How to Get Involved More In Your Teen’s Smartphone Life

We are all living in the digital age; the age of smartphones. Almost all the adults and teens carry a smartphone with them, in fact, not having one is the odd thing now. This smart gadget lets you do everything on the go and it seems like the world is in your pocket. Where some parents are still trying to grasp the smart technology, the children are several steps ahead and understanding technology is not difficult for them.


The Kids are fast learners, they are well accustomed to the working of the internet and digital devices and they are quick in following the latest trends. This becomes a concern for parents as every new trend is not good for them. Another problem that parents face is the overuse of these devices which affects their health and creating a void between the parent-child relations.


Parents often find themselves worried about how they should take care of their kids’ smartphone activity. They are aware that they should keep a check on kids so that they can live a balanced life and stay away from the dangers of sexting, porn watching, privacy breach, cyberbullying and online sex solicitation. But they don’t know how to keep a check on all these things without being intrusive. What these parents need are parental control apps that are designed for the exact same purpose.


kids internet life


These apps provide the help parents need. They can get involved in their kids’ lives and ensure their safety, directly from their own smartphone. Remember that communicating with the kids is always the first step and continuously educating them is very important. Parenting apps are an additional help, they make it easier for parents to see that their kids follow the rules.


There are many parental control apps out there in which FamilyTime is a prominent name. It has several parenting features on a single platform. Parents can use it individually or add guardians in the loop. Check out how you can get involved in your kids’ life using FamilyTime:

  • Monitor cell phone activity like calls, SMS, and contacts.
  • Monitor their web activity, like browser history and bookmarked pages.
  • Make a balanced screen routine with screen time locks.
  • Block adult rated, unsafe mobile apps.
  • Make sure they drive safe by setting driving limits.
  • Stay aware of their location with location tracking.
  • Get updates with Geofencing places.
  • Get SOS messages and pickup alerts directly from your kids.

All these features help you keep a check on unsafe activity like sexting, bullying, threats etc. and restrict destructive behavior as well.


The smartphone life is a whole different life in which the kids get exposed to various things, some of which are bad for them. They can affect them, both emotionally and physically. Technology presents a great way to know what kids are doing on their smartphones in the form of parental control apps. Every parent that has a kid or teen using a smartphone, must supervise their kids and incorporate such apps in their lives.

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How to Monitor Sexting with the Help of a Software?

According to Google “Sexting” is a term that usually refers to “sending (someone) sexually explicit photographs or messages via cell phone.” Sexting is something that has not always been there. It is one of the many gifts of technology that we have to put up with no matter what. The fact that tons of people are sexting today in order to keep their sexual lives interesting is not as horrifying as the idea that hackers are actually putting quite some work and effort into getting hold of such pictures illegally.
Remember the iCloud scandal? Where the iCloud was hacked and pictures of countless celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, etc. were leaked onto the internet. Sounds like the worst thing to happen ever, doesn’t it?
Ever since its rise in popularity, more and more people are turning towards it. Not because they actually have a reason to send a sext, but because it is the “IT” thing now and they are the trend chasers. According to a recent study, there are three major types of sexting, which are:

Type 1: People in a Relationship

This class of people refer to exchange steamy message with the people they are in a relationship with. These messages may include anything at all – a picture, a video, a sound clipping, a text, etc. Such a sexting relationship exists between a husband and a wife, or a long distance (or otherwise) girlfriend and boyfriend, etc.

Type 2: Cheaters

This group basically comprises of individuals who are in relationship with other people but at the same time they like to sext with others who are not their partners. People who are bored of their monotonous lives tend to follow this path, with most of them just looking for a steamy short-lived affair that could add some spice to their lives, without the knowledge of their current partners.

Type 3: The Hopefuls

This group includes that class of people who are looking to be in a relationship and have someone in their sights they’d like to be their other halves. Therefore, they exchange such raunchy material in order to attract the other person.
We have already mentioned how chasers “sext” trend just because it is the new thing to do. Such sexters usually include children. Children i.e., teens who are not yet of legal age and who can be legally tested by law as adults if they are found in possession of such explicit material for possession and distribution of child pornography, even if the picture is their own. Therefore, not only those partners whose other halves are cheating on them but concerned parents need to invest into spy applications to ensure their own protection and the protection of their loved ones.

Why Use Spy Applications?

The name spy app sounds notorious to people with delicate sensibilities but it is the only solution to keep a close and keen eye on your children and partner because of its various features, a few of which are:

Stealth Mode

Since spy applications mostly work on stealth mode, this way you can monitor your child or your spouse easily without their knowledge. Additionally, with remote access you do not even have to access the target device physically. All you have to do is login to your account and access all their activities in real time.

Text Message Monitoring

Monitoring messages is always in your favor because this is where teens and potentially cheating partners conduct most of their communications. It is also the primary source of sending and receiving sexts.
Additionally, monitoring texts with cell phone spy can also let you know:
  • Who your child or partner is sexting?
  • Who is Sexting them?
  • What is the time frame of sexts being sent and received?
  • What is their frequency?

Email Monitoring

Another way your teen or your partner might be sexting somebody is through email. It is another discreet form of messaging that gives you information about the person sexting and vice versa as well as the timeframe of the sexts.

Access Browsing History

If your other half is visiting websites like Tinder, J-date or, or your child is visiting inappropriate websites, then their browser search history may present the evidence to it all. Therefore, keeping a close eye on it will always be in your best favor.

The Bottom Line

Technology is indeed taking over the world, but the intention behind its creation was pure. No matter how off the tracks it uses have gone in the recent years, only technology can help combat it. Therefore, use of spy apps to keep sexting at bay is not only good for you and your family from a legal point of view, but from a moral and psychological point of view as well.

Author Bio:

Brooke fill in as tech and digital parenting expert. She is managing technical content at TheOneSpy cell phone spy software to track location, listen live phone calls, and monitor social instant messaging logs. Follow her on twitter @brookechloe78

*This is a guest post. The opinions and views expressed in it need not to be those of the this website owners or other authors.
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Lock your Keyboard and Mouse for Kids

After everything has computerized these days, people started using it for watching their favorite shows on them. There available as many live channels online as on TV’s right now. So the world is moving on to the computers, leaving televisions behind the line of past ages. Computers with webcams replaced most of the conventional voice calls with video calls these days.

When you wanted to show a cartoon video or show them your grand parents or relatives over a video call on your computer or laptop to your kids, you need to make sure they don’t bash your keyboard and play with your mouse while the conversation is going on. Because, as these are the actively connected input devices, keying in randomly or letting kids play with your mouse might not only spoil your conversation but also spoils your software. So it is advised not to leave keyboards and mice active while you are using your computers with your kids.

How to keep it safe?

Should you unplug the devices? The answer is No! If you unplug the input devices and if you needed to respond to a simple error or warning notification, would you like to wrap up yourself in wires every time you want to hit a simple click on the ok button?

For this simple problem I have a simple solution for you. There is a portable tool called Key Freeze which freezes/unfreezes the input devices like keyboard and mouse with just one shortcut key combination or a click. You can download it from here.

How to use it?

As told before, the key freeze activates with CTRL+ALT+DEL combination while running it. It can be controlled with mouse too.


This portable tool works with XP to present versions of Windows operating system. Share you thoughts about this tool in comments below.
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Kids Internet Safety on Android Phones | Using Norton Family Parental Control Application

Smart phones comes compatible with wonderful games these days. I don’t know how many elders play games on their handsets but would like have some for their kids.


In fact they are doing great job giving technology into their little hands at early ages itself.


When we discussed about the internet safety of kids on computers earlier, we came to know the hazards that they would undergo if computers with full access are given to them.


The same way, smart phones also pose a threat to kids internet safety if given with no restrictions. Smart phones are no less to desktop and laptop computers these days. These handsets are coming with equal features a computers had.


So I find a need to talk about kids internet safety on smart phones today!


We have many applications available for smart phones today of which we can choose one randomly we believe that could protect our kids while using it.


It would be better if the security application is trustworthy and reliable one. I bring you the most famous security solution application for your android this time, the Norton Family Parental Control.


Installation & Settings

Download the application from Google Play and install it on your android phone(I believe you know the process of downloading and installing the android application on your android phone).


If you are reading this article from your android phone itself, simple click on the download link above to go to Google Play and tap on ‘Install’ button on the screen.


After installation, open it and it will show up with a one time startup-tour screen like this:




Swipe around the features if wanted to or just simply skip the intro. Then it will show you the following screen with a ‘Get Started’ Button.




Tap on it to proceed and it will ask you to login/register with the Norton account. Create an account if you don’t have one by simply tapping on the ‘Sign in or Signup’ button.


When done with creating an account, sign into the application with newly created Norton account. You will now be asked to proceed to the application either for your child’s device or yours.




Using application in parent mode

Tap on Parent > Continue to start using the application in parent mode.




Tap on ‘Add a new child’, enter the name, gender and born year of your kid and tap ‘Continue’.




You are now asked to set house rules which actually include personal information supervision, time supervision, web supervision, search supervision, social network supervision and local tracking options that can be turned on/off in one click.


After setting house rules, swipe back and tap ‘Save’. Then you will be asked to confirm binding the new child with the settings. To confirm, tap ‘Yes’ or else tap ‘No’ to reset the settings again.




A new username will be created for your child. Your child have to login with his username to access the phone.




You may create the username of your choice as it is remembered and can be used later in future also. Tap on ‘Done’ to continue.


You will be asked whether to activate device administrator. Tap ‘Activate’ to set the application in action.




You can see the log reports of your kid’s activity and change settings and house rules by logging into


Click ‘Ok’ to continue and you will be asked to set rules for this device.




You can even choose to set the rules for your kid’s device. The options are similar and will be similar but in child’s perspective.


Keep your children safe and sound online!

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List of Best Child Internet Safety Software for Parents

The internet is an important learning tool for children these days. It has become a part of their academic curriculum and moreover in their lives. The necessity of letting children use computes and internet is already discussed in previous write-up. All you need to take care of is, monitor their activity and keep the computer in your control.

There are a lot of software available in the market to maintain and manage the cyber security of children while letting them use computers and internet. They let you monitor your child’s activity on the internet and help you block websites not to be watched. They also help you block access to harmful and spammy websites making your computer and internet connection more secured while in the hands of children.


I hereby bring you a list some famous child safety programs that can help you relax while your kids are on computers.

K9 Web Protection – K9 provides tools for parents that can control unwanted content from the internet and provide a safe internet for your family. You can block websites by category and URLs(70+ categories available) including pornography, gambling, drugs, violence/hate/racism, malware/spyware, phishing.

Norton Family – It is a powerful parental control tool with plenty of controls and lot of useful features. You can set the computer usage times for your kids so that they won’t get addicted to it all times. You can also block websites and URLs of different categories(40+ categories available). Your kids are not even allowed to see email with or from blocked URLs. If you are looking for a strict monitoring tool, this is it.

DNS Angel – DNS Angel lets you connect through different safe automated filtering DNS servers. When any porn or harmful site is found to be visited, it is blocked automatically by the DNS server. This software have limited functionality and you can’t have full control like the rest.

This tool is helpful when your children wanted administrator access to your computer to learn some kind of programming and you don’t wanted them visit unwanted websites.

Net Nanny – Net Nanny is the most preferred parenting control solution in the word that gives parents full power of protecting their family by filtering out the unwanted content and threats from internet.

Net Nanny is not only for computers but also available for smart phones. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS there by giving full control of internet for children even through smart phones.

 Web Watcher – This tools records activity of your kids on internet even on smart phones. It is 100% undetectable and can help monitoring teenage kids more particularly. It records all the screenshots and keystrokes of the programs and webpages and is saved into reports.

McAfee Safe Eyes – McAfee Safe Eyes is a family protection software from Microsoft. It can block objectionable videos from video hosting websites like YouTube. It blocks online game play and online gaming sites there by protecting children from falling to hacker pranks. It also controls downloading explicit content even from trusted websites like iTunes. It controls online TV stream by rating, P2P and blocks media player.

McAfee offers full control for Windows operating systems than Apple Mac. If you are using Windows and wanted full control of your kids, McAfee is a good choice.

There are a lot software that help you protect your family from internet dangers. All the software look same with similar filtering options and blocking mechanisms but different. Not every family protection software uses same filtering algorithms. So choose a tool within your budget and start protecting your kids online.

Stay Safe Online!

Do you protect your kids online? Which software do you use? Is it really helpful? Share your experiences with us!
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The Best Educating Funny Lumia Apps for Your Kids

Technology has no age restriction to access in this era. Kids operate smart phones better than the older people these days. More over the mobile operating systems support a lot of apps that are quite really useful for the growth of your child's intelligence. 

Windows Phone OS is one of such platforms that had a lot of kid apps available for free download and access. Nokia, Acer and some other manufacturers make mobile phones with Windows Phone OS. Of them all, Nokia, after being taken by Microsoft has dedicated to make Windows Phone handsets with the name series 'Lumia'.

Proving it wrong that the Lumia devices has very less stock of apps to download from the windows app store, Microsoft has made available lot of apps for all kinds of people. Mostly the kids apps that are made available in the store are really worth installing. They teach, entertain and bring fun to kids while playing with them. I have sorted out some best Lumia apps for your kids and here are they:

1. Origami App

This application was developed by a caring father for his daughter. One day he noticed her daughter showing interest in origami and he started developing the app collecting stuff from internet.

Download Size: 6MB

Compatible with: Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7.5

Download Origami

2. Real Talking Pets

Is talking Talking Tom your kid's favorite app of all? This app will make them forget Tom and memorize your Snoopy. Real Talking Pets app features you to take a picture of your own pet, identify its eyes & mouth and start talking to it. It will repeat what you said just like Talking Tom application. But believe me your kid would excite to see your pet talking back to him/her.

Download Size: 1MB

Compatible with: Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7.5

Download Real Talking Pets

3. Disney Princess Paint

Who don't love painting! I used to paint all my old text books when I'm in kindergarten. Your little princess would love to paint these Disney's princesses and I bet on it.

Download Size: 7MB

Compatible with: Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7.5

Download Disney Princess Paint

4. Kids Dot Connect

Remember this? We used to do this connecting dots and make a picture from child columns in the news paper. Everything is digitized now. It is available in the form of Kids Dot Connect app now.

Download Size: 5MB

Compatible with: Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7.5

Download Kids Dot Connect

5. Bed Time Stories

Kids love bed time stories. Parents would run out of stories often. Daily work tensions won't bring you peaceful time to recollect a story and tell your children. This app is indirectly intended for your children and directly intended for parents. You no need to worry about running out of stories if you install this application on your Lumia device.

Download Size: 13MB

Compatible with: Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7.5

Download Bedtime Stories

6. Phonic Reader

This app teaches your kids how to spell and pronounce a word in English. This app consists of 119 flash cards with each different sound and work in it. Kids find fun and learn along.

Download Size: 13MB

Compatible with: Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8

Download Phonic Reader

My little nephew and niece are little inspiration for me in this quest of best educating-funny apps. I hope you got some little angel(s) on your mind right now. Download and install some kids apps and see them learning with fun. :-)

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