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Root or Unroot Any Android Device Without PC

So, it has been a very long time, and you’ve played around with pretty much everything with your new Android device. It is now time to put things to the next level. Android imposes several restrictions on its users that limit the capabilities of the device to be used to its maximal potential.

This includes using any custom ROM, deleting system apps to even making a backup of all the Android data (NanDroid backup using Titanium backup) and much more. You can always get rid of all such restrictions by rooting your Android device. Here is a quick how-to guide that will help you to root your Android device.


For those, who are here looking for the guide to Unroot their rooted Android devices, we are also laying down steps for the same. Rooting and Unrooting is now pretty much easy, and you won’t need a PC for that purpose. Let’s move forward, shall we?

There are a lot many apps available for rooting and unrooting your Android device. Here is the list of apps that you can install on your Android device to root and unroot it. All the apps mentioned here lacks one or two functions but manages to do pretty much what we require.

  1. Kingroot
  2. One Click Root
  3. FramaRoot
  4. Vroot
  5. Z4Root
  6. Tower Root
  7. Kingoroot
  8. Iroot
  9. CF Auto Root


How to root and unroot your android device

Kingroot.apk is meant to be installed on the Android device that you want to root. While you root, it is for your safety to make a backup of all your phone’s data before the rooting process. Although, Kingroot provide ‘No-data loss’ method that claims that the users won’t lose their phone’s data while rooting via the Kingroot app. But just to be on the safer end, we would recommend you to make a backup.

Step 1: Make sure the device you are rooting is connected to the internet and must have at least 60% battery remaining.

Step 2: First you need to install the Kingroot app on the device that you want to root. Any Android smartphone and tablet can be rooted via this method.

Step 3: The official Kingroot app isn’t available on the Google Play Store, so you need to download the app from the internet and side load it to your Android device.

Step 4: Head over to the download link and get the Kingroot.apk file on your Android device.

Step 5: Now, before installing the apk file make sure the Android device is set to allow the installation of apk files from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Step 6: For that, go to the Settings on your Android device and then head over to the Security menu. Look for something called as ‘Unknown Sources’ and toggle to option button to turn it ON.

Step 7: Now simply tap on the downloaded Kingroot.apk file to install it.

Step 8: Once the app is installed, open up the app from the app drawer.

Step 9: The app will display you a ‘Try it’ button and tap on it to enter in the main menu of the app.

Step 10: Now simply, tap on the ‘Get Now’ button to begin the root process.

Step 11: The Kingroot app will automatically install the root on your android device.

Step 12: After the rooting is done, you’ll be taken back to the main screen where you’ll be displayed with a disclaimer message saying ‘Your device has been rooted’.

Step 13: You can alternatively check the root status of your phone by downloading the ‘RootChecker’ app from the Google Play Store.

Step 14: You can now install SuperSU app from the Play Store to get the maximum from your rooted android device.

Now that we’ve learned the procedure to get the root access on your Android device, we will move further to the unrooting guide.

You can unroot your android device with several methods

If you’ve SuperSU app installed on your device, go to the Settings on the SuperSU app and scroll down to the ‘Full Unroot’ option and choose ‘Continue’. Your device will return to the unrooted state.

  1. Furthermore, with the latest builds of the SuperSU app, you can also unroot your device temporarily. Head over to the settings on the SuperSU app and look for ‘Temporary Unroot’ option and then continue with the on-screen instructions.
  2. Alternatively, you can also use the Kingroot app to remove the root feature from your Android device.
  3. Open up the Kingroot app and then choose the option ‘Remove or Uninstall Kingroot’. The device will get rid of the Kingroot app and the root features.

Final Words

Rooting is fun, but if you are not aware of what you are doing, please don’t play with your phone. You might end up with a completely bricked phone, which is of no use at all.

Note: Some devices might require the bootloaders to be unlocked first before applying the root. There are several tutorials given depending on the make and model of your Android device on the manufacturer’s website. Unlocking your bootloader may void your warranty.

Author Bio: Sejal Parmar loves to explore the newly released Apps & Games. She blogs at Rule.FM and writes about latest Android Apps & Games.

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10 Tips For Learning Writing With The Help Of Technology

It would be fair to say that a talent and skill for writing is something that comes from deep within a person, a unique passion and special way for them to express themselves. However, it would also be fair to say that a writer, no matter how talented they are, can always sharpen the skills that they have and improve upon them.


In this current age of abundant technology, there are more than just a few ways to incorporate modern tools in to your writing. If you are looking to teach writing and in turn elevate your own writing skills, then check out these ten great ways that technology can lend a helping hand.




1. Download Writing Prompt Apps

Thanks to the age of smartphones, apps are a constant factor in everyday life. There are many apps for writers, with some of the best being programs that will give you a completely random prompt from which to begin a writing exercise. These apps can be a perfect way to broaden your horizons in terms of themes, and start to explore writing about things that are not necessarily in your comfort zone.


2. Join An Online Workshop

Thanks to the huge reach of the internet, there are now hundreds if not thousands of opportunities for you to enroll in a free writing workshop that will put you in contact with plenty of other aspiring writers who are eager to learn and expand their experience. You can even do some anonymously if your confidence is low.


3. Start A Blog

Pick from any one of the dozens of major blogging sites online and simply start writing. It doesn’t matter what you write about and how long or short your entries are, the point is that you are making a collection of work that you can then look at and see areas where you can improve. It’s also great to share and receive feedback from other bloggers; it’s a really generous community.


4. Editing Software

If you can write and write for hours but struggle when it comes to editing your work in to something that looks and reads more professional, then the best thing to do is to download an editing program that can scan your work and highlight areas where your writing could be tighter or more impactful.


5. Try Mind Mapping

You may have done this the old fashioned way on pen and paper before, but using technology and apps to do your mind mapping can be a really beneficial experience. An online mind map allows you to be much more in depth than on paper, with the ability to create subsections and different levels in the map that could result in richer writing.


6. Listen To Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the greatest things to come out of the technology boom, and the profession and hobby of writing is one that is covered on a number of high profile shows. Having the ability to listen to interviews and advice from professional authors from the comfort of your own smartphone can really inspire you to get writing and teach you new techniques.


7. Enroll In An Online Course

The beauty of the internet means that you can do all the learning that you need to from the comfort of your own home. Seek out the kind of writing course that you are craving, whether it’s genre specific or more broad; there is a whole fountain of knowledge out there waiting for you to dunk your head in!


8. Use Grammarly

If writing comes easily to you but proofreading does not, then you can take your finished products to a whole new level by using Grammarly, a program that scans all of your work and corrects grammatical errors as well as highlighting words and passages and suggesting subtle changes that will improve the entire feel of the writing.


9. Listing To Audiobooks

Sometimes those who write don’t find time to actually read, and this is where audiobooks come in to their own. The best way to expand your own vocabulary and writing skill set is to learn and take inspiration from others, and listening to prose can be a really hypnotic and immersive experience that can inspire you in more ways than you thought might have been possible.


10. Order Writing For Comparison

Sometimes the best way of recognizing flaws in your own work is to compare to levels of writing that are different, sometimes higher, than yours. A really easy way to get your hands on great writing content is to order it. You can order a piece of writing to your own specifications, and reading the work of an experienced professional can often educate you in areas concerning your own writing skills.


About author: Kate Simpson is a writer and editor at Assignmentmasters. She is keen on providing useful tech tips for students.
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12 Online Marketing Strategies Every Entrepreneur Needs

Synopsis: Are you an entrepreneur that needs to know about basic online marketing? Lucky for you, we compiled a list of the most advantageous strategies you can use to put your business on top of its game.

Entrepreneurs are known to invest in any means necessary to get their businesses off the ground. They get good quality merchandise, hire the best service providers, and do their due diligence when it comes to the time-consuming paperwork.


Aside from that, they have to look into how they can market their businesses in the best way possible. For a year like 2017, the best strategy would be to use the internet and the many advantages it offers.




Why use online marketing?

The easy answer is that everyone is practically online 70% of the day. Although it is not a healthy habit, you cannot deny that people are more in tune with their devices than they ever were. That is why it is a good idea to pinpoint an audience that makes up about 3 billion people – and that is just on Facebook.


You can also tap into other mediums like search engines, blogs, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and so much more. Every day a new application comes out and you get to choose from thousands that will fit your business’s needs. Now, the question is, how do you utilize these tools to market your brand?


Strategies for Online Marketing that Works

When it comes to strategy, all you need to do is choose one that works best for your company. Depending on your industry, you need to determine which one will give you the most leads, conversions, and increase sales. For now, here are some helpful tips you can use.


1. Follow other online marketers.

If you can’t beat them, join them. By following other online marketers, you can study their strategies, replicate them (legally, of course), and develop your own strategies. Rest assured that they will work because these people are experts in their field. Soon, you too will be one of the best online marketers out there, as long as you follow the rules of the gurus of the internet and social media marketing.


2. Prioritize your personal brand.

It is especially important for you to make sure that your brand stands out. There is almost no evidence of a “first and only” business anymore. By the time someone shoots out a new idea, ten businesses pop up in its place. That is why you need to focus more on making yourself into a brand that matters by using an effective visual and online marketing strategy.


3. Follow search engine SEO algorithm rules.

Many entrepreneurs get reeled in by SEO promises from sketchy companies. If you plan on hiring an SEO expert, make sure that you do your homework. Algorithms change on a regular basis and they are pretty easy to understand when you go directly to the source like Bing or Google. According to the aforementioned companies, you don’t need to bombard your site with “well-placed” keywords. All you need to do is write something relevant. This is where content marketing comes in.


4. Use content marketing.

Advertising may not be dead, but it sure as heck is too expensive to bear these days. Unless you are a Triple A company, you should not even try to work with big advertising firms. You will only lose money that you could have used for your online marketing strategies. Content marketing, however, will get you the advertising you need at no cost or just a little bit. If you are not a talented writer, you can get academic help and find someone who can give your company a content marketing trove that you can use for your website’s blog.


5. Market your business through social media.

This is probably the most effective way to market your brand. People are always on social media, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and much more. Reddit is even considered as a social media platform, now that it has one of the highest engagement rates online.


6. Read social media marketing books.

This may not be considered an online task, but reading social media marketing books always helps everyone who needs to find untapped information. Most books are not available for free, so you will have to shell out a little bit just to get thousands of dollars’ worth of information.


7. Increase your conversion rates.

In order to do this, you need to design your website, content marketing, and social media marketing strategy so that it calls people to keep coming back and send out the word about your business. Here are some examples:

  • Prompts for newsletter sign-ups.
  • Invites to educational webinars
  • Seasonal discounts and promos
  • Call to action statements
  • Share buttons for social media

When people visit your site or social media page, you can invite them to take a look at your products and services. You also have the chance to tell them why you are the right choice and why they should hire you. That can easily be done by asking them politely through the mediums mentioned above.


8. Utilize email marketing.

Email marketing is different from newsletter subscriptions because you are the ones sending out invites to your business. There are many sites that offer a collection of emails that you can send out prompts to. The good thing about it is that these emails are open to receiving organic emails, which will not go directly to their spam folders. Think of it as online telemarketing, but less invasive.


9. Use effective marketing tools.

These tools include paid advertising sites, SEO specialist sites, analytics sites, to name a few. Online marketing requires a great deal of work and these tools will save you time and effort. Social media management tools can be a big help too. You can schedule posts, control everything from one place and get administrative work done after.


10. Consider various mediums for marketing.

Rather than rely on content marketing or social media posting, you can also use videos, photos, and other applications to market your business. Forums are an interesting place to discuss your business, but make sure that it does not come out as a hard sell. Most importantly, your mediums should be visually enticing. Hire a designer, videographer, or learn how to make your own works of art for your business.


11. List down your goals and set a marketing plan.

After studying all of these marketing strategies, it is time to make a plan for your company. The study which is the best fit for the type of industry you are in. Find out who is likely to buy from you and what they want to buy. Study how much people are willing to spend. Plan, plan, plan. Never compromise on this phase because you cannot be successful if you play everything by ear.


Now that you are ready, it is time to put all your online marketing strategy plans into action. Create a time-sensitive checklist or calendar, allow the proper budget, conduct market and research studies – or buy one – and start selling your business to the online world.


Remember, online marketing is not a one-time deal. You need to be consistent and flexible. Always go with the trends, make sure to be politically correct, and never compromise your beliefs as a business as long as they are morally right. That is the way to succeed as an entrepreneur.


Author Bio: Norman Arvidsson is a freelance writer for GetAcademicHelp from Atlanta. He is also an entrepreneur, blogger, and web developer. He is familiar with the business, marketing, and e-learning. Follow him via Twitter.

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5 Tips to Protect Your Windows 10 in 2017

Installing Windows 10 on your device or buying a new one with this operating system will give you the sense of getting a new toy. You want to explore as much as possible what you OS can do and customize it to fit your needs perfectly. This is the best time to handle your device’s security as well and make sure from the very beginning that every aspect of it protected and accounted for.
There are steps that you can take to make your Windows 10 more protected that don’t require spending a lot of money to security software. We will share with you 5 simple, but effective tips to protect your Windows 10 and enjoy it safely.

1. Tweak Your Privacy Settings

One of the first things you should when you’ve logged into your new computer is to see where exactly you stand when it comes to your Privacy Settings. The usual scenario is that everything will be set in the way that Microsoft finds it most convenient, but that doesn’t have to coincide with your security needs one bit.
There are a number of things that you can do to improve your security right then and there. First, if you want to be on the safe side, you should deal with location tracking. You will see that there are apps that have permission to access your location and if you don’t want them to keep tabs on you, simply disable those permissions. In fact, it would probably be a wise decision to get rid of location tracking completely, so that no one can easily find out where you currently are. Unless your messages, contacts and calendar are connected with your Microsoft account, there’s no need for any apps to have access to your private information either. Also, camera and microphone access is something that should be strictly limited, though you can only do this when it comes to apps, rules don’t apply when it comes to system programs, but it is still a step forward toward better security.

2. Manage Wi-Fi Sense Carefully

Here’s an option made to help us share our wireless connections more easily with anyone we want. Naturally, there are people who will take full advantage of it, even when it means endangering your security. The beauty of AWi-Fi Sense is that enables other people to use your bandwidth, but they don’t get full access to your network either. This feature also makes it much easier for you to connect to some other network quickly. However, a word of caution is necessary here, because public Wi-Fi can cause serious security troubles due to the fact that it is full of malware lurking to infect your device. Use VPN to keep your system safe from any unexpected cyber-attacks that can happen whenever you’re using public Wi-Fi.

3. Keep Cortana at Bay

One of the main improvements of Windows 10 is the new digital assistant Cortana that does come in handy once in a while. However, its usefulness falls short when we take into account the amount of personal information it has access to and that is a lot. Unless you’ve got a dire need of a digital assistant, disable Cortana completely, because the information it gathers are a serious risk that you don’t have to take. We recommend doing this as soon as possible, because all the data that Cortana processes are very quickly uploaded to a cloud which can’t be erased. If you’ve explored Cortana’s abilities, then you know that it also keeps extensive record of your interests and preferences and you would do well to edit and erase this section as well, because you never know what kind of personal information hackers could use to get into your device and wreak havoc.

4. Do a Clean Reinstall

If you’ve just bought a new laptop or a mobile device and you’ve already got Windows 10 installed on it, then you probably think your work is done. While your device will work just fine, chances are that it will be filled with all forms of unnecessary software you’ll never use and it will slow down your computer. There’s also the fact that this junkware can affect poorly your device’s performance and the best way to deal with it is to get rid of it all. Do a clean reinstall of Windows 10 to get a completely clean slate with your new device and not worry that there might a hidden program somewhere in your computer that is endangering your security.

5. Lock Down Your Device

Whenever you’re away from your device, it should be safe and protected just as much as when you are using it. Enable the option to lock your screen whenever you’re planning to leave your computer or phone unattended, so that no one can just use it as they please. If you want to be extra safe, set up passwords to protect your OS from anyone trying to physically install malware on your device.
Windows 10 comes with a great deal of new exciting perks and you should freely explore each and every one of them. Just remember that the security of your operating system should always be your main priority and you can protect it very well by following these five tips, as well as investing some time to constantly learn about new ways to improve your security.
About Author:
Thomas Milva is 28 and has been in an Information Security Analyst for over four years. He loves his job, but he also loves spending his time in nature, because he’s working from home, which sometimes means not getting enough fresh air. He also regularly writes for, where he often comments on the latest web trends in his articles. Thomas currently lives in Baton Rouge with his dog, two fish and his girlfriend.

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How to Save More on Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale?

Amazon India offer great and exclusive deals during every festival seasons. There will be eye-popping discounts on every category of products during those days. The customers also spend a lot of time in front on their computers to grab the best deals in those days. Naming the deals festival ‘Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale’ Amazon bags double profits from the business they will have at that time.


Amazingly, there is a chance to SAVE MORE MONEY on those deals as you think you can. All you need is some patience and controlled excitement. Let me share you some tips to save some more money on the discounts.


Actually, the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale would be for 5-7 days. That means you will have numerous deals in those 5 days where some of them expire in hours and some long last till all 5 days.




Tip #1: When you are selecting a product, make sure to look at the deal’s expiry time/date. Do not overexcite even if you have only a few minutes to grab it.




Overexcitement kills your intelligence. Take a couple of minutes, research about the original cost of the product and make your decision to buy.


Tip #2: Don’t just settle down with one best deal. Lookout for a better one in that category until you can. Add all the best deals to your cart and decide later.


This technique will save your time in deciding over one another like as judges in X-Factor auditions do.


Tip #3: Don’t go for EMI’s. Some EMIs sum up to the original price of the product at final. If you cannot afford the product at a time and want to choose EMIs, choose short time payments option. This will at least reduce the interest and save a few bucks.




Tip #4: Choose to pay instantly from banks that give more cashbacks or benefits. Even if you can COD an item, don’t go for it. I understand that you are comfortable with COD as the paying money when the product arrives will be more gut-satisfying.


But, banks give very good benefits if their cards/payment gateways are used. You would better earn some cashback on the top of the best discount of your product.


For example, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (3GB, 32GB edition) is given 8% discount on its original price of Rs.11,999 i.e., it comes for Rs.,10,999 (Rs.1,000 off on total). If you use HDFC bank account for paying for it, you would get additional discount up to 15%. That sums up the Rs.10,999 to Rs.9,349. Hope you find the difference.


Tip #5: Products bought from mobile app will get better discounts and cashbacks from bank. HDFC gives 10% cashback if ordered from website and 15% cashback if ordered from the mobile app.




Download and install Amazon app on your phone if you haven’t yet. Actually let me help you with the downloading. Follow these links to install Amazon on your phone.


Amazon App for Android

Amazon App for Windows

Amazon App for iOS


Hope that helps you save more money on this year’s Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale.

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Original Procedure to Replace Your Faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

So, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7s are officially recalled. That means you can get a replacement of your current (faulty battery) Galaxy Note 7 with a new one. You won’t need to spend another penny on this process. This whole process is taken responsibility by the Samsung itself for the sake of customer safety of their premium customers (after all they are the ones who survive a company from being turning down).


Countries in which already got the Samsung Galaxy Note 7s sold will be getting the replacement in the late weeks of September and those which are yet to get it launched (like as in India) will be getting it with a little more delay. The pre-bookings will be getting a free Gear VR (latest version) along with the device as a compensation for the waiting.

The battery cell issue is not full detailed on the Samsung website but given a notice about the replacement call.

Don’t take exchanging of Galaxy Note 7 easily

It is not as easy as taking your device to the Samsung service center and get it replaced. There are certain proceedings you must remember. Before we go through the procedure, you better know that Samsung is speeding up the replacement all over the world by September 21st of this year. So gather up things that you need to carry along. Possible add the following in your list.

#1 Take the whole package of your Samsung galaxy Note 7 including all the accessories and the box as well.

#2 Take the invoice or the bill along with you. Bill is necessary of course.

#3 Take a backup of your data including the phone numbers, photos, calendar entries and documents at your home before you take it to replacement.

#4 Note down the IMEI number of the current Galaxy Note 7. You can dial *#06# for checking your IMEI number or you can find it in Settings.

#5 After taking backup, factory reset your device and make sure no personal data exists on it anymore.

How to identify the replacement?

It is important to make sure that you got the correct replacement for your faulty Galaxy Note 7. In order to identify the new Galaxy S7, check for the following icons and symbols on the package as shown below.

A valid replacement will have the following details on the package.

#1 A blue ‘S’ mark

#2 A small black square

#3 Unique IMEI number

Samsung fears Apple iPhone 7

The fact why Samsung is taking this very prestigious is that the Apple has already introduced the new iPhone into the market, the iPhone 7. As the buzz for iPhone 7 is not that vibrating, this might benefit Samsung to hold their Galaxy Note 7 customers till replacement.

Hope that helps!
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Resolved: Outlook Error 0x8004060c with SCANPST.EXE Utility

MS Outlook, being one of the commonly used desktop email client is very familiar among several users for emailing purpose & the inbuilt Office applications provided with it. The most common error that has been encountered by most of Outlook users is error 0x8004060c. This error has been found in multiple versions of MS Outlook, without any warning or may affect the send/receive emails option on an Outlook Account. The blog will be discussing about the same error and the method to resolve it.

Unknown Error 0x8004060c

This error is one of the common error messages that users of Outlook has faced, which occurs when user attempts to send or receive an email, remove contact, update the calendar etc. The error may make Outlook crash at irregular intervals, unable to view attachments, prevention of incoming new mails, and other issues.


Causes of the Error

The main reason for the occurrence of this error is exceeding size limit of the message store, leaving no free space for new mails. It can be due to following causes:

- Corruption of PST due to Exchange Crash, Virus attacks, oversized PST
- Exchange Connectivity or Synchronization issues making OST inaccessible

Since oversized PST file is the main factor for the error discussed above, we need to be able to reduce the size of the PST file. The earlier versions of Outlook supported only 2GB size limit of PST file, which was increased up to 20 GB in Outlook 2007. Now the maximum storage supported is 50 GB with the introduction of Outlook 2010. When the PST reaches its limit, the performance will automatically slow down, and oversized PST file becomes more prone to be corrupted making it inaccessible and leads to partial or complete data loss.


Ways to troubleshoot the Error

The possible way to troubleshoot the error is by reducing the size of PST file. Some of the solutions are as follows:


Delete unwanted data from Outlook Account

Reduce the overall size of PST file by deleting some of the unimportant or repeated emails & other data items from inbox, deleted items, and other folders from the Outlook account. These items can be deleted using SHIFT + DELETE to free up the space in Outlook PST file.


Using Compact Feature in Outlook

Second method is to use the Compact option available in Outlook to reduce the size of PST file. When the items are deleted from PST file, the file is compacted in the background while not using computer or Outlook is running. To reduce the size immediately, compact process is used.

Create a new PST file to archive data

This method is used when the size of the PST file of an Outlook account is very large. In order to reduce some space, user can move some of the items and archive them in a new PST file. Archiving feature helps in reducing the current PST file size by creating new PST and storing items in it.


Using Truncation Facility developed by Microsoft

The truncation facility designed by Microsoft is a tool that helps users to create a truncated copy of a PST file allowing recovery when size reaches over 2GB. The copy of the PST file does not contain complete data as the tool cuts the amount of data from the file as defined by the user.


Use Inbuilt Repair Utility of Outlook

This utility helps in dealing with corruption issues or damage in Outlook data files i.e. OST and PST. Scanost.exe was used earlier to repair the OST file, which was later replaced by scanpst.exe for repair of both OST and PST files. It will scan and repair the corrupt file. However, it does not guarantee complete recovery of data items.

Increase Size of the Outlook PST File

Another option is to increase the size of the PST file by editing the registry entries. This method can be difficult for non-technical users but we can follow the steps below to increase the size:
1. Go to Start and type ‘regedit’ and click OK.

2. In the Registry Editor window, follow the path ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\PST

3. From the PST Folder, locate the values MaxLargeFileSize and WarnLargeFileSize

4. Double-click on MaxLargeFileSize value and select Decimal and enter new size limit in the value data box and click on OK.

5. Repeat the same for WarnLargeFileSize value to select the new warning size limit

6. Close the Registry Editor.



In the blog, we have discussed about one of the most common error encountered by Outlook users related to Send/Receive error that restricts users to receive any new incoming mails. It has been found that the main factor for the error is oversized PST file size. Along with the causes of the error, the blog further describes several methods on how to solve 'Unknown Error 0x8004060c' in Outlook.


Author Bio:

Clark Kent is one of the Microsoft Outlook Expert and an author of MS Outlook Ware. He has experience more than 21 years in IT industry and at present he is working in a Data Recovery organization. He has quality expertise in the Office Products especially in Microsoft Outlook and love to resolve users query by providing best solution.
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10 Tips to Prevent Yourself from Online Scams While Looking for Jobs

Wondering how to look for a job online? Today, the advent of the internet has made our job-hunting process easier a lot and now we can find amazing job offers online sitting in the comfort of our home moreover, can go for the one that perfectly suits our personality and preferences. The modern day and age is bringing a myriad of opportunities to ease our living.

Well, don’t get excited. This is just one side and as we always say, ‘Every coin has two sides’ same is the case here. Undoubtedly, there are a number of legitimate and stable companies that provide an exciting range of job offers with the help of telecommuters. However, there are many fraudulent companies or unscrupulous individuals who scam thousands of job seekers.

The trend is growing at a rapid pace and there are many cases of scams that we come across daily. You might be surprised, that how these scammers get into your computer to steal your money and identity? Well, the answer to this question is hard to find, because of a number of ways that enable the scammers to offer great job and employment opportunities.

As we can see today, millions of people are looking for the jobs from homes to make their livelihood easier and happier, therefore, in order to trap the job seekers they majorly deal in the areas of home-based and business opportunities.

It has become a common practice of the crooks to defraud thousands and thousands of job seekers by making use of the latest and hi-tech schemes combining with the old ones. This is the surest way to make you fool to get out your personal information as well as your money. In the case of job scams, all our information related to personal, financial, identity theft and credit are on the line.

You never know, you might be their next victim. So, get ready to save you and your friends from such type of real online job scammers. Have a look at the 10 tips on how to prevent you from scams while looking for work online.
Internet Lottery

1. Avoid providing your personal information

No matter what the case is, it is always necessary that we should not disclose our personal details to any person unless or until we do not have surety that he/she will not misuse it. This can leads to identity theft. Review this article to find more on that topic. When applying for jobs online be aware of the questions that are the big red flags. Never impart your social security number and home address to anyone at your initial contact because it is hard to distinguish whether it is a legitimate company or a crook. Be cautious and do a proper research about the company.

2. Get help from the social networking sites

Asking someone about the company is not a right step to clear your doubts. To make you feel satisfied, sign up for a reliable site such as ‘FlexJobs’ to get daily updates related to the number of work options that are home based. This will prove to be an excellent tool and surely guide you so that you can make a difference between the real online job and a scammer. Never make a decision in hassle; this will put you in trouble. In order to get the right job, always put your best foot forward at the times you are searching for the job.

3. Go for the one that sounds too good to be true

While looking for jobs, it’s very often that we come across the ads that offer much more than our expectations and we get attracted towards such advertisements. Have you ever wondered that how it can be possible that someone is offering us annual salaries of $50,000 a year even without asking about our skills, prior experience and education? Do not response to such ads and look somewhere else to find the perfect job that meets your needs.

4. Never share your Bank Account Details

As we all know, Bank Details are the most crucial details that we should not discuss with any new or unknown employer. Though, direct money transfer is the most efficient technique that we all are enjoying today. However, to save you from the job scams don’t agree to share your bank account details with any third person whom you don’t trust. Feel free to grant access to your account, if it is legitimate.

5. Reject the Jobs with no expertise required

We often get many emails and job postings where it is clearly mentioned that no experience and expertise is required. Do you really think there is any firm that will hire you without even bothering about your skills and experience? All legitimate job offerings include some sort of requirements (education, skills, and experience) are essential to qualify the job posting.

6. Do a background check of the scammer

Before you make any decision, it is advisable to think twice and more in order to find out the status of the company. False Job Postings promises you for easy money, but it is up to you whether to jump into it without making any proper research or to protect you from job scams or schemes. To get the best job and to save you from the job scammers, harness the power of the internet.

7. Avoid making payments to get the job

There are a number of scam companies who take money from the candidates and then disappear. It is illegal to ask money from the job seekers in order to help them get good jobs. Never pay upfront for a promise, these are the things that are the signs of warning. Be alert of any recruiter who promises to provide you job leads.

8. Say ‘NO’ to Jobs with vague Job requirements

How to make a difference between the real email and the scam one is the biggest issue that we face. Well, the points that will help you to say ‘NO’ to the scam emails will include things like ‘Age must be 18 years old’, ‘Must be a Citizen’, ‘Do you have internet access?’ all these are the ridiculous questions that have nothing to do with your job. The real job always includes questions that are relevant to your qualification, Skills, and experience.

9. Ignore the emails containing unsolicited Job offers

Sending unsolicited job offers is an old trick that is used by the scammers for long. If they have sent you an email that seems to be well-written then don’t get trapped. If the email contains a legitimate address with the company’s original email site then you can trust it. But, if it is the one with the free email site, then do not pay attention to it, just ignore.

10. Stay Away from the marketing gimmicks of the scammers

If you find some amazing testimonials then don’t get impressed. These are designed specially by the scammers to grab the attention of the job seekers to make them fall for the scam. Scammers are often caught making such false money back guarantee policies by the real job companies online.

All the above-mentioned tips will definitely help you to keep your guard up moreover, to bring crooks to justice.

Not only this, if you have experienced Identity theft which is the most common practice by the fraudulent these days, then take a corrective measure at the right time to prevent you from online fraud and identity theft. It is the crime in which hackers misuse your personal information through various methods such as Data Breaches, Skimming, Unsecured Smartphone, Phishing and more.

To put a stop to identity theft in the first place, always use different passwords for your every account which must contain at least 8 characters along with letters, numbers, and symbols. Always try to use cash instead of Debit and Credit Cards. Moreover, avoid giving your personal information to the unsolicited callers to save you from identity theft.

About Author:

Andrew Gordon is a general content writer usually writes about the current events & news. Everyone expect usable information from content writers. He provides as much of that kind of information as possible. His Favorite quote is “Become your best. Share your best with the world!”
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Recover Deleted or Lost Files on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Easily with Wondershare Data Recovery Tool

Data is the most valuable part of the computers. The digital format of information is vulnerable to the several threats which may result in lose of data. It may be due to the human error or the technical glitch that happened inside the circuits. At the end, the users remain the victims of data loss. Recovering deleted or lost files on computer is not as difficult as it was. We have better software and hardware tools available in the market now.


Spending time and money on the deleted files may worth trying but it also need a supervision of budget and effort. Wondershare offers a budget friendly solution for recovering deleted files on Windows computer. Their Data Recovery Software is available for just $49.95 and is effective in recovering the lost files on Windows computer.


I tried this software for recovering my niece’s lost birthday photos on my Windows 7 desktop and on my Windows 10 laptop. It worked great! I almost recovered all the photos back. This time I backed them up to cloud.


Wondershare Data Recovery software have some interesting recovery options that are quite needed when your are perplexed of what to do in such panicking situations. I will show you how this software can be used to recover your lost file of any format.


Note: Recovering of data is not 100% possible with any tool that is available for us so far. However, some tools like Wondershare Data Recovery help us recover almost all files of any condition by all means possible. I recommend you to take a backup of your data very often.



Recovering the deleted or lost data

Download and install Wondershare Data Recovery tool on your Windows computer. Run the tool after installation.


The home screen under ‘Standard’ mode will be shown with the recovery options of the software including the file recovery, partition recovery, RAW file recovery and recovery resume. This will recover files of all formats. If you want to recover files by type, click on the ‘Wizard’ link on the white bar on the screen. This will open a new wizard where you will be shown all the file type options including image, audio, video, office document, email specifically and other formats.


Lost File Recovery – Recovering lost files of any format



This is the first and very non-specific option that this data recovery tool has. You can find this option on the home screen of the tool itself.




You just have to show the location of the disk to search for the lost or deleted files. The rest of the process is taken care of by the tool itself.


Just select the location from the shown disks and click ‘Start’ to continue the search process.




When the search is over it shows all type of files that can be recovered along with the health status of these files. Click on the files to view the preview, select those you wanted and click ‘Recover’.


Partition Recovery – Recovering data from partitions

This option will help you recover the files from the particular partition of the list of hard drives that are connected to the computer. This specificity will help the user plan & organize the search process from partition to partition.




All you need to do is to choose the hard disk > partition > and start the search process. Check the files that are found, preview if necessary and recover them on to your hard drive.


RAW File Recovery – Recovering files that are difficult to recover

RAW format files are those that are identified by the non-human readable attributes like name and path. Sometimes the deleted or lost files cannot be recovered by using normal recovery mode. This RAW file recovery option will help to recover such difficult-to-recover files easily.


RAW files includes all random files that are deleted or removed from the HDD with time. As they are found unnamed, the previewing process might take a bit long yet worth when it can recover the actual data.




Click on ‘RAW File Recovery option > Select the partition > Hit ‘Start’. The search will find all the random RAW files on the HDD. This process might take a bit longer than the other options, as the possibility of finding the number of files is more.


Resume Recovery – Save scan and resume the search process later

This is one such great feature that is needed for a system utility tool like this. Wondershare Data Recovery tool is an efficient data recovery software that takes optimal time to search the lost or deleted files on the hard drive. The time to finish the scan also depends on the size of the hard disk, number of type of files selected to find and the type of scan chosen.




The terabyte hard disks of now-a-kind, re-checking for every file extension chosen and scan types like RAW file recovery will take lot of time to find the files from death and present before us. We cannot stay along all the time during the process and sometimes we may need to shutdown our computers after a while. At such times, this ‘Resume Recovery’ option will help us ‘Save Scan’ and resume later in any future.


Recovering data by type of file – Specific data recovery method

There is another mode of recovery wizard that you can swap on to. This recovery mode allows you to choose the type of file to recover > choose the partition or location and scan.


You can choose the photo, audio, video, email, office document and all other file types specifically to scan for. This will reduce the time of scanning and will give you quick results.


To be more specific, it scans the following file file extensions associated with the file types.


Image files – All common image formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, EXIF etc.

Audio – All common audio file formats such as MP3, WMA, AAC, AMR etc.

Video – All common video file formats AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, MP4 etc.

Office Documents – All common document file formats such as Word, Excel, PDF and so on.

Emails – All common email file formats such as Outlook, Outlook Express, PST, DBX etc.


Still thinking?

There is nothing valuable more than data in this world and when it comes to digital data, it costs a penny more to recover. Spending just $50 for a license is nothing for the flexibility of data recovery options that Wondershare Data Recovery tool offers. Go Get the tool today and get back your valuable files.

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The Best Tools for Lazy Web Designers

Web designers have faced with the new tools on the web in 2016. After they’ve tried them, they realized that some of them are very useful and simple for everyday usage, but for some of them they need to spend more time in learning and involving in their design.

What’s new in web designing?

Whatever you want to design and even you are a beginner or your design project is at the start yet, you can try some of the tools like Webflow, Origami, Relay, Frontify, Marvel or Avocode. You can also use some of them during the trial period, some of them are free and if you plan to make a big project, you should consider the monthly paying for some of them - that will be worthy of the long term.

Don’t worry if you are one of those designers who like a classic in their designing. You can try some of the classic tools available on the web. Some of them are Square Space, Builder Engine and Dunked (the best tool if you haven’t learned to code by now).

But, what if you are one of those who are practically lazy to learn something new, try new options and check what’s new every minute? Are you a bad designer? Or not?

Are lazy web designers really so bad?

There is a statement that lazy people are actually good for any kind of job because they’ve learned to do more job in less time. They will not waste their time on long and boring coding; they will always try to find an interesting content easy to use. They also know how making a perfect project, which forces people to accept and understand the content very fast and without too much time spent on reading. Every fast and useful tool actually came from lazy designers and programmers. Their sites are clean, readable and without too many information.
But, on the other hand, the lazy designer has to be dumb, too. He must know that learning is everything and that nothing is possible if you don’t admit first that you have to learn so much. Smart people think that they have learned everything. Dumb people learn every day.

So, if you are one of those lazy designers, or just don’t have time for making the big and complicated site, don’t worry, you are not the worst person at all. The only thing you should do is to use smart your laziness. Maybe this list of the tools is as made for you.

If you need a simple navigation

You should try This completely customizable tool will make much easier creating tabs acceptable in practically any design. Even the basic design, color, and shape are already made, the designer can adjust every part to his site and short the time needed for this step.

Do you need more colors?

There is a solution for that, too. Its Color Scheme Designer, a simple tool with already made pallets of colors and combination of colors which you can use. You also shouldn’t worry about the looks of dark and light version, because there is a sample of that included.

Do you want to eliminate dummy text before sending content on the site?

Tool creators have made an effort to make a simple and very useful tool, Bling Text, for resolving a problem with dummy text. The only thing you need to do is to plug the type and how much dummy text you want and give to a tool a chance to resolve it.

Speaking about the text

You also should consider a tool called because it will provide you thousands of samples of different sizes, fonts and text options so you can easily choose whatever option you need for the site.

Finally, what about the layouts?

There it is a simple tool, YAML Builder, for this problem. If you know what layout want to put, this tool has an easy-ten-use visual interface and you simply can choose one of those which is most approachable or similar to your idea. Now, just put content and code and, "voila", the job is finished.

See, it’s no problem if you are lazy; the problem is if you can’t do the job even you are a lazy person. Thanks to tools, that problem is resolved.

About Author:

Tom Jager is professional blogger. He works at Royal Essays. He has degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals. You can reach him at G+ or Facebook.
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How to Install Windows Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Manually?

The most awaited Windows anniversary update is rolling out. Not all Windows 10 PCs are getting it at a time. Many interesting features are introduced to Windows with this anniversary update. Taking from the UI to the added functionalities, the Windows 10 with this update is quite interesting to use.


If you cannot wait till it shows up in your regular update notifications, you can install the anniversary update manually. It is a simple process and need no advanced knowledge. I will walk you through the process step by step. Follow on.


Things you must remember before upgrading Windows 10


Windows 10’s anniversary update is the second major update that is released in the one year of its release. The first one was released in November 2015 with some minor updates and stability fixes. This update adds more features to the operating system and brings major changes to the user interface and functionality.

  • You should have a fully activated Windows 10 installed on your PC. If your Windows is not yet activated, check these possible solutions
  • Check if you have disabled the automatic updates. This will not show you pop-up notifications of any updates to be received.
  • The New Windows 10 after upgrading would be totally new with re-shuffled options. Only upgrade if you are okay to adapt the changes. If asked, I would suggest to upgrade.
  • All the features that are promised to bring to Windows 10 might not work on your PC due to hardware availability and incompatibility. So, do not expect the most the new features if yours is a older PC.
  • You may revert back to older version (10586) if you don’t like the anniversary update (version 14393). I always recommend to have the latest updates installed unless you face any software or hardware problems while working.
  • After the update is downloaded as shown in the Step 4, it might take up to 90 minutes to update the PC. If you are in some serious work and cannot afford that much time, better restart it later.

Installing anniversary update manually



Step 1: Go to Settings > Update and Security. Under ‘Looking for an info on latest updates?’, click ‘Learn more’. The web browser will open up Windows updates page showing information about the Windows anniversary update.




Click on the ‘Get the anniversary update now’ button. It will download a small Windows 10 update assistant application to perform the update process.


Step 2: Run the application (generally named as “Windows10Upgrade28084.exe”). It will open the window as shown below.




Step 3: Click on the ‘Update Now’ button. Then it will check the compatibility of the device for the update. If your PC is compatible, it will show the ‘Ok’ status beside CPU, Memory and Disk. Click on the ‘Next’ button to download the update. You may minimize the windows and resume your work.










Step 4: It will ask you to save your current status of the work to restart and start upgrading process. Click ‘Restart’ to get the update installed. Before restarting, you will be shown a notice about Windows update assistant signing out your current login in order to install the update.






Don’t just enjoy the new features for yourself. Share your experience with us in comments below.

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How to Choose the Best Cloud Server Hosting Provider

Cloud as a technology has become the main stay in the industry of IT. Most of the organizations see it as the strategic move to reduce cost, mitigate risks and achieve scalability of resources and other capabilities.




So, companies that make the strategic decision of moving to cloud - based technologies have to identify the best cloud service provider who can keep their data safe against potential thefts and simultaneously meet all their business needs too.




Before finalizing the cloud hosting provider, it is important to understand the need to review different Cloud service providers.


Why the review of cloud service providers is important?

  • Several providers offer different services under one term- ‘cloud’, which makes it difficult to compare their different offers.
  • Cloud market is flooded with a myriad of new entrants, who flaunt having qualitative services and far- reaching experience in hosting or application delivery. This raises concern about verifying their today’s service performance along with the ability to evolve their services to meet future needs of your business.
  • Your provider should grow with your business needs (at times, your needs might outgrow the cloud service provider’s datasheets).
  • Cloud service providers tend to fall into three camps:
    • Genuine cloud service providers.
    • Resellers marketing themselves as the end to end solution providers at the SMBs end of spectrum.
    • Service providers who are not aware of the standards established by Managed Service providers.

Thus, before sealing the final deal, it is of utmost importance to have a comprehensive review of Cloud service provider that you plan to entrust with your business.


With options ranging from Microsoft public cloud, Amazon’s AWS to Google’s Compute Engine and more, choosing a cloud provider can be a tough task. So consider these points below as a guide to what you should know about a provider before taking the leap.


1. Health of the provider’s business

  • Trust – Check the provider’s reputation and see who it’s partners are. Find out what level of cloud experience he has. Customer reviews are the best way to find strengths and weaknesses and search the truth.
  • Financial position – Check the stability track record and healthy financial position of the provider, so that you have no fear of long term successful operation.
  • Organizational structure, planning and risk management – Check the provider’s formal structure of the organization to achieve a systematic working and efficient utilization of resources. Also, check policies to manage risks and processes to analyze third party vendors and providers.
  • External audits (compliance) – The managed cloud provider should be able to instill confidence in its users by validating compliance or examination of the financial statements through a third-party audit, further reducing investors’ risk.

2. Support provided for administration

  • Service Level Agreements and resource monitoring – Providers should be able to provide a basic SLA defining the level of service expected from him, thus, promising assurances of quality and craftsmanship along with sufficient control –tracking and monitoring of services given to customers. Also, the provider should be able to generate performance- based reports.
  • Automated accounting and billing – Provider should be able to provide monitoring of resources that customers are using and also of costs so that clients know their usage bills.

3. Technical capabilities of the provider

  • Flexible deployment and management – Just ensure that your provider enables easy deployment of all cloud models – public, private and hybrid and has mechanisms to upgrade your software and applications respectively.
  • API integrated interface – The provider should use API interfaces to help a customer build easy connections to the cloud.
  • Event and change management – The provider must give access to adequately trained staff, which monitors and manages and resolves problems covered by SLAs. Also, there should be a help desk and ticket raising platform, synced with the monitoring/management system. Moreover, the CSP should assure documented and formal systems for requesting, logging, approving and testing changes, prior to their implementation.

4. Security measures

  • Security policies and infrastructure – Provider should have security infrastructure for all types of cloud services and also security policies and procedures to control access to customer systems.
  • Identity management – Any changes made to any application service or any hardware component should be authorized on a personal or group role basis. Moreover, user authentication should be made compulsory for anyone who wishes to make any change to an application or data.
  • Data backups and retention policies – To ensure the integrity of customer data, data backup policies and procedures should be operational effectively and must be reviewed, updated, approved annually and communicated to the customers too, on an annual basis.
  • Physical security – This section includes protection of personnel, hardware and programs. To ensure security, controls that ensure physical security should be in place, effectively, like access control protocols, identification card, CCTVs, on-site security, environmental safeguards for data centers to protect equipment and data from disruptive events. Most importantly, there should be redundant networking and a well-documented disaster recovery plan to maintain seamless business continuity.

Before wrapping up, do not forget to compare pricing plans and technical features of the providers.


Looking forward to your comments. Please drop in the section below.

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Best Websites with Cool & Free PowerPoint Templates

I’m someone who has been in the position to not only present but also be among the audience of several PowerPoint presentations. A while back I was invited to review project proposals for developing a web portal and the presenters I encountered were using quite conventional PowerPoint templates that one would find by going through the default themes offered by Microsoft. That’s when I realized how using conventional templates can actually make a presentation look quite dull.


The Danger of using Generic PowerPoint Templates

Imagine that you are someone reviewing project proposals and watching a presentation made on a template that you yourself have probably used a few times. While the presentation itself might not be bad, the template itself is likely to distract you because it might seem dull and overused.


Dangers of generic PowerPoint templates


Now, imagine the same presenter is using a template you have never seen before; one that has more visual appeal than default, generic templates. The latter is likely to be more attention grabbing for you or any audience for that matter.


Best Websites Offering Awesome Free PowerPoint Templates

To help you get that X factor in your PowerPoint presentations, here is a list of some of the best websites with cool & free PowerPoint templates for making professional slide decks.

 Websites for cool and free PowerPoint templates or Free PowerPoint Templates is the name of a website which holds the status of a veteran PowerPoint templates’ provider. This website has more than 7000 free PowerPoint presentation templates for a plethora of topics. The slide designs are quite impressive and the imagery used for designing the PowerPoint backgrounds consists of high-quality graphics and photos.


The best thing about FPPT is that there seems to be hardly any subject for which a PowerPoint template is not available. You can use the categories, tags or search for templates using keywords to find a PowerPoint template which best suits your needs.





This is another website which offers some amazing free presentation templates. Other than PowerPoint, some of the Slide Hunter templates are also fully compatible with Google Slides, with an option to open the slide deck directly via your Google account.


Slide Hunter


SlideModel is another website for downloading cool PowerPoint templates. While most of the templates at SlideModel are paid, it also has a very impressive section where you can download a handful of free PowerPoint templates.


However, the really cool templates require signing up for a paid subscription, which is quite affordable considering the website offers more than 10,000 PowerPoint templates, many of which are also fully compatible with Google Slides and Keynote.




SlideModel has a range of templates with maps, charts, business diagrams, dashboards and more. If you are someone who requires giving presentations at a professional level, you can greatly benefit from SlideModel. This is because the presentation templates are editable enough to allow making changes to even small slide objects. This can help you customize anything from a demand & supply diagram to the map of USA, with each state highlighted separately with its own map.


In fact, you might be surprised at the number of map templates the website has for different regions, continents and countries, as well as the business templates which enable making the most elaborate diagrams with easy modifications to sample slides.


PPT Templates

If you want premium looking templates for free, with attractive, glossy designs, then simply check out PPT Templates. There are a number of categories with some very impressive template designs which can be easily used for professional or academic presentations. Some templates even come with a Google Slides button to allow you to open the template within Google Slides directly.


PPT Templates


It is worth mentioning here that to download templates from PPT Templates you will have to use the social buttons at the bottom of the download page. This means you will have to like, tweet or plus the template before the download button appears.



Preparing an effective presentation requires time and effort. To fight Death by PowerPoint and make an outstanding presentation, you can rely on pre-designed themes and PowerPoint templates that will bring a new style and flavor to your slides. The list of sites reviewed in this article can be used either to get inspiration in creating new presentation decks or to download pre-designed presentation templates that can help to save hours of manual work.


The websites mentioned above should provide you with a lifetime supply of cool PowerPoint templates for your presentations. These websites continually add new templates to their ever expanding gallery, so you can always be assured of new and interesting presentation templates available for download.

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5 Great Productivity Apps for the Paperless Office

The negative influence we have on the planet is undisputed. With carbon emissions off the roof, the demand for more eco-friendly solutions in any industry is increasing. This is why even app developers are creating everyday solutions that can help you help nature while not drastically changing your daily habits. Some of those developers concentrate on offering software for employees to help them in their day-to-day efforts to reduce the amount of paper they consume on a regular basis.


This is why we have put together a list of 5 popular apps to use that will not only help you be organized, but are also more eco friendly.





Beagle is perfect for small business entrepreneurs, or just about any other person that is not a lawyer accustomed to reading through complicated legal jargon. This tool helps you “translate” legal talk into understandable everyday sentences. Instead of reading through a tedious document, this app uses artificial intelligence to give you the basics: who are the parties in question, their liabilities, what would happen in different scenarios and much more. Additionally it also lets you share the document with your teammates, add comments and it is very fast.


Now, instead of printing whole legal contracts (which can be VERY lengthy) this tool lets you work quickly through the tediousness with your colleagues without the need to have a hard paper copy of the document present for reviewing purposes.



Every running business produces documents that need to be signed by relevant parties. Whether it is employment contracts, customer contracts, permissions, agreements and financial reports, the bigger the business, the more documents need to be distributed securely and signed by the relevant party. This becomes an even bigger challenge in larger, multinational organizations with offices across the country or even the world.


This is why DocuSign was created as a digital solution to all document signage. Without any papers, you can send relevant documents to the right people, and have them signed in minutes across the globe. Really, any modern office should be using this neat tool.



It is difficult to make this list without mentioning at least one app that is mobile based. Expensify is a phone based service, perfect for frequent corporate travelers, or just about anyone who needs to refund employment related expenses. For example, when you get a receipt for a business lunch you recently invited your big client to, this app will convert it into a PDF and save it into the appropriate folder. It can even track your mileage, just turn it on and it will calculate the costs of your journey. Amazing! With this app it will be much easier to digitally store important financial paper slips, while recycling their paper counterparts.


One more great feature is the fact that you can easily integrate this app with the ERP software of your choice, so if you have a digital budget manager, Expensify is a great complimentary tool.


PDF to Excel

Another tool similar to Expensify is PDF to Excel tool. The beauty of this tool is that it can help you save hours, literally, when doing extensive accounting work. For example, if you get a bank statement in PDF format that you need to edit further, PDF to Excel will make your job a lot easier. With a very intuitive interface, this online software will convert all your PDFs into editable Excel sheets for you to work on. Additionally, it can also help you insert figures from PDFs into ERP software. You will no longer have to print financial statements to insert figures to your program of choice, PDF to Excel will do that for you.



Microsoft’s note-taking software is a good alternative to the classic post-it notes. It is really similar to Evernote, but simpler. You can write your notes from any device, have them all in sync, and share them with your team. There is an ink option even, if you wish to draw something and convert it to text later.


That was all - really simple apps for a big problem of paper overuse. Luckily, there will always be eco conscious solutions to make our daily lives more eco friendly.

Do you have any other apps you use to help nature? Share with us in the comments section below.


Author Bio:

Paulina is the community manager at Born and raised in Toronto, she enjoys writing about the latest productivity apps and emerging technologies. In the meantime, you can read her articles at Investintech's blog.

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