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Surfshark Review: Cheap & Best VPN Software at Just $1.99 Per Month

Before directly jumping into the Surfshark review, let’s talk about VPN first. If you already have some knowledge about VPNs, you may skip the ‘about VPN’ section of this article.

About VPN

The internet is censored in all perspectives. It is good thing for half of the world but restricts access to the important links in the information. The other half of the world still need this freedom of accessing knowledge.

Restrictions aren’t badThe freedom of access to information on internet is as wild as nature with danger and opportunity at equal level. This poses risk to the society if the information is exposed directly to the users in front of the computer – as the computer will not know the age of the user.

Why VPN?

VPN is Virtual Private Network where an user connect to the private network to operate out of the restriction based public network.

Why you need a VPN?

Access to unrestricted web – You can access unrestricted web using a VPN software, it gives access to all content with any censorship.

Privacy set froth – Through VPN, search engines and advertisers cannot track the user to push targeted ads. No cookies can be used to track the user’s behaviour on internet. It projects clean browsing experience to the user ensuring safety and privacy of personal information.

What is Surfshark VPN?

Surfshark Is a VPN software – one of such kind of software that was talked about in above introduction part. Located in the British Virgin Islands where there are no obligation law to the data retention, Surfshark finds a perfect place to run their servers.


Located in the 50 different parts of the world with their servers connecting and switching through the optimal locations that are nearer to the user’s location. The DNSs will be automatically changed along with IPs to create a secured mask.

However, Surfshark does not collect the data from incoming and outgoing IP addresses, browsing, downloading or purchasing history, VPN servers you use, used bandwidth, session information, connection timestamps and network traffic, thus giving privacy the first priority.

Features of Surfshark:

Unrestricted Internet – The core feature of the VPN software that opens gates to the unrestricted web for original information access.

Faster internet – There will be no difference between the speeds of normal connection and VPN connection. Unlike other VPN software programs, Surfshark VPN implements intelligent IP and DNS switching technologies that ensure faster internet to the user.

Clean web – As the trackers cannot trace the users behaviour, no personalised ads will be showed while browsing. No malware will be pushed onto the web browsers promising safety to the user.

Kill switch – This feature will safeguard the connection in case if it is compromised.

Multihop – This feature establishes double VPN chain giving twice the layer of security.

Encryption – The top class encryption algorithms are introduced to guard your personal data.

Strict no logs policy – Surfshark’s VPNs are located in the British Virgin Islands. Therefore they is no need to maintain logs of your activity as their law of land won’t insist them to do it. This even won’t help if you want logs of your own activity.

Unlimited devices – One account signup is enough for multiple devices. You may use one account to login from any number of devices either from your home or office.

Privacy over public WIFI – Public WIFI connections are not secure. But, Surfshark ensures safety with them too.

IP masking – IP address of your device cannot be traced through IP detection techniques. So your security over IP connections are secured.

Zero-knowledge DNS – The private DNS servers will not entertain any security breaches.

Easy operation – Surfshark VPN offers a clean one touch turn on/off operation for the users.

24x7 support – The support is available for any assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Any issues can be addressed to them for perfect solutions.

How to buy Surfshark VPN?

It is as easy as buying anything on internet. The subscription plans start as monthly, yearly and for 24 months.


There is a 30-day money back promise from Surfshark if you don’t like their service. The payment can be made by any means of card, PayPal and cryptocurrency.

Special Offer:

Wait a second before you click that signup button. Use the following link to get it for $1.99 per month. You couldn't get better than this deal.


Surfshark is brutal and it eats away other VPNs with sharp blow on price. Take a look at the pic below:



VPN software isn’t new. All that matters is the encryption that user gets while using it and speed of internet at the end of the day. Surfshark promises both the features. As there is a 30-day money back guarantee on all plans, an user gets ample of time to test the tool for the purpose.

What do you think? Did you ever use Surfshark VPN? What are your thoughts about it. Do share in comments below.
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How to Get Involved More In Your Teen’s Smartphone Life

We are all living in the digital age; the age of smartphones. Almost all the adults and teens carry a smartphone with them, in fact, not having one is the odd thing now. This smart gadget lets you do everything on the go and it seems like the world is in your pocket. Where some parents are still trying to grasp the smart technology, the children are several steps ahead and understanding technology is not difficult for them.


The Kids are fast learners, they are well accustomed to the working of the internet and digital devices and they are quick in following the latest trends. This becomes a concern for parents as every new trend is not good for them. Another problem that parents face is the overuse of these devices which affects their health and creating a void between the parent-child relations.


Parents often find themselves worried about how they should take care of their kids’ smartphone activity. They are aware that they should keep a check on kids so that they can live a balanced life and stay away from the dangers of sexting, porn watching, privacy breach, cyberbullying and online sex solicitation. But they don’t know how to keep a check on all these things without being intrusive. What these parents need are parental control apps that are designed for the exact same purpose.


kids internet life


These apps provide the help parents need. They can get involved in their kids’ lives and ensure their safety, directly from their own smartphone. Remember that communicating with the kids is always the first step and continuously educating them is very important. Parenting apps are an additional help, they make it easier for parents to see that their kids follow the rules.


There are many parental control apps out there in which FamilyTime is a prominent name. It has several parenting features on a single platform. Parents can use it individually or add guardians in the loop. Check out how you can get involved in your kids’ life using FamilyTime:

  • Monitor cell phone activity like calls, SMS, and contacts.
  • Monitor their web activity, like browser history and bookmarked pages.
  • Make a balanced screen routine with screen time locks.
  • Block adult rated, unsafe mobile apps.
  • Make sure they drive safe by setting driving limits.
  • Stay aware of their location with location tracking.
  • Get updates with Geofencing places.
  • Get SOS messages and pickup alerts directly from your kids.

All these features help you keep a check on unsafe activity like sexting, bullying, threats etc. and restrict destructive behavior as well.


The smartphone life is a whole different life in which the kids get exposed to various things, some of which are bad for them. They can affect them, both emotionally and physically. Technology presents a great way to know what kids are doing on their smartphones in the form of parental control apps. Every parent that has a kid or teen using a smartphone, must supervise their kids and incorporate such apps in their lives.

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Everything About WhatsApp Sharing Data to Facebook

Since the day WhatsApp introduced the end-to-end security encryption to the messages, the respect over this messenger has increased among people and they even protested against governments that wanted to channel all the messages under their watch for security purposes.


Privacy is a big thing than the system and the government here. Facebook, after acquiring the world’s largely used messenger (WhatsApp), have brought significant changes like the blue ticks, end-to-end security, document sharing and revised the number of people limitations for groups.


Recently, WhatsApp made changes to their terms and conditions that share the chats and phone numbers to Facebook for improving your Facebook ads and product experiences.


What’s wrong? Why would WhatsApp share data?

WhatsApp chats and your phone number are the private data. The main aim of end-to-end encryption is to provide that privacy to people and their conversations. If that private data is shared to improvise the marketing strategies of super node Facebook, privacy should be compromised internally.


WhatsApp is no more an individual company. Facebook acquired WhatsApp and now it is a child company. Facebook has authority to take any decisions about the WhatsApp now.


However, the private chats and phone number would not be shared to anyone outside the corporation. The data is not sold or leaked to any other company or organization. It will be kept secured encrypted within the WhatsApp and Facebook servers only.




You would see this option on your screen when opening WhatsApp. It says,


Share WhatsApp account information with Facebook to improve my Facebook ads and product experiences. Your chats and phone number will not be shared onto Facebook regardless of this setting.”


This means, unless you opt-in this option, WhatsApp will not share its data to the Facebook for better marketing. It also means that they would be sharing your phone number to the brands. If supposedly not shared with brands, the phone numbers might be used to notify you about their advertised products.


Didn’t understand? Let’s talk about some examples

Example 1: Let us suppose that you are chatting (WhatsApp) with your friend about the wedding shopping. The chats will be shared onto Facebook and analyzed. The analyzed data will be matched with their advertisers' demand by their marketing team. Then you would be shown the sponsored posts on Facebook newsfeed related to the products specifically that you were talking about with your friend.


Let’s consider that you were talking about the wedding jewelry. When you log in to Facebook and scroll through the newsfeed, you will be shown the ads for wedding jewelry. 


You will also be getting SMSs related to the jewelry products from Facebook about their advertisers.


Example 2: If you are searching for best smartphones under some budget say $200. You will be shown the sponsored posts on the Facebook newsfeed with all the smartphone phone ads.


This happens generally because of the safe cookies and the search analysis of your queries on Facebook. This sort of usage stats are being gathered without our notice or as the part of terms & conditions.


This is not new to us. They are just expanding the reach

This marketing strategy is not new to us. Even search engines do the same through the safe cookies. Facebook also does the same by taking the information from these cookies.


Remember, you would realize Facebook showing relevant ads in the newsfeed. Never mind if you don’t. I will give you an example screenshot.



Pic: The above screenshot is from Facebook


The Titan company page admin might have bought ads focusing the keyword for watches. I was watching for the watches a day ago and this comes up on my newsfeed. The purpose of the WhatsApp sharing the data Facebook relates closely to this.


How does sharing  WhatsApp chats data and phone number help them?

It’s simple. Collecting more data will increase the productivity by increasing the advertiser’s target accuracy and in turn earns good ROI.


For example, if you and your friend are talking about a new pair of shoes for the next week’s bday party and you don’t do much Facebooking. When you login for one in thousand reasons that day itself, you won’t be shown the sponsored posts of relevant products and ads. It won’t help you as well as Facebook as you won’t be interacting to them. 


#Take a minute to understand the logic. I’ve all the time in the world.


To tackle such situations, Facebook takes the data of your chats and brings up the relevant ads on the newsfeed (like as that Titan sponsored post that I shared above).


Should you stop sharing data to Facebook?

Are you interested in getting relevant ads for your chats?


If you answer ‘Yes’ to this question, you should opt-in to share your data. If it’s a ‘No’, just opt-out.


There is a possibility that Facebook might bring textual sponsored messages intruding into your chats in the middle of something like the online dating apps do suggesting the premium membership while chatting.


WhatsApp had promised that it will not introduce the ads in the form of banners. That is not everything. The creativeness of advertising and marketing may take any forms. It may take the words that you type (keywords I mean) and turn it into hyperlink pointing to the advertiser’s link Hike do it for inserting emoji’s and stickers.


So, it’s all about your priorities. The privacy may be compromised but not the security.


How to block WhatsApp from sharing data to Facebook?

The sharing of data is not a knife on the neck. You can opt-out from sharing your chats and your phone number. There are two ways to do this.


Method 1: You can opt-out by unchecking the checkbox when it shows on the screen about their new terms & privacy policy. It would something look like this,



After unchecking it, just click on Agree to continue using WhatsApp as usual.


Why would you need to click agree even after unchecking? Is it a trick?

No. Not at all. Whether you agree to share your data or not, you have to agree to the terms and policy updates of the product in order to use WhatsApp. This would be common to any application.


Method 2: Go to Settings > Account > Uncheck the option ‘Share my WhatsApp account information to Facebook..”


Just a second

I hope this long post has helped you understand the corporate operations behind the companies. Opting in or out is still your own decision.


Share this to your social media timelines to help your friends also understand this. I would consider that your thankfulness for my efforts I put here in this article.

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Recover Deleted or Lost Files on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Easily with Wondershare Data Recovery Tool

Data is the most valuable part of the computers. The digital format of information is vulnerable to the several threats which may result in lose of data. It may be due to the human error or the technical glitch that happened inside the circuits. At the end, the users remain the victims of data loss. Recovering deleted or lost files on computer is not as difficult as it was. We have better software and hardware tools available in the market now.


Spending time and money on the deleted files may worth trying but it also need a supervision of budget and effort. Wondershare offers a budget friendly solution for recovering deleted files on Windows computer. Their Data Recovery Software is available for just $49.95 and is effective in recovering the lost files on Windows computer.


I tried this software for recovering my niece’s lost birthday photos on my Windows 7 desktop and on my Windows 10 laptop. It worked great! I almost recovered all the photos back. This time I backed them up to cloud.


Wondershare Data Recovery software have some interesting recovery options that are quite needed when your are perplexed of what to do in such panicking situations. I will show you how this software can be used to recover your lost file of any format.


Note: Recovering of data is not 100% possible with any tool that is available for us so far. However, some tools like Wondershare Data Recovery help us recover almost all files of any condition by all means possible. I recommend you to take a backup of your data very often.



Recovering the deleted or lost data

Download and install Wondershare Data Recovery tool on your Windows computer. Run the tool after installation.


The home screen under ‘Standard’ mode will be shown with the recovery options of the software including the file recovery, partition recovery, RAW file recovery and recovery resume. This will recover files of all formats. If you want to recover files by type, click on the ‘Wizard’ link on the white bar on the screen. This will open a new wizard where you will be shown all the file type options including image, audio, video, office document, email specifically and other formats.


Lost File Recovery – Recovering lost files of any format



This is the first and very non-specific option that this data recovery tool has. You can find this option on the home screen of the tool itself.




You just have to show the location of the disk to search for the lost or deleted files. The rest of the process is taken care of by the tool itself.


Just select the location from the shown disks and click ‘Start’ to continue the search process.




When the search is over it shows all type of files that can be recovered along with the health status of these files. Click on the files to view the preview, select those you wanted and click ‘Recover’.


Partition Recovery – Recovering data from partitions

This option will help you recover the files from the particular partition of the list of hard drives that are connected to the computer. This specificity will help the user plan & organize the search process from partition to partition.




All you need to do is to choose the hard disk > partition > and start the search process. Check the files that are found, preview if necessary and recover them on to your hard drive.


RAW File Recovery – Recovering files that are difficult to recover

RAW format files are those that are identified by the non-human readable attributes like name and path. Sometimes the deleted or lost files cannot be recovered by using normal recovery mode. This RAW file recovery option will help to recover such difficult-to-recover files easily.


RAW files includes all random files that are deleted or removed from the HDD with time. As they are found unnamed, the previewing process might take a bit long yet worth when it can recover the actual data.




Click on ‘RAW File Recovery option > Select the partition > Hit ‘Start’. The search will find all the random RAW files on the HDD. This process might take a bit longer than the other options, as the possibility of finding the number of files is more.


Resume Recovery – Save scan and resume the search process later

This is one such great feature that is needed for a system utility tool like this. Wondershare Data Recovery tool is an efficient data recovery software that takes optimal time to search the lost or deleted files on the hard drive. The time to finish the scan also depends on the size of the hard disk, number of type of files selected to find and the type of scan chosen.




The terabyte hard disks of now-a-kind, re-checking for every file extension chosen and scan types like RAW file recovery will take lot of time to find the files from death and present before us. We cannot stay along all the time during the process and sometimes we may need to shutdown our computers after a while. At such times, this ‘Resume Recovery’ option will help us ‘Save Scan’ and resume later in any future.


Recovering data by type of file – Specific data recovery method

There is another mode of recovery wizard that you can swap on to. This recovery mode allows you to choose the type of file to recover > choose the partition or location and scan.


You can choose the photo, audio, video, email, office document and all other file types specifically to scan for. This will reduce the time of scanning and will give you quick results.


To be more specific, it scans the following file file extensions associated with the file types.


Image files – All common image formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, EXIF etc.

Audio – All common audio file formats such as MP3, WMA, AAC, AMR etc.

Video – All common video file formats AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, MP4 etc.

Office Documents – All common document file formats such as Word, Excel, PDF and so on.

Emails – All common email file formats such as Outlook, Outlook Express, PST, DBX etc.


Still thinking?

There is nothing valuable more than data in this world and when it comes to digital data, it costs a penny more to recover. Spending just $50 for a license is nothing for the flexibility of data recovery options that Wondershare Data Recovery tool offers. Go Get the tool today and get back your valuable files.

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XNSPY App Review: How an iPhone Spy Software Assists Parents in their Parenting

An iPhone is something out of this world. Sleek looks and lovely features of an iPhone make everyone go crazy over it. Be it a teenaged kid or sixty years old businessmen, all are die-hard fans of this amazing smartphone. Of course you don’t need to teach an adult how to go about life, but your teenaged child does need your supervision. To avoid your kids from misusing their smartphone by getting involved in wrong activities, parents need to keep a close eye on them with the help of an iPhone spy software, Xnspy.

A Highly Useful App

Xnspy is a highly useful and user-friendly monitoring software for your child’s iPhone. This app gets installed inside your kid’s cell phone in less than five minutes and covers very little space inside it. All the latest iPhone models work amazingly well alongside this amazing app. Usually you need to Jailbreak the iPhone handset for effective monitoring but if you are not up for it then the ‘Non-Jailbreak’ iPhone version of Xnspy would be best suited for you. What you need is an internet connection and your personal log-in details to gain complete access to your child’s entire cell phone data.

Phone Data And Web Access

Whatever pictures, videos and audio files that your kid has stored inside their iPhone, all those files will be shown to you with the help of Xnspy. To keep a close eye on your kids, Xnspy even provides you with the entire web browsing history of your kids along with the pages bookmarked by them. Parents may even view all the e-mail messages of their kids.

SMS Messages And ‘Record Surroundings’

SMS messages present inside your kid’s cell phone are shown to you without any fuss. This includes all the messages in the Sent Box, Drafts and the Inbox of their iPhone. If your kid is extra smart and they delete SMS messages from their phone, you may even recover those messages through your online account. With the help of the ‘Record surroundings’ feature of this iPhone spy software, you may even record all the sounds that are in the surroundings of your kid’s iPhone.

Assisting Parents

Kids need a close supervision during their teenage and this is the ultimate responsibility of all parents. An iPhone spy software eases up a lot of work for parents and assists them in knowing in great detail about the activities of their kids.

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How to Remove Your Phone Number from True Caller Database?

Being identified is not good every time. When it is on True Caller, it is more frustrating. True Caller, having the major database of phone number identities serves better at sometimes and stealing privacy at most of them.

Its purpose, to find the details of unknown number owner is fulfilled when it comes to cyber threat and related cyber cases. When it comes to privacy, it scores almost zero. Let me tell you some story lines that will make you understand why True Caller is a total loss of privacy - Mr. Somebody who is a popular guy in his town who is often getting unknown calls from both the love and hatred. He bared this non-sense for a month and he thought can’t take it any more. So he decided to change his most liked and chosen number 9988776655. He was happy after changing his number and two months passed. He got some new contacts along with the new ones this time. The unknown phone calls increased and finally made him quit using a mobile phone.

The solution for such a problem is not the quitting using mobile phones, but quit being listed in True Caller database. True Caller allows to find people by name or phone number. This feature not only annoys famous one, but also individuals who wants to hide their phone number details. What if it happens in case of a girl? what if someone could easily get her number and start teasing?

true caller phone numer removal

As the number of True Caller app users are increasing day by day, protecting our numbers from being recorded into their databases is impossible. So it is better to remove it ourselves. True Caller officially allows users to request for the removal of their numbers from their database. Let’s see how to.

Requesting a removal

To request a phone number removal,

Step 1: Open the link in another tab.

Step 2: Enter your phone number that you wanted to be removed and enter the capcha code and click ‘Unlist’ button.

Step 3: That’s it you’re done! Just wait for another 24 hours from now on and check it in True Caller search after that.

If anyone searches for your number, they would get ‘0’ results displayed. Isn’t it simple?

Note: On the good side, Truecaller is a very good app that helps us know who is calling. We actually don't pick up everycall everytime due to some busy-ness but, some calls are yet to be answered anytime. Hope that explains everything on teh positive side of it.

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Millions of Xiaomi MI Accounts Hacked, Confirms Symantec

The danger with Xiaomi phones that the IAF has been warning people working in defense and their families about has become real today. Xiaomi, the third major mobile company in the world have got the hacker impact so early unexpectedly.


People in India have raised concern over the issue regarding the loss of their privacy and valuable information secretly after Indian Air Force(IAF)’s warning statement. We’ve seen Hugo Barra responding to the situation with his detailed status update about the gathering of personal information and makes a statement that the information is used to improve user experience in future version of the device.




The flash sales of the devices through ecommerce websites shows the intensity of the impact that can cause threat to. The hacker news exposes the screenshots of some of the leaked information of MI users and tweets the updates on twitter. Symantec, the maker of security software confirms the news shared by the hacker news on twitter.



May be this is the time for Xiaomi to set up backup servers for Indian users or else the ‘ecommerce sale, cheap smart phones’ show is going to end as earlier as it was started. Let’s wait what the heads of the company say about it.

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Indian Air Force warns about the threat with Xiaomi Smartphones

The so called Chinese Apple, Xiaomi the beast of the budget phones which was introduced a few months ago in India have been accused a threat by Indian Air Force(IAF) earlier this week. It was found that the smartphones made by Xiaomi are sending user data to servers in China.

F-Secure, the major security software maker have already warned earlier than everyone that the Xiaomi phones were sending information like carrier name, phone number, IMEI, contacts and text messages back to Beijing.

"Next we connected to and logged into Mi Cloud, the iCloud-like service from Xiaomi. Then we repeated the same test steps as before. This time, the IMSI details were sent to, as well as the IMEI and phone number," says F-Secure in an article.
IAF vs Xiaomi(2)
It makes it much worse if any of the family members of those who are working in defense and research are spied and the information thereby used can be vulnerable to the national security.

Hugo Barra, the vice-president of International business activities of Xiaomi quickly responds to the IAF’s accusation of the threat and writes about the situation in a detailed status update on his Google plus profile. He says that it is just a migration of e-commerce and MIUI services to expand the user’s usability.

“In 2015, we are planning to take on a new challenge to further improve the performance of our services for users in large and fast-growing markets such as India and Brazil. 

In these markets, where Amazon AWS services aren't yet available, we will be working with local data center providers to set up our service infrastructure.  Once that has been completed, users in these markets will be much closer to their data and enjoy even faster speeds by connecting to local servers.” says Hugo Barra in his status update.

However, I feel that there is a point in IAF’s accusation about the threat. The recent attacks on iCloud accounts in China and the government’s interfering nature in such user privacy issues locally, makes the point much bolder and stronger.

Let’s see how far Xiaomi takes it. Because Indians will believe IAF rather than Xiaomi. What do you say?
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How to Leave Chat Groups in WhatsApp on Nokia Asha 502

WhatsApp allows anyone to add his/her friends in a chat group. You'll be getting unwanted message and conversation notifications that are irritating when in busy times. There is an option to mute the conversation but it doesn't throw you out of the mess.


WhatsApp on devices like Nokia Asha 502 have no option to leave the group. Although, you can exit the group using a simple trick without disturbing your friends and other people in the group.
  1. Open WhatsApp on your handset
  2. Open the chat group you were added in.
  3. Tap and hold for a second. You will get a prompt asking your confirmation upon deleting and exit the group. Then tap Ok.
That’s it! you are now left the annoying chat group on WhatsApp.
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Do you know that you are being tracked by your smart phone?

Applications on your smart phone may be tracking your every move and monitoring your every journey, say experts.

Smart phones, being constantly connected to internet are allowing users track their every journey within the reach. For the users of Android smart phones, those who signed up for Google Now are being tracked and the map records are kept safe for months.


Google now is a known for its smart intelligence companionship in executing everyday tasks of an average user. Every place you visit would be recorded and stored into your Google account. When you visit them, they can be seen as red pin points on the map in day, week and monthly data intervals .

It also maintains a sync with the calendar tasks and reminds you the tasks to be done at those places while travelling. It is useful but not in everyone's case.

Users fear the case of their Gmail accounts getting hacked. A hacker can easily track the daily life activities of the victim and can exploit into personal space more violently. However you can turnoff the tracking option if wanted and Google also make no compulsion on this.
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Kids Internet Safety on Android Phones | Using Norton Family Parental Control Application

Smart phones comes compatible with wonderful games these days. I don’t know how many elders play games on their handsets but would like have some for their kids.


In fact they are doing great job giving technology into their little hands at early ages itself.


When we discussed about the internet safety of kids on computers earlier, we came to know the hazards that they would undergo if computers with full access are given to them.


The same way, smart phones also pose a threat to kids internet safety if given with no restrictions. Smart phones are no less to desktop and laptop computers these days. These handsets are coming with equal features a computers had.


So I find a need to talk about kids internet safety on smart phones today!


We have many applications available for smart phones today of which we can choose one randomly we believe that could protect our kids while using it.


It would be better if the security application is trustworthy and reliable one. I bring you the most famous security solution application for your android this time, the Norton Family Parental Control.


Installation & Settings

Download the application from Google Play and install it on your android phone(I believe you know the process of downloading and installing the android application on your android phone).


If you are reading this article from your android phone itself, simple click on the download link above to go to Google Play and tap on ‘Install’ button on the screen.


After installation, open it and it will show up with a one time startup-tour screen like this:




Swipe around the features if wanted to or just simply skip the intro. Then it will show you the following screen with a ‘Get Started’ Button.




Tap on it to proceed and it will ask you to login/register with the Norton account. Create an account if you don’t have one by simply tapping on the ‘Sign in or Signup’ button.


When done with creating an account, sign into the application with newly created Norton account. You will now be asked to proceed to the application either for your child’s device or yours.




Using application in parent mode

Tap on Parent > Continue to start using the application in parent mode.




Tap on ‘Add a new child’, enter the name, gender and born year of your kid and tap ‘Continue’.




You are now asked to set house rules which actually include personal information supervision, time supervision, web supervision, search supervision, social network supervision and local tracking options that can be turned on/off in one click.


After setting house rules, swipe back and tap ‘Save’. Then you will be asked to confirm binding the new child with the settings. To confirm, tap ‘Yes’ or else tap ‘No’ to reset the settings again.




A new username will be created for your child. Your child have to login with his username to access the phone.




You may create the username of your choice as it is remembered and can be used later in future also. Tap on ‘Done’ to continue.


You will be asked whether to activate device administrator. Tap ‘Activate’ to set the application in action.




You can see the log reports of your kid’s activity and change settings and house rules by logging into


Click ‘Ok’ to continue and you will be asked to set rules for this device.




You can even choose to set the rules for your kid’s device. The options are similar and will be similar but in child’s perspective.


Keep your children safe and sound online!

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mCouple App Review: An App that could break up relationship between couples

Every couple is not happy as others. One of the both are doubting their partners with extramarital affairs. As a result they are tending to spy on their partner’s daily activities both physically and digitally which is a foundation stone for breakup.

Software companies are cashing on this weakness of couples by releasing the spying apps and software. Such and app is this mCouple that is developed my mSpy, a London based company. This is available in the market now as a free as well as pro version.

How this app works?

This app works on the mutual consent of couple to share the personal phone calls, messages and social network appearances on the phone.

mcouple app

It shares locations always and notifies the partner of were he/she is on the planet.

mcouple app-share-location

Once mutually agreed to share the messages and chats on the app, one of both can easily access the messages and chats whenever they want.

sharing chats and messages

Each other can spy on one another’s phone book and call logs.


One can even access the photos in the gallery of their partner's phone.

How to get started?

Once you go to the home screen, you could see the settings and options to access the map locations, call logs, call history, sms, facebook chats etc.

When you open this app for the first time, it ask you to set up your profile with your name and email and also to connect your facebook profile. In case you are not asked to setup any profile, you can set it up on your own. Simply tap on the profile > Edit profile and provide your details.

Once the profile setup is done, it asks you to connect yours to your partner.


The profile setup thing is to be done on the other side also. Once done, you would be ale to spy on each other’s content.


This application is very good in tracking one another digital life activities. It could have been developed for parents to track their teenage children or national security officers to track their sub-ordinates under them. But the idea of spying on couples totally sucks. It could increase the distance between the couple and can lead to divorces if married and breakups if in a relationship.

This app is very good functionally, but sucks when it comes to application area. It can not only run relationships but also ruins couple’s secret surprises which strengthen their bonds.
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How To Find Your Lost Phone With A Single Email Message

It is very common to leave and forget your accessories that you carry around in a busy day. The worst part of it is you won’t find a phone in a place you live in, say your room or home. One of the worst put-it-somewhere-and-lost things is loosing your mobile phone which has all the contact details and important schedules of your day-to-day plan. What you do normally is ask your friend his phone and dial your number. What will you do if you don’t find another phone or a friend around? How do you think you can find your lost phone?


Without having any other option, you would go for a raid on your own room or home throwing things down, dragging the drawers out and leaving them opened and wrestling with your bed and pillows. Over all of this, you will get frustrated about it. The thing that is frustrating to you would be that your phone hiding somewhere in the same room. If you had ever lost your phone in the same room, you would have done all the James Bond thing before. The method I’m going to discuss in this article is quite other side of the coin.


Setting up the link between your phone and email

If you could make the phone ring (when you had no alternate phone around), you can skip all the phone finding job. You can do it so by sending an email message to yourself with a hash tag from your computer.


IFTTT, the free automation tool will make the internet work for you better. It is very easy to setup a recipe in IFTTT so that any novice can set them up in a couple of clicks.


‘Help me find my phone’ is such a recipe that can find your lost phone quickly. You can start using it from the ‘Use’ button below.


IFTTT Recipe: Help me find my lost phone! connects gmail to phone-call


By sending an email to yourself with a hash tag #lostphone in the subject or body of the message will make a call to the linked number immediately.


To activate the channel, click on the ‘Use’ button shown above. This will take you to recipe page where you can do the rest of settings.


Click on ‘Activate’ button to register your phone number with the service.  This service is currently available in US only and like to be introduced in other countries soon.


A window will pop up and asks you to enter the  phone number. Enter your phone number and hit ‘Send PIN’.




It will send you a 4-digit secret PIN, enter it in the field and click ‘Activate’.




Once the phone number is confirmed, the pop-up windows closes. Get back to the previous recipe page and set the message as per your requirement.




After everything is set up, click 'Use Recipe’ button to make the channel go live. You can edit the channel settings whenever you wanted from the IFTTT dashboard.

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How to Password Protect Your Android Phone Applications

Smart phones often juggle in different hands. Those may be friends, siblings or parents who often play with our smart phones make us feel inconvenient and fear for our private content. You don’t have to hide you phone or tell them that its broken and need to be repaired anymore. There is an application in Android called AppLock that helps you lock applications with a password.
To get the application,
  • Go to Google Play and search for AppLock, download install it on your phone.
  • Open the application after installation. It will load all the applications from your phone. Wait a second till it finishes.
  • After downloading, you will see a screen with all applications like this:

Drag the bar to lock/unlock the apps.


Setting up the password

Click on the menu on the left > Settings > Unlock Settings and set the password. Here you can choose to set either number or pattern lock password at your convenience.


If you forgot the password, AppLock allows you to reset it. To reset the password,

  1. Open the App lock application.
  2. If you are using pattern lock, change to number lock.
  3. Tap on ‘forgot password’ or ‘?’
  4. It will ask you to enter answer for the security question you had set while creating the password.
  5. Enter the answer and reset the password.



Protecting the application from being uninstalled

You can protect the application from being uninstalled by anonymous. The app will ask password while uninstalling. Without entering the password, you are not allowed to uninstall it.


To set it ask password while uninstalling, you need to enable ‘Advanced Protection’ in the application settings. Enabling so is strongly recommended as the purpose of its installation will be of no use if not.


Manages free space on the disk

This application not only protects applications from being accessed unauthorized, but also manages the free space. It will not allow the data like photos from being moved in/out when disk space is less than 10%.


Easy to open

You can open the app even though the app icon is hidden by entering # and password following it. For example, if your password is 12345, entering #1235 on keypad will open the application.

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How to Remove/Uninstall Android Apps from a Lost Phone

There are a lot of apps available in the Google Play Store that hold the personal data while using. No one would expect to loose their phones and keep on using applications with all the sensitive information stored. What if they are lost? What about your personal data? Should you loose your privacy and money (if any credit card details were also stored)? - No. You no need to.

The best feature of Google play is that we can install the applications from the web browser straight away. We can just sign-in into our Google accounts, search for the apps, click to install. The download & installation procedure starts on the phone automatically. What about uninstalling? Can we do it straight away from Google Play?

Yes you can! Though, People actually suffer uninstalling an application from an android device. They use both kind of in-built and third party uninstallers to serve the purpose. Remember that you can only uninstall a single application from the device at a time. To uninstall the apps in bulk, you need to have a rooted device. Why to take worries when you can uninstall them from the play store itself.

Removing Apps from a lost phone

  1. Sign-in to the Google Play Store and click on ‘my android apps’ that you have them installed currently on your lost device (If you are using multiple devices with the same account, you have to choose from the list of devices when first logged in).
  2. You will see an ‘update’ option under each installed application showing you the update of most recent version of the app. Besides that, you can see a ‘bin’  for each installed application using which we can remove apps from the device. Simply click it to remove from the device.


  • I recommend you to file a complaint in the police station about the lost phone before the thief bring you any anti-social elemental problems.
  • Install security apps that would bring the phone back and the thief to police station. At least you would get the value for phone as recovery from him.
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How to Protect Your Accounts from Heartbleed Bug?

Heartbleed bug is the nightmare trending all over the internet media these days. Internet giants like Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, Pinterest have already notified their users about this vulnerability and suggested respective security measures.

What is Heartbleed bug actually?

The Heartbleed bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. This weakness allows the stealing of protected information, under normal security conditions used with normal SSL/TLS standards.

This bug allows anyone on the internet to gain access to the memory of the systems protected by the vulnerable versions of OpenSSL. Heartbleed bug effects the security and privacy of the internet applications like web, email and instant messaging. 

What it actually does?

Heartbleed bug compromises the security keys used to identify the service providers those encrypt the traffic, names, login credentials and actual user data. So the attackers can easily hack into the communications, steal data directly from users and services they use.

How to protect yourself?

Protecting your accounts starts from setting up strong passwords. Setting up strong passwords isn't good enough if you don't update it from time to time. It is what the major internet giants suggesting to their users to upgrade along with them.

Official information on Heartbleed is made available in the website They say,

As long as the vulnerable version of OpenSSL is in use it can be abused. Fixed OpenSSL has been released and now it has to be deployed. Operating system vendors and distribution, appliance vendors, independent software vendors have to adopt the fix and notify their users. Service providers and users have to install the fix as it becomes available for the operating systems, networked appliances and software they use.

So change your password today! Stay safe! 
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HeartBleed Bug Scanner for Android: Check if your Android device is vulnerable to the new nightmare

The Heartbleed bug has already shaken up the internet and the major service providing websites like gmail, facebook, yahoo, linkedIn etc. So far these websites started advising their users to change their passwords after their quick update of newer versions of open SSL. It’s not all about internet on computers, its also about the android devices? how can you make sure that they are safe to work with? Is your android vulnerable to Heartbleed bug? Panicked? you shouldn't be!


There is an app called Heartbleed bug scanner developed by Bluebox is available for android devices to scan the vulnerability for Heartbleed bug. This security software developing company have bundled their own version of OpenSSL and checks if the heartbleed is  enabled on your device or not.




Which version are vulnerable?

According to the Google security blog’s update. Android versions with or before 4.1.1 patch are vulnerable to Heartbleed bug.


Regarding this, Google says,

All versions of Android are immune to CVE-2014-0160 (with the limited exception of Android 4.1.1; patching information for Android 4.1.1 is being distributed to Android partners).


We will continue working closely with the security research and open source communities, as doing so is one of the best ways we know to keep our users safe.


Heartbleed bug Scanner features:

  • Latest version of this app scans your OS and apps  for vulnerability.
  • Android devices ship with OpenSSL library by default. In addition, many apps will bundle their own copy of the library. The Bluebox Heartbleed Scanner from Bluebox Labs will check all of these copies and let you know if any appear to be vulnerable to the Heartbleed vulnerability.

Download Heartbleed Scanner for your Android

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Now Get the Fingerprint Scanner on your Android too | Fingerprint Scanner App Free Download

Fingerprint scanner is no more a limited feature that comes with the expensive handsets like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S5. Fingerprint scanner doesn't need any specific scanner hardware inbuilt but the Android OS on your mobile phone or tablet. This isn’t about the magic feature of Android phones, it all about a prank app that mocks the real fingerprint scanner along with the security screen lock.

Fingerprint Lock is the app that was developed by Porrassoft team which is famous for developing prank apps like Xray Scanner and Lie Detector for Android devices in the past.

Finger print lock app

This is an prank app that works as true screen lock with your own wallpaper.


This app would protect your screen lock in disguise. People other than you won’t touch your phone considering if it was real finger print scanner. It may not fool everyone but it can fool some atleast. After all, the idea of not-to-touch your device would be fulfilled.

Download Fingerprint Lock


  • Advertisements pop up right after scan and the tab showing it not real.
  • App won’t work consistently from time to time.
  • Pressing the home button would close the running app. This is a real vulnerability. People with hands on experience with Android devices can easily turn off this app.
  • Press and hold on the scan area for some time would open up the lock(mocks).
Bottom line: It is not that much good app for real security but not definitely a bad one. It could at least keep third hand away from itself.
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Track what they are doing with your iPhone when you are not there

You probably don't mind friends taking your mobile phone and juggle the applications often. It is Ok if you lock down your messages and personal stuff that cannot be shared with anyone. If not, you should pay attention to this article.

Sometimes people around us would want to have hands on experience on our iPhone or iPad. At those times, we cannot only resist but also feel uncomfortable about the personal stuff. So it is better to lock down personal stuff as said before. On other side of the coin, what if they grab your phone and play with it for sometime when you are asleep or went somewhere forgetting it at home?

Worried? Want to know what was accessed in your absence? - This is what i'm going to talk about in this article.

A wonderful iOS application called Catchr is available for iDevices to track the activity on them. By using this, you can track what applications are opened at what times. This application is helpful in finding our who is doing what on your phone either in your presence or absence.

Image source:

About Catchr

This app was developed by NordLogic. Regarding the Catchr application, they say
Catchr gives you peace of mind by allowing you to find out if anybody used your phone while you were away. It can tell you if your phone has been moved and which applications have been started or stopped. It also plots on a map where your phone’s been during the time Catchr was running.
The latest version was released a couple of days before. This 22MB heavy application supports English, Dutch, Romanian and Japanese languages. This application is compatible with iOS 6.0 or later operating systems.

Download Catchr for your iDevice

Don't forget to Play 007 background music when you start the application ;) Later!
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