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Hide My IP Software Review: The importance and need for IP hiding

IP address is your unique identity on the online planet. Anyone can easily identify your location based on IP address of your connected device. Showing up your IP address publicly will has its adverse effects on both sides of the situation.


Some websites in the internet cannot be accessed in some countries. Because of the restrictions posed by their governing laws, you would not be able to access those websites freely or completely. As internet connects people with the rest of world, irrespective of the countries, there is a need for unrestricted access to websites.


All the banned websites are not actually bad websites. For example, Google was banned in China as the country thought that it violated their laws. That doesn’t make Google a bad website for the rest of the world too. Visitors of China would want to access the Google’s website which they cannot and it would be hard for them to switch to any other search engine all of a sudden. This brings up the necessity of hiding of IP address.


Also, when you connect to internet, some applications and software might track down your location and can manipulate the results that suits for you. This open book online activity creates a vulnerability on your side and a sweet spot to hackers. If you remember the flying ads on some websites saying that some [local name of a girl] is waiting for your in [location], you would understand what I mean clearly.


What is Hide My IP and how to download it?

Hide My IP helps us to hide/mask our IP address on the network with fake one’s and enables anonymous web surfing by encrypting our internet connection thereby protecting our privacy.


Features of the software:

  • You can surf the web anonymously
  • Protects your identity online
  • Encrypt your internet connection
  • Prevent the government from spying on you
  • Send anonymous emails
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Hands-on the application

Downloading and installing the application has no strings attached. I’ve not faced any hiccups in installing the application on my PC.


When run, Hide My IP shows up the real IP address on the network along with the safety masking/encryption options.


shows up real IP on start up


Choose you IP rotations, location and click Hide My IP button to start hiding your real IP address. It would then show up with you new and fake IP address like as shown in the following screenshot:


fake IP


You can even configure the software for different browsers. Click on Advanced Settings and it allows you to choose the header privacy and SSL encrypted connections.


browser settings


Hide My IP even allows you to control the IP hiding for web browsers and internet applications alone. It even allows you to run this software for specific applications.


With Hide My IP, you can,

  • Hide your real IP on computer startup itself
  • Rotate IPs for more security
  • Clear cookies on changing to new IP address
  • Control browser header privacy
  • Encrypt the connections with SSL
  • Choose a desired fake IP location
  • Control the program’s integrity with the some applications specifically

You can buy and download Hide My IP from this link.


Download trial version

You can even download the trial version of this application that allows you to use the software for 7 days without any restrictions to the premium service.


Share your opinions on the software after using it. We’d be happy to hear your thoughts on this.

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WixStores - An efficient eCommerce website builder for non-programmers

From the ages, online store creation has been a programmers’ job. Each and every element of the website has to be coded, making it difficult to look after. Fortunately, over time, the possibilities also grew bigger. WixStores identified such a possibility and created an environment in which a non-programmer can himself create and manage an eCommerce website without needing to write a single line of code.


Today, I am going to try my hands on WixStores and will show you how you can build an online store easily.


Signing up with WixStores

To create your own store, you should have an account on Wix. From WixStores, click on the ‘Create Your Store’ button. Then, it will pop up a sign in/create a new user box using which you can create a new user with your email/Google+/Facebook.




Creating a new eCommerce website

After signing up, you will be taken to a page that guides you to create your WixStores online store. Click on ‘Start Creating now’ to get started.




You will then be shown a lot of templates under a lot of categories to choose from. You can also select the sub-category to build your online store.




Choose a template that suits best for your design needs and click on ‘Edit’ button to open it in the Wix editor. You will be shown a video tutorial as you are a new Wix user. I recommend you to not skip it at any cost.




As shown in the video, you can drag and drop elements, click-to-edit the text on pages smoothly. Take a look at this screenshot for better understanding.




After you are done with editing elements on the template, click on ‘Publish’ to take your website live.




It is always better to save the changes before publishing. Also, it is always much better to preview before publishing.


Creating a mobile friendly website

Mobile friendliness is a ranking signal now. Search engine giants like Google have started considering it after seeing the rapidly growing mobile internet users. So, if you are planning to create a website, mobile-friendliness must also be taken into consideration. When you create your eCommerce website, a mobile optimized version of your store will be automatically be generated. Keep in mind that you can only edit the layout of your mobile site. Basically your mobile site will be an optimized version of your desktop site.




Upgrading to the premium plans…

You might be amazed to know about the awesomeness of WixStore’s online store builder so far, but the best is yet to come.




Benefits of upgrading

You will get your own domain for your Wix site. That means, your website will no more be addressed as anymore. You will be able to choose your own domain name, and register it with


There will no longer be Wix ads on your website if you decide to upgrade.

Your site will be loaded with unlimited bandwidth and will be given extra storage to publish as much information as you want.


You can connect your site to Google analytics and track your site stats easily.

And you will get a bonus of $75 gift voucher right on upgrading. Here are the best upgrading plans on Wix




Select a best one among the above and make your online store look like a true professional business.Remember that the only plans, which include WixStores are the VIP and the eCommerce plan.


WixStores’ Online store

Every person wants a website these days just like a personal phone number. Every business wants an online store to extend their reach. But the knowledge of web programming stood as a barrier in this evolution. WixStores is a wonderful tool to create websites and online stores. You can display your products in beautiful galleries and offer a secure checkout for your customers. You can manage orders; keep track of your inventory anytime. Amazingly, no commissions will be deducted for the sales made through your website.


Isn’t that cool?


In addition to that, you can create, manage and share promotional coupons to keep your customers coming back for more. Also, you can manage the shipping fees and taxes based on the location you have to send the products to.



You might see another online store builder to build their eCommerce website, but you won’t find one like WixStores. As you have seen, it has the all-in-one easy and enhancing features, which you can manage your website/online store at one place.


So, if you are thinking to startup an eCommerce site with your own hands and with zero programming knowledge, it would be better to start it up with WixStores … that way you can get started with your online business real quick.

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Why Should You Own This Mobile Transfer Software?

Every software is developed for a reason and not every software can fulfill its purpose. In these days of rapid growth of technology, mobile phones are a visual evidence. One technology that rules the world today won’t exist tomorrow. One feature that becomes responsible for the high pricing of the device will become value less tomorrow. In such an unstable adaption, how could you trust on one technology or operating system for a smartphone?


Should you need to upload and download the data onto and from the cloud every time you buy a new phone? If you are a gadget freak, it becomes totally a stupid process. One cannot afford the time to upload the backup from his old phone to the cloud and download it on to the new one. What if the data volumes exists in Gigabytes? Would you wait for life time backing up and restoring? C’mon, you only get one good life and that is it.


What is the better solution?

I know that you are smart enough to think about it. Backing up data to the cloud and restoring is a new flexibility in using technology. What if you don’t have internet connection at that time of need? Sounds horrible right? That’s why I brought you a wonderful application that runs both on the famous operating systems, Windows and Mac. It is MobileTrans from Wondershare.


What can it do?

I expected that question from you, because you should ask it before using any software.

  • MobileTrans can transfers almost all the content like contacts, calendar entries, call logs, audio, video and images from phone-to-phone in 1-click.
  • It helps you backup your phone data on to your computer and can restore it back anytime.
  • It helps you erase your data on the old phone permanently.
That’s it?

A useful software need not to possess a bunch of non-sense features always. Wondershare MobileTrans is developed to serve a purpose and it is doing it perfectly. The best thing about this software is that it can migrate data from a phone of one operating system to another.


For example, it can migrate your data from your old Symbian to a new Android or iOS. Also, it can migrate data between iOS and Android smartphones very conveniently and easily.


Let’s get our hands on the software

Downloading and installing

You have to lift a 100 pound rock on to your shoulder to get this software.


Well, I’m just kidding!


Just go to Wondershare MobileTrans website and download the software. Buy a license key that suits your usage and proceed.


(Let me tell you a secret. A free trial of the software is also available on the website. You can download it and give it a try. Keep it between us only by the way.)


Installing the software is no new process. Run the downloaded setup file to get the installation started. After it get installed, it will open up with a screen as shown below:

1 wondershare mobile tans software


Connecting the phone

Connect your phone using the USB cable. Make sure the connection is established correctly. Enable USB debugging mode (for android) on your device. It will then disconnect and connect automatically in USB debugging mode.

2 enable USB debugging mode

It will ask you to confirm the connection on your mobile phone. Click ‘Ok’ to continue to next step.


Backing up data to computer

Restart the program once. You no need the enable USB debugging every time again.
Click on ‘Backup your phone’ option from the home screen of the software. It will take you to the backup panel. The phone will show up connected with a green tick mark and the data will start loading up if you have connected the phone correctly.


3 successfully connected


Click on ‘Start Copy’ button to get the backing up process started.


Warning: Do not disconnect the phone until the process is finished.

4 transfer progress

5  backing up of apps

Backing up of photos, videos and music follows.


Phone to phone transfer

You can connect the old phone and new phone at a time to perform this operation (No matter what operating systems the both phones are having).

6 phone to phone transfer


Restore from backups

The backups can easily be restored easily in one click with the restore from backup option.  It even allows you to restore the backup taken from iCloud, iTunes, MobileTrans, MobiGo, Blackberry and Kies software.

7 restoring the backup


Erasing the phone

We can erase the entire data from the phone in just one click. You can execute the ‘termination of project Alex’ (taken from Resident Evil movie plot) all by yourself. That was not to scare you but to be filmy a bit.

8 erase your phone

The good thing about this process is that it shows the estimated time before the process even starts. It suggest you to grab a coffee in that time but I took a heavy supper when I was doing with my phone (it took 99 minutes to wipe my 25 GB phone).


Hope, by now you would have got a a reason to own this software. Don’t forget to thank me for introducing it to you. I’d be happy read your thoughts about it.

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Earn Bonuses by Smart Shopping Online with Bonusbay

Everybody buy online. Only some buy smarter.


There is a lot difference between these two sentences. Buying is what everyone do without caring about getting discounts and cash backs on something where as buying smarter is buying things online with discounts, cash backs, gift cards and goodies.


Should you really think once before buying?

C’mon! What kind of question is that? Of course, you should think, compare the prices and look out for discounts. Don’t care about it if you have trees that shed currency notes daily.


Is there a way to buy smarter online?

Aha! There you are! This is what I was expecting from you all the time.


There is a website called which give money backs for you purchases through their website.


Wait! Don’t judge it yet.


Bonusbay will have links to several products of the major shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal and so on. When you login into your account on Bonusbay and buy products from those ecommerce site links, commissions will automatically get credited into your account.


C’mon! Don’t tell me about coupons again!

Won’t you be surprised if I say it is not about coupons and Bonusbay is not at all about coupons?


(Admit that you are surprised)


What is Bonusbay?

Bonusbay is a whole new concept. When you buy anything online through Bonusbay links, they will get commissions from those respective ecommerce sites. Those commissions will then be shared to Bonusbayers.


By the way, the bonus will be in the form of pure money, not points. You will get paid when the balance reaches 1000 INR threshold within 2 months you of reaching it.




That was my signup bonus you see in the above screenshot.


Should you use Bonusbay?

If you are getting some money back other than those money backs from ecommerce stores, isn’t it good enough? However, you will be buying those products you wanted from the same stores, though you get the cash back or not. So, why to miss it?


That is cool! So, how to join Bonusbay?

Just go to Bonusbay website and click on ‘Join for free’ button to start the registration process. When the email confirmation is done, click on ‘My Profile’ link on the left pane and fill up your details.




Update ‘payment details’

You can update your payment details in ‘My Profile’ settings only. Just switch to ‘Payment details’ and update your bank details.




So, you have now successfully created a Bonusbay account with all the required profile information. Now, let’s take a look at the features of the site.


Browse by stores

Bonusbay allows you to browse products on ecommerce stores through their links categorized by the type of products and by stores. It will then be easy to find products from your favorite ecommerce stores.




Browse by brands

You can also search products by brands which are categorized in both alphabetical order and by popularity level of the brand.




Cherry on the cake

No matter how tasty the whole cake is, one who gets the cherry is the lucky one. Bonusbay also offers a cherry on the cake and it is the referral program.


Each bonusbayer is eligible and will be given an unique URL with and ID to track the referral registrations. Surprisingly, each registration through that referral URL earns 250 INR into your account.


What else are you waiting for? Go save some money for your online purchases.


Join Bonusbay from my referral link if you like this review.

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Reliance Jio Chat Hands-On Review: The Next WhatsApp in Evolution?

It’s the age of instant messengers. People hangout more on IMs today compared to social media networks. The reason behind this adaption might be the evolved features of instant messaging.

It was 8 years ago when I bought my new Symbian S60 device, I installed all the IM apps that are available on it. No one except a few used to use those apps including WhatsApp. I used to ask my friends who had Symbian devices if they had WhatsApp installed on their handsets. The most of the replies I got were “what’s that?”, some were “No bro! I use Gtalk” and a very few replies had this phrase “Yeah! But I find it no useful”

Later, WhatsApp evolved with more features with time including the recent voice call feature and materialistic design update. Users increased, popularity gained.

What is Jio Chat?

Jio chat is an instant messaging application developed by Reliance communications with extra features that were lacked in WhatsApp and many other IM applications.
With all the features of a typical instant messenger application and some extra features that they are lacked, Jio chat seems like another WhatsApp in evolution. Let’s take a look at the application and see what it has got.

Registration with mobile number is common

Just like WhatsApp and other similar IM applications, the registration or account creation process is the same. You enter your mobile number, get an SMS verification code and proceed by confirming it.

Setting up the profile info

Setting up your profile information is no different from WhatsApp. You will just have to enter your name, select the gender, choose a profile picture and start using the application.



The chatting interface looks more like ‘Hike’ and ‘We Chat’ with doodle background.


There available very different chat stickers to express the feelings perfectly. You can also download a lots of free stickers online by clicking the ‘+’ sign.


Voice calling

Jio chat comes with a voice calling feature, which is seen in most of the chatting applications these days. Features like this are needed in order to put a check on the increasing call rates by telecom operators.


Video calling

You can also make a video call on Jio chat. the ability to make video calls in group chat is a cherry on the cake.

Public channels

This is an interesting feature on of Jio chat which allows us to subscribe to public broadcasts. We have seen this feature back in ‘We Chat’ at first and it seems like Jio chat is going to cover up all those features packed in one application.


Chat settings

You can control the alerts & notifications, hide private conversations, set a ‘do not disturb’ time slots, enable or disable ‘last seen’, delay sending of messages using this application.



Jio chat allows you to change the color scheme of the application and chat background. Even the font size can be changed according your visibility and requirement.


Security and privacy

You can blacklist contacts and safeguard your privacy. Numbers added to backlist once can be removed and can be re-added later.


Free SMS & chat delays

You can even send free SMS to your contacts when they are not shown up in Jio chat. You can also control the delaying time of chat message sent. But you cannot delay messages in order to schedule them. Maximum delay allowed is 3 seconds.


Share files and apps

This feature makes Jio chat stand out the new and best among the IM applications. You know well that you cannot share files, documents and apps via WhatsApp, but you can share all those with Jio chat. I love this feature and it then becomes a chat application for businesses too.



Jio chat is an all-in-one application with trending features like voice calling, video calling and ability to subscribe to broadcasting channels. I personally love the file, document and apps sharing feature which is not seen in popular chat application like WhatsApp.

It might take sometime for people to recognize this newbie application. You remember my story with WhatsApp on a S60 device right? Yeah, that’s what I mean.

Don’t forget to share your experience with Jio chat in comments below.
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HostUCan Makes Finding Web Hosting Easy

Hello fellow bloggers and webmasters! Here I am with another best online place, HostUCan, to find proper tools and services to build a website at best. We’ll take a look at the options this website is providing us in choosing the best online web building and related resources.


Building a website is not as easy as it was. There used to exist a very few sites and companies that provide web resources to webmasters in the past, but it is 2015. We have a lot of companies to choose and a lot of options to consider here now. Almost all of them look similar and even offer similar packages. Selecting a plan or package among those website is another hurdle. All these collectively creates confusion over choosing one.


We would generally search for reviews on the internet about the product or service that we wanted to buy, in such a confusion. It would take a lot of time and there is no guarantee that you would come out with a conclusion. Because reviews on different website can drive you crazy thereby leading to quit the searching. Sadly, you’d end up signing up for a wrong deal at wrong time and from a wrong company.


Not all companies are best at everything. Isn’t it?


HostUCan was designed to serve this purpose. It helps webmasters find best SEO and web related tools, hosting plans, domains, discounts on them and tutorials. Their mission is to help webmasters and it extends to introducing the CEOs and other heads of the companies through interviews published on their site. They also update the news related to technologies supported by web hosting companies so that the visitor (webmaster) can be wise while buying.


First impressions

There we go! HostUCan is neatly designed yet not with mobile friendly template. That would not be a problem as a webmaster would be developing the website on a computer. So, he would be referring the website from a desktop or a laptop computer only. Here are some of the first impressions I’ve got about the website:


Search on visit – One can find the hosting and domain searches right on the home page. It is easy to choose a hosting with dropdown selection menu filters like app framework, hosts country, daily page view and data center.




Searching domains is as easier as buying one. The search interface represents the interface of a domain selling company where you can select the ‘. ‘ extension to search.


Can check the keyword ranking – A tab on the homepage allows webmasters to check the rank of your website links for specific keywords on Google and Bing. This cool feature will show up the position on the SERP and page URL of the site given.

There also available multiple domain tools to find the details of your competitor websites.


HostUCan is maintained as a webmaster community where webmasters share their options and review their experiences about the companies listed. Isn’t that cool?

Neat navigation menu – The navigation menu is well organized and categorized here. The resources information is dived by type CMS/Script and popularity. Take a look at the web hosting search page for example.



My favorite part of this website is the tutorials. The website is more than a coupon website. The owner blogs regularly on the issues related to hosting, domains and web security. They also blog about content marketing, SEO and web design.


HostUCan is a package of web resources. Webmasters would find it easy to find a web hosting or domain with the filtering tools they provide. When you visit their website, don’t forget to get back and share your opinion on it.

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While shopping, we don’t just buy things in an attempt. We would check out similar products, compare them and select the best one out that matches our needs and budget. If you are such a person who wants the top best products in a row and wanted to check out each one of them specifically, it would have been taking a lot of time for you so far to check out the innumerous similar products in front of your eyes on a screen.


Moreover, it is also not possible to compare number of products against each other on your screen at once. It would be good if there is a chance to compare products side-by-side before choosing to buy. Top10inaction is such a website which allows us to compare top ten products side-by-side. It would then be easy to pick out a product among those top 10.


What is “Top 10 in Action”? is a professional product review website that covers the products of different kinds. They help people in taking complex buying decisions through their reviews. They are established back in 2012 with this theme and has reviewed so many products so far.


First impressions

Handy categories page – Any website would have some introduction about themselves on the page, but this website owner has placed the categories right on the home page itself. You can directly access the product comparisons right from the home page only.




Quick star rating on products – Every product is rated out of 5 stars. There is no need to look out for a top product deeply as there exists star ratings on the summary list itself. You can choose to read a review that meets your required rating.


All 10 in one page – The impressive thing on this site is that, it all the top 10 products on the same page without the need of horizontal scrolling. Take a look at this web hosting page for example. Each and every product in the 10 is compared just like a typical ecommerce site does.


Feature star ratings – Top 10 in action not only provide the comparisons of specifications and price but also provide star ratings for features, uptime, speed and customer support.


Some products might be good at features but might be poor at providing customer support. Some might be good at giving uptime but not so many features. You can summarize the list based on these features and can select one at last.


Editorial review – Specifications are not enough to take choices, everyone need detailed reviews. Top10InAction provides the editorial reviews for each product mentioned in the top ten list. You can go through them and decide if to choose it or not, by the end.


For example, if you have chosen a product from the top list and you still doubt to buy it. The detailed product reviews will help you take a decision at the end. Isn’t seeming like you are given so many chances over buying just one product?


Discounts specified – Sometimes, it’s the budget that matters. We may need the products within our budget, even they are from top 10. There available discount prices under each product so that we can pick out one that comes within our budget.


What’s best?

Top 10 would be the top best themselves. Top10InAction takes immense care while choosing the top 10 best products. They would consider reputation of the company, features provided, specifications the product has, reliability it offers, server speed the company promises and customer support while choosing the best. So, there is no need to worry about choosing a bad product from the list.


Top10InAction impressed me. It helps us filter the required product by lessening the effort and providing more sophistication.

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Who won’t love coupons? Coupons give us discounts, price offs and a lot of happiness when a deal is grabbed for a cheaper price. there are a lot of coupon website which always focus about those ecommerce store products and travel tickets.

Webmaster like me don’t travel too much. I actually spend a lot on websites, hosting, themes, SEO tools and strategies. Not only me, a lot of webmasters do the same. How can a coupon website be helpful to this community of internet users who actually are busy in building the web?

A2 Coupon is such a website which provides the deals related to web hosting, SEO, domains, SSL, themes and other related tools. Let’s take a look the kind of feasibility this website is offering to webmasters(its customers) in choosing a web estate with in budget.


First impressions

The very first impressive feature of this website is the providing of cheap hosting and domain links on the navigation bar.


To test a web application or a beta version of the website, a company or an individual will look forward for a cheap hosting and domain providers. The links on the navigation bar will take us straight to the list of hosting and domain companies that offer services for cheap prices.

The best part of it is A2 Coupon team will take care of quality in considering ‘the best list’. They consider reliability, quality of the customer support, ease-of-use, hosting company’s legacy and money back guarantee.

Precise details about the hosting provider – Just providing coupon codes of never-heard-so-far hosting companies cannot help us with our trust levels. A2 Coupon provides the details of the hosting provider which leaves us option to assess its reputation. After all, they seem like not considering the no-trust worthy providers to mention on their website.

Categorized deals – A2 Coupon categorizes the deals by web hosting and domain categories. Imagine picking up a mango flavored chocolate from a mixed up candy sack. Isn’t it difficult? It happens the same if they are mixed up. Categorization not only saves time but also allow us to compare the similar deals.

Enlightening articles – I’m not kidding! A2 Coupon also speaks out their voice. They write about the hosting providers, tutorials providing information that enlightens our knowledge as well.

Top companies

A2 coupons offer coupons of services offered by top companies like GoDaddy, Bigrock, BlueHost, Hostagator, Host4ASP.NET, NameCheap and so on.

They only display deals offering by well established and reputed companies and we have already discussed about it earlier in this article.

Top best deals

There is no need to search and note down the offers and discounts every similar web hosting company is providing. A2 Coupon provides a top list of best web hosting deals on the right sidebar. One can easily find the best among the top 10 deals displayed over there.

Top cheap deals

Price matters for testers, webmasters and event bloggers. Bloggers who maintain an event blog would like to take up cheap hosting and looking forward so. Also, micro-website managers would like to spend less of web hosting and domains.

A top list of cheap deals is displayed on the sidebar, right under the ‘top best deals’. One can easily grab a deal from these lists, compare them with similar ones those are mentioned inside the details page.

What’s new

Not only the top ones, we have a list of new deals on the sidebar, right under both the ‘top lists’. looks more like a tech blog with discount coupons and precise information about the same. So, what do you wait for? Go, look around the site and grab a deal that suits best for your needs from this list.
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Host4ASP.NET Review: Best & Optimized Windows Hosting

There exists many hosting providers for technologies like PHP. There even exists free hosting providers of the same. You can host any PHP application easily on them. But hosting the ASP.NET applications is not that easy. They need dedicated servers that run on Windows platform.


It is also essential to choose a web hosting provider that is optimized and supports latest versions of Microsoft technologies. Today, I’m going to introduce to you the Microsoft officially recognized golden web hosting provider, Host4ASP.NET and its features.


Who is Host4ASP.NET?

Host4ASP.NET is an award-winning web hosting provider for ASP.NET with full support to latest Microsoft technologies. They are based in Chicago, United States powering 20,000 ASP.NET websites worldwide at current. The best part about them is that their hosting services are feature-rich and affordable.


Let’s take a took at the features of their hosting service in brief.

  • Support for Windows Server 2012 R2 and MSSQL 2012/2014
  • Facilitates unlimited storage and data transfer
  • Supports latest Microsoft technologies and upgrades with time
  • Award-wining 24x7 customer service
  • Free instant setup with no hidden strings attached

Full focused on .NET technologies

Host4ASP.NET runs on a mission to provide reliable and high performance based hosting services for affordable prices to .NET developers.


Remote IIS facility

They utilize latest Windows Server 2012 R2 web edition on IIS 8.5 with the support of firewall friendly remote IIS. This makes the managing of remote websites and applications easy. They also provide a guide to access remote IIS from your desktop for this purpose.


Easy-to-access website panel

They offer feature-rich and easy to access website panel where you can manage every aspect of your online application or website like domain, DNS, database, email, files, 1-click installer od DNN, nopCommerce etc.


Take a look at the following screenshot that shows how the panel looks like:




Old & new .NET framework

Having the support to latest technologies doesn’t mean that it won’t support pervious versions. Host4ASP.NET servers support .NET framework from 2.0 to 4.5 without any failure. Any latest version released in to market will be updated along with the support to the older versions.


Old & new .NET technology

Host4ASP’s servers are also compatible with all the technologies supported by older as well as newer versions of .NET technologies. The .NET supportive technologies like MVC, Silverlight, WebMatrix,  Classic ASP, WCF RIA services, Entity Framework, URLRewrite2 and GZip are always valued in sync with the .NET framework versions.


Free MSSQL Server

Free Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 is included for every hosting plan with the higher limit of 10GB for each database created. They allow you to manage it through SQL Server management Studio as well as through their easy-to-use control panel.


They also provide non-transactional MySQL 5.5 database with popular web based management tools phpMyAdmin, SQL Server Local DB, SQL server CE and Access with OLE provider installed.


99.9% server uptime

No matter how many features a hosting provider is going to provide, they’ll all go vain if the servers can’t stay live 24x7x365. Host4ASP.NET maintain servers with 99.9% accurate uptime connected over a 4-fiber-line internet connection through a Border Gateway Protocol(BGP). They maintain extra power backup UPSs and dedicated support to handle exceptions on time.


Data security

No computer or server is 100% safe online. Host4ASP.NET believes in securing the data, so they backup the data on their servers at the frequency of 24 hours. They undertake security assessments of their servers weekly and scan for viruses and trojans as a part of it.


They install security patches up-to-date. Along with that, they use Cisco firewall and DDoS Attack Response to fight against the web attacks.


24x7 support

Support is one of the key factors that should be considered while choosing a web hosting provider. Host4ASP.NET provides uninterrupted 24x7 award-winning support via live chat and responsive tickets.


Affordable rates

Hosting ASP.NET websites and web applications is a money-related issue. That too, ASP.NET hosting with rich features will cost more bucks which is what freelance developers afraid to buy.


But, Host4ASP.NET provides it for very affordable rates. Compare the prices with other hosting providers and buy Host4ASP.NET’s Windows hosting from here.

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Secure Your Website with Defencely, The Expert Solution

Security is the primary concern of everyone. All of us want to stay secure. You say the same about your website also. Who want an insecure website? So, this time a Guy from India is here to help you overcome this issue. There may many people who had suffered from malware attacks on their websites. It points out the need for a tool like defencely.


What is this so- called Defencely?



Defencely is not at all a scanner or an automated tool to find vulnerabilities or security issues. It is an online platform of experts who constantly assess your website to find and fix vulnerabilities if any. There is a dashboard provided for every customer. You will get access to it once you create an account. No matter which platform you using (WordPress, Drupal, Ruby or anything), they will shield your website.



1. Zero- False Positives

You might have seen some Anti- Virus software which catch secure files as malware. That is what actually called as false positives. False positives badly worry us. We think it is a real problem. promises you not to deliver any false positives.


2. Availability of Useful Guides

There is a possibility that you know nothing about the prevention of vulnerabilities. So Defencely provides you easy- to- follow guides to fix the problem it finds and to take prevention so that it will not happen again.


3. No Page Scan Limits

No limits such as 10 or 100 pages a day. You pay so you get the maximum. We can scan any amount of pages using this awesome security tool, Defencely.


4. User- Friendly Dashboard

The dashboard is not messy loaded with good- for- nothing facilities. You will get every tool you want. But you can’t find one which has no use at all.


5. No Need of a Developer

The developer is not a necessity with Defencely. They don’t recommend you to increase your budget by hiring a developer. The experts from Defencely are ready to help you with any issues regarding vulnerabilities or security issues.


6. Free Security Report

Everyone loves freebies. Don’t worry if you have no money to get services from Defencely. They provide a security report for every website upon request. There is a field on their homepage. So you can get a report for free and can purchase the security service any time.




Is it a Reliable Company?

Of course. You can trust them as the way you trust yourself. They have pointed out the vulnerabilities of official sites of Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, Google, EBay, Zynga, RedHat and much more. How can you not trust such a service? Defencely has been recognized by PayPal, the largest money transfer platform. According to the official site of Defencely, they found 11,217 vulnerabilities, reported and solved by the experts.


Who is Behind Defencely?

Defencely was started by Ritesh Sarvaiya, an Indian guy. He was from a not- so- rich family and we have a lot to learn about him. Once in an interview he said that success is all about not giving up while answering a question about his success. He was born and brought- up in Mumbai and now living in U.S. for his entrepreneurial needs. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the company at present.


Should We Go for Defencely?

Why not? You should go for it. If you are a person often concerns about the security of your website, Defencely fits your needs as well as pocket. If you are an owner of a small (or large) business like an e- commerce store, you should buy their service as soon as possible. There are many plans available with variable features and price. So, give it a try today.

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Comparison of Comodo & GeoTrust SSL Certificates Features

Having a website is not enough, but keeping it safe against hacking attacks is one of the top most essential needs to be considered. Buying an SSL certificate can ensure the security and establishes trust in customer minds to dive into the website. After all, making the customers feel safe on a business website will not only bring more business conversions, but also builds a base of loyal customers.




Businesses prefer to buy SSL certificates, which seem the true value of their money along with better security features. There are two mainly preferred SSL certificate providers in the industry: GeoTrust and Comodo. We’ll take a tour of these two major SSL certificate providers in this article.


GeoTrust SSL Certificate

GeoTrust is a large digital certificate provider. The GeoTrust brand is now owned by Symantec as part of its $1.28 billion acquisition of VeriSign’s security business in 2010. It is the world's second largest digital certificate provider. More than 100,000 customers in over 150 countries trust GeoTrust to secure online transactions and conduct business over the Internet. GeoTrust's world-class SSL Certificates offer rapid issuance at a cost-effective price, enabling up to 256-bit SSL encryption, and include a range of GeoTrust® True Site Seals based on the level of identity verification.


Comodo SSL Certificate

Comodo SSL is a type of internet security products of the Comodo Group's certificate authority. An SSL certificate is required to use the Secured Socket Layer protocol, which creates a secure and encrypted connection to the Internet. The Comodo certificate profile includes Organization Validation certificates, Domain Validation certificates, Extended Validation Certificate, Multi-Domain certificates, Unified Communications certificates, email certificates, and code signing certificates. Comodo CA undergoes an annual WebTrust audit by Ernst & Young.


GeoTrust SSL and Comodo SSL: A Comparison

Though the names sound different, there is no much difference in the level of security each of these companies provide and the cost of the certificate. The one thing that makes GeoTrust SSL better compared to Comodo is the price and the Issuance date.


Comodo offers different levels of SSL security with a free version, which allows business owners to understand the SSL process before they buy paid version for their websites. Whereas, GeoTrust also offers free certificate for 30 days for organizations that get to know about SSL functionality and process. Both the companies offer the same 256-bit encrypted certificates without the difference in the security levels and quality of the services.


In fact, GeoTrust SSL prices range from $65 to $349 USD per year and are flexible. The warranties are valid for mis-issuance of the certificate and ranges from 100k-500k. It exhibits 99.9% support for all browsers and have 0% errors, therefore the business owner need not to worry about losing customers because of the errors caused during the transaction activities performed by the customers.


Also, GeoTrust offers EV SSL that present in the browser with a green bar, which ensures customers to move around, order, buy and make transactions through the website on the network. Any business using this GeoTrust SSL certificate will have a security seal on the site there to ensure that the website has strong web security. Check for the green certified URL on the address bar of the web browser.


Whereas, Comodo offers cheap prices breaking the ice for small business owners to adapt security for their website. But the better value, worthy-spent-for price and services always rests with GeoTrust. Most of the companies and businesses trust on GeoTrust more than another SSL certificate provider.



Both Comodo and GeoTrust are most famous and trusted SSL certificate providers. The priority of choosing one between these two depends on the various factors like price, quality of the service, browser compatibility and adaptability. From the website owner point of view, customer security always stays on the top whatever certificate authority they choose.


Hope this comparison helps you to choose the best one between the both. All the best! Stay safe online!

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OxygenOS Review: Download, Features and Spoilers

OxygenOS is here. Finally the time has come to take a deep breath. The custom version of Android 5.0.2, OxygenOS 1.0 was released by OnePlus so recently. You can download (705MB) the new ROM from the official website for free.
We’re going to take a look at the features of this custom version of Android and later discuss the errors that might raise while installing.


Several original OnePlus features has been built-in into the OxygenOS. They include screen-off gestures and shortcut controls for quick accessing of apps and settings.
Screen-off gestures:
1. Double-tap to wake
2. Music controls
Shortcut controls:
1. Camera – ‘O’ gesture on locked screen
2. Flashlight – ‘V’ gesture on locked screen
Unique features:
1. OxygenOS allows you to customize the quick settings area. You can drag, sort the settings icons and can turn them On/Off with tap-toggle functionality.
2. There is a new ‘X’ button in multi-tasking to close all the all recent apps at once.
Everything looks like a stock android OS and only minor customizations were made to it along with the inclusion on OnePlus features.


1. No 4K video recording option.
2. Auto brightness bug.
3. Not much customization. Almost looks like stock android 5.0.2
4. Using cellular data connection even though Wi-Fi is turned on
Note: You will have to enable installations from unknown resources from security settings before you install it.
Be careful about saving recovery image location. It is to be used in terminal window through commands. So, keep it handy.
On Windows:
fastboot oem unlock //(to unlock the bootloader)
fastboot flash recovery <recovery.img> //( recovery image should be TWRP image) fastboot reboot
On Mac:
./fastboot oem unlock //(to unlock the bootloader)
./fastboot flash recovery <recovery.img> //( recovery image should be TWRP image)
./fastboot reboot


One more swipe

OxygenOS is a just born baby. You can reach the developers directly and share your feedback regarding the functionality and bugs in it. It will help them rectify and give us much cleaner oxygen in future versions.
Note: You need to enable ‘allow installations from unknown sources’ in security settings to download the feedback app.
What do you say? Share your thoughts about it.
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How Different is Android Lollipop 5.1 to 5.0?

Google Android Lollipop, the most awaited software update for Android smartphones has been evolved into Lollipop 5.1 with some rectifications and bug fixes that are found to be existed in v5.0 after being released for some handsets so far.


In this article, we’re going to take a look at those holes in the new materialistic OS and how they are fixed in this 5.1 version.


#1 ‘No audio’ problem solved:

Some of the lollipop upgraders have complained that they couldn’t hear any sound from any of the internet, apps, games and music sources.


Remedies and suggestions were made on Google forums to solve this problem but failed to help the trouble facers at last.


#2 ‘No silent mode’ problem solved:

Android lollipop 5.1 comes with no silent mode option. It might be a bit hard to expect Google mixing up the silent mode option with sound options. The three None, Priority and All options does the job for you in fact. Dragging the point to None will silent the phone in lollipop 5.0.



Image source:


The legacy silent mode option is restored in lollipop 5.1 to avoid confusion for the users.


#3 Memory management improved:

The management of the memory of the phone is improved than in 5.0. The applications will work better and won’t eat up the RAM just as the previous versions do.


#4 System stability is improved:

The responsiveness of the phone while using heavy applications or games has been improved. The touch-now-and-respond-later issues will not be seen at most, even while using multiple applications at background.


#5 Improved battery life:

With the better memory management, the life of the battery is improved. You can notice the extended battery life in lollipop 5.1 compared to previous versions.


How to update to Android Lollipop 5.1?

This newer version of this Android operating system is only available for Google Nexus devices now. It may take sometime for the update to hit the smartphones manufactured by leading companies like Sony, Samsung and HTC and that too might be available for some high-end devices only.


Till then, all those lollipop 5.0 upgraders have to wait or degrade to the older operating systems to avoid any further risks from using it.

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Project Management Made Easy with Wrike’s Collaboration Tools

These days, it is essential to have a managing software that can track your tasks neatly while aligning the work and workforce when you are working on a complex project. Wrike can provide you with this environment where project management is seamless and easy.


Today, I’m going to take you on a tour of Wrike’s project management tools and show how they can help you manage projects and save time. 


Wrike encourages collaboration by sharing work across teams with its friendly user interface and drag & drop features. It provides visual timelines to connect the flow of tasks with time.


Watch the video demonstrating the basic functionalities of the tool and we’ll then go on to hands-on experience of using it.



Hands on Wrike

Wrike offers a free trial so you can try out the online tools for up to 2 weeks. Once you sign up, the web dashboard guides you through your first tasks.




The tutorial takes you through the process of setting up a sample project. It will have you create folders, tasks, assign work to team members, and attach any necessary documents associated with the sample project.


First Impressions:

1. It has a neat and comfortable user interface.




2. You can easily organize tasks and schedule programs

3. You can customize dashboard with required widgets.




4. You can stay up-to-date using mentions and task notifications without leaving the dashboard.




5. You can look at tasks and schedule them by just dragging and dropping them from one week to another.




6. You have the ability to communicate with the team through stream activity and comments.




7. It provides easy account management:full customization of your project collaboration. A ‘backup’ option is available to download the information stored on your account.






It’s hard to leave the laptop behind while important projects are in the works; even during family vacations. At times, you might not even enjoy the holiday due to mental tensions caused by not knowing how the project is going. 


Wrike’s project collaboration tool relieves those tensions by letting you access projects on the go. Wrike is integrated with several different applications making it easy to stay updated anytime, anywhere.


Take a look at the following screenshot showing how the Wrike’s android app UI looks like,




Seamless Integrations

Let’s say you are collecting samples on the internet and wanted to share them with your team. No need to take screenshots; just save them to your computer and attach them to the proper task. Download Wrike’s Google Chrome extension and simply create a task, assign it to a team member, add a date and tag it with the corresponding folder to share it with your team.


The Wrike’s apps and extensions are helpful when working remotely and are compatible with several other business tools and platforms.


Get started today

A project can only be well managed with optimal communication, few delays and realistic timelines. A Wrike is a wonderful online project management software and collaborative tool that helps your team work in sync to yield the best possible outcome.


Why don’t you give it a try?

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