users of power. The Galaxy Note 8 has also scored better when it comes to supporting Gear VR and DeX Station dock, which are not possible on the iPhone 8. Of course the iPhone 8 wins on storage as it offers both 64GB and 256 GB models with options for expandable storage. The Galaxy Note 8 comes with only 64GB storage with micro SD expandable capability.

About the author: Noelle Neff is a professional photographer covering niche markets. She graduated from the University of Miami and is based in the same city. Noelle Neff is also a renowned blogger on topics such as photography and travel. You can also find some of her shots at various online stock photo sites.
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