Collect All Highlighted Texts in a Document in One Click Using Google Docs

We actually don’t need the entire document to give references. All we need are the highlighting points of it. Because, one cannot go through the number of pages to find that reference or cannot flip over number of pages to read those highlighted texts.


How cool it would be if you can collect all your highlights in a document and save them separately with no effort of copy-pasting at all?


If you want to avail this feature, you need have a Google account and the digital copy of the document that you wanted to gather highlights from.


Uploading the file

Step 1: Go to Google Drive > Click on ‘New’ button > Chose ‘File Upload’ and select the document file from your computer > Click ‘Open’ to start uploading.


Opening it in Google Docs

Step 2: Click on ‘New’ again > Click on ‘Google Docs’ and it opens in a new blank document in a new browser tab.


Step 3: Switch to the Google Docs tab, go to File > Open > Search for the uploaded file and click on it to open it.




In this step, it will look like as if you are previewing your Gmail attachments before downloading.


Step 4: Click on the ‘Open’ option on the top tool bar to open it in Google Docs. It will open the document in another browser tab.




Installing an Add-on for Google Docs

Step 5: Now, you need to install an add-on to your Google Docs. Search for ‘Texthelp Study Skills’ add-on and click on +Free button to install it.


Step 6: Go to ‘Add-ons’ from the menu again and you’ll find the add-on installed. Now, go to Texthelp Study Skills > Show highlighting tools.




It will open a sidebar on the right with all the text highlighting options.


Highlighting text(s) & collecting them

Step 7: Select the text from the document and select a color from the sidebar options. You can choose different color for every selection.




Step 8: When you are done with highlighting text, click on ‘Collect highlights’ from the sidebar.




It will ask you to select the sorting of the highlights by ‘document position’ or ‘color’. Choosing ‘document position’ will sort the highlights in the order of text in the document where as choosing the ‘color’ will sort them by order of the color appeared in the sidebar.


Step 9: Choosing an option and thereby clicking on ‘Collect highlights’ button will create a document with highlights. A click here link will be provided to open this document in a new browser tab.




When it is opened, it will look like as shown in the following screenshot:




You can then go to File > Download as a file of a format that you wanted it in.


Watch the video demonstration of the same here:

Hope that helped!

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How To Create User Registration Form with Google Docs for Blogger

It is not possible to have an registration form on blogger platform. Yet people try to embed different kind of free forms that are available on the internet. Remember the fact the free forms that are available can’t save all entries in one place, say as a list. You may need to maintain a database for incoming entries. How you are going to connect your blogger to a database that lists out all your registration entries? is what I’m focusing in this article.

Google avails access to a wonderful cloud service for every Google account holder called Google Docs. You might have heard about it but might never had used it that effectively before. Google Docs service was collaborated with Google Drive later to make the ‘save’ and ‘retrieve’ operations easy. Let’s take a look how Google Docs can be used to handle user registrations,
  • Go to and sign in with your Google account with which you wanted to create a user registration form.
  • After successful login, your Google drive will be shown like this,
google drive

There you can see google drive createoptions on the left pane which allow you to create Docs of different formats(without any need of software installed on your computer) and saves them in Google Drive itself.

The type of documents that can be created on Google Drive are Document, Presentation, Spread sheet, form and Drawing.

Creating docs with google drive

Click on ‘Form’ and it would be redirected to, more specifically to the URL like this,……QQ/edit.

You’ll have to choose a name and theme for that form.

Creating forms with google docs

After naming the form and selecting a theme, Click ‘Ok’ to proceed to the next level where you could add the objects to the form.

Here is how it looks like,

creating objects in google forms

Click on ‘Add item’ from below the page and choose an object from the list given.

adding an item in google forms

For example, Let’s create an registration form for an event and see how it works. Watch the form creation demo and proceed with the rest of the tutorial.

After creating the form, copy the embed code and place it on the newly created page or post in blogger. Don’t forget to enter the email addresses to which you want to get notifications when someone fills up the form.

get email alerts on form submission

The embedded form looks like following,

All entries in one place, as a list

As we were discussing earlier, form entries can be seen as a list in the spread sheet in Google Docs. You can view them directly from

form responses

Hope you problem of adding a user registration page in blogger has been solved! Post comments if you need any assistance regarding the tutorial.
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