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Indian Domination: Will India Rule The Smartphone Market In The World?


Through the years, India has been building its reputation as the fastest growing smartphone market in the world. The country’s efforts finally bore fruit as it cemented achieved success in 2016, selling over 27.5 million devices in the second quarter. But that doesn’t stop there. Experts have projected that the progression will continue in 2017. With such promising growth, will India eventually rule the smartphone market in the world? 

Forecast On India’s Smartphone Market 

In 2015, Digital Trends published an article predicting that India will be the second largest smartphone market by 2017. Another report from Strategy Analytics put it more bluntly, saying that the nation will unseat the US this year.

True enough; the country is currently seeing tremendous growth in the mobile industry. In fact, India recorded a 6 percent growth in the January-March period. Furthermore, shipments grew 15 percent to 29 million units in the said quarter. If the trend continues, it might be possible that India will record higher sales than the US this year.

Factors Boosting Sales

Why do India’s sales keep on growing? Let us look at some of the factors:


More and more consumers are buying mobile handsets in India due to their low prices, and they are equipped with advanced features. There are 4G smartphones below 10000 INR, and they are sophisticated enough for work and everyday use. Aside from affordable smartphones, many telecom companies in India also offer data plans at reasonable costs.


Technological Advancements

Even the Indian government is contributing to the popularity of smartphones in the country. The initiative “Digital India”, for instance, promotes smart banking services.


Cashless Payments

India is now gaining momentum to turn into a cashless society. A report from Business Standard says that cities in the country have adopted to the system.

Rural areas are beginning to catch up as well. Khandalavadi was the first cashless village in India, where residents are using mobile wallets to pay for food delivery, taxi, and other services.


Who else will be more welcoming of new technologies than millennials, right? India has a large and growing population of this demographic. And every time people from this age bracket begin to earn, consumers, more often than not, will contribute to the country’s digital consumption. For instance, he/she will buy a smartphone.

Competition Among Manufacturers

Another major factor that boosts smartphone sales in India is the tight competition. Moreover, it deserves a closer look due to the intriguing fact that Chinese manufacturers are dominating the market.

Yes, you read that right. Chinese smartphones are more popular in India than the local ones. At least, that is what the data shows. Here is an overview of market shares for the March quarter as provided by the Business Standard:

  • Samsung: 26%
  • Xiaomi: 13%
  • Vivo: 12%
  • Oppo: 10%
  • Lenovo: 8%

As you can see, no Indian player made it to the top five for the said quarter. These figures are prompting manufacturers, both foreign and local, to focus on new launches, marketing, and innovative payment options (such as online paying). Companies spend more money to remain competitive, thus keeping the smartphone market vibrant.

Moreover, the growing price aggressiveness in India pushes manufacturers to keep their products affordable. And as they do so, more consumers are able to buy smartphones.

Capping It Off

Based on recent reports, we can see that the smartphone market trend in the country is still growing. The nation is basically ripe for digital investments. If the growth in India continues, and if the US market remains slow, then there is a high probability that the former will replace the latter in the ranks.

We can almost expect year-end reports to declare India as the second largest smartphone market in the world. Not that far-fetched, right? Still, the question remains: will India attain a worldwide rule and unseat China?

Well, if you can see the competition in the country, it is hard to answer in the affirmative. If local manufacturers completely step up to the game and match everything the Chinese companies will offer, then there is a chance. That is a problem India has to resolve, and we’ll only have to wait and see in the coming months or years.

Author Bio: Mary Alusin is a content writer of She is a passionate writer who has written a number of articles related to gadgets and technological advancements today. When she is not using her time typing on the computer, she spends quality time with her daughter.

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5 Emerging Technologies in Teaching, Learning, and Creative Inquiry on a Global Scale

The quick and constant advancement of technology means that the world is always changing. Change is not bad, as long as it spreads across multiple areas, especially if said areas are interconnected and interdependent. Unfortunately, for a very long time, education was one of the areas that was resistant to change, and was thus the weak link of the chain. Fortunately, technology has finally made its breakthrough in this field, and education as we know it will never be the same again. Here are 5 emerging technologies in teaching, learning and creative inquiry on a global scale.


3D Printing



Education puts a great emphasis on the theory part, but theory alone cannot always suffice. There are certain subjects that can be easier to understand by using physical representations of certain aspects rather than theory alone, and while an image can be worth more than a thousand words, an actual physical object can be worth more than a thousand images. 3D Printing is a technology that allows the easy creation of physical objects of any shape from scratch, thus allowing teachers to create physical representations of the subjects or concepts they are talking about. This makes it easier for students to interact with said objects directly, and thus obtain a better understanding of how they work.


Virtual Reality



While certain subjects can take advantage of physical elements being present, that possibility is not always available and does not apply to all disciplines – some are simply too complex or would not benefit enough from a physical model. This is where the most recent technology truly kicks in in the shape of virtual reality. This technology, exactly as its name suggests, can create a virtual reality that can be generated and controlled as per the needs and requirements of the teacher and the subject at hand. With the help of virtual reality, a history teacher could bring his students to the scenes of various historic events, for example. While Virtual Reality recreates an entirely different reality from scratch, there’s also its twin technology – augmented reality, which blends the real world with digital elements, allowing for a highly interactive and entertaining learning environment.





Gamification is more of an implementation method for other technologies rather than a technology in itself, but it is still an important element that shapes the future of teaching and learning. By taking students’ interest for gadgets and gaming and combining it with virtual reality, augmented reality, gamification seeks to stimulate learning through playing. The concept brings a creative approach to the learning process and is aimed to allow students to learn new things by playing specially created games that incorporate educational elements and methodologies. Putting it simply, the students learn by playing.





One of the biggest advantages of the Internet is that it provides instant access to information, and in an educational environment, this is pure gold. However, while information is available, a user has to know where to look for it, and searching through a ton of information can be a daunting and time-consuming task. MOOC platforms aim to change that. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses, and the name is pretty self-explanatory – it is a huge collection of courses carefully curated and organized to fit in with curriculums. Thanks to MOOC platforms, teachers have access to more up-to-date information than what’s usually found in manuals and textbooks, so the materials they teach is more accurate. On the students’ side, MOOC platforms allows them to revisit some lessons for a better understanding, and even go through them with a private tutor for the best possible results.


Cloud Computing



With most of the learning process digitalized, it was only logical that homework and grade systems to enter the digital era as well. Cloud computing allows teachers and students to stay in touch and exchange information on dedicated school platforms, from the comfort of their own homes, and even while on the move, using devices such as laptops or smartphones. Students can submit their homework, access their grades and schedule, and get access to everything that is school-related in one single place, while teachers have easy access to the entire situation of any student with just a few clicks or taps.


Author Bio: Daniel Lewis is a writer and blogger who writes articles for smiletutor who provides reliable home tuitions in Singapore.

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HMD Global to Launch First Nokia Smartphone

Nokia launches its first new Android smartphone under HMD Global. HMD Global owns the rights to use Nokia's brand on mobile phones as HMD Global has taken over Nokia. Nokia 6, runs on Google's Android platform and is manufactured by Foxconn. It will be sold exclusively in China through online process as informed by HMD. HMD said in its statement that the decision to launch its first Android smartphone into China is the way to meet different markets around the world.


Earlier, Nokia was the number one dominant cellphone maker but couldn’t make its impression in the world of smartphones, but further chose Microsoft's Windows operating system for its "Lumia" range. But couldn’t achieve much success. And finally, abandoned both businesses.




Soon, HMD took over the Nokia in December 2016, and now has full right to use the name of Nokia brand on all phones and tablets for the next decade. HMD and Nokia went under an agreement and accordingly HMD will pay Nokia royalties for the brand and patents. HMD is aiming to compete with other smartphone brands like Apple, Samsung, and dozens of other famous brands.


Here are some of the rumors about the look and features of the new Nokia 6 you must know:


Rumors are as such that Nokia would come up with four new phones in 2017, but in actuals, there will be as many as six or seven smartphones from Nokia. According to the rumors, here is what all we know about the new Nokia phones.


Nokia Pixel

The Nokia will come up with a basic dual-core Snapdragon 200 processor inside with 1GB of RAM, resulting in a very ordinary performance.


It is exciting to know that, it will have the latest version of Google’s operating system Android 7.0.1, installed. The screen size and resolution are still a mystery!


News has come that Nokia will launch a complete range of smartphones models that will be easily suited to all wallets.


Flagship Nokia phones

Recently, we have heard that Nokia will bring up with two handsets, one smaller (5.2 inches) and one larger (5.5 inches), with sturdy metal bodies. The camera of new Nokia 6 is said to be the most sensitive ever to come to market of smartphones, and it is one of the challenging news for other competitors.


Another reported innovation is “touch & hover” interaction that is much like Microsoft’s scrapped McLaren project, which uses a combination of sensors so as to respond to finger gestures.


Another highlighting rumor includes that the new Nokia smartphones will be water and dust resistance up to IP68, along with fingerprint sensors, and OLED displays with QHD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) resolutions.


In a secretive way, both Nokia Android N powered phones will have packed Snapdragon 820 processor. Rumors suggest that the sensors on the two phones will be the most sensitive ever and will be based upon Nokia’s “Graphene” material.


MWC 2017 launch?

When will these Nokia phones arrive? Both Nokia and HMD Global have large meetings at Barcelona at the end of February. And rumors have come up with the news that the new Nokia brand smartphones will be launch in February this New Year (2017).


Built by HMD Global, designed by Nokia

The news is correct, Nokia will not undertake the development of the device, but the design! HMD Global, a Finnish company, has a contract with FIH, a subsidiary of iPhone manufacturer, and under the strict licensing partnership, follows Nokia’s design and hardware guidelines in exchange for access to the company’s extensive patent library. Currently, Nokia cannot make phones at the moment but can design the smartphones.


The handset will be launched in early 2017 and will be available and sold only in China. Although the date of public availability is not yet announced.


This time Nokia smartphones will change the mobile market with its new features along with an excellent battery backup. Nokia is all set to give hard competition to its competitors, so let’s wait and watch!


Author Bio:

Varun Kumar Works for as Content Writer. It is the e-tailer Company known for bringing the Mobile Covers, Wrist Watches, Bluetooth Speakers, Power banks models from all major manufacturers at best discounts. The company has a fully operational office and warehouse maintained to make timely deliveries across the nation.

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WhatsApp is Moving the Pawns Under the Mat | Video Calling Feature is Also Treated the Same

WhatsApp has 1 Billion month to month dynamic and highly active users and that is an immensely high number. This is majorly due to its simplified options and good download speed without the presence of lots of widgets. The users of the application were sitting tight for the video call since so long and they may, at last, get what they have been eagerly anticipating. At last the most popular chatting application is going to bolster its global presence by adding the video calls. This is said to be one of the biggest moves of WhatsApp to take the game away from social media applications and websites offering video calling facility.


WhatsApp is a standout social media application amongst the most well-known applications for customers which is purchased by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for $19 billion. From that point forward, there were numerous adjustments in the application. With a huge amount of clients utilizing the site every day, even the smallest change will undoubtedly be spotted effortlessly.


These days it is seen that another video call facility gradually appearing for a few clients. Accessibility is by all accounts aimlessly, as a few lucky customers can get to the feature even without overhauling it since they have the late beta versions of the WhatsApp.




Despite the fact that the organization hasn't started promoting about this awesome feature yet, new beta variants of its Android application accompany the capacity to make video calls. On the off chance that both the WhatsApp users are on the most recent beta variant of WhatsApp for Windows then, both the users will get the Video Call and Voice Call choices when they press the dialer catch on upper right corner of the application.


Prior to this month a few of the Windows users had made it known to the world regarding the newly added video calling feature in the WhatsApp. Even pure Android users and iOS users should not worry as the sixth sense of marketer can easily say that this feature will come to these devices sooner than later without any doubt.


For making a video call, one will need to tap the dialer symbol and after that, get a choice to either make a WhatsApp video call or voice call. It ought to be noticed that this element will work just when the guest and the beneficiary both are part of the Android beta testing program by having the latest Beta version.


WhatsApp presented video call include however shouldn't something be said about iOS? WhatsApp hasn't overlooked its iPhone customers. There is no word precisely on when the component will come to iPhones. It additionally appears as though WhatsApp is looking more towards Android. With this update, it is pretty much confirmed to consolidate its number one social media application status in the world without any bit of doubt.


There is no official word from the WhatsApp has been issued yet with respect to this hot new feature there's still no distinct time span for ‘when all Android gadgets will get this most awaited feature’ question.

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Microsoft Surface Studio is a One-Stop Solution to Designers

Microsoft has unveiled the new class of surface computer particularly meant for designers in the recent Microsoft Surface event. This desktop surface computer is named the Microsoft Surface Studio that comes as a all-in-one PC with wireless pen, keyboard and mouse accessories.




Microsoft Surface Studio Specifications at a glance

The Surface Studio sports a 28-inches PixelSense display with 192 DPI resolution and supported 10-point multi-touch, Intel Core i5/i7 processor, up to 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GPU, up to 32GB DDR5 RAM, 1TB/2TB Rapid Hybrid Drive, 637.35 mm x 438.90 mm x 12.5 mm design measures, 4 USB 3.0 ports of which one is high power port, full-size SD card reader, mini-display port and 3.5mm headphone jack.


The 28 inch monitor is the noticeable hardware of Surface Studio. It can be adjusted down to 200 for the sophisticated hand drawing and controlling of the work spaces. The large display has 4500x3000 resolution spread out with 192 DPI and it supports the Pen and Zero Gravity Hinge.


Surface Studio is available in three DDR5 memory versions, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB and all of them will have 6th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. It obviously runs on Windows 10, the latest and best Windows from Microsoft yet. Microsoft also announced that they are going to announce a Creator Update in the next March (2017) which aids the creators who have bought Surface Studio.


Surface Studio puts a check for Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBooks and all-in-ones are the best available solution for multimedia workers so far. Microsoft Surface Studio might change that opinion with the seamless design ergonomics and software solutions.


The only con about Microsoft Windows is that the instability of the operating system that is being observed since the beginning of the Windows 10. The positive side of it is that the Surface Studio is a wholly made by Microsoft, which includes the both hardware and software. So, we could expect better performance of Windows 10 on this desktop studio.


The Creator Update which will be releasing by the next year’s May will definitely make Microsoft Surface Studio the best and one-stop solution for the designers and artists all over the tech globe.


What’s you take on it? What do you think about Microsoft Surface Studio? Can it be the one-stop solution for the artists and designers? Feel free to share your thoughts about it in comments below.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix May Spoil Apple’s Decade Special iPhone 8 Concept

Xiaomi, once known as the Chinese Apple, has now got evolved into a separate hybrid and been proving it from the last few device releases. With the new design ergonomics of the Mi 5 to the flagship budget release of Redmi 3S and 3S Prime, the company has put a dent in the smartphone universe (excuse me if that is a Apple thing).

Apple has disappointed us this year with the iPhone 7 which has same old design but a few strike offs and discontinuing of most needed hardware specifications. This is not the era of forgetting the 3.5mm audio jack yet Apple did it with no other thought of present but future. The iPhone 7, in the performance wise still stands out and it has notable significant changes if observed.

We all know that by 2017, Apple turns 10 and it would be a big thing for the company. Even Microsoft made it special with the release of the Windows 10 which is of course yet not liked by many users all over the world. It looks like a business gimmick to present something that glitters in the dark that they create themselves. Windows 10 is such a successor or bi-judgemental Windows 8 and 8.1. Now, Apple is going to do the same with the next version of the iPhone.

It is leaked in some interviews of the Apple employees that the next version would be called as iPhone 8 and it is better to do for Apple as the people are no going to tolerate another old iPhone 7 model with some extra features named as iPhone 7S.

Apparently, there could be new iPhone with whole new design and specs next year. As Samsung is already identified by its curved displays, it would be brand defaming if Apple follow the same. The next possible alternative could be the full screen iPhone. The bezel less display is rumoured with iPhone 7 till some factory leaks happened. May be the company wants to release the new revolutionary tech in the decade anniversary.

Coming to the Mi Mix makes the wildest tech dream of an average smartphone user true. With the help of Philippe Starck, a French designer Xiaomi makes the techie’s dream of having a bezel less smartphone true. This concept phone from Xiaomi sports a 6.4 inch display, Snapdragon 821 Processor, 6GB RAM and 256GB internal memory along with the fingerprint scanner on the back placed side-by-side with the single camera module.

Mi Mix is the first smartphone to have 91.3% screen-to-body ratio in the smartphone evolution and has created history. The body is full ceramic with 8MoHs hardness on all sides gives a glossy looks to the device. The bezel less screen leads to the 17:9 custom ratio display which is again a new introduction to the smartphone market.

The Mi Mix features a 18-karat gold rims around the camera and fingerprint sensor that adds beauty to the glossy back. It comes with 4400mAh battery which adds long lasting power backup to the device. Compared to the Mi Max, Mi Mix’s battery is a fine justification to the new tech introduced.

Mi Mix is available in two versions, 4GB RAM+128GB storage and 6GB RAM+256GB storage. Just like all other concept phones, Mi Mix is not a showcase piece device. Xiaomi releases it into the market from November 4 in China, initially. It is available for 3499Yuan and 3999Yuan which is $517 USD and $590 USD respectively. The Indian price of this revolutionary smartphone/phablet could be around Rs.34,999 and Rs.39,999.

How Mi Mix might spoil the Apple’s 10th year anniversary and iPhone 8?

As we discussed about how Apple is planning to make it big on its 10th year anniversary with the new iPhone 8 which would have special futuristic design, The availability of the Mi Mix in the market with the beast specifications, battery, screen and the price it is available for, might get butterflies on the stomach of the ‘putting a dent in the universe’ company.

To save the unique design fame and branding name, Apple should looks for a new technology to introduce in a smartphone or should take over the Xiaomi which is impossible in a year if even planned so.

Xiaomi really put a dent in the face of Apple this time. Let’s see what way this cold war of technology implementation leads to. What’s you point on this? Do you think Apple will release the same bezel less screen for iPhone 8? Or something else that will compensate the brand name that it has lost with iPhone 7? Don’t hesitate to post your comments on this below. I’ll be excited to read them.
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Huawei Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro Can Make Good Alternatives to Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially dead now. I’ve been to the ceremony as well. Well wait! Sorry for those who have bought Galaxy Note 7 devices without expecting about it’s battery issue. But don’t worry, Samsung is planning to giveaway Galaxy S8 in a free upgrade/exchange to the S7s that were given as Note 7’s compensation.

Huawei is speeding up their phone market now as the leader like Samsung got punched its face to earth with the utter failure of Note 7. Their new Honor 8 resembles the design of an iPhone and Xperia phones; specs and camera are mesmerizing. Now a latest leak tells us about the leak of their next Note series, Huawei Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro.

Please Note: Samsung Galaxy S7 is a great phone in terms of performance and camera. It even beats iPhone 7’s latest camera module with better OIS and light intake capabilities. If there was no battery issue, Galaxy Note 7 would have been ruling the premium phones market.

What is Huawei Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro?

Remember Huawei Mate 8? The Mate 9 is its successor. With better upgrades and some changes to the design, Huawei Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro is reportedly be releasing on November 3rd of 2016.

VentureBeat reporter leaks an image of Mate 9 that shows the featured dual-lens Leica Summarit H 1:2.2/27 ASPH camera with laser auto-focus system.


Code named Long Island and Manhattan, these two Huawei premium handsets will sport a 5.9 inch qHD display, 64-bit Octa-Core Kirin 960 Processor, 256GB internal storage and 6GB of RAM.

Another leak reveals the availability of Mate 9 colors which are known to be Amber Grey, Amber Gold, Rose Gold, Ceramic White, Moonlight Silver, Sky Grey, Mocha Gold, Champagne Gold and Enamel Gloss Black.

Those are really a lot of versions out there more than any phone can be.

The Long Island codenamed phone would be the pro version I suppose and it would sport a dual curved screen just like Samsung S7 Edge and Samsung Note 7 had. Dual curved screen would be the next adaption to all smartphones after dual camera lenses in 2017. Even Xiaomi has released Mi Note 2 with dual curved display.


Another rumored feature of Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro is the 2K Google Daydream VR. The rumor also says that the Long Island version (Pro version) is going to be released only in China and the Manhattan globally.

Good Alternative to Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Those who fascinate the performance and camera of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 can turn around and see Huawei’s Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro as a good alternative. If the only thing that is pulling you back from handling the Note 7 is the fear of battery explosion, Huawei Mate 9 and Pro can assure you the hope. However the original performances of Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro have to be tested hands on after its release.

Even Samsung have not imagined the battery explosion problems when they announced the device on the grand stage. Let’s wait till Mate 9 is released into the market and see if it can make good alternative to Galaxy Note 7 (including the battery issues).
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Samsung Kills Galaxy Note 7 and What's Next?

Samsung is one of the best brands out there in the market. From being a small electronics maker to be the giant of the smartphone market, the rise of this brand has been no less than phenomenal. But the brand seems to have received one of its biggest setbacks recently. So, Lee Kun-Hee owned company has got itself in a zone which it least wanted.


With small complaints coming initially, the major setback came when the major mobile carriers of USA said that they would not sell Samsung Galaxy Note 7 due to high safety concerning issues. This made Samsung act in an alarming mode which even resulted in Samsung putting 150,000 defective phones on fire outside one of its major factory in South Korea.


The major question coming in the mind of every single common person is why Galaxy Note 7 which was expected to be the direct rival of Apple iPhones is catching fire. For their power, phones use lithium-ion battery packs which are most likely to explode in case of short-circuiting. We've known for quite a long time that lithium particle batteries represent a hazard. However, the hardware business keeps on utilizing the combustible recipe on the grounds that the batteries are so much littler and lighter than less-dangerous sciences.




Lithium particle batteries pack a punch, for better or in negative ways. No brand or model is essentially protected; for example, unfortunate iPhone owners supposedly experienced dreadful blazes detonating gadgets in 2015 and 2016. What's more, however, the Galaxy Note 7 is standing out as truly newsworthy right now. Other Samsung mobile phones have likewise blasted into blazes, similar to the Galaxy Core that purportedly smoldered a 6-year-old tyke prior this week.


In the event that the battery short circuits – Say, by puncturing the unfathomably thin sheet of plastic isolating the positive and negative sides of the battery - the cut point turns into the easiest course of action for power to stream. It warms up the (combustible!) fluid electrolyte at that spot.


What's more, if the fluid warms up rapidly enough, the battery can detonate.


Even the replacements models caught fire due to this major issue and at the moment Samsung has paused the sale of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and trying to find out a permanent solution to this issue.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s current issue has damaged the reputation and brand value of Samsung at the market which can affect the sale of its future premium smartphones along with other products. Samsung needs to work more on covering its battery with more protection against short circuit which is occurring more during the charging process or just after charging due to excessive heat.


Though, a positive critic review can help Samsung propel its future premium smartphones but the effect due to the blast will still be there in the mind of common people which is sure to bring down the market value of those phones well before its arrival to the market as we know- “Working hard for years cannot give you that many customers which you will lose with a mistake you make just once.

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Google Android 7.0 Nougat Features and Supported Phones List

Google Android 7.0 Nougat is the latest update of Android OS by Google. Nougat is a seventh major version of Android OS by Google & first released the beta version on 9th March 2016 and officially released on 22nd August 2016. Nougat comes with all new interface, features, performance, speed and with a secure platform. On Google, I/O conference google announced a biggest released of the year that was first beta version of Android N as a part of new “Android Beta Program”.


Some of best features by Nougat 7.0 are split-screen multitasking, multi-window mode, quick switch between apps, virtual reality mode, smarter battery, custom quick setting, notification direct reply, bundles notification, data saver, notification control, display size, file-based encryption, direct boot and lots more. See complete details of all new Android Nougat 7.0 features.




All New Features of Google Android Nougat 7.0

See in details features of Android Nougat 7.0;



Nougat is a real game changer by improved main three functions of Android OS as JIT Complier, VR Mode and Vulkan™ API. Android JIT compiler upgrade runtime android device performance, compressed the size of storage space required in devices and makes system updates much faster. VR mode is ready to transport you to new worlds with coming Daydream and Daydream-ready phones. Vulkan™ API comes with high-performance 3D graphics, see application leap to life with sharper graphics and eye candy effects.


Battery & Data:

Android Nougat provides an option to save your battery power and your data by Doze & Data saver. Doze save your battery power and Data saver allows to set limit, restricted background data.



Split screen mode function offers to split screen in two part for the multi task, watch video while chatting on WhatsApp. A picture in picture mode allows watching Android TV while changing Facebook profile pic. Quick switch between your two most recently used apps.



All new notification functions by Nougat like Bundled notifications, Direct reply, Notification controls. Bundle notifications notify new message from the individual application. Direct reply allows to quick reply direct from the notification shade. Notification controls provide different setting for notifications.


Privacy & Security:

Nougat provides some functions to control privacy & security setting such as Direct boot, Seamless software updates, File-based encryption, Scoped folder access and Trusted face. Direct Boot helps devices start up faster, and ensures that important communications still run after restarting android devices.


Android OS updates can download in the background, so you can go on with your day while your device syncs with the latest OS. Android Nougat introduces file-based encryption by encrypting at the file level instead of the block level, Nougat can better isolate and protect files for individual users on your device.


An application can be requested access to specific folders that a user can allow or deny access to personal files by Nougat 7.0. Trusted face is a part of Smart Lock, makes unlocking even easier to a new face recognizer.


Additional Settings:

Some additional settings which makes Android Nougat 7.0 perfect such as Customizable Quick Settings, Quick Settings bar, Improved Settings navigation, Settings suggestions, 'Clear all' in Overview, Emergency information, Lock-screen wallpaper, Unicode 9 emoji, Improved system backup coverage, Accessibility settings in setup, Display size, Accessibility mono output, Variable text to speech speed and Work mode.


Smartphones which will be Support Google Android Nougat 7.0

Android Nougat 7.0 Pre-Installed in Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, Pixel C, and General Mobile 4G (Android One). Nougat first comes with all Google based smartphones as mentioned above and will be available for below mentions devices:


Sony Xperia Z3+, Xperia Z4 Tablet, Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact, Xperia Z5 Premium, Xperia X, Xperia XA, Xperia XA Ultra and Xperia X Performance.


LG announced some devices which come with Nougat like LG V20, LG G5, LG V10 and LG G4.


Motorola has also announced these devices as Moto G4, Moto G4 Play, Moto X Pure Edition, Moto X Style, Moto X Play, Moto X Force, Droid Turbo 2, Droid Maxx 2, Moto Z, Moto Z Droid, Moto Z Force Droid, Moto Z Play, Moto Z Play Droid and Nexus 6.


HTC has confirmed it will be bringing Android Nougat 7.0 for HTC 10, One A9 and One M9.


Samsung will work hard to get Nougat on Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge by this year end. 


Android Nougat vs Android Marshmallow

Google Android Marshmallow update was released in October 2015 after a long beta period, and Android Nougat was released on August 22nd. Nougat 7.0 adds multiple impressive features and improves on Android Lollipop and Marshmallow’s design.


Nougat offers additional features apart older version of Android these are Multi-Windows, Direct Reply, Bundles Notification, Data Saver & Doze, In Built DPI & Wallpaper settings, Night Mode, Multi-Tasking, File Management, and lots more.


After some performance test on both Android version here is the result, Android Nougat scored 489 during the test while Marshmallow 1410. During the PCMark test, Nougat 7.0 scored almost the same as Marshmallow 6.0, 4244 compared to 4287. 3DMark test revealed similar results, 1128 for Nougat 7.0 and 1233 for Marshmallow 6.0.



Google Android 7.0 Nougat has some advance features which change end users opinion about Android phone. Wait when your Smartphones get the notification about download latest version of Android or buy Google Smart Phones.



As an Author of TechNews KB, Barry Scholfield has experience of more than 5 years in IT industry and he is now working as an expert data recovery firm. He has quality expertise in the file viewer tools and loves to solve users query by providing excellent solutions.

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Google AdSense Gets User Interface Changeover

Google AdSense gets the user interface changeover yesterday to that of the similar style as of Google Plus lately. Everything in the UI is made device friendly, bigger and full screen.


The menu is sidelined vertical just like as the new Google Plus interface pushes it. The rest of the screen with the current day stats are background colored with the mono blue color which was green dollars on the white background with the daily growth report previously.




The new user interface implements the short and quick reports in various perspectives which we actually didn’t see in older one unless we click on the ‘performance reports’ menu option.


The good thing is that you can drag and drop the quick report modules/widgets on the home screen and pin them according to the need.


Revamped Vertical Menu

The new user interface not only changed the home and menu but also the internal options and mechanism of ad unit creation and reporting.




We are given separate control panels for creating and managing normal ad units and page-level ads. The matched content is unit creation unit is included in the normal ads creation panel with a separate option. You can see the two options given in the ‘Ad units’ panel for creating the normal ad units and matched content in the above screenshot.


The menu is also revamped with the separate control panels for content, search and video. The ‘Ad styles’ option is also brought out of the ad creation panel and made available separately so that you can now create ad styles with out need to click on ‘create ad unit’ button again.


We can now block and allow ads more easily on each site separately. The new AdSense user interface is better, more under-friendly and easy to make decision with quick reporting widgets on the home page. I liked it! What about you? Did you like the new AdSense user interface? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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This is the Reason Why Google Celebrates Birthday on Different Dates | Confusions Clarified on Google Birthday Date & Doodle

Google needs no introduction and its birthday either. Because you might have seen it displaying this following doodle for the year of 2016, as its birthday.




By 2016, Google turns 18 and is officially an adult now. The confusion among the dates of Google’s birthday leaves some fuses of Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s belief in calendars.


In 1998, the official Google birthday was marked on the September 27th (the same day now after 18 years). But, later it was observed on September 8th till its 6th birthday. Later in 2004, the birthday doodle went live on September 7th which is a day prior to last year’s. In 2005, it was observed on September 26th and in 2006 it was seen on September 27th again.


Ryan Germic writes to the users about celebrating Google birthday on different dates on its 15th birthday. He says that the first Google birthday doodle was posted even before the company is officially incorporated. You can read this Wikipedia article informing that the Google was founded on September 4th 1998 officially.


No birthday doodle on

For your surprise, we have tried to check the Google’s birthday doodle on which showed nothing but the regular logo.




Isn’t that surprising?


Of course it is! I think you have fund a clue why Google celebrates different birthdays by this simple check.


Still didn’t get it? See some more examples below

It is showing the birthday doodle on (we are from India after all) and when we tried to open, it showed a normal logo.


We didn’t stop. We tried it fro some more location specific domains. Here is what we found: (United Kingdom):


gogole-uk-birthday-doodle (Angola): (Costa Rica):


Every .co.xx Google domain we have seen is having this birthday doodle displayed. We didn’t quit yet. We moved onto (check) non .co.xx domains as well. Some of such kind of domains are structured as and www.Google.xx. All such domains other than is displaying the birthday doodle all over the globe.


I hope you understand why Google celebrates different birthdays by now. Before you thank me in comments below, learn more about Google company information.

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Google Chrome Updates Font Size and URL Colors

Google Chrome has brought some changes to the user interface comparatively to its older versions. The newer version v53.0 with the build number 2785.116 has changed the way the chrome interface used to look.


The newer version of the Google Chrome has resized address bar, extensions bar, and the font size. The previous history URLs and suggestions used to display in green which are recolored into conventional blue.


The home button seems like have got the touch of revamp bristles. You can notice that in the above screenshot.

No technical changes are not known yet in this revamped version. These changes are expected to be made for the better rendering of the browser on any device and compatible with Google new Allo messenger and Android Nougat.

Enjoy the new browsing experience.
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Original Procedure to Replace Your Faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

So, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7s are officially recalled. That means you can get a replacement of your current (faulty battery) Galaxy Note 7 with a new one. You won’t need to spend another penny on this process. This whole process is taken responsibility by the Samsung itself for the sake of customer safety of their premium customers (after all they are the ones who survive a company from being turning down).


Countries in which already got the Samsung Galaxy Note 7s sold will be getting the replacement in the late weeks of September and those which are yet to get it launched (like as in India) will be getting it with a little more delay. The pre-bookings will be getting a free Gear VR (latest version) along with the device as a compensation for the waiting.

The battery cell issue is not full detailed on the Samsung website but given a notice about the replacement call.

Don’t take exchanging of Galaxy Note 7 easily

It is not as easy as taking your device to the Samsung service center and get it replaced. There are certain proceedings you must remember. Before we go through the procedure, you better know that Samsung is speeding up the replacement all over the world by September 21st of this year. So gather up things that you need to carry along. Possible add the following in your list.

#1 Take the whole package of your Samsung galaxy Note 7 including all the accessories and the box as well.

#2 Take the invoice or the bill along with you. Bill is necessary of course.

#3 Take a backup of your data including the phone numbers, photos, calendar entries and documents at your home before you take it to replacement.

#4 Note down the IMEI number of the current Galaxy Note 7. You can dial *#06# for checking your IMEI number or you can find it in Settings.

#5 After taking backup, factory reset your device and make sure no personal data exists on it anymore.

How to identify the replacement?

It is important to make sure that you got the correct replacement for your faulty Galaxy Note 7. In order to identify the new Galaxy S7, check for the following icons and symbols on the package as shown below.

A valid replacement will have the following details on the package.

#1 A blue ‘S’ mark

#2 A small black square

#3 Unique IMEI number

Samsung fears Apple iPhone 7

The fact why Samsung is taking this very prestigious is that the Apple has already introduced the new iPhone into the market, the iPhone 7. As the buzz for iPhone 7 is not that vibrating, this might benefit Samsung to hold their Galaxy Note 7 customers till replacement.

Hope that helps!
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Is that iPhone 7? Or iPhone 7 Pro? No! It’s iPhone 6SE

The next iPhone design is not a mystery of course. We all have seen the leaked images of next iPhone, the so rumored iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro, having the similar design as of iPhone 6’s and 6S’s. This merely disappointed the Apple iPhone fans and the predictions about its sales was speculated.

Any new iPhone is expected to have a brand new admirable design that every mediocre companies copy for their models. But the leaked images show no difference between the iPhone 6 series smartphones and iPhone 7 (the rumored).

Another news announcement about the $100 price drop on the next iPhone, though had raised eyebrows yet raised a question with ‘why’ words. Why would a next generation technological gadget from a company like Apple would be offered for $100 drop compared to the iPhone 6S?


Something smelt fishy for gadget reviewers and tech experts.

No new design and price drop. What is Apple cooking in their labs?

Here comes another story that revolved around the 10th anniversary of the Apple iPhone. The story says,

In 2017, the Apple company completes 10 years of iPhone. So, as to make this decade special, the company is making an exceptional phone model that dominates any other smartphone in the world by 2017. That is why, the iPhone 7 is less cared about.

So, we have a new iPhone design for 10th anniversary?

Yes, exactly!

But what happens to iPhone 7? Who will buy it?

Wait! It is not iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Pro rumored. It is actually the iPhone 6SE.

What? Special Edition (SE) again?

Yes! Just like the iPhone 5SE, we will also be having the iPhone 6SE. Apple might have realized the failure of iPhone 5SE in the market and so announced the $100 cut on the next model.

This is a happy news to the hardcore fans of Apple iPhone. The 6SE will get the leaked design but the real iPhone 7 will be the game changer next year. If you wanted to buy an iPhone, wait for another year to grab the new age device.

So, it’s not an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7SE, it’s iPhone 6SE.
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 & Mi5 to go on Open Sale from June 1st

Finally, after all Chor-Police game, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and Mi5 are going on in an open sale beginning June 1st. This one month had shown the stars in the day light to the Redmi Note 3 lovers who have been waiting to grab in an every flash sale. The scripts will have no demand and the 2PM tension and ‘Out of Stock’ dismays will no more be heard.


Hugo Barra announced it on Facebook just now with a GIF of himself creating a lip-print with the Xiaomi device;



The script and no-script tricks that we have been using so far will go in vain and they have to search for another flash device now.


Redmi Note 3 has been identified as the best performing device under the budget of Rs.15,000 in India with its outstanding multitasking and gaming showoff.


Read the full technical review of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3




This phablet even dominated the devices like Lenovo ZUK Z1 and Meizu M3 Note that came later. In fact, the sales of Redmi Note 3 are more in numbers than the Mi5 which came into market as a middle range device with powerful chipset and gear.


I though it was some bug in the Amazon in the previous flash sale itself that allowed me to add a product to the cart at 2:20PM and checkout later at 3:30PM on the same day. The actual expiry time was 15 minutes and the clock stopped showing counting down when I was entering the address details.


Who whos the Amazon is gearing up for this from the next week’s open sale. Anyhow, the hustle is no more. Walk free to the Redmi Note 3 page, add it to your cart and checkout.


Enjoy booking a RN3 from June 1st in an open sale like a boss.

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Get 50% OFF on Tesla Themes

Tesla discounts are here!!


Telsa, the website theme cart website offers 50% OFF on all themes on the occasion of their 3rd anniversary.


Tesla themes are neatly designed, SEO optimized, responsive and fast loading. There are whole 50+ templates on the website to grab from.


If you are a blogger or an internet marketer, this is time to grab a few wonderful themes with 50% anniversary discount. This offer can be claimed till 31st of May of 2016.


3 years tesla


The popular themes on Tesla like Megalith, Hotelia, Narcos, E-Event, Daily Post are even available for 50% cut off prices.


How to buy Tesla Themes for 50% Off

Go to and search for your favorite theme. Enter the following coupon code while checking out. The offer will then be applied to your cart price and the total price will be shown. Checkout paying the half amount shown.


Coupon Code: TESLA3YEAR


Note: This offer will be valid till 31st of May 2016. If Tesla Themes extends this offer, we’ll let you know.

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Understanding How Android Instant Apps Work in an Easy Way

Google has announced a new word in the #IO16 along with the messaging and video calling apps, Android Instant Apps to enable the quick accessing of power and flexibility of android.


Instant apps doesn’t need installation. Yes, They don’t!


In fact, there is nothing to do with what Android (at least Jellybean 4.1) phone do you have. You no need to install any special software or need any upgrade to your hardware. Android Instant Apps work faster, safer and functional.


What are Android Instant Apps actually?

Android Instant Apps are just android application that run without need to install them on the device.


Let me bring out an example, Your friend has shared a video link from the Super Videos (let’s assume) app through WhatsApp messenger. When you click on the click from your phone, it, instead of asking the user to install the app (which is what happening so far), will open the app itself like a website instantly and show you the content.




Let’s consider another example, you went for shopping and the shop gives some exclusive discounts on some products if bought only from their app. You don’t have enough space on the device for app installation but you want the app to avail the discount. Then if you can access the instant app link of that particular product to checkout.


How is it possible? How apps can run without installing?

Interesting. Isn’t it?


The Google’s intention behind introducing the instant articles is that they want to reduce the breadcrumbs to reach the target page of content. They want people access the app in just a few clicks and get their job done.


To enable such access, Google has introduced a new update to the Android with some Instant App modules that generate the content with instant access.


That’s okay! But how do they open without installing?


Remember I told you about the friend sharing a link? Yes, the apps with Instant App code modules will be hosted on the Google servers automatically and will be served on to the devices on request and requirement.


I guess a clean picture will help you understand well:




Let us suppose the green triangle as the Google Server/Google Play Store, the two orange rectangles as two android smartphones and the grey circle as the external source such as internet.


The both android phones can download the application from the Google Play Store as usual if they want to use it or, they can access the particular piece of functionality of the application through the link shared in between the phones or provided from the other sources of the internet.



The application works the same either ways and is fast, reliable and secure too.


Google have already updated some of the famous applications as the instant apps that can be accessed as we have discussed above. They are BuzzFeed, B&H Photo, Hotel Tonight, Zumper and Disney. Google announces the access to developers to turn their apps into Instant apps.


Watch the Google I/O 2016 introducing of Android Instant Apps:


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Meet Google’s New Messaging and Video Calling Apps at IO16

Google has introduced two new messaging and video calling apps in IO16, the Google I/O event of 2016. These two app are named ‘Allo’ and ‘Duo’ and are developed to change the experience of messaging and video calling.


Those who are already using Hangouts app on the phone will migrate to Allo and Duo just like people migrated on to Inbox from default Gmail app. The two apps differ a lot in user experience.


Meet Allo, the smart messaging app

Allo messaging application is smart and makes your conversations more expressive. All the contacts in the phone will be integrated to the application once installed. You can start conversations with the contacts right after the installation and setup.


The smart features will keep the conversations flowing and get things down with semi-automation. It learns from the user and determines to choose the replies based on the message received and give them as suggestions.




If someone is uses ‘lol’ more than ‘haha’, the app suggests the word ‘lol’ at appropriate time. It happens the same with the ‘haha’ if it is widely used. The machine learning nature helps the conversations flow faster and butter smooth.


Allo comes with the Google assistant that allows you to search the information right from the app. You can chat one-on-one with Google assistant or make calls in a group chat. There is no need to switch among the apps to book a dinner that was fixed in the conversation, set a bet  and check the scores of the match that was going on.


Along with the maps and video sharing, Allo allow users to translate conversations right on the go. This feature will be very helpful for those who will be using the native language keyboard for convenience.


Meet Duo, the new video calling app

Duo is a simple and fast video calling application made to work in the all bandwidth conditions. Hoping that it would work with the low bandwidth internet connections too unlike Hangout app.




It is a full screen video calling app with no cluttering UI elements. This app features the live video preview of the caller on the screen while it’s ringing. The preview will establish full communication between both the parties when you answer the call.


Duo can self-adjust the video quality based on the network quality. It can render HD video up to 720p quality. It can transition calls between the cellular and Wi-Fi networks without the call drops efficiently.



And everything that goes to ear to ear is encrypted.


Google is planning to bring both these apps for both Android and iOS in coming months in this year itself.


Be with us on social media channels to know when it is released. Because, we can’t wait to experience them too.

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Asus Zenfone 3 Might Release on May 30th of 2016

Asus is moving pawns to release the next version of Zenfone by the end of May of this year. The chances of launching the Zenfone 3 are bigger according to the speculations of the tech experts online. If everything goes well according to the plan, Asus Zenfone 3 might release on May 30th of 2016 in Zenvolution event.

Asus releases an invite welcoming aspirants to join them on Monday of May 30th. The event is named 'Zenvolution' this time. There are no signs of last year's 'unleashing the incredible' tag lines on the poster that was released. The Zenfone 2 was released by now i.e., by April 23rd exactly in last year.
The association between the Asus and Intel is shown in the poster which says that the Zenfone 3 will be available with the intel processor as well. Although, the rumours spread that the ZF3 is expected to have Snapdragon 650 chipset on board that Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 had. 

Looking the number of Zenfone 2 versions that were released last year, we can consider both the Intel and Snapdragon versions back to back one after another into the market. 


Coming to the design of the Zenfone 3, the phone might come with glossy panel with two sided glass. It is also rumoured to be coming up with typc-c port and fingerprint sensor as well. We can also expect some other surprising feature like Gorilla Glass 4 on Zenfone 2 Laser from Asus this time. The cost of the device would be around 15,000 INR and this is just a speculation.

What do you think? Will Asus announce Zenfone 3 on 30th of May? Share your thoughts in comments below. Subscribe to us for more news on Zenfone 3.
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Xiaomi Launches Redmi 3 High; How Different is it from Redmi Note 3?


Xiaomi has launched another version of Redmi Note 3 for 899 CNY i.e., $139 USD yesterday. The new version of the Redmi Note 3 is named as ‘Redmi 3 High’ with some downgrades and upgrades to the features and hardware of the device.

Xiaomi Redmi 3 High has 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage and is available at the same rate of previous Redmi Note 3. The hype for flash sale has not even come down yet and launching of another Note 3 version will impact the sales of 2GB/16GB version fro sure.

People are still using tricks to buy Redmi Note 3 in a flash sale. The 3GB/32GB version is the first preference of everyone and the 2GB/16GB as second. If Redmi 3 High comes into market a the same price, the stocks for 2GB/16GB will have to be sold at even cheaper prices.

What does Xiaomi Redmi 3 High have? How different is it from the normal Redmi Note 3? Here are the differences,
  1. Redmi 3 High is a 5 inch phone with 720p display whereas Redmi Note 3 is a 5.5 inch phone with 1080p display.
  2. Redmi Note 3 has Snapdragon 650 processor where as Redmi 3 High has Snapdragon 616 processor.
  3. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 has 16MP camera where as Redmi 3 High has 13MP rear camera using same technologies. The front camera remain the same.
  4. Xiaomi Redmi 3 High comes with Android Marshmallow 6.0 whereas Redmi 3 comes with Android Lollipop 5.1.1 on board.
  5. Redmi 3 comes High comes with Quick Charge 3.0
This product is currently available in China and has not released in the international market. The MediaTek processor version of Chinese Redmi Note 3 may not clash with the Snapdragon version of the Redmi 3 High.

Let’s wait till it gets into the international market.
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