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SendPulse Review: Try SendPulse and You Won’t Regret Your Decision

Email Marketing is still one of the best techniques of gaining leads and conversions and I’ve talked about a bunch of them so far on this blog. This time, I would like to talk about the new one, which I found interesting from the dashboard to reporting for easy campaign management.


There is nothing interesting like a free plan forever. Putting all the restrictions aside, the free plan of any service offers a chance to get our hands on it before we could actually buy a commercial plan. SendPulse offers such a free plan which captured my attention to give it a shot.


There is an easy registration process and you will be send straight to dashboard. The best thing about the SendPulse is the user interface. It is easy to navigate and switch through from one to another.




Managing mailing list is easy

The managing of the email list is easy as available in the other top service providers. SendPulse offers a neat user interface to add or remove emails from the email lists.




We can import entire email list from CSV, XLS and XLSX file formats. Email lists can also be added from various other email marketing service providers like Constant Contact, GetResponse, MailChimp, UniSender and ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Bitrix 24 and Zapier.


SendPulse offers the complete control over the managing of the email lists and collaborated with the easy and multi-dimensional reporting for campaigns.


Creating campaigns is simpler

Creating email campaign is simpler as we would see in the other top notch services.




You need to add the mailing list in the address book and your from email address followed by sender’s name and subject line. This email campaign interface may not the newer one comparatively to the other campaign service providers but the templates are so convincingly good. They provide the email templates that you would be needing based on the special dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.




Selecting the template will take us to the HTML editor which is way more comfortable and easy to edit with drag and drop tools. The SendPulse’s email template editor is the best one I’ve seen in email marketing tools category so far.


New SMS campaigner

The SMS campaigner is the uncommon feature that SendPulse offers, even in a free plan but with limited 10 free text messages. You will have to buy the SMSs as you go.




You can reach out your leads through the SMS promotions as registered in compliance of the law of the land.


The scheduling option is interesting but it would have been much better if any looping option is made available like wishing the festival greetings on the same date every year and reminding them about the renewal of subscription like that.


Clear reporting

The best of SendPulse stands at the reporting. The campaign reports are clear, graphical, colorful and educating.



The reports include the details like the number of delivered email, opened, clicked and spam reported. The reports also show the data like the locations, cities precisely of the subscribers. It would help us to target the specific people of that location at a particular date and time. They also include the device and software that they were opening the emails so that the marketers can moderate their technicalities next time for better conversions.


All those reporting perspectives are kind of normal in any email reporting tool but the representation of them is what matters at the end. As said, SendPulse create better reporting representation comparatively.


The special feature is that it reports the heat map of click on the email templates that we have used for the campaign so that the next campaign can be improved better with better positioning of the visual elements of the promotion.


Tutorials and useful blog posts

SendPulse has its own knowledge base of tutorials and information on their site. They have an email marketing blog and even have an YouTube channel with tutorials demonstrating how to use the email marketing tool for better productivity.



SendPulse is a very good email marketing tool which is actually underrated but deserves a fine position on the top list of email marketing tool. That’s what I feel, what do you think? Did you try SendPulse email service? Comment your thoughts and experience with it below.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix May Spoil Apple’s Decade Special iPhone 8 Concept

Xiaomi, once known as the Chinese Apple, has now got evolved into a separate hybrid and been proving it from the last few device releases. With the new design ergonomics of the Mi 5 to the flagship budget release of Redmi 3S and 3S Prime, the company has put a dent in the smartphone universe (excuse me if that is a Apple thing).

Apple has disappointed us this year with the iPhone 7 which has same old design but a few strike offs and discontinuing of most needed hardware specifications. This is not the era of forgetting the 3.5mm audio jack yet Apple did it with no other thought of present but future. The iPhone 7, in the performance wise still stands out and it has notable significant changes if observed.

We all know that by 2017, Apple turns 10 and it would be a big thing for the company. Even Microsoft made it special with the release of the Windows 10 which is of course yet not liked by many users all over the world. It looks like a business gimmick to present something that glitters in the dark that they create themselves. Windows 10 is such a successor or bi-judgemental Windows 8 and 8.1. Now, Apple is going to do the same with the next version of the iPhone.

It is leaked in some interviews of the Apple employees that the next version would be called as iPhone 8 and it is better to do for Apple as the people are no going to tolerate another old iPhone 7 model with some extra features named as iPhone 7S.

Apparently, there could be new iPhone with whole new design and specs next year. As Samsung is already identified by its curved displays, it would be brand defaming if Apple follow the same. The next possible alternative could be the full screen iPhone. The bezel less display is rumoured with iPhone 7 till some factory leaks happened. May be the company wants to release the new revolutionary tech in the decade anniversary.

Coming to the Mi Mix makes the wildest tech dream of an average smartphone user true. With the help of Philippe Starck, a French designer Xiaomi makes the techie’s dream of having a bezel less smartphone true. This concept phone from Xiaomi sports a 6.4 inch display, Snapdragon 821 Processor, 6GB RAM and 256GB internal memory along with the fingerprint scanner on the back placed side-by-side with the single camera module.

Mi Mix is the first smartphone to have 91.3% screen-to-body ratio in the smartphone evolution and has created history. The body is full ceramic with 8MoHs hardness on all sides gives a glossy looks to the device. The bezel less screen leads to the 17:9 custom ratio display which is again a new introduction to the smartphone market.

The Mi Mix features a 18-karat gold rims around the camera and fingerprint sensor that adds beauty to the glossy back. It comes with 4400mAh battery which adds long lasting power backup to the device. Compared to the Mi Max, Mi Mix’s battery is a fine justification to the new tech introduced.

Mi Mix is available in two versions, 4GB RAM+128GB storage and 6GB RAM+256GB storage. Just like all other concept phones, Mi Mix is not a showcase piece device. Xiaomi releases it into the market from November 4 in China, initially. It is available for 3499Yuan and 3999Yuan which is $517 USD and $590 USD respectively. The Indian price of this revolutionary smartphone/phablet could be around Rs.34,999 and Rs.39,999.

How Mi Mix might spoil the Apple’s 10th year anniversary and iPhone 8?

As we discussed about how Apple is planning to make it big on its 10th year anniversary with the new iPhone 8 which would have special futuristic design, The availability of the Mi Mix in the market with the beast specifications, battery, screen and the price it is available for, might get butterflies on the stomach of the ‘putting a dent in the universe’ company.

To save the unique design fame and branding name, Apple should looks for a new technology to introduce in a smartphone or should take over the Xiaomi which is impossible in a year if even planned so.

Xiaomi really put a dent in the face of Apple this time. Let’s see what way this cold war of technology implementation leads to. What’s you point on this? Do you think Apple will release the same bezel less screen for iPhone 8? Or something else that will compensate the brand name that it has lost with iPhone 7? Don’t hesitate to post your comments on this below. I’ll be excited to read them.
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MobileGo Review: Android Device Manager & Toolkit Combo

Data on the mobile phones is to be secured, backed up and managed well. Otherwise, it might lead to the unrecoverable losses. We use mobile manger software generally to manage the smartphone data from our computers. In this article, I’ll be reviewing such mobile manager, Wondershare MobileGo, the android manager and a toolkit combo for managing the android phones.

MobileGo is a mobile manager software developed Wondershare Software for managing the Android and Apple iOS smartphones. I’ll be taking a walkthrough of the android device manager only in this article. The options would also be the same for iOS devices but the device itself differs in performance.

Features of MobileGo

Before we go in-depth review of this software, let’s see what features this program offers us. The following are the types of data this software can help you manage.

Music – Import and export music onto the device and from the device.

Photo – Photos from the devices can be imported and exported as well.

Video – Videos can also be saved onto the computer from the device or vice versa.

SMS – All the SMSs can be accessed from the computer and can be saved for later backup.

Contacts – Contacts are the most needed data to be backed up. MobileGo helps you manage the contacts data right from your computer.

Apps – Though they seem unimportant, some applications on the smartphones are needed to be backed up. Because one cannot afford to loose the current status of the apps that are being used.

Files – All types of document, PDF, excel sheets and any other types of files can also be added, removed and backed up using MobileGo.

MobileGo Toolkit

MobileGo offers the powerful tools to optimize, manage and maintain your smartphone to run well. The following are the main tools that are available in the MobileGo toolkit.

Phone to Phone Transfer – This tools helps to transfer the data on old phone to the new one without any loss. We can even transfer data between the different types of devices with different operating systems. For e.g., we can transfer data between Apple iOS devices and Android devices easily.

Backup & Restore – We can backup contacts, calendar entries, apps, music, photos, videos, call logs and text messages in just a few clicks. The backup process is easy and we can opt-out the unnecessary file types while creating a backup.

1-Click Root – Rooting brings freedom of choice to your Android devices. You can bypass the restrictions od app and other version of operating systems installations on the device. Rooting gives you full customization of the software on the devices hardware.

Note: However, rooting disables the official OTA updates. Do not opt this option if you are not an advanced user.

Recover – This recovery tool is the backup-recovery tool. This tools recovers the deleted files on the phone and restores them at most possibility (unless some other changes are made to the android file system).

Erase – Erase optimizes the phone by wiping off the unnecessary and temporary data thereby saving the enough space on the device. This function helps to gain a little bit extra memory while we are running out of it.

Capture Screenshot – Taking a screenshot on the mobile needs the enabling of some features or the access to the internal options. An idea mobile manager software must have the every handy feature available. MobileGo allows you to take the live screenshots of the phone or tablet.


Those are the features and tools available in MobileGo. Let’s get out hands on the software.

Downloading, Installing  & Connecting Mobile Phone

Step 1: Download the Wondershare MobileGo software from this link (both Windows and Mac versions available). An installer will be downloaded onto your computer.

Step 2: Run the installer and complete the MobileGo installation. Run the software after installation.

Step 3: Go to Settings > About > Build Number > Tap 7 times on your phone to enable the developer options. Then, toggle turn on the USB Debugging.

Step 4: Connect your android phone to Wi-Fi or through USB to computer.


Step 5: Let the software detect the phone and install the mobile version of the application on the phone.


Step 6: After the mobile version of the application installed on the phone, the connection will be established between the phone and computer.


Now that you have connected you android phone to the MobileGo. You can now navigate through the options on the left pane to browse the apps, contacts, SMSs, music, photos, videos and files.

Take a look at the following screenshots for better understanding.


Accessing the toolkit


MobileGo offers some powerful tools to manage and maintain the android phone and its data. The essential tools that MobileGo provides with this software are as follows,

One-Click Backup – This feature backs up the contacts, calendar entries, bookmarks, photos, music and videos on just one click. It offer an option to opt out some type of files. This function works great.

Restore – This is the reversal function of backup option. Backups can be restored on to the phone using this option. This tool automatically suggests the latest backup to restore when opened. We may browse for any other backup as well to restore.

About Device – This option as it sounds shows all the information of the phone and its hardware. If you have a phone and don’t know what it have, this option would be pretty useful at that time.


Install Apps – You may not have to go to Google Play in the browser again to install the apps, MobileGo will open the Google Play in a frame windows to install new apps on to the device.

De-Duplicate – This tool helps us clean the duplicate files on the phone which saves memory.

Send SMS – You can directly send the SMSs right from your desktop to your contacts.


Import from Outlook – This tools allows you import contacts from Outlook onto your phone in just a couple of clicks.

Export to Outlook – You can also export your existing contacts on the phone to Outlook.

Import from Live Mail – Can import from Live Mail as well.

Export to Live Mail – Can export to Live Mail as well.

Advanced tools

MobileGo provides some internal advanced tools that need to be downloaded once for all time usage. They are very useful tools and I recommend you to download and install those additional advanced tools also.

The following are the advanced tools that MobileGo offers.

Phone to Phone transfer – As we have discussed about this feature, MobileGo can help you transfer all the data and apps on one device to another (of same operating system) at a time. You can also transfer data between two different phones at a time but not apps.

Data Recovery – As we have talked about it before, we can recover the deleted files from the phone using this tool.

Data Eraser – Very useful tool while re-selling the device to wipe off the data on the phone.

Mirror Go – Displays the mirror of the phone screen on the computer and allows us to control it right from there with mouse, keyboard and touch as well.

One-Click Root – Grants freedom to take control of the hardware of the smartphone and allows you to choose the software of your choice without any restrictions.
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GetResponse Review 2016: Best Email Marketing Tool Yet Again

Email Marketing is still a strategic way to earn followers, subscribers, leads and customers for any influencer, blog, portal or a business. There should be a dedicated email marketing tool that looks after the email creation, sending, responding and tracking of the inflows like a charm. Such tool would be the best email marketing tool of anytime.

* In this article, I will be covering the full walkthrough of GetResponse, the popular email marketing tool and will be explaining you the importance of the email marketing with the help of its features. I will also be covering the features that GetResponse lacks for some class of marketers.

What an Average Email Marketer Need?

The average email marketer would need to reach more audience about his product or service. Audience means ‘the interested’ here. You cannot sell bananas to a wolf.

People visit your website because they are interested in what you have displayed on it. That means they are ‘the interested’ people. You should not let them go with out leaving their email IDs in your lead/subscription forms. This should not be forced but should be convincing.

Don’t over think. You just need an email marketing tool to handle such tasks. Remember that most of your leads open emails on their smartphones. You even need a tool that can create responsive emails.


Do not overload your site with a lot unnecessary scripts to run on just a few specific pages. Don’t force the visitors drain their bandwidth and distract them blocking the content with lead generation/subscription forms. You need a strategy to display the lead/subscription form in the right time.

An average marketer like you will not have knowledge over the web technologies to create the sizzling landing pages. Just like the saying these days that the marketers would necessarily need to learn new technologies. Because the use of technology in marketing has not yet been made simpler.

Wait! Did I say ‘Not Yet’? I may be wrong, because we have email marketing tools like GetResponse to create wonderful landing pages.

As an average digital marketer, you would need to quick reply to all of your emails that you get. You would need an auto-responder program that handles the ‘thank you for contacting us. One of us will get back to you soon’ like replies instantly. In fact, the customer will feel more comfortable to see an email like that.

Any marketer would need the stats to calculate the success or failure rate of the campaign. This helps to build more creative and new strategies for better output. This applies the same to the email marketing as well. An ideal email marketing tool should show the stats and visualize them in multiple dimensions for better analysis and understanding.

There is a reason why I choose GetResponse over other email marketing tools. That is why it earned a place in my top 8 email marketing tools of 2016.

What Does GetResponse Offer?

We’ve seen what an average email marketer would need in executing his job. Let’s also see what GetResponse is offering us.


Features of GetResponse 2016:

Responsive Email DesignOver 65-70% of the emails are opened on the mobile phones and tablets. Creating an email that only reaches the desktop/laptop openers in good shape would result in loosing the mobile market. GetResponse takes care of it while creating the email responsively with drag and drop tools.

The Forms – You cannot let go of ‘the interested’ people like that. GetResponse offers the forms that can be configured at exit, end-of-scrolling and after sometime. Offering a form to stay connected with the businesses as per the needs of the entrepreneurs and business owners is a most-wanted feature.

Landing Pages –  You can create landing pages with the GetResponse’s landing page creator. The drag and drop user interface lets you create responsive sales, video and squeezing pages with no need of programming skills.

Webinars Webinars are the trending part of growing customer relationships. The days with FAQs that most of the people don’t understand are fading out. GetResponse is offering a fine webinar lead management service that let’s you send invites, reminders and capture new leads during the event.

A/B Testing – Test your email strategies with the GetResponse's A/B testing tool. It allows you set the goals, test, analyze and optimize the elements of the message from campaign to campaign.

Auto-Responders 2.0 – As we’ve discussed earlier, auto-responders are necessary to give the email senders some acknowledgement that the mail is received and they will be answered. Directly or indirectly, this will hold the hope for a customer on the company.

Email IntelligenceThere is a need to analyze, track, make correct decisions and increase the effectiveness of the campaigns. A campaign run should not end up with non-improvising scope. GetResponse’s email intelligence offers reports in multiple dimensions for a digital marketer to extract the facts.

List BoosterHaving an individual email list is little difficult to maintain. You may have to send the same email to different lists again and again which consumes more time and gives no stats over those sent from other email service. GetResponse has a solution for this problem too. The ‘List Booster’ can import contacts from computer, email services and even from Magneto, Salesforce and Highrise in just few moments.

Inbox Preview – This is one such feature needed to optimize the email for different devices and web browsers. Inbox Preview shows a preview of the message (like as in receiver’s inbox) on different devices, email service providers like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and so on. It will help you make sure that your email looks and renders well on your subscriber’s side.

Why GetResponse is Best Email Marketing Tool Yet?

Do you know why I think GetResponse is the best email marketing tool yet? It’s not just the features it offers that are similar to the other email marketing tools, but the pricing.

The following are the pricing details for the GetResponse packages:


Email – This is the basic email marketing package for beginners. Only user can access the to send emails to 1,000 subscribers at the cost of $15/month.

The pricing increases along with the size of the email list.
Pro – This is best suited for small business owners. You can email to 5,000 members at a time at the cost of $49/month. Two users can manage the account here.

Tip: It is better to signup for Pro plan at $49 if you wanted 3 users control the account for the same 5,000 target instead of 1 user targeting the same subscribers for $45 with ‘Email’ plan.

Max – This is recommended for marketing professionals with advanced needs. The minimum send list would be 10,000 at $165/month for 5 users.

This plan comes with added features like extended webinar attendees, salesforce integration, custom domain and account manager.

Enterprise – This is recommended plan for large scale businesses for high performance. This plan includes all ‘Max’ features added with dedicated account manager, dedicated infrastructure, 2+ dedicated IP addresses and more with up to 10 users.

The pricing is satisfactory and is less compared to the rest of the email marketing tools.

Neil Patel, the inspiration for bloggers and internet marketers uses this tool as a secret weapon

Features + Pricing + Support, what else do you need to judge a service? GetResponse is the best email marketing tools yet again in my choice.
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Wix ShoutOut Review: Email Marketing Tool of a Website Builder

The popular WYSIWYG website builder Wix steps into email marketing to allow their customers access the powerful digital marketing tool without leaving to another website. Wix ShoutOut as it sounds aims to help customers to reach theirs through today trends of email marketing.

Let’s take a walkthrough this email marketing tool and take a tour of its features. We’ll see what is in the box and what is missing. Buckle up and grab some snacks.

There is no need to sign up to a new account if you already had one with the Wix website builder. You can simple login with your previous Wix account credentials and access the ShoutOut.


After logging in to your Wix account (ShoutOut), you will be shown a screen giving your quick instructions on how to use the email builder like as shown above.

After completing it, you will be allowed to lay your hands on the WYSIWYG email editor where you can drag and drop elements, change themes and colors as you want.

Creating a neat email


Clicking on ‘Add’ will give an option to insert the elements like text, image, button, logo, video, link, signup form and mix up of these elements in a layout.

All the other elements can be dragged into the email in the workspace and be positioned. But, the ‘mix’ element is quite interesting feature that inserts a section with a layout mix-up of multiple type of elements in it.

Clicking on the ‘Style’ will give a list of email themes to choose from. All the themes are elegant and graphic rich as I observed. This feature impresses me, with its good and professional looks. You can take look at the ‘music’ theme applied to the sample email in my editor from the screenshot below.


Wix email editor allows you to choose a background of your choice. You not only can choose an existing background but also can upload your own.


If you want to select a background from the preset list, choose one from it and click on it to apply. If you wanted to add your custom background, click on ‘+’ sign and upload your own background for the email.

Hint: Custom background will help you in branding the email in a much better way that a random image.


[Forget the above demonstration of custom image. Well, its just a demonstration.]

Before proceeding to add the recipients, you can preview how the email looks on a computer screen and on mobile screen as well.


You can test the email in your inbox by using the option ‘Send a Test Email’ on the preview screen.


Adding recipients

Clicking on the ‘Next’ on the email creation screen will bring you to the ‘Add Recipients’ screen. You can add email addresses one by one separated by commas or you can import the email IDs from your Gmail account or from CSV files on your computer.


Sending ShoutOut

You will be brought to this screen after clicking on the ‘Next’ button on the ‘Add Recipients’ screen. This screen will allow you to set the subject line, first name and reply email ID to your shoutout.

We will have two options here ‘Send Test Email’ and ‘Send Email’. The test email works as same as it works previously at the phase of email creation but with more customized details at this phase.


If you are sure about everything and ready to send your ShoutOut, just click ‘Send’ to get it delivered to your recipient’s email.

Full features of Wix ShoutOut Email Marketing Tool

I have used a free account of Wix ShoutOut to demonstrate the walkthrough process of email creation. All the features I have shown here will not come in limits with premium subscriptions. Let’s take a look at the features a glance:

Intuitive Editor – The Wix email editor is similar to the website builder’s. You can design an email beautifully as you want just like you used to build a website with Wix. The simple drag and drop tools, background and color customization option need no technical assistance in creating an email.

Custom Signup Form – As we have seen in the walkthrough, we can add a signup to capture leads and subscribers to your business and website.

Easy Contact Integration – You can import all your contacts from your Gmail and CSV files which is a mostly expected feature of any email marketing tool.

Social Media Tools – Wix ShoutOut allows users to share the email link onto social media profiles for better reach. This can even be used to notify your subscribers about the sent newsletter on social media.

Stats Tracker – You can track your sent emails and see how many of them are opening and clicking on them. This stats information can help you make correct decisions in building future strategies.

Responsive Design – The most wanted feature of now-a-day email marketing tool is the responsive designer. Over 70% of the user check their emails on the mobile phones first. Isn’t it enough to talk about the importance of responsiveness here.

Free Templates – Wix ShoutOut offers free responsive email templates for it users. One can simply apply the theme and customize it as wanted.

What should have included?

According to my experience with some of the top email marketing tools, I feel Wix ShoutOut is missing some features which might be added with time in future. The following are the features that this email marketing tool lacks.

Auto-responders – An average digital marketer will lookout for this feature. Because, responding to every email would be a hectic task for any company with large customer base.

Smart Reports – The email stats cannot be distilled with more customization. Reporting intelligence should have been much better in Wix ShoutOut.

A/B Testing – If we talk about smart reports, we should also consider A/B testing for such an email marketing tool. A/B testing helps to work on different marketing goals and reports results.

I expect to see these features coming to Wix ShoutOut very soon.

Whose plate of dish is Wix ShoutOut Email Marketing Tool?

Wix ShoutOut is yet a wonderful email marketing tool which is simple, easy and fast. It would need no technical knowledge at all. Unlike other complex email marketing tools with advanced options that are not understandable by most of the marketing people, Wix offer a better way to send newsletters with beautiful design and simple reporting stats.

If you are marketing person with less technical knowledge and if you are looking out for an email marketing tool that serves your purpose flawlessly, Wix ShoutOut is your plate of dish.

Feel free to share your thoughts about this new email marketing tool in comments below.
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What is Google Project Fi and How it Works? (Neatly Explained)

The buzz about Google’s new venture, Project Fi caught my attention and inspired me write this article. The rumor about Google coming up with a new carrier has come to real and is being offered at very different pulses and prices. If you are having a Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P, the Project Fi might interest you. If you are planning to buy a Nexus 5X, Project Fi would become your first choice to sign up with. Google is giving back $150 cashback on Nexus 5X if brought with the Project Fi carrier network.

I know it’s interesting. Let’s take a tour of Google Project Fi at a glance and see how this technology works in real world.

What is Project Fi?

Project Fi is a network carrier technology from Google that seamlessly connects to both the networks T-Mobile and Sprint based on the network availability without any signal drop interventions while switching. The Google has made the rumour of bringing a carrier network that works in real world.


Project Fi comes with a SIM card and piece of software that has to be installed on the Android device to activate it. The software is intelligent enough to detect the high quality Wi-Fi hotspots when you leave home or office to save data charges. Users with Project Fi SIM cards are allowed to make unlimited calls and texts for monthly subscription of $20 and are charged for the data used. The data that is not used will be credited to the next month and if you have used a bit more extra, you will be charged $10 per every GB.

How does Project Fi work?

Normal mobile phones connect to the network cells that will involve only the towers of that particular network carrier. If you go outside the cell, your mobile phone will loose the signal until another cell network is caught. Even while switching between cells, the mobile phones disconnect calls, fails sending messages and causes other network interruptions unless retried in the new cell network.

Google Project Fi technology hold the support of multiple network carriers, selects the best network for the device and switches among them intelligently basing on the speed and quality of the network sensed. Take a look at the diagram for better understanding.


Let’s suppose the blue hexagons are the Network X’s cells and yellow hexagons the Network Y’s. The mobile phones using X’s carrier network will get signal until they stay inside the cells. If they enter the ‘connection gap’ area, the possibility of getting the network is zero unless the network carrier Y is associated with X to provide roaming network which is impossible all the times.

Project Fi technology comes with an .apk application for Android that takes the responsibility of intelligent switching over the networks including the non-network carriers like Wi-Fi hotspots. This technology uses another network (2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi) in the ‘connection gap’ area without the intervention of connections.

That means if you are talking over VoIP while in journey and is pulled out of your network carrier’s cell, the Fi network will catch the nearby high quality signal either from another carrier or from Wi-Fi hotspot thus saving your data over the network. The prioritization of network selection would be handled by the Fi Android app.

Is Project Fi available in my country?

Google provides Project Fi services in 120+ countries including India with unlimited texts, low cost calls and $10 per GB plan. However, the plans and rates differ for different countries.

Check if your country has Google Fi network coverage from this link:

Features of Project Fi

  • The features of Project Fi can be summarized into following.
  • One number to chat across multiple devices.
  • Call and texts over Wi-Fi network for more coverage.
  • Seamless calls transmission between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.
  • Can use phone number on laptops and tablets too.
  • Talk, text, voicemail from the nearest device.
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Manage Disk Space On Your Computer Like a Professional

Handling hardware tasks especially operations and issues related to hard disks are a bit risky for non-professionals. It is the game of data that you will be playing there, when you lay your hands on your drive operations. If encountered any unfamiliar issues, they will give you sleepless nights.


Managing the disk space on your computer includes resizing, moving and merging the partitions as per the need and converting the disk formats to make them compatible for different operating systems. It would need a professional to perform the tasks with no failure of data safety.


The even better idea is to do it yourself. It not only helps you save the technician service costs but also teaches you how to do it next time for youself or for your neighbor (trust me! You’ll regret helping out your neighbor with his/her computer).


Let’s learn how to manage disk space for yourself

Step 1: Download this disk partition software, named Partition Master Professional from EaseUs software which is an efficient tool for managing the disk space on your computer very well. Its easy-to-use user interface allows any non-professional user take control of their hard disks without any hassle. It helps you create, merge, resize, copy, convert, wipe and defragment specific partition or the whole drive at your wisdom.


I use this software to manage hard disk space on my Windows 7 desktop PC and on my Windows 10 laptop as well.


Yes! It is compatible with Windows 10. That felt like a cherry on the cake when I read about it when I was suffering with the loss of 20GB hard drive space after installing Windows 10 on my Windows 8.1 laptop.


Step 2: After downloading, install it like as any other software on your computer in just few clicks.


I recommend you to buy this software instead of using a 7-day trail because some advanced operations will be restricted of their functionalities (fully) after the trail period.


Step 3: Run the software after installation. It will show the list of your drives and partitions in the home window.




Step 4: Right-click on the drive partition for options.




Choose an option of your choice and requirement and click on it to open the respective operation wizard.


What are these options mean and what they do?

The options provided in Partition Master Pro edition are the foremost disk operation options that are available for the disk technologies that we are using. However, a newbie will find it difficult in knowing the difference among them.


I’ll cover up all the options in the software so that you can be confident enough while using it. Also, EaseUs Software provides better support for this software through online and direct email. I’d recommend you to contact them to report any issues regarding the software. Amfas Tech is just covering all its features for your understanding.


Resize/Move Partition

It helps you resize or move an existing partition of the hard drive. You can increase or decrease the partition size or move it entirely onto another.


Points to remember:

  • Resizing partition may shrink or expand the size of the disk partition. You can only expand it if there is any space left empty on the drive or any another partition has been shrunken.
  • To move the space between volumes, there must be an unallocated space (may be the shrunken part from existing volumes) on the disk.

Copy Partition

Copy partition will copy down the whole partition on to another partition. The volume(s) can be duplicated so that you no need to worry about data loss while working on a partition.


Point to remember:

  • Make sure your destination partition have the same size (or more) as of the source partition size.
  • If the destination partition is undersized, the partition copying option may fail or copy only very less data on to the destination volume than existed.

Migrate OS to SSD/HDD

This is a life saver option that I like most. The operating system can be entirely copied on to another drive without losing the software configurations and settings. This option asks you to choose a destination disk to migrate the whole operating system to.


Points to remember:

  • It is not recommended to opt for this option if you are willing to do this operation as a virus removal process. Because, migrating OS will not remove viruses at all, instead copies all the crap onto the new drive also.
  • It is best option to opt, if you are facing any memory clogs with the current hard drive or facing any other disk issues with it and you don’t want to re-install the OS.

Merge Partition

This operation will help you merge more than one partition into one single partition at the possibility of merging two at a time.

Points to remember:

  • You can only merge volumes of same format and that too up to the size of 4TB as per the software capability.
  • You cannot merge boot partition onto system partitions or vice-versa. But, you can merge unallocated disk spaces to any format volumes.
  • EaseUs partition master pro can only merge basic volumes but not dynamic volumes.

Convert to logical

Primary volumes restrict the number of partitions to three/four at maximum. To have another partition along with the limited number of primary volumes, you should convert it into logical as you can add unlimited logical volumes after the primary volume restriction.


Points to remember:

  • You can only convert primary partitions to logical only when your hard disk’s partitioning scheme is MBR.
  • After the primary volume limitation is reached, you have to format the extra volumes to logical to have them shown.

All the above features perform key operations on the hard drive. The remaining options are to optimize it.


Change label – Changes the drive label.


Defragment – Cleans up the fragments chunks of memory on the drive and speeds up the data writing and reading.


Set Active – Sets the active boot partition where there are multiple operating systems on the drive.


Check Partition – Checks errors in the partition and removes them.


Exploration – Explores the content in the drive(s).


Properties – Shows the amount of usage and free memory on the disk.


Wrapping up

You might have got a brief idea and some confidence by now in managing hard disk space on your computer on your own. If you have got any serious problems using the software, you may contact the EaseUs support without any hesitation. I haven’t got any issues so far and hope you won’t find any at your side.


Note: If you are a newbie to computers and not aware of this technological terminology yet, better seek a technician rather spoil your drive and data on it.

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This is How 3D Touch Technology in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus Work

The screen touch technology in smartphones has taken cell phones to a new level altogether. There is no need to put any light on this fact. We have access to anything on the globe by tapping our phone screen. But, the 3D touch technology that has been embedded in the latest iPhone from Apple is another milestone in the history of smartphones and touch technology both.


What does it do?

The first thing that we demand from any new piece of technology is whether it makes our life simpler or not. If it does, it’s good. The 3D touch is an elite combination of hardware and software (it will be discussed further below) that takes you to a new level of interaction with technology. The 3D touch technology basically calculates the duration of your touch and triggers events accordingly. Let’s see how?



There are two types of screen tapping; one that’s lasts as long as a couple of milliseconds or perhaps even lesser and the other one takes a little longer. Let’s say you click on the Note app. When you give a light tap to the app, the app opens up. When you press it almost for some time, you can almost feel as if your hand might just go inside the screen. Then a pop-up menu comes with the features of the app in it – like new note or new photo or a new sketch.

Another very useful way this lop tap 3D touch works is when you are in a conversation and you receive address. A long tap on the address pops up the address in the map so that you can get a quick view. Or if there is any future date in the message, long tap on the date takes you to calendar where you can set reminders.

You can directly hop into the task you want to do/ frequently do from the menu, thus saving your time simultaneously.


How does it work?

Here we will give you an insight how the 3D touch technology in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus actually works behind-the-screen.

At the heart of the phone is a capacitive senses integrated to the backlight of retina HD display. With each press, these senses measure microscopic changes in the distance between the covered glass and backlight. These senses are then combined with the touch signals and *accelerometer to provide fast, accurate and continuous response to finger pressure.

*accelerometer is a sensor in iPhones that help to detect the tilting motion and orientation of the phone.


For any general capacitive touch display device that offers a communicative response, the vibrating system requires at least 10 vibrations whereas the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus delivers that in a single vibration with the Haptic feedback system! Thus, this helps generating shorter events like a tap which lasts 10 milliseconds. Likewise, a full tap lasts 15 milliseconds.

We have given you an overview of the ‘3D Touch Technology’ that is used in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. This is surely a hot cake in the market. This technology is exclusive for iOS 9 version. We hope we could deliver the on-screen and off-screen (LITERALLY) logic behind 3D Touch Technology for a novice.

Let us know what you think on this super awesome feature in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in the comments below. Press the ‘submit’ button in comments below with little pressure to experience 3D touch (just kidding! unless you are reading this article from your iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus).
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Why I Chose GetResponse Over iContact?

Email marketing has always remained one of the most important parts of my online promotional strategy. In fact, it is the earliest online marketing method that I have been using. In the early days it was as simple as sending out emails to a few dozens of prospects after collecting the email addresses from the web and business cards. Then came the era of buying thousands of email addresses and sending out emails in bulk. Then came the era of email marketing programs like GetResponse.
GetResponse is the email marketing software of choice for me, and I will recommend it over any other alternative. iContact is one of the most promising contenders but I have more than enough reasons why I chose the former option.
A comparison between the two will provide others like me enough reasons why they should also choose GetResponse above iContact.

1. Response Design


Both GetResponse (GR) and iContact (IC) support allow creation of custom landing pages and email messages. There are over a hundred templates available for creating the perfect landing pages and emails. But I liked the former because of 3 big reasons. Firstly, it is easy to work with GR; secondly, it offers me more number of templates; and thirdly I liked the responsive properties better on this platform.


2. Autoresponders

When deciding between GR and IC, I found that both supported autoresponders effectively. But GetResponse gave me the edge with Autoresponders 2.0. This helps me achieve the most powerful level of marketing automation for my campaign. This is an edge that only this software can provide me.
The feature allows me to deliver the most relevant deals at the right time. The messages are sent out to my subscribers based on their precise actions and their stage in the buying process. While iContact also offers the same benefits, but GetResponse takes things to an advanced level. It’s smart!

3. Subscribers

My subscription list has grown to over 27K. So it was natural for me to choose GetResponse. The comparison is simple! While my email marketing platform supports lists up to 100K subscribers, IC doesn’t come anywhere near. There are some mentions of unlimited number of contacts in IC, I couldn’t find a package with them that could support the number of subscribers I have at the budget I have. So it wasn’t difficult for me to skip the iContact.
In fact, pricing is the big factor that pushed me to choose GR over any other solution.

4. Pricing

This is where things are really interesting when I compare GR and IC. The former is much more affordable. Imagine having to churn out $14 a month for a list of just 500 subscribers, while the other email marketing program charges $15 for a contact list of 1,000 subscribers. Similarly, IC costs around $79 for a package comprising of 10K contacts, while GetResponse costs $65. And this comparison is between the standard GR plan and iContact’s starting plan. The Pro and Premier plan on IC contact several times what GR charges me.
I had no reason to give a second thought about which one to choose!

5. Email Intelligence

While other email marketing platforms deliver email marketing statistics, GR offers me email ‘intelligence’. There is a world of a difference between the two and that is where my ROI stands out.
This is not to say that IC doesn't have any smart reporting system. It provides tools that deliver real-time valuable information. But GetResponse takes things to an entirely different level! The best features of this smart email ‘intelligence’ system include:
  • Most responsive time – GR tells me the best day of the week and hour of the day when my subscribers are most responsive.
  • Easy segmentation – It takes me just one click to segment the groups based on their responsiveness and send out the right messages.
  • ROI – I get real ROI on my email campaigns. It takes just a tracking code to give me all the information about my campaigns.
  • Smart reports – I can set automatic reports which are delivered directly into my inbox on a periodic basis. The reports include graphs that provide all the info I need to tweak my campaign.
GR provides me more than enough information than I can expect from an email marketing software. It includes email client statistics, social sharing statistics, and much more.

6. Growing my Subscription List

IC provides lots of help with regard to managing my contacts and solving the challenges associated with fast-growing list. It is their Premier account that offers some good features. But it’s too expensive, as I have already mentioned.
On the other hand GetResponse offers a new and innovative tool in the form of List Booster. In fact, it allows me to ‘boost’ my list in 16 better ways. I can upload my list from any system, import contacts from mail clients or other services including Google Docs and Salesforce, and do much more!

7. Preview into Recipients’ Inbox

I cannot think of anything else that can be better than this. GR helps me get a look into my recipients’ inboxes. It helps achieve this by giving a view of how may messages will look in different email clients, in both mobile and desktop systems.
This helps me check things and ensure that everything is fine before I hit the ‘send’ button! There are so many programs out there that actually charge me additionally to be able to test my emails. But GR does that for free and gives me a better view!


GetResponse has kept things simple for me from the very beginning. They don't have multiple plans for people with different budget. You get what you need! That seems to be the goal here. In simple words, everyone gets the best from them at the same price! The email marketing program offers me everything I need within my budget. A look at IC’s pricing and different levels of plans and comparing with a simpler pricing and features structure on GetResponse can allow anyone to make the right choice.

* The views in the above article are opinions of one of our authors and are not necessarily of entire Amfas Tech team.
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EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free 9.0 Review: Recover Lost Data in 3 Simple Steps

Digital evolution has brought a sort of sophistication to store and retrieve data on to and from computers. But, how far they are safely preserved, transferred and utilized?


Answering any word synonymously to the word ‘absolutely’ would be pushing your data into danger zone with no alerts set to raise alarms.


Software may not wear down but hardware does. With the replenishing hardware, goes the software and data to the digital hell.


It is of course very common to lose date on digital devices. No matter what third-party protection software you are using and it never matters how much did you spend on it, data does go missing like as people in real world.


Along with all those wonderful software tools you have, it is also recommended to have a data recovery software. Also, make sure you chose one like EaseUs’s Data Recovery Wizard 9.0.


What is EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard?

EaseUs data recovery wizard is a data recovery software developed by EaseUs that allows the user recover the lost files on the disks.


EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard 9.0 is the latest version of the recovery software from EaseUs. New features have been added making it compatible to the latest versions of the operating systems.


Recovering data with EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is easy and safe. It is a powerful tool that needs no expert knowledge to use. A very common computer user can use it to recover data in 3 simple steps.


Let’s take a look at the following hands-on review of this data recovery wizard and then take your chance of trying it without the need of worrying about finding proper options on it later.


Step 1: Selecting the type of files to recover

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard 9.0 allows you to recover image/graphics, audio, video, email, archive and all kind of document files.




What kind of image/graphic files?

Common Image/graphic file format files and photos of digital camera formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF and so on can be recovered.


What kind of Audio files?

Common audio format files like MP3, WMA, AMR and MPC and so on can be recovered.


What kind of video files?

Video files of common formats like MP4, 3GP, MPEG, WMV, AVI, VOB, FLV, MKV, SFI and so on can be recovered using this data recovery software.


What kind of email files?

Email formats of format PST and DBX from Outlook and Outlook Express clients on the computers can also be recovered.


What kind of document files?

Common document files of formats DOC, DOCX, XSLX, PPT and PDF and so on can be recovered.


Select the type of files you want to recover and click ‘Next’ to go to next step of recovery process. You may choose ‘All File Types’ option on the top to scan & recover all the above discussed file formats at once.


Step 2: Choosing a disk to recover

Choose the hard disk partition or thumb drive that is plugged in to your computer to recover files from. You cannot recover the files from same drive you have installed this software on.




For e.g., If you want to recover the files from partition C:, you need to have the software installed on partition D: or on some other partition.


This hard drive recovery capability is possible because of data remanence which keeps the data on the drive even after it is deleted completely. It keeps the file structure table ghostly alive inside the drive so helps us during hard disk recovery.


Choose a drive to recover data from and click ‘Next’ to go to the last step of recovery.


Step 3: Scanning and recovering files

This is the last and interesting step of whole data recovery process. It starts scanning for the files as soon as the ‘Next’ button is hit in previous step.




You can switch to ‘Path’, ‘Type’ and ‘Time’ meanwhile to identify the files that you wanted to recover based on the path it was saved, type/format/extension of the file and time when it was created previously on the left pane.




The recoverable files will be shown in the center pane along with the associated ‘Preview’ button on the right pane that allows you to preview the file before recovering.


Select the files shown that you want to recover and hit the ‘Recover’ button on the bottom of the wizard to save them on to your disks.


Note: Do not save the files on to same disk you lost them from. It might disturb the file allocation ghostly table inside and cannot recover the other files later.


Special features

  • You can even save the scan results and recover the files later. EaseUs data recovery wizard allows us to save the can results on the disk and can be re-opened to resume the recovery process.
  • EaseUs hard disk recovery attempts the most possible trials to recover the lost, damaged or corrupted files by not allowing the data to be written in to those critical section of the drive.

Why don’t you give it a try? And don’t forget to share you experience with it in comments below.

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MoboMarket for PC: Best Alternative to Google Play Store

MoboMarket is the next best alternative that you can get for Google Play Store and here we will have a genuine and detail review of this MoboMarket for PC and MoboMarket for Android smartphone (Previously known as MoboRobo). It is one most popular Android Managers with millions of satisfied users around the globe who are using it to their advantage for managing their smartphone from their PC. This is very good news for those guys who generally spend most of their time in front of PCs as they will be able to sync their smartphones with them.




Later, the MoboRobo team launched another new app for the PC user known as the MoboMarket for PC which will make things much easier for you to download & manage your apps on your smartphone quite efficiently with the help of it. And, on top of that, it also works as a multi-purpose tool that will let you manage your files, backup your data, download apps, manage media and many more. It is now updated with more new features and the bug fixed.


So, it is certainly one of the must have software on your smartphone and PC. Now if you are still one of those guys who want more detail information about this MoboMartket for PC then, follow till the end of this article as here we will have the detail review of it.


What is this MoboMarket for PC?

Now you might have been already quite familiar with what this MoboMarket does with the above lines but nevertheless here are some of the things that you might want to know about it.


MoboMarket for PC is a smartphone manager that will let you connect your PC with your smartphone and manage all your things on it efficiently. When you use this MoboMarket for PC software with the MoboMarket for Android, it will let you transfer or manage all your data and files on your smartphone right from your PC.


Now, here are some key features of MoboMarket for PC that will make you crave for this software to have on your PC and smartphone.


Features of MoboMarket for PC:

Device Manager; Sync Your files: If you are a guy who likes to store a lot of your favorite photos, videos, music on your smartphone, then it generally becomes quite tough to manage all those files from a smartphone. When MoboMarket is used, it will let you control and sync all your photos, videos, music or any other files with your PC from your smartphone.




App Management: MoboMarket also works quite well in this case of app management as it will manage all your apps installed on your smartphone and also will let you update and delete any of your apps. Now comes the exciting part as you might be quite pleased to know that MoboMarket will let you install many apps from their store for free.




Device Information: This is another unique feature that is offered by MoboMarket for its users and it generally displays all the information of your Android smartphone, such as your Android Version, Serial Number, Device Storage and much more.




Control over Text Message: Control over text message is another one of my personal favorite features of MoboMarket that allows the users to get full control over the text messages on their smartphones right from their PC.


Resources Manager: Now you might be actually complaining that I have already told about this but let me clear it out to you that it was just an sneaky peaky into the whole awesome world of recourses that MoboMarket has to offer for its user. And it also has to be mentioned again because MoboMarket offers the most of Recourse Manager that will let you optimize your Android device to the fullest.




And some of the cutting edge features offered by MoboMarket are its well organized category of apps and games for user, its ability to download the app even from your PC, recommendation for the apps and games that you will like.


Advance Functions: And now last but not the least, it also has some other added advanced functions which can be taken advantage of, by all the MoboMarket users & some of those features are as follows:

  • It offers backup and restore facility for your smartphone’s data like contacts, videos, movies, songs, photos etc.
  • It offers the facility to connect your smartphone to PC via WiFi.
  • It will allow you to easily move, delete and copy your files.
  • It acts as a scanner to scan out all the junk from your smartphone.
  • It allows you to view your videos, images, in full-screen mode.

New Updates in MoboMarket V 5.0

Now that you might be very keen to know that MoboMarket has rolled out its latest version of the software with many awesome features added to it. Here are some of the improvements made by MoboMarket to its new version.


Now the biggest buzz in the MoboMarket V5 is the introduction of new MoboMarket iOS manager for iOS users. This means that, even the iOS devices will be able to use MoboMarket for PC now.


Features for iOS MoboMarket Version 5:

Here are some of the features of MoboMarket iOS for iOS users.

  1. It allows the users to manage their iOS device, both jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions.
  2. It allows the users to manage all their files including videos, music, photos and apps on their iOS device from their PC.
  3. It allows the users to back up and restore all the data of their iOS Smartphone to their PC.

Features of Android MoboMarket Version 5:

And now with the new version, it has made some improvements to its Android version of MoboMarket and here are some of them.

  1. Auto Optimized Upgrade Mechanism.
  2. New Green Skin for Android.
  3. Improved Device Connection.
  4. Improve File Management experience.
  5. Bugs Fixed.


MoboMarket direct download link


Well! This certainly makes MoboMarket for PC more awesome and if you have used this Smartphone Manager please do share your experience with us.

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