Why Do You Need a Mobile Manager Software on Your Computer?

Android has been the most used operating system all over the world. The features, open source nature of the technology, availability of the number of applications for different purposes and the cost of development are the crucial factors of the Android’s popularity.


Apple iOS is no less to the popularity level of Android but a premium operating system and is exclusively available with the Apple devices. iOS is known for its stability, seamless performance and innovation. Apple would be the first operating system to get new application ideas most of the times which are later adapted into the Android by the developer.


What is this all about? What’s the need of a mobile manager?



I just started a post with a topic Android and iOS and the title seems different. Am I misleading you?




We live in a world where our lifestyles are dependent on the mobile phones. It is hard find a person having only single mobile phone these days or a person with a mobile phone that is aged more than 12 months.


I wonder if you had caught my point!


Yes! I am talking about the data integrity over the mobile phones. This article is about the mobile manager that is needed to take backups and manage the mobile content including the messages, contacts, music and files on the smartphone.


We switch mobile phones very easily. That is why smartphone market is in boom. What we actually don’t care before switching the SIM and memory cards is the data. We don’t actually worry about the crucial data like contacts, calendar entries and messages.


My phone syncs data with my Google account, should I still listen to you?

What Google backs up is the contacts that are associated with the Gmail account and that are saved to that particular Google account. What happens to your contacts saved onto your device?


This applies the same to the calendar entries too. Then what about the SMSs? You might have some registration details confirmation in them that has to be shown to the authorities in future.


The simple conclusion is, Google won’t synchronize all your data. Don’t be in a trans.


(Well! I guess you still wanna listen to me. Then, read on..)


I have backup apps on my device. Should I still…?

Backup application are the great innovational app ideas for mobile phones. Most of them work only when there is a data/Wi-Fi connection. Some mobile phones don’t even have the stable Google Play Services installed on them to reinstall those backup apps for restoring purposes.


Only a mobile manager can restore the stuff back on to the device irrespective of its version and state (You must have had taken backup using the same software in the past).


I recommend you to buy a premium version of the mobile manager to look after your smartphone data from time to time.


(You can the mobile manage software reviews from this link if you want to get one)

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How To Cook With Your Smartphone(s) (No Apps or Guides)

The mobile phone technologies in the world are advancing to future levels before the whole world could grab and adhere them into their lives. When a technology meets the world, it will be used for multi-other-purposes than it is meant for. We have such scenes playing live in real life around the places in our country too. This blog post is such a funny creative focusing on how smartphones can be used for cooking.


I have replaced the cooking arsenal in this post with the smartphones according to their hardware configurations and special features. This is a pure #technocrats post and I don’t know even know how to cook two grains of rice. Worry not! Let’s make a tech-kitchen experiment. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this tech-cook post.




Cutting the veggies and meat

Before we could put something on the stove, we should prepare our ingredients readily cut down and shoved into pieces. I’d recommend you to take Micromax Sliver 5, the thinnest Android smartphone to cut down the veggies and meat.


Also, there is an alternative to Micromax Sliver 5, i.e., Gionee Elife 5.1 with the same thickness at its edges. You can’t have a single knife for everything in your kitchen. So, Elife 5.1 should go in the cutlery as well.


Warning: Be careful! Do it under parent’s supervision. Because Micromax Sliver 5 and Gionee Elife 5.1 are the thinnest smartphones ever made and may cause thin cuts if wrongly handled.


Preparing the fire or stove or oven

The days when people won’t be bothering about pollution due to petroleum products are no far. We have smartphones those can heat up to match the sun. Smartphones that come with Snapdragon 615 octa core processor are heating up like never before. They are crossing the 50 degrees of temperature on heavy gaming and camera usage.


Phones like Mi4i, Moto X Play, Yu Yureka perform to their best to give a seamless user experience. For high temperature cooking, better prefer Mi4i; for low temperatures, better to go with Micromax Yu Yureka and for moderate heating up, Moto X play is the good choice. Don’t forget to bring up the heat with heavy multi-tasking and 3D gaming. Because, these smartphones will never compromise in multi-tasking and gaming right in our budget.


Warning: Sadly, some vendors have fixed the issues up that were caused due to software incompatibility or bugs. Do not upgrade the system software of these phones or else you will lose their heating capability.


Mixing up the ingredients

Meanwhile, we should mix-up the ingredients in right proportions. For that, you need smartphone utensils with slight bending to fit perfectly in your hand. Without any thought, you can pick up LG Flex and Flex 2 to do the process. This smartphone has brought evolutionary ergonomics to the large screen smartphones to fit right in hand. The concave bent screen gives the experience of watching a curved OLED TV.


You can even pick up iPhone 6 Plus or Nexus 6P for custom bending ability. The aluminum metal used for these phones makes the phones lighter though they are bigger. You can bend them up as you want and shovel the mixture well.


Warning: Apple has fixed the bending issues with iPhone 6S Plus. So, always chose iPhone 6 Plus or Nexus 6P only for custom bending ability.


Wait for the signal

It takes time for any recipe to get prepared. Are you going to watch the fumes going to the skies for the whole time or what? You can’t miss the live cricket match or your favorite daily serial on TV. Use a tripod and set a Samsung J5/J7 4G phone with Airtel 4G SIM to it and place it right above the container on stove. Make sure it is clearly visible via HD video call (don’t worry! You will get double data from Airtel connected via Samsung J5 or J7). Now go to your heavenly sofa in front of TV and enjoy the show placing the video call in progress.

That’s how you can make your kitchen a tech-kitchen  and cook with your smartphone(s).


I bet you are looking at your smartphone right now and imagining. Don’t let it go! Share it in comments below and let the other tech-cooks learn.

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BlackBerry Priv Loves Security and Hates Fingerprint Security

BlackBerry comes up with a pure version of android smartphone at last. We all know how troublesome it was using BlackBerry OS with the neighboring support of only some of the android apps from Google Play Store. Priv the touchscreen and keyboard duo smartphone is different from the perspective of design ergonomics to the security features it offers.


BlackBerry Priv has a new design, seems like BlackBerry couldn’t forget the love of keypads for phones yet. It is quite a bold move in this era of feather smooth air-gap touch technologies to have a slider keypad right under the screen like old times. This screen is slighted curved at the edges and a speaker was placed right under it. The design is quite new and unique and is for those who love the uniqueness from similitude.




Security is the escalated feature of this phone which surprisingly don’t have fingerprint bio-metric security feature about which when asked the CSO of the company, David Kleidermacher have said that BlackBerry don’t believe in fingerprint bio-metric security as it is very easy to hack in to it. For that question how this new BlackBerry Priv is going to keep the phone secure, he replied that they are going to use the conventional security pass-phrase and security PIN for security.


To answer the yet poking question, what makes BlackBerry secure if not even used the fingerprint technology, DTEK security monitoring application answers sounding loud and fierce. This application focuses on the poor privacy policed applications that are installed and the type of private data they take from your phone. It monitors suspicious activity of the camera, microphone, messaging applications along with the monitoring of access to crucial private data like contacts and location.


BlackBerry Priv is now available for pre-order in UK available at upfront payment of £59.99 with the monthly rate of £39 or £579.99 SIM free. We’ll take a deep look in to its specifications and sort out the pros and cons of the device very soon. Stay tuned to Amfas Tech via social media or email updates.


See you soon with detailed review.

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This is How 3D Touch Technology in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus Work

The screen touch technology in smartphones has taken cell phones to a new level altogether. There is no need to put any light on this fact. We have access to anything on the globe by tapping our phone screen. But, the 3D touch technology that has been embedded in the latest iPhone from Apple is another milestone in the history of smartphones and touch technology both.


What does it do?

The first thing that we demand from any new piece of technology is whether it makes our life simpler or not. If it does, it’s good. The 3D touch is an elite combination of hardware and software (it will be discussed further below) that takes you to a new level of interaction with technology. The 3D touch technology basically calculates the duration of your touch and triggers events accordingly. Let’s see how?



There are two types of screen tapping; one that’s lasts as long as a couple of milliseconds or perhaps even lesser and the other one takes a little longer. Let’s say you click on the Note app. When you give a light tap to the app, the app opens up. When you press it almost for some time, you can almost feel as if your hand might just go inside the screen. Then a pop-up menu comes with the features of the app in it – like new note or new photo or a new sketch.

Another very useful way this lop tap 3D touch works is when you are in a conversation and you receive address. A long tap on the address pops up the address in the map so that you can get a quick view. Or if there is any future date in the message, long tap on the date takes you to calendar where you can set reminders.

You can directly hop into the task you want to do/ frequently do from the menu, thus saving your time simultaneously.


How does it work?

Here we will give you an insight how the 3D touch technology in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus actually works behind-the-screen.

At the heart of the phone is a capacitive senses integrated to the backlight of retina HD display. With each press, these senses measure microscopic changes in the distance between the covered glass and backlight. These senses are then combined with the touch signals and *accelerometer to provide fast, accurate and continuous response to finger pressure.

*accelerometer is a sensor in iPhones that help to detect the tilting motion and orientation of the phone.


For any general capacitive touch display device that offers a communicative response, the vibrating system requires at least 10 vibrations whereas the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus delivers that in a single vibration with the Haptic feedback system! Thus, this helps generating shorter events like a tap which lasts 10 milliseconds. Likewise, a full tap lasts 15 milliseconds.

We have given you an overview of the ‘3D Touch Technology’ that is used in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. This is surely a hot cake in the market. This technology is exclusive for iOS 9 version. We hope we could deliver the on-screen and off-screen (LITERALLY) logic behind 3D Touch Technology for a novice.

Let us know what you think on this super awesome feature in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in the comments below. Press the ‘submit’ button in comments below with little pressure to experience 3D touch (just kidding! unless you are reading this article from your iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus).
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5 Best Indian Companies among the Top IT-BPM Small Size Organizationsto Work for

It’s a new age for India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduced ‘Make In India’ campaign which forecasts the growth of Information Technology industry giving a good hope for Business Processing Management job market. BPM meets the goals of the organization by implementing the feasible framework approach and in the case if IT industry the scope has been elevated with the introduction of ‘Make In India’ campaign.

Before we dive into the top best list definingthe great place to work (in Indian IT-BPM companies), I would like to share the facts and the reasons why you should throw a glimpse on the small size organizations rather than larger ones.

The make in India program provides an opportunities to setup IT services, BPM, software and shared service centers for aspiring entrepreneurs and already established small size organizations. The support from the government to such aspirants and organizations motivates them to develop in the industry with the rapid speed. Should I be telling you that working with an rapidly growing organization helps the careers shine with the same glow?

So, you’ve got a reason to work for small size IT-BPM organization but which among those top companies are the best to start your career with? Here we go!

1. TO THE NEW Digital (formerly IntelliGrape Software)

TO THE NEW Digital is a premium digital services company (formerly known as IntelliGrape Software Pvt. Ltd.) that combines the power of technology, analytics, marketing and content for digital transformation. They are a team of 600+ people including technology evangelists, social media experts, content specialists, and creative mavericks who have transformed businesses of more than 300 companies spread across 30 countries worldwide.

They are also a strategic partner of many global companies including Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), YouTube, DataStax and MongoDB and is trusted by 20+ top industry leaders.To the new Digital is always serious about a having fun. They believe that a happy employee can make happy customers.

Who don't want to join a company like that?

2. Tavisca Solutions

Established in 2008 by seven entrepreneurs, Travisca Solutionshas grown up to 300+ employees as of today excelling the world class online travelling interface products by solving the key problems in it. The solutions they provide in creative design, product development and mobile application development have helped several travel agencies both online and offline, destination management companies, tour operators and consolidators.

Travisca believes in right of equality of growth and so provides an opportunity to the employees to grow with the organization. That implies if you could help company grow, it helps you grow back.

3. OSSCube Solutions

Established in 2006, OSSCube Solutions is a 100% promoter funded company backed by successful serial entrepreneurs. They have served 50+ industry leaders as clients including Google, Yahoo, Trend Micro, LinkedIn and more. They specialize in creating Big data Solutions, Social networking sites, ecommerce applications, mobile apps and games.

Every recruit will be treated as a potential leader regardless of the position and department he joins in OSSCube. The freedom and integrity kind of culture will give an opportunity to anyone to implement their ideology in the organization thereby in their careers as dreamt.

4. McAfee. Part of Intel Security

McAfee. Part of Intel security is one of the famous dedicated security technology company that delivers services and solutions related to network and system securities for an organization or an individual. They specialize in making, anti-malware, anti-spyware, antivirus and security management software products reducing risks and improving secure business operations.

With the support of award winning research team, McAfee is pronounced as threat detecting intelligence business solution in the industry. They are obsessed with safety and security, even in case of their employees too. They believe in bringing out the best of their employees by rewarding the best benefit packages to them. Who don’t love rewards from workplace?

5. Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi, being the inspiration to the next generations believe in creating futuristic information management and social innovation IT solutions. They now help companies establish software-defined infrastructure to improve IT agility and flexibility with more than 6K+ employees speeding over 100+ countries. India being one of those 100+ regions with 200+ employees on board, Hitachi Data Systems honors the integrity, honesty, trust and pioneering spirit in their personnel.

That’s it! Those are all the best 5 of topsmall IT BPM organizations. Always remember to choose a company that makes you happy. Happy job is everyone’s dreamafter all.
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Internet.org is Behind the Tricolor Flag Profile Picture | Digital India is Disguised; Beware

The fight between #NetNeutrality and #InternetBasics by Internet.org has turned a foul turn this time. The internet.org had got a lot negative push from the net neutrality supporters, so they renamed it as ‘Free Basic Internet’ and promoted it on Facebook walls compelling the users to click ‘Yes, I’m in’ button. The absence of ‘close’ or ‘not interested’ button lit a spark in majority of the users and it went down after campaigning for few days.


The prime minister of India (2015), Narendra Modi have started a great initiative to make India a true digital hub to the world. As a part of the mission, he met the CEOs of the top tech companies that includes the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.


Mark Zuckerberg have changed his profile picture with overlaying tricolor Indian flag as showing support for Digital India campaign. This made Indians proud of being the citizens of the country like occasionally before. So, people started changing their profile pictures using the suggested link that indirectly votes support for internet.org which is against net neutrality.


What’s wrong?

There are supporters for both the causes. Both have their own positives and negatives as well. An idea won’t be promoted with no benefits at all but, the problem is that it should fit the luxury of freedom of usage of the people it is meant for.


Any campaign should not be elevated or taken down if it gets negative feedback. As it is not meant to be  another business venture, it should not be insisted up on the people or evil extort the votes from them. Whatever the support anticipated, that should be taken with the honest approval of the users/participants it is meant for. 


See how internet.org painting Digital India face from this following screenshot,




It is as same as manipulating the EVMs during elections to tunnel votes only for a single nominee. How worst it is if you vote for candidate ‘A’ and it counts into his opponent, candidate ‘B’ in the background? The same is happening with Digital India campaign-tri-coloring profile picture on Facebook.


How to avoid it?

Easy. You will find a pinned notification on your news feed asking you to support for Digital India with two familiar buttons, ‘I’m in’ and ‘Not now’. Just close the notification by clicking on the ‘x’ mark on the top-right corner.


How not to support internet.org blindly and support Digital India consciously?

Do not wear tricolor flag just as the one Mark Zuckerberg and some of your friends are wearing. If you truly want to show your support, go conventional. Hash tag #ISupportDigitalIndia on social media and it is the best way to show your support to this futuristic initiative.


The sad part of the story is, Narendra Modi, the honorable Prime Minister of India too have changed his profile picture to tricolor overlay as soon as Mark did. Does this mean anything ? What do you think? Is it the end of #NetNeutrality?

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Snapdeal makes your e-shopping spree, a fabulous affair

It happened again!!

We’ve encountered another copied guest post submission on Amfas Tech. This time it is submitted by one of the middle level representator of a coupon site.

Sorry for letting your searching efforts down. You can catch up other tech stories on the site from this link. Happy reading :)
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Why Should You Own This Mobile Transfer Software?

Every software is developed for a reason and not every software can fulfill its purpose. In these days of rapid growth of technology, mobile phones are a visual evidence. One technology that rules the world today won’t exist tomorrow. One feature that becomes responsible for the high pricing of the device will become value less tomorrow. In such an unstable adaption, how could you trust on one technology or operating system for a smartphone?


Should you need to upload and download the data onto and from the cloud every time you buy a new phone? If you are a gadget freak, it becomes totally a stupid process. One cannot afford the time to upload the backup from his old phone to the cloud and download it on to the new one. What if the data volumes exists in Gigabytes? Would you wait for life time backing up and restoring? C’mon, you only get one good life and that is it.


What is the better solution?

I know that you are smart enough to think about it. Backing up data to the cloud and restoring is a new flexibility in using technology. What if you don’t have internet connection at that time of need? Sounds horrible right? That’s why I brought you a wonderful application that runs both on the famous operating systems, Windows and Mac. It is MobileTrans from Wondershare.


What can it do?

I expected that question from you, because you should ask it before using any software.

  • MobileTrans can transfers almost all the content like contacts, calendar entries, call logs, audio, video and images from phone-to-phone in 1-click.
  • It helps you backup your phone data on to your computer and can restore it back anytime.
  • It helps you erase your data on the old phone permanently.
That’s it?

A useful software need not to possess a bunch of non-sense features always. Wondershare MobileTrans is developed to serve a purpose and it is doing it perfectly. The best thing about this software is that it can migrate data from a phone of one operating system to another.


For example, it can migrate your data from your old Symbian to a new Android or iOS. Also, it can migrate data between iOS and Android smartphones very conveniently and easily.


Let’s get our hands on the software

Downloading and installing

You have to lift a 100 pound rock on to your shoulder to get this software.


Well, I’m just kidding!


Just go to Wondershare MobileTrans website and download the software. Buy a license key that suits your usage and proceed.


(Let me tell you a secret. A free trial of the software is also available on the website. You can download it and give it a try. Keep it between us only by the way.)


Installing the software is no new process. Run the downloaded setup file to get the installation started. After it get installed, it will open up with a screen as shown below:

1 wondershare mobile tans software


Connecting the phone

Connect your phone using the USB cable. Make sure the connection is established correctly. Enable USB debugging mode (for android) on your device. It will then disconnect and connect automatically in USB debugging mode.

2 enable USB debugging mode

It will ask you to confirm the connection on your mobile phone. Click ‘Ok’ to continue to next step.


Backing up data to computer

Restart the program once. You no need the enable USB debugging every time again.
Click on ‘Backup your phone’ option from the home screen of the software. It will take you to the backup panel. The phone will show up connected with a green tick mark and the data will start loading up if you have connected the phone correctly.


3 successfully connected


Click on ‘Start Copy’ button to get the backing up process started.


Warning: Do not disconnect the phone until the process is finished.

4 transfer progress

5  backing up of apps

Backing up of photos, videos and music follows.


Phone to phone transfer

You can connect the old phone and new phone at a time to perform this operation (No matter what operating systems the both phones are having).

6 phone to phone transfer


Restore from backups

The backups can easily be restored easily in one click with the restore from backup option.  It even allows you to restore the backup taken from iCloud, iTunes, MobileTrans, MobiGo, Blackberry and Kies software.

7 restoring the backup


Erasing the phone

We can erase the entire data from the phone in just one click. You can execute the ‘termination of project Alex’ (taken from Resident Evil movie plot) all by yourself. That was not to scare you but to be filmy a bit.

8 erase your phone

The good thing about this process is that it shows the estimated time before the process even starts. It suggest you to grab a coffee in that time but I took a heavy supper when I was doing with my phone (it took 99 minutes to wipe my 25 GB phone).


Hope, by now you would have got a a reason to own this software. Don’t forget to thank me for introducing it to you. I’d be happy read your thoughts about it.

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Is It The End Of Windows Live Writer (WLW)?

Windows Live Writer (WLW) is an exceptional piece of software that Microsoft has ever developed for bloggers. The simple and effective WYSIWYG interface helps a lot in creating neat and tidy content on the blogs.

In the past, we have seen how to download and configure WLW in a step-by-step process and it will go in vain. Because, the software is no more connecting to the blogs. It is showing authentication error that can only be solved by the Microsoft.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has stopped responding to the queries made regarding this tool since the long past only. They haven’t talked about it or mentioned about releasing of any update after Windows 7's. The last version of Windows Live Writer released was WLW 2012 build 16.4.3528.331.

Why Microsoft is ignoring it?

It is the million dollar question tingling in every blogger’s mind. Why is Microsoft ignoring the most wanted blogging tool? Is it because it has to be made available free?

I have a hunch that Microsoft discontinued this product because of the existence of a level of vulnerability to hack.

If you remember, you had allowed access to ‘less security apps’ in your Google account to connect your blogger blog to Windows Live writer for the first time.

Well, that means this tool is a less security application with the chance of getting the control ‘out-of-hands’ from the authorities.

‘Notes of compatibility’ on Wordpress.com

It is not just the case with ‘Blogger’ but also with WordPress. On the support page of WordPress.com, you could see this following notice of compatibility stating the uncertain development status of this program.

Scott Hanselman from Microsoft tweets about revamping of Windows Live Writer tool in 2014 but it is no wonder if could not see any update about it till now as you are.

Google updates OAuth to 2.0

This is the reason why the existence of windows live writer is more questioned today. So far, bloggers were happy with the current 2012 version of the tool because, no major problem was pointed out except a few glitches over time till today.

But now, Google, as said in the past, has shut down the older authentication system and provided proper help and support to use the new one, OAuth 2.0. Several blog publishing software developers have updated their tools with this new upgrade but Microsoft.

What does this behavior mean? Are they ignoring it purposefully?

If every other blog publishing software developer can do it, why can’t Microsoft, being the ruling technology company in the world?

Yes, it seems like Microsoft is ignoring it purposefully. If you check out the Windows Live Writer page on Microsoft, the lastly supported operating system shown would be Windows 7.

What do you think? Will Windows Live Writer rise from death? Or do you have any best alternatives in mind? Feel free to share them with us if so.
Update(02-Jun-2015): Windows Live Writer started working again like before. Hope Microsoft is cooking up something about it.
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Mobile vs. Desktop: What Features Make Mobile More Personalized Than Desktop

A desktop computer would supposedly be a powerful machine, sitting in front of which you can carry out many daily business tasks. A mobile phone on the other hand is also a daily tech companion which is embedded in our lives and real-time needs. When it comes to personalization, everything counts. It is the ability to blend the gadgets the way we like to live our routine. Ability to customize a digital gadget is a good thing. Or else you’d have to blend your life in reverse to use them.


Wait! Before we start, let’s talk a bit about the ‘actual’ personalization.


Personalization is customizing something according to your likes, needs and comfort. In case of electronic gadgets like mobile phones, personalization is building an attachment with them in your daily routine. We actually use and depend on them for performing daily tasks. Their loss can be easily identified and felt difference.


Can’t we personalize desktop computers?


Of course, we can. But the levels of customizing is limited to a place or mood. You don’t want to switch-on your computer in times of sickness or no work, but you will still hangout with your mobile phone. What do you think is the reason behind it? Specifically, it might be the ability to handle and use them with ease even from your sick bed.


Hold the thought and let’s get started!



Mobile phone, the name itself says that it can be carried with us anywhere. Mobility of goods is a great personalization feature. Things we need with us all times must be allowed to carry.  Something like carrying a wallet, carry a wrist watch, carrying a mobile phone also comes under this.


Personalizing to match with the style

If we talk about mobility, style comes to the concern. A desktop computer can never be installed with stylish back covers in colors but we can do it with a mobile phone. You can change the mobile phone covers and shells to match up your attire according to situations. Surprisingly, style is one of the factors why people actually struggle to buy a mobile phone that matches their style. That is why companies revamp their product designs for every new model released in the market.


Shopping has gone mobile

People buy anything online now. In fact, people buy anything from their mobile phones now. The sophistication of shopping from home has been optimized to shopping through mobile from anywhere. You may not have to get up from bed and sit in front of a desktop computer to go online shopping.




Haven’t you noticed the ecommerce sites going completely mobile very soon? What you think might be the reason? It is the possibility to personalize a mobile phone better than a desktop.


Personalizing communications

It is not merely possible to customize your communication preferences on a desktop whereas you have full control of receiving calls and messages on a mobile phone. You can keep the conversations private on a mobile phone but cannot get that privacy on a desktop computer at home or office. After all, many desktop computers at home are used by more than one person. So, it would not be easy to protect your conversations from being watched on a large screen. Though you use different accounts on a computer, the admin or parent will still have access to the rest of them anytime.


Personal digital assistant

A mobile phone is no more a device to make calls. It is 2015 and the mobile phones we are seeing today are well evolved in terms of technology. A mobile phone which is also called a smart phone today is embedded in our personal life that a desktop cannot do. One can just speak to their phone to perform tasks on the phone. We can personalize it in sync with our timings. It reminds us about our meetings, daily schedule, birthdays and performs other important automated tasks.


Walks with you

Yeah, a mobile can walk miles with you. The adaption of GPS hardware technology and Google smart maps software technology have brought drastic changes the way a mobile phone is used. It will assist you, help you and walks with you as long as you go proving the old saying “If you can talk, you can walk through the world” wrong. Now, even the dumb and deaf can do it, breaking all the inability limitations.


Secures your moments

Mobile phone is not actually called a ‘mobile phone’ these days. It is called the’ smartphone’ because of the possible things it can do. After mobile phones started having digital cameras, the need to get one separately has dissolved in time. You can shot the moment right away when you feel like taking one. Also, there available the pre-installed photo editors which make the frozen moments twinkle.


All-in-one gadget and that is called a mobile smartphone

Mobile is not just a mobile phone anymore. It has been evolving to serve multiple purposes of a human being. The mobile phone, so called smartphone which we are using today has gone through many mutations and many more yet to come. Though it is funny, it is true that a smartphone today is used to make calls less often and do more daily tasks mostly.


Moreover, the technical specifications of smartphones today are over smarting the desktop computers. The sales graph of mobile phones in the past 5 years shows how personally they were embedded in people’s lives. Now tell me, how many times do you look at your mobile screen in a day just to make calls?

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How Technology Changed Cricket World Cup 2015 Experience

This blog post is a part of Blogger Dream Team contest on BlogMint. The views and opinions shared in this blog post are framed with a perspective of ‘Technology – a boon or bane for cricket world cup 2015.

People are all senses, in terms of technology. This adaption of technical innovation by human race is motivating the scientists to develop more sophisticated technologies in short time spans. Imagine the time, five of years ago, where you loved watching the nerve cracking action of cricket on your LCD monitors. If you go back in time and watch the same match again, would it be any longer interesting?


Definitely, No! Because, you have had better quality experience than that in these five years. Haven’t you? Yes, of course you are. So, your expectations for tomorrow would be beyond what you have seen today. That’s what happened before those five years. You have seen better technology than CRT screens, called LCD screens and they are improvised to LEDs with the ability to render 4K HD resolution.


Having 4K HD screens in homes cannot bring the action live in to the room. The similar synching technology to capture the game with high power, technologically improvised cameras and equipment presents you the quality of the picture and the sound truly. Not just HD recording and HD televisions give you true experience, but don’t forget, the broadcasting technology also plays its role in bringing the life to the sport’s action.




Technology not only changed the experience of watching the cricket on your home screens but also the real play on the ground. It have brought some changes in the gameplay setting new rules and relaxing some regulations giving more space to accurate decisions and players’ comfort.


Remember the moment when Steve Bucknor took a wrong decision when Sachin Tendulkar was in crease back in 2007-08? How much will such a decision show its impact on the rest of the game is never not expected one. After the adaption of highly powerful slow motion cameras on the field, both the teams on the ground had got a chance to challenge umpire’s decision.




An accurate decision would not only serve the justice but also puts pressure on the umpires and makes them awake and keenly observe the play. Accurate decisions also reduced the controversies after the match, against the teams and umpires’ actions with pre-match fixture accusations.


Slow motion camera have also brought the feasibility to the third umpires to take decisions with less brain storming. The improved FPS(frames per second) capability of cameras made it possible to take decisions in the match simply.


Teaching teams to create winning strategies

Every match would be played like a battle and every battle needs strategies to win. In the past times, players just used to replay the match videos in their locker rooms and assess their and their opponents performances. Catching the weak and strong spots of a field or a player was so difficult with technological limitations those times.




Today’s technology started showing the players’ performance graphs with clear facts and in understandable formats. This helps teams brush up their skills on the ground to hit opponents hard, thereby giving a spectacular battle to enjoy. Remember, teams chasing out 300+ scores easily in ODIs these days? What do you think helped them hit hard the opponent? Technology of course!


Widening the market and improving the businesses

Cricket, when it was just limited to playgrounds decades ago, had the chances of capturing limited leads. Only some local brands and some renowned national brands could find the marketing opportunities expecting the business, that too, with in the country.


Cricket, in the early ages of television, had expanded the market scope to worldwide. Business found venturing in series like world cup highly gaining than any other market venture in a year. Businesses grew bigger and reached more potential customers.


In this age of internet, the business opportunities are innumerous where they started to born through creativity.


Forget that, If you are blogger reading this article, have you ever not thought of writing an article on cricket matches in world cup season? Yeah! That’s my point.


Wrapping up

Technology, in all ways have changed the gaming and game-watching experience of cricket and the series like World Cup. We can talk more widely on this topic for limitless time and the discussion would never end if kept on continued.


Thanks to all those researchers, inventors and innovators for what they gave us today for a sophisticated life to live.

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Who is a Professional Blogger? Money Talker or a Reader?

Blogging, the new age career option which needs a real courage to take up for life. It might take another decade of two to accept blogging also as a profession and that day, I am sure all those professional bloggers who are now the role models of budding one’s might be called as ‘the fathers’ of blogging in future.


I know it is hard to tell your parents and those aspirant neighbors that you took up blogging as you career without you earning as much as ‘they’ do. I mean as those daily job doers.


Do you know the same thing happened with the movie actors during the birth of cinema all over the world? Who are they now? Aren’t they your fashion role model? Aren’t they your life’s role model? Would you miss a chance to act in movies if given a chance?


You would never say ‘NO’ as it could make your career rich for life.


Let’s consider that you took up acting and you became one of those top grossing actors in the industry in 10 years. Would you then be called a professional actor?




Let’s consider you truly had that passion for acting and you barely got a chance to act in movies, yet you had those skills and can easily make yourself into the character that is given to you. Would you now be called a professional actor?


Yeah! I remember it is not a movie blog to discuss about acting. Let me come to the point now!




In my journey with blogging, I’ve met many bloggers of which some always talked about making money and some others who never.


The only difference I saw among them is that,


The money talkers seemed like have been earning something from their ‘doing’ and gave me a thought as if they are desperately looking for some fanatic attention towards them. Because fans become readers. Don’t you think?


The non-money talkers seemed like non-earners, yet they are earning handsome figures in real. Though, they don’t talk about the money they earn, they had always be in news with ‘being-thanked’ kind of notes over the social media.


In fact, these bloggers show a lot references in their articles where as the money talkers don’t give much. Isn’t it showing that the non-money talkers read much?


Who do you think are the professional bloggers? The money earners or the readers?


Whoa! Wait there! This article is not against money talkers. I know that they are proud of themselves and their achievement with their blogs. I am just trying to put up the metrics that can measure the professionality of a blogger here with your help.


Please share your thoughts and opinions about it in the comments section and I will add them to this article by giving credibility to your enlightening thoughts.


The presence of your knowledge will help many fellow bloggers and can make this blogosphere shine. Thank you so much!


Update from commenters' opinions

1. Nisha, from lemonicks.com is the first one to share her opinion. Here is what she says, “Does professionalism means only money? What about ethics and morals and such? I am just asking. :-)”


2. Rahul Krishnan, from spellboundwords.com says “Really there are another type of bloggers who act like pros and generate fake income and traffic proofs. They want to show off and don't like do hard work.”


3. Ankit Pundir, from technogeeks15.blogspot.in says “I think being passionate is the only thing which can make a person successful in Blogging.”


4. Rohan Chaubey, from rohanchaubey.blogspot.in says “For me professional bloggers are those who are passionate about writing that earning. We have people using inspect element and manipulating screenshots anyhow and then posting it publicly. A professional blogger must not do it that way. To summarize, the one who is passionate about writing and connecting is a professional blogger for me. No matter how much they earn. Money will come naturally sooner or later maybe.”


5. Umapathy Sekar, from onlinedecoded.com speaks some core points about the topic. He says “Just because you earn money through blogging, it does not make you a professional blogger. Pro is a one who is an expert and willing to learn new things every day. Pro should help others. They should provide value.”


6. Ahmed Imran, from reasontouse.com believes in adding values to be a professional. Here is what he says “If you go extra mile to help others and add value, you don't need to work hard for money. It will come itself. It is then up to you whether you keep it quiet or let everyone know about it.”


7. Rahul Kumar from myandroidphone.in says “My friends often mocks me cause I earn a little. But this blogging, this becomes a heroin for me. I am addicted to it, whether I am not earning a lot like other, but its for enjoyment. 7 out of 10 blogger join this venture to earn money instead of inspiring and helping other, they just CTRL + C and CTRL + V. Even one of my friend convert most of the English "windows" tricks to Hindi and post it in his blog full of no-conformation ads, and when earn nothing, he forget his own blog address.


8. Erik Emanuelli from nopassiveincome.com says “As you mentioned, I think you can spot right away a blogger who claim to earn big money online (and he lies), and another who does not share any details (but still, he's earning quite big potential income).


Waiting for your opinion too :) Share it in comments below. I’ll add it up here!

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Microsoft Renames Skype as iMessage in Windows 10

Windows 10 will not have Skype. Isn’t that shocking? Wait don’t give yourself a heart stroke. Microsoft renames the most lovable multi-purpose chat application as iMessage along with the new UI.


This might sound surprising but it is true, Microsoft is integrating Skype with a new name in Windows 10. It seems like Microsoft is bringing back the in-built messaging application that earlier versions of Windows 8 had. Unfortunately, the software giant discontinued the message app with Windows 8.1 update leaving users a conclusion of short lived app of all times.

The new iMessage in Windows 10 allows you to chat, make video or voice call your contacts on Skype. Another interesting feature is that it will maintain a sync between the devices. You can continue the chat after leaving it in the middle on another device.

You would give a double exclamation if I say that the UI looks pretty similar to messaging application in Apple’s OSX with the same rounded profile pictures and dual panel white interface.

Don’t you think Microsoft is adapting the Job’s dreamy design?

Respect to Steve Jobs for his amazing designs!!
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12 Industries Affected by 3D Printing

This article is submitted by Brent Hale, a computer hardware and 3D printing enthusiast. He runs 3DForged.com where he aims to help first-timers get into the world of 3D printing by offering guides, reviews and industry news.

When you think of 3D printing, what comes to mind first? Chances are good that you imagine consumer-based 3D printers (like these) that allow hobbyists and inventors to bring their visions to life, or to print replacement parts at will. That’s certainly one face of this technology, but additive manufacturing is also much, much larger than that. In fact, it has impacts on a tremendous range of global industries and, according to Forbes, “the potential to rebalance global economies”.


rapid-3d-3d-printer-5From manufacturing to housing to food, the new technology has already made a tremendous impact, and that effect is only going to get stronger. Business Insider surveyed 624 firms in a wide swathe of industries and found that 60% of them were currently evaluating 3D printing technology for its potential. As 3D printers continue to shrink and become more affordable, you can expect more and more businesses to get on board. Still, you don’t have to wait for some future date to gauge this technology’s impact on our world. It’s already revolutionized a number of industries. We’ll explore some of those most strongly affected below.


Manufacturing has been significantly affected by 3D printing in a number of ways, but none so much as prototyping. GE is a prime example of a company harnessing 3D prototyping to change its business. By printing components for prototypes, companies are able to deliver faster, more accurate results for a fraction of the cost with older methods. It goes beyond prototyping, though – GE Aviation is manufacturing jet engine fuel nozzles on 3D printers already. Even the US military is getting into the act here – replacement parts for vehicles, body armor, weapons systems and more can be printed with relative ease and lower costs.


If there’s one sector where additive manufacturing has really stood out, it’s in the world of medicine. The Internet is rife with news about how 3D printers have changed the process of creating prosthetics, and even enabled patients themselves to have a hand in designing and creating their prosthetic limbs. Of course, that’s only one example. 3D printers have been used to create everything from sleep apnea treatment devices to organs and body parts. Even artificial implants are being printed these days (think metal hips).


The fashion world hasn’t been exempted from the 3D printing revolution. In fact, it’s embraced it. Bold designers and fashion moguls have printed everything from purses to shoes. One company (Nervous System) even created the world’s first flowing 3D printed dress. Granted, it took 44 hours to print, but that’s nothing a little ingenuity and dedication won’t overcome. In the future, look for 3D printed clothing to become a viable choice in the marketplace from big name designers and mass-market companies alike.


Education might be the least surprising of the 11 industries listed here. The benefits of 3D printing for students, schools and even homeschoolers are readily apparent. When students can print everything from a globe to scale models of cities around the world, it’s no surprise that education has benefited from this technology. Those benefits will only grow as more and more schools secure their own printers, and more households adopt this technology and discover how much it can aid in the education process.


If you missed the news story, additive manufacturing is already in space. The world’s first outer space 3D print went off in late 2014 aboard the International Space Station and was a huge success. However, it’s not just NASA and the ESA that are using this technology. Aerospace manufacturers are increasingly turning to 3D printing for prototyping, and even component design and manufacture (like GE Aviation mentioned previously). While it’s most prevalent in research and development sectors, there are 3D printed components in many aircraft currently in the sky.


Do 3D printed homes sound like science fiction? Rest assured that they will be a reality, and in a much shorter time than you might imagine. One nonprofit is currently considering using this technology on a large scale to provide better housing for residents living in Brazil’s overcrowded cities. It’s being used to create temporary shelters and housing for refugees as well. It’s only a matter of time before you can order a complete home printed by your local contractor.


Think your car is solely the product of an assembly line? Think again. Several companies already use this technology in prototyping and part testing, including Ford. However, others are actually using 3D printed components in production vehicles. With the current state of the technology, though, smaller production run, high-end vehicles will be the first to adopt this technology on a wider-scale. For instance, Bentley has already announced plans to implement this technology, and several others are considering component printing, and even the printing of entire cars. In the hobbyist sector, there are already cars on the road constructed solely from 3D printed components.


When you think about electronics, the first thing that comes to mind is, well, electricity. However, it should really be plastic. What’s your cell phone body made from? While glass and aluminum are used, plastic is the primary material here. Inside that cell phone, what do you find? Circuit boards made from plastic. Plastic is the primary material for the electronics industry, from 4K TVs to smartphones, tablets, computer monitors and more. Because of that, electronics are a prime example of a market that would benefit greatly from the cheaper and more additive manufacturing. Its also been responsible for number of innovations in this sector, allowing developers to create smaller, more compact circuitry and advanced features.


3D printed food is nothing new. It’s been at least a concept since the 1950s, but now it’s a reality. Granted, most of it either doesn’t taste like much, or it’s largely a product made with liquid sugar, but there are new options coming to market. Hershey is one example of a company putting this technology to use in myriad ways (and eventually in the production of consumer-facing products). Additionally, new technologies promise to make it possible to print food that actually tastes like what it looks like. Imagine printing a cheeseburger and having it taste just like Red Robin or Hardee’s. Novelty chocolates, sauces, cheeses, and more are already possible, and the New York Times recently featured an entire 3D printed meal that included eggplant, pizza and corn.


This one is perhaps a no-brainer. 3D printing technology seems ideal for use in jewelry manufacture, particularly fashion jewelry. However, plastic isn’t the only material available. Gold and silver filament is already on the market, allowing jewelers and designers to bring their artistic creations to life in precious metals. As 3D printers become more advanced, look for even more printed jewelry on the market, not just from smaller companies, but from some of the big name designers in the industry. It will be especially important in the creation of limited-release items and custom creations.

Toys and Collectibles

This is another industry that should be pretty obvious. However, there might be some surprises here. This new technology primarily deals with plastics, and that’s the material most toys are made from. Several companies are already creating toys for up to 10 times lower costs than what they previously enjoyed. The collectibles sector has also been revolutionized by this technology – there’s even a firm that offers full body scans to customers, and then transforms those scans into figurines, busts and action figures. The future is even brighter, with the potential for children to download their own 3D files and print toys right at home, complete with customizations they design on their own.

Architecture and Design

It’s difficult to imagine an industry that could benefit more from additive manufacturing than architecture and design. This technology enables architects to take their blueprints and designs and transform them into true three-dimensional objects, not just computer simulations of those objects. One home renovation company in Holland is even already hard at work using this technology to create examples of what customers’ kitchens would look like with specific upgrades and changes. From skyscrapers to bathroom remodels, 3D printing is having an incredible impact on the architecture and design industry.

These are only a few of the industries in which additive manufacturing has had an immense impact. It’s a global thing, affecting every industry imaginable, from automotive design and manufacturing to environmental protection. New low environmental impact filaments, the reduction of natural resource use, and the ability to print products from recycled materials also help make the world a greener, healthier place while providing economies of scale and greater efficiency to industries around the world. It’s an exciting thing. Even the home is being revolutionized, with consumers now able to print everything from new kitchen spatulas to replacement parts for their lawnmowers.

It’s not done, either. 3D printing is finally hitting its stride and reaching maturity. Further technological advances, new materials and human ingenuity will place this technology in even more areas of our everyday lives.
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Why You Should Not Buy an Acer Product in a Life Time

This article is a very special one and an experience of my own. The views expressed in this articles are purely from my experiences with the Acer product(s). No one else has motivated me in any way in writing this. Read the full story and decide if you still want to buy an Acer product in your life time!

It was 6 months ago when I bought my first and new laptop, Acer E1-572 for my work. It was the first laptop to come with i5-4th generation processor under affordable price. I ordered it from Flipkart and they delivered it within 2 days which was great. It was a great experience of having a laptop of my own for the first time.

Though I do a lot of tweaks on computers(of mine’s and friends’), I never had a laptop of my own as my father couldn’t afford to buy another computer for me when in graduation. After a lot of waiting I chose to buy one, i.e., Acer E1-572 for god sake.

It worked fine for a week and started showing abnormal behavior of its speakers. I know that a lot of laptops get this issue and I have had an experience of it on my friends’ laptops in the past. Most of such issues occur because of virtual audio enhancement feature of some of the media players like VLC player. As I know it could affect, I never used it on my laptop. Though the problem was identified.

I contacted the support about the issue. They told me that the support will be coming in 3 working days and they come as they said. As you know, the support technician who comes to home to repair a laptop would be a local technician who would be representing the company. The same happened to me, the local support guy came with in the time and concluded that the speakers that come along with the laptop are not in good condition and need to be replaced. He left home saying that he will get back in 4-5 days with the new speakers in hand.


I was happy for the kind of support I have been receiving but it didn’t last long. 5 days passed and the support guy didn’t cared to get back. I kept on contacting them again and again, day after day with getting back of an answer of “not yet got the product”. Finally, after 10 days, they came to me and replaced the speakers assuring me all would be working good from then. I felt good that I could get my work done in a little longer time at least.

It worked fine for a week again started showing up the same speakers error. I have contacted the local technician again and explained them about the issue. They advised me to file another call log so that they will come again and replace the main board(as the problem seemed to be in main board). I logged a complaint through phone and they told me that the local technician are going to contact me in 3 working days.

This time I got a call from local technician after 4 days and told me that they are going to replace the main board as soon as they receive it from Acer warehouse. Days and weeks are passing by, whenever I make a call to the local technician to enquire about the same, the only answer I got from them is “we will inform you as soon as we get it”.

I waited a month and I waited an half. No response from either sides. I have become busy with my works and didn’t cared about the complaint for some time. I used to remember about it when I notice it disturbing my work all of a sudden in the middle of something. I once called Acer again and asked about my complaint status. They told me that the complaint booked was closed(for no reason). I logged another complaint again from my dad’s number with a renewal request of the previous complaint.

I got busy again and this time I got no 3 working day response from local support even. Later I realized so recently that it’s been already 6 months since I bought this laptop with a faulty main board. If I can’t make it repaired, I’ll have to spend some extra bucks after the warranty period which I am not willing to.

I logged another complaint again through phone and email as well this time. I have got an email response asking me to fill up a complaint detail spreadsheet. I filled it up and sent. I have got a call from local technician after 3 days, to my dad’s number which I used once in the past. In fact, they need to call the number which I have provided while logging a call. I ignored it, because I wanted my problem get solved at first and it doesn’t matter the kind of communication channel I or they have used.

The local technician came and noted down the motherboard number and bid good bye telling me that he would come again when the spare part is received. He told me that he’ll return with new main board in 4-5 days again which he didn’t, as usual.

I don’t want it to be ignored this time also and so kept enquiring about it after every 3 days sequels. When I called for the second time, I asked the local technician straightly as if they are going to ignore this complaint also. He reversed it on me and accused that I changed my mobile number(which I have been using constantly since I got a mobile phone in my hand, 8 years ago) and so they cannot contact me back.

I made a call to Acer and asked if it is their habit to play with customers after buying the product. The Acer support told me that they do not have the spares in warehouse because they are facing issues with importing them into India. I talked a little harshly to them this time which might have made him took it seriously and so sent the local technician today with a spare of main board. The guy replaced it and gone. This time the problem got worst than before. These are the problems that are added to it now,
  1. I could not see BIOS settings
  2. The DVD writer is making short beep sounds while the disk is rotating
  3. Internal keyboard is not working
  4. Even external keyboard is not working as well
  5. Takes power lately after turning on the laptop
  6. Don’t know what else are not working
I have very important data of mine in my laptop and don’t know what it’s going to take toll on. Acer was my favorite and I used to prefer/refer Acer among the rest in the past till my laptop. Later, I have realized it lately that the support it gives is horrible and is no different from an in-famous startup business. I’d be glad if this story of mine helps you decide.
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Is 'Nano Particles' the Future of Technology?

Nano Particles-Are they going to be the future for storage of charges in batteries? Word is being spread out that nano particles when refined through a series of process, can store charges at much higher rate than any other batteries used in the current device.

What would you do if you are told “Hey, you can recharge your phone in less than 30 seconds” Yeah and that’s what the manager of Storedot-a start-up company has promised its investor.

Isn’t it cool? Storedot is a start-up which is gaining its attention in the market with its product buzzing in the recent times. The company CEO has addressed in a meeting that they are in the final stages of developing a product which is going to be the future of the world in the field of storage devices.

They are trying to synthesize nano dots and combine its power so that they can pack up all the particles inside a phone battery so that within thirty seconds it can recharge a phone. However their production methods are still unknown.

Since they have given their word that their product will be out in 2017 in the markets, investors have started pouring out in queue.

Rumors being spread that Samsung have approached them for bonding. However they remain numb for answers. Hearing such improvement in technology particularly in storage devices will nano particles be the eye opener of future?

Well when things are at stake new discoveries are made. Isn't it going to be one of them. I guess we have to wait and watch!
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How People Used to Blog in Olden Days?

You must be feeling very fortunate to have computers, internet, gadgets and blogging platforms today, but have you ever thought how people used to share things to the world in olden days? Do they also blog? But how? Let’s see!


How our fathers used to blog?

My father have seen the birth and evolution of computers and internet but never used it the way we are using them now.


My dad’s a writer. He always loved writing when he was young and he always wanted to write if he gets a chance. My passion for blogging(writing) might be an inheritance from him.


He have written a couple of blogs in the form of spiral books. But I am the only one who got access to read after my dad. Remember blog view restrictions today?


How our grandfathers used to blog?

Our grandfathers might not even know how to use a pen and a book but yet used to blog.


Unbelievable, right?


Very famous personalities who dedicated their lives to research their lives has never cared about writing about themselves(autobiographies). Our grandfather bloggers have took an opportunity to write about them in the form of biographies.


Haven’t you read personal blogs of famous personalities ever? Not all blogs are truly maintained by themselves. Some are maintained by their followers and disciples. Remember 21st century’s genius Stephen Hawking joining Facebook?


How people of king and kingdom times used to blog

It might feel a bit awkward for you to read that people used to blog in king and kingdom time? Hold it right there! Because you would want feel more awkward in further reading.


I remember from my expeditions about the scripts drafted on rock slates in the places of destroyed monuments.


Poets, writers and wise men of King’s palaces used to rock! Yeah! they truly are. Rocks were the only reliable sources to write on at those times. Those rocks were used to kept in public places for social reach.


Also, people use to write on cloths but they are written with limited access. You might have seen scholars of the place reading out loud their creatives in front of the king in movies also.


How people before king times used to blog?

Times before king times? And blogging?


Yeah! I’m not screwed up not even trying to make you so. Believe me, reading further will be convincing.


Long long ago before the time of kings, there were very less number of bloggers in the world who were actually extraordinary thinkers. They specified some principles to lead our lives well.


Just like the bloggers in the grandfather times, followers of this age accumulated all the life leading ideas of great personalities and named them the Holy Book.


‘Holy Book’ is a wonderful title for a blog. Isn’t it?


How people before ‘Holy Book’ times used to blog?

Blogging before calendar times might let you down your eyebrows at me? Wait a second and hold  it right there. Read he following point and then tell me I’m wrong.




At the times of cavemen, people used to record their ideas, plans and creativity on rocks by painting on them. I still love to visit them often when I can.


Really? Blogging is that old?

Yes! it is! Recording ideas on any platform, from rocks to today’s internet web spaces is a process of evolution. If you still don’t believe me, watch this picture,




Share your thoughts in comments!

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Cyber Monday: Holiday Shopping Done Right

Mark your calendars. Monday, December 1, 2014, is Cyber Monday. The first Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday is traditionally Cyber Monday. The event is online mayhem, and it allows shoppers to capitalize on the deep discounts that online retailers offer. Deep discounts are what draw online shoppers to Cyber Monday retailers; and by "deep," expect 20-80% off major brands. Many retailers such as Amazon offer cyber deals all week long despite the shopping focus being on Monday.

What to Expect in Terms of Savings

cyber monday

Every online store offers something different. Savings on electronics such as laptops are insane. Cyber Monday is directly following Black Friday, and it is specifically for people who want deeply discounted consumer goods without dealing with the crowds. Nobody has been trampled yet at a Cyber Monday shopping event. Consumers should expect good sale prices from all the top online retailers such as Best Buy and Macy's. There are plenty of outstanding brands and sites where consumers save big bucks. However, the deals are not just on electronics.

If you have a favorite department store, then plan on hitting up its online store on Cyber Monday. Many stores offer deals that are only available online. The benefit for stores is that they attract millions of online customers. The benefit for consumers is that the lines and throngs of people do not exist. It is just you and your computer, and many people find shopping without crowds pure awesomeness.


Tips for Finding the Best Deals on Cyber Monday
The best tip for all consumers is to do your homework. Every online store will offer some type of web promotion or flyer that lists the deals. Look up the stores where you love to shop. Make notes of who has the best cyber sales for what items.
Compare brands before you shop. Cyber Monday is crazy. Cut the crazy and reap the rewards by doing research and being an informed consumer. At this time of year, don't race out to buy the best new LG smartphone. Be a patient shopper and wait until Cyber Monday, and then enjoy the savings.
Make a top five list. If you want a new laptop, make a list of the top five machines that you want. The limited availability of products and that there are millions of online shoppers means that some models will go lightning fast. Be prepared with your backup choices for brands and models. That is how you win on Cyber Monday.

Focus your attention on the items that you need or want. This is not just about holiday shopping. If you need a new computer, then Cyber Monday is likely the best time to find the best discounts.

Think outside of the box. Almost anything sold online is fair game for a Cyber Monday sales blitz, including travel deals, new appliances, and even new cars.
Make multiple online transactions. Not every online store will hold your in-cart items. If you find the world's greatest deal, buy it quickly. If you wait to fill up your shopping cart, you might find that some items have sold out while you were shopping.

Make a budget and stick to it. Make a list and stick to it. The savings and shopping frenzy during Cyber Monday make it tempting to spend way more money than you intend to spend. Set limits, and focus just on the items that you have put on your list. Just because it is Cyber Monday does not mean that you must spend irresponsibly.

With Cyber Monday coming up quickly, now is the best time to start all of your pre-shopping chores. Follow the above tips to reap the best rewards without breaking the bank. Cyber Monday offers consumers savings for holiday shopping or those occasional big-ticket purchases, such as a new flat-screen TV. Whether you are shopping for yourself, family, or friends, the time that you put in now will show in the end. If you have a big-ticket item on your to-buy list, chances are that you will find it on sale during the online mega-sale come December 1, 2014.
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How I Could Recover Local Search Traffic in Two Months

We have already seen how much toll it took on the blogs and website when Google released its new local search algorithm lately in the month of July of this year. Every webmaster was perplexed and local businesses are also got effected.

Amfas Tech also caught some heat earlier but we could successfully recover our local traffic by now. Read on to know and learn the strategies we’ve implemented to recover our local traffic.

Talking about the versions of the algorithms that Google has been introducing all these years, Hummingbird and Local Search Algorithm(unofficially called ‘Pigeon’) are the most effective algorithms so far. We’ve seen how a Hummingbird algorithm works in contrast with the Pigeon in the past and so we already knew that local search algorithm is as effective as hummingbird.

Local Search Algorithm was introduced to facilitate the Google user feel more realistic and comfortable with the results fetched from the local visibility.

For example, let us suppose I was searching for an ice cream parlor near by my location. I would be shown the ice cream parlors with in my location when I start typing in as you can see in the following screenshot.


What I have been shown may not be ‘the –best’ shops around the globe but they are nearer to me and that matters all. I won’t be able to get access to some random shop situated some where in California with lot of optimizations for their business listing set up.

Though it may show me the best shops, I cannot get access to them. What if happens in the case of hospitals-search too? Probably the patient will be playing with angles in heaven by the time he reaches the best hospital shown in some human coded search engine.

Google don’t want ‘Google’ still look like an human coded search engine. Years passed since internet was born. It wants it to become better with auto intelligence like locality detection, relevancy and accuracy. So is local search algorithm.

What I did to recover from local search impact?

I have read, watched and observed websites and local listings of businesses keenly. All the experts said was not getting through my mind actually but it left me with clues.

Specified address and location
The thing is that I never specified the address of my blog services availability to my readers on my contact us page which I did it later after knowing. Here is what I did.
As I did in the early days of local search algorithm hit, tit haven't showed me any result.

Kept writing more quality articles
Any algorithm hit never backed me down from blogging. So it is. I kept on writing more and more quality articles of at least 800+ words each with ample of useful information for readers.

It increased my authority over my blog in blogosphere. Remember quality matters, not just writing words.

Panda 4.1 helped me
The spam weed out algorithm panda version 4.1 helped my blog get positioned higher in search results.  The removal of links from spammy blogs and websites have automatically pushed up my blog links in SERP.

Death of PageRank helped me
I was expecting a PageRank hike from 2-higher like 4 this time as I am much confident about the content I have been posting all these months consistently. Though the current PR 2 help me get ranked higher in SERP, the death of it took toll on the gap between the two consecutive PR updates and that gap helped me.

Penguin 3.0 helped me
The latest version of Penguin 3.0 weeded out those blogs that have crossed Google webmaster guidelines. Two weeks right after Penguin 3.0, I could observe the hike in daily sessions by 400% amazingly.


How can I say it is local traffic?

I have seen no change in the international traffic and they are consistent since the hike. All I can see is the engagement of local traffic within the country.

No strategy I followed is wasted. Every step I took in restoring the traffic locally improvised my tricks level by level and Google helped me a lot in this regard.

You can also give it a try and see if my strategies are working out for you too. Google predators are on loose hunting hungry the prey. Don’t become one, follow Google webmaster guidelines and always stay on safe side.
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