8 Ways To Print From Your Mobile[Infographic]

Do you know that you can print directly from your mobile? Haven’t you ever thought of printing out a photograph or a document from your mobile phone? Check out these apps in a detailed infographic view that is as follows,

Credits: stinkyinkshop.co.uk
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How Easy Is It To Hack Into Your Life [Infographic]

We live in two worlds. The real one in which we live just for sleeping and other we live actually like a zombie. Do you think we are safe behind the simple ‘phrase’ locked profiles? Take a look at the infographic to know about it.
This infographic is created by Sloan McKinney, native of Santa Ana,CA. She took up writing about the things that interest her most - technology and pop culture - after being encouraged by her husband, and her brother (who is a reporter).
Here is what she says about the infographic,

We’ve all heard the usual addendum to every discussion or warning about cyber security: we know we shouldn’t name our passwords after our dog and our birth date. We shouldn’t put overly personal information on social media. If a Nigerian prince emails us, asking for $200 that he can easily turn into $10,000 - we know that email belongs in the spam folder.


But as the hacking of the iCloud, Snapchat, and other large conglomerates have illustrated, companies and individuals alike aren’t as safe from malicious intent online as we’d like to believe, and many people fail to realize that even the most tech-savvy person - we’re talking the one with a password made up of seven numbers, five letters, an ampersand and a Spanish greeting - aren’t necessarily unhackable. Even institutions like the University of Oxford and Google have their weak spots that require some extra security.


If you think you’re completely unhackable: think again. Learn the new tactics hackers are using to find out your personal information and take over your cyber-life in this infographic: How Easy is it to Hack Into Your Life?

How Easy is it to Hack into Your Life? 
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What Happens In A YouTube Minute [Infographic]

YouTube being the biggest video hosting website is based on time. Yes! truly it is. It has got all the videos, calculates your watched time, in minutes only.

Do you know what really happens on YouTube in one minute? It will blow your mind if you see the information from the following Infographic.

Credits: YTD
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How Mobile Technology Is Changing The Way We Live [Infographic]

The usage of smartphones has risen dramatically over the past few years. Google has stated that online searches through smartphones will overtake desktop computer searches by the end of this year. Mobile access to the internet is becoming more important than ever and it is being applied to all facets of our lives.

Smartphones have changed the way we live our lives. We use them to start off our day and we use them throughout our day for both productivity reasons and to kill time. They are replacing many of what we once considered to be everyday items. Less people are reading newspapers and more people are using news apps, for example. Roughly 74% of smartphone owners say they use navigation features on their smart phones on a regular basis over using maps or asking for directions.

Mobile sites and reviews are playing an important role in the success or failure of businesses. Mobile access to the internet allows customers to look up reviews of businesses before they enter and write reviews after they have left. Mobile sites that are well designed will increase the likelihood that a potential customer will choose to do business with a particular company. 67% of mobile users were found to not view a business that has a poorly designed mobile site in a favorable light.

Mobile usage shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. It will continue to play a larger role in our lives every day and will eventually be used more often than desktop computers as the main way to connect to the internet.
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How To Build Successful Channel Incentive Programs[Infographic]

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Is Work From Home The Future? [Infographic]

Working From Home -- Is It The Future? by Staff.com
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Why Should You Not Wast Time in the Workplace [Infographic]

Wasted Time in the Workplace - Infographic
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iPhone 5S Vs. Google Moto G: Can Moto G give a tough fight to iPhone 5S [Infographic]

iPhone 5s vs Google  G Moto
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Ten Common Blogging Mistakes You Do [Infographic]

Ten Common Blog Writing Mistakes
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How To Be Productive [Infographic]

How To Be Productive
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Why Stay Updated with Latest Technologies in IT Field?

Why Stay Updated with Latest Technologies in IT Field?
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Mobile Shopping Trends Every Digital Marketer Must Know [Infographic]

Smartphone and tablet ownership has changed the way consumers research products and make purchasing decisions in-store and online. Here are the top mobile shopping trends to give your holiday sales a boost and provide a seamless online and in-store customer experience.

Mobile Holiday Shopping Trends for Marketers Infographic

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How Running a Small Business has Changed in 5 Years [Infographic]

A graphic for Constant Contact about the difficulties small businesses faced then vs now.

Then vs. Now Small Businesses Infographic

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5 Tips to Start Using Data | Grow your Business Intelligently with Data [Infographic]

Big Data A Big Deal About ninety percent of the data in the world today was generated in the last two years alone, and that number is growing as more people move their lives & businesses online. Big data includes things like social media updates, pictures and videos, credit card purchase records, customer behavior, click streams, log files, audio files, and demographic data, to name some. Whenever someone posts to Facebook or opens an email, they are creating a data point. Businesses face the challenge of finding ways to easily store, organize, and analyze data. Forbes calls this the “irony of the information age” because we have “so much data, and so little business intelligence.”

5 Tips To Start Using Big Data Infographic

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A New School of data Management [Infographic]

Organizations with formal data management strategies get more value from data assets and outperform competitors, a new study shows.

A New School of Data Management Infographic

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Why Marketers Should Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Data? [Infographic]

Successful marketers have figured out how to use data to squeeze billions from marketing and help their companies grow. Full information on this in the following infographic,

Big Data, Big Profits Infographic

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Common UI Symbols and their Origin [Infographic]

They are road signs for your daily rituals—the instantly recognized symbols and icons you press, click and ogle countless times a day when you interact with your computer. But how much do you know about their origins? Click on the image to view in clear.


Origins of Common UI Symbols Infographic

Credits: Visual.ly

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List of Google Now voice commands [Infographic]

Here are list of ‘Google Now’ voice commands in infographic,
List of Google Now Voice Commands Infographic

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How not to look ugly on a webcam? [Infographic]

It is very important to take care of visibility of your face while conversing over the internet on a video call or video conference. It is much important if it is a professional meeting. You may not want to loose your clients or business with them just because of your poor video conversation. Take a look at the infographic below to know how not to look ugly on a webcam.
How NOT to look Ugly on a Webcam Infographic

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The World Statistics of Mobile Apps [Infographic]

While I was looking for the information on 'competition among the applications of different smart phone operating systems, I found an infographic that speaks all the information in one single image. It is as follows,

mobile app marketing infographic

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