7 Marketing Tips Every Small Business Owner Should Know

In today’s world of online marketing, you don’t have to be a large business in order to be in the game. There are various methods and channels that you can use to market your product or services, and compete with the big names in your area. Still, while starting a small business is a fun experience, it also presents a challenge, and it requires effort and patience in order to do it right.


While thinking big and taking on risks may seem enticing, there is a number of common practices that you need to apply in order for your marketing strategy to pan out. Here are 7 marketing tips that you, as a small business owner, should know.




Create high quality content

There is a lot of truth to the saying that content is key. By creating and posting content that is valuable to your visitors, you will drive traffic to your website and increase the conversions into leads or customers. There are various kinds of content that you can implement – blog posts, e-books, podcasts, case studies, videos, etc. You need to grab your visitors’ attention by creating content that is tailored according to their needs. Mention your services, products, business and the people behind it in your posts. In order for you to really benefit from the quality content that you are posting, you should come up with a content promotion strategy.


Design a good browsing experience

As people today look up your online presence before deciding to buy from you, it is essential that you have an impeccably designed website that offers a quality and enticing experience for your visitors. If your website is outdated, it will most probably drive them away to your competition. When designing your website, keep in mind that less is more. For example, creating a simple and clear checkout process is extremely important, as no one enjoys filling unnecessarily long forms. Your website’s speed is also crucial, as it leaves a better impression and drives more traffic and sales.


Define your target audience

By defining your target audience you will be able to determine how and where to market your business. Start by looking at your current customer base. Determine who they are and why they are buying from you, and which ones benefit your business the most. Then look at your competition and look for a niche that they may have overseen. List the benefits of your products or services and then determine who has use of them. Think about demographics factors such as location, age, gender, income, education, etc.


Implement email marketing

Using email is a cost-effective way to promote your content, products and services easily, by providing instant information to your customers. There are various tools for setting an email marketing campaign. Via email, you can educate customers about your services or upcoming events, or upsell to your current customer base. What’s great is that with email marketing there’s less paper trail, so you can spend less while having a more sustainable marketing strategy.


Design for mobile devices

Your website needs to be adaptive to different screen sizes, in order to provide a good user experience on every device. In today’s era of smartphones, having a mobile-friendly design is essential, as a large number of users is shopping via their mobile phones, and expects a website that is tailored to their needs. A mobile-friendly website is bound to increase your traffic and sales, and if you don’t pay attention to this aspect, it is quite possible that your visitors will look for similar products elsewhere.


Collaborate with others

It is no secret that great minds work well together, which can especially be applied to business ventures. An essential strategy for a small business is to build a relationship and develop a collaboration with other businesses in the same niche. By doing this, you will be challenged to think and look for solutions outside of your comfort zone, while staying on top in the marketing world, as businesses that collaborate market better.


Engage with others on forums and in groups

There is a great number of forums and online groups where you can engage with communities that relate to what you are marketing, such as Reddit, Quora, LinkedIn groups and Google+. By participating in these online communities you can boost your network with more traffic and potential new customers. By sharing your knowledge and insights on the subject, and taking part in related conversations, your brand will gain more credibility. You can also use the right opportunity to include links to your blog or website, so that people can look you up and learn more about what you are offering.


Final words

You need to keep in mind that coming up with a good marketing strategy is based on trial and error. Once you implement a certain method or practice, you need to track it for results, and constantly keep improving on what you already have. Make sure that you put yourself out there, by attending events in order to increase your knowledge and exchange ideas. By meeting new people in your field, there is often an opportunity to improve your perspective. Take up any chance to network and learn.


Author Bio: Steven Clarke is a web entrepreneur. He also works as a business consultant at Logo Design Sydney. In his spare time, he likes to write about his ideas and share them with the world. Steven is a regular contributor to several websites.

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6 Tips For Converting More Customers With Social Media

It doesn’t matter what you do, whether you’re a company PR manager, or a university recruiter looking to up their game, you want to convert people from your social media. Otherwise, why you are you spending all those hours pushing content across the different platforms you’re managing? The thing is, this is often actually harder than we initially realize. How do you get people that are just browsing to become customers?


You’ll be glad to hear it is possible, and probably at higher rates that you’re currently managing. The thing is, you’ve got to apply the right strategies. Those are what we’re going to look at today.


Be on the right platforms



This one kind of goes without saying. The different platforms have completely different audiences. For example, you’re not going to find many 50 somethings on Snapchat and if you’re trying to reach out to men, then Pinterest might not be for you.

Find out where your audience is actual to be found and push your content across those platforms so that you’re not wasting precious time spinning your wheels in the air.


Know what sites your target audience visit

The problem with social media is that you’re going to find a lot more people browsing through your website than the people who are actually going to buy your product. And though it might feel nice to have a lot of followers (and help you establish your reputation) chances are slim that people outside of your target audience are actually going to buy your product.


For that reason, find out where your audience actually hangs out and try to get at them there. This is actually quite easy to do, for example, on Facebook. Just go into your manager, hit’ audience’ and ‘insights’. Then you can specify who your target audience is and find out what are some of the top sites they visit.


After that, it’s a matter of striking up a relationship with those sites. If you can, do a share for share alike (this is where they share your content and you share theirs).


Start small

Sure, if you want to be effective in your social media marketing then you want to spend enough money. But don’t start by throwing a huge chunk of your marketing budget at something. Instead, start small.


Take the content that you think has to promise and push it for a few days at only a few dollars. This will give you a huge amount of valuable information about whether the post will actually create engagement, if people will actually like it and whether it will actually convert.


Try out different pieces of content and a few different strategies. And then ramp up.

Remember, you can always add more money to a campaign or expand it, but once you’ve started a campaign it will keep on rolling, whether it’s converting or not.


High-quality content

If you want to be heard above the noise on social media, then your content needs to be better than theirs. This means putting in the effort to create really high-quality content.




As you’ve probably got enough on your plate and you want to avoid social media stress as much as possible, the best way to do this is to put aside some of your marketing budgets to actually hire skilled and capable content creators to help you out. There is a lot of talent out there, many of who aren’t even that expensive.

Also, remember to use different formats. Don’t just stick with text, as when you do that you’re going to miss out on all of those people who don’t actually like reading that much and prefer consuming their media in other forms.


Use storytelling

Facts and figures are nice. ‘How to’ articles will spark interest as well. You should certainly use both of those. Don’t, however, forget to tell a story. We’re suckers for stories, often willing to accept information on faith simply because we want to move the story along.


So tell a good story. Find a face to represent your product and show how they overcome problems, become better people or defeat evil by way of using your product.


This will add a much needed human element and people will eat it up.


Offer stuff

People love free stuff. For that reason, offer them things to draw them to your website, or to have them spread the word about your product. Offer them ebooks about how to be successful on social media, for example. Or give them a list of unexpected ways that they can use your product that will make it last longer.


All they need to give you in return is their email address. If they do that, then you’ve got a captive audience and you can continue to tell them about the great deals you’re offering.


Last words

Social media isn’t something that will work for you overnight. It takes planning, tinkering and consistent revising of your strategies and ideas, so as to make certain that it’s as effective as possible.


Whatever you do, don’t just trust your gut with social media (or anything for that matter). Instead, explore the statistics and numbers that the different social media platforms provide carefully. They’ll offer you valuable clues about where you should take your strategy next.


About Author:

Janet Anthony is a passionate blogger and content writer at BestEssay.Education. She mostly writes about blogging, social media, and writing tips.

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Best Websites with Cool & Free PowerPoint Templates

I’m someone who has been in the position to not only present but also be among the audience of several PowerPoint presentations. A while back I was invited to review project proposals for developing a web portal and the presenters I encountered were using quite conventional PowerPoint templates that one would find by going through the default themes offered by Microsoft. That’s when I realized how using conventional templates can actually make a presentation look quite dull.


The Danger of using Generic PowerPoint Templates

Imagine that you are someone reviewing project proposals and watching a presentation made on a template that you yourself have probably used a few times. While the presentation itself might not be bad, the template itself is likely to distract you because it might seem dull and overused.


Dangers of generic PowerPoint templates


Now, imagine the same presenter is using a template you have never seen before; one that has more visual appeal than default, generic templates. The latter is likely to be more attention grabbing for you or any audience for that matter.


Best Websites Offering Awesome Free PowerPoint Templates

To help you get that X factor in your PowerPoint presentations, here is a list of some of the best websites with cool & free PowerPoint templates for making professional slide decks.

 Websites for cool and free PowerPoint templates



FPPT.com or Free PowerPoint Templates is the name of a website which holds the status of a veteran PowerPoint templates’ provider. This website has more than 7000 free PowerPoint presentation templates for a plethora of topics. The slide designs are quite impressive and the imagery used for designing the PowerPoint backgrounds consists of high-quality graphics and photos.


The best thing about FPPT is that there seems to be hardly any subject for which a PowerPoint template is not available. You can use the categories, tags or search for templates using keywords to find a PowerPoint template which best suits your needs.





This is another website which offers some amazing free presentation templates. Other than PowerPoint, some of the Slide Hunter templates are also fully compatible with Google Slides, with an option to open the slide deck directly via your Google account.


Slide Hunter



SlideModel.com is another website for downloading cool PowerPoint templates. While most of the templates at SlideModel are paid, it also has a very impressive section where you can download a handful of free PowerPoint templates.


However, the really cool templates require signing up for a paid subscription, which is quite affordable considering the website offers more than 10,000 PowerPoint templates, many of which are also fully compatible with Google Slides and Keynote.




SlideModel has a range of templates with maps, charts, business diagrams, dashboards and more. If you are someone who requires giving presentations at a professional level, you can greatly benefit from SlideModel. This is because the presentation templates are editable enough to allow making changes to even small slide objects. This can help you customize anything from a demand & supply diagram to the map of USA, with each state highlighted separately with its own map.


In fact, you might be surprised at the number of map templates the website has for different regions, continents and countries, as well as the business templates which enable making the most elaborate diagrams with easy modifications to sample slides.


PPT Templates

If you want premium looking templates for free, with attractive, glossy designs, then simply check out PPT Templates. There are a number of categories with some very impressive template designs which can be easily used for professional or academic presentations. Some templates even come with a Google Slides button to allow you to open the template within Google Slides directly.


PPT Templates


It is worth mentioning here that to download templates from PPT Templates you will have to use the social buttons at the bottom of the download page. This means you will have to like, tweet or plus the template before the download button appears.



Preparing an effective presentation requires time and effort. To fight Death by PowerPoint and make an outstanding presentation, you can rely on pre-designed themes and PowerPoint templates that will bring a new style and flavor to your slides. The list of sites reviewed in this article can be used either to get inspiration in creating new presentation decks or to download pre-designed presentation templates that can help to save hours of manual work.


The websites mentioned above should provide you with a lifetime supply of cool PowerPoint templates for your presentations. These websites continually add new templates to their ever expanding gallery, so you can always be assured of new and interesting presentation templates available for download.

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How to Grow Your Business Using Mobile Coupons?

These days, big companies are trying to promote their products indifferent ways like online campaign management, through SMS on mobiles, on television, banner ads and offline advertisements. As much as we know, the companies who promote products by offering promo codes through mobile SMS, get more benefits.


Actually, Mobile Coupon Marketing is the most convenient way to reach to customers. Not only you will target your customer but also can also target many type of mobile marketing strategies. And a very good thing about mobile coupons or promo codes marketing is: if you want to target local business then it is the suitable business strategy for your business.


Through SMS, e-commerce and branded companies give the coupon codes for best offers to targeted clients. What’s the main reason: why these companies prefer the mobile discount coupons marketing strategy? Do you have any idea about that? Read more to know.


5 Main Reasons to Use Mobile Coupon is:

1. Companies can directly reach their customer and benefits them.

2. Customers can easily use the discounted offers

3. Brands can target easily the local business

4. As Customers get more benefits, they love to purchase more and more products

5. Easiest way for brand promotions.


In these days, each and every famous e-commerce companies like Paytm, eBay, Jabong, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues and all food and beverages companies, interior-exterior companies are offering promo codes.


In this 21st century, marketing strategy is very complicated to handle. So, small scale business owner should nurture their skills in such a way so that they can compete with the competitive market.


Are you a small or middle sized business owner? If so, then you can start with the mobile coupon marketing tricks to grow your business. Hope this article will be helpful for those owners who want to see their companies at top level.


Author Bio:

This article is written by Ameeta Mohanty, a professional blogger who love to write different kind of articles from several categories like travel, technology, health, shopping and news. Apart from her profession, she loves singing, dancing and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Target Influencers with Content Marketing at IndiPR.com

After content marketing prevailed as the one the most preferred marketing strategy by the businesses, IndiBlogger find it interesting and expanded their blogging forums to a new venture, IndiPR.com where you can find influencers, hire them and get your job done.

This article is for businesses which are struggling to reach out bloggers, internet marketers and influencers with high quality content websites and those with higher ranks.

It takes a lot of time to list out top influencers and their contact details. For a company operating few projects with fewer employees, it would be more difficult to dedicate some of them for research purpose in the tight market scheduling times.

It is better to choose a platform that filters out the best and quality freelancing influencers with the lot of portfolio links (blog post links) shared already since the past few years.


IndiBlogger is one the best renowned blogging forums for Indian bloggers helping them know and connect each other all over the country. IndiBlogger usually accepts the bloggers with genuine and quality content blogs. That means your business have a readily available influencers to write about you.

How IndiPR can help your business?

Businesses launching their new products and services should be taken into the public through media. Blogs are one type of media to spread the information through Press Releases. A press release will be telling people about the launch of new product or service. Businesses of any size and type can have their press release kits published by the specific niche bloggers on their blogs.

Specific niche? Why?

Because it matters!

If your company is releasing a new smartphone, there is no point of reaching out blogger who write about auto-motors. Coming to the point straight, A blogger of tech niche will not be willing to write about the health on his blog and a blogger of autos niche will not be willing to write about smartphones on his blog.

So, it would take a lot time to find out the best influencers of your niche to send the press releases or to contact them for any other content marketing purposes.

IndiBlogger launches IndiPR.com for businesses

IndiBlogger makes IndiPR a business friendly website to get their press releases published by the top influencers. The uploading of the press releases will be automated though the AITE (Automated Influencer Targeted Engine) which proceed the applications from business owners to the influencers based on their rankling and rating. The shortlisted influencers will do the research and publish the press release on their blogs in short time.

The Co-founder & Director of Marketing of IndiBlogger, Anoop Jhonson says, “With a starting budget of just USD $150, a business of any size will be able to get their press releases published by influential bloggers with a few clicks.”

IndiPR is looking forward to meet companies and businesses with influencers, internet marketers and bloggers of high grade in coming days. In this regard, the Founder and CEO of IndiBlogger adds, “We believe that this system will help Influencers with fresh and new content on their site every day. In a way, you could be writing about the next Google without even realizing its immense potential.”

If IndiPR stands out, blogger will get a good source to reach out companies and vice-versa.
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Stop Practicing These Dangerous Blogpost Promotional Strategies

“Everything is fine in love, war and blogging” might be the wrong quotation you have read somewhere. That phrase don’t have the term ‘blogging’.


As our experienced bloggers, also the best networkers say that writing only takes 20% of the effort you put in blogging, the rest 80% is taken by promotional strategies. Yes, they are right. Writing blogposts and promoting them don’t weigh same in the opposite pans of the balance. Promotion takes the much mass.


But, to what extent? Should you use whatever the way you can have to promote your blogposts?


You need not to pull all the strings to hit the 80% but hit the main ones harder.




The point I am stressing here is, promoting blogposts should build you stronger network of comebackers and subscribers who would quick visit your blogposts upon publishing. Promoting them vigorously and aggressively will, instead of driving your traffic, will drive them take U-turn from being your blog followers/subscribers.


I have practiced some of these techniques in the past and learnt from the domination of adverse effects on my traffic and engagement rates. I don’t want you to repeat the same and waste your time in learning all by yourself.


If you don’t believe me, read an autobiography, you would understand the proportionate value of time with knowledge.


In this article, I would like to discuss some of such dangerous blogpost promotion techniques that are being practiced by many of the newbies and intermediator bloggers which are failing them in return with unexpected god speed. You would also read the thoughts of renowned and professional bloggers on internet along with my tone. I hope that will help you understand what the world is thinking about these dangerous promotional strategies.


1. Stop tagging unrelated people on Facebook

Who would not do the tagging when it is giving much indirect targeted traffic to our sites in the beginning fantasy days. A blog just born a kid (say days or weeks) would have to wait until it grows up or just have to born up a wiz kid to hit that huge mark.


In English, a blog that is created days or weeks or a month ago should build up proper impression to the search engine bots with consistence, quality, readability and SEO friendliness. Unless you take care of these issues your blog would grow up a ‘special kid’ which needs special attentional practices like tagging which is again the negative shot.


Because blogs are not humans to be shown humanity over their disabilities.


In even simple English, If you wanted traffic, optimize the blog for better readability and take care of content quality. Do the proper SEO and make sure your blog is not facing any issues being crawled up.


Facebook tagging is to notify and mention the presence of people sharing the moment. If someone has asked for a solution that you had come up with on your blog or if you think that particular person should notice this blogpost update, you can tag them.


But it should not be like,


Tag everyone or those who are frequently encouraging you through their likes and comments whenever you post an update.


Tagging everyone would pose a threat of being flagged as spam that you cannot get up again after so long.


Tagging those who constantly encourage you (be them either influencers or normal people) is not necessary. Logically, those who encourage you would encourage you, no matter what, as soon as they see the update running down their newsfeed. A tag about the post might actually disappoint them if no special engagement is asked.


Don’t you think? Step in their shoes and have a thought about it.


I asked Rohan Chaubey about the same and he says,


“For me networking is all about not being hungry for favors and concentrating on how I can be of service to others. This is called “palm-up” networking.


Networking with a generous heart has opened so many opportunities for me. Doing this I've realized that more I support others, the more support I receive.


It's already 2016, the only way to thrive is - establish genuine connections + Turn back to reciprocity.


In my upcoming book "Make People Want You", I've a chapter which talks about networking and reciprocity. And the above ideas were pulled out from there.
Talking about aggressive post promotions, it's a massive turn off for me.


Build things together and you might save yourself from being a self promoter 24 x 7.
Self promotion is appreciated till an extent. Aggressive promotion makes the audience run away.


The game is all about relationships, not transactions. The real players know the value of reciprocity and generosity.”


I asked Nirmala Santhakumar of My Magic Fundas about her experience.Here is what she says,


“Some bloggers wish to maximize the social shares for their blog posts and thus spreading their content in social media at irrelevant places in a frustrating manner. Few other bloggers want to make affiliate sales and hence blindly promote their updates in the inappropriate places. Sometimes they unnecessarily tag the expert bloggers and force them to read their blog posts. I have also been annoyed with the distracting banners, pop-ups and unessential newsletters.


All these risky promotional strategies should be avoided by the bloggers. It would be good to follow some genuine content promotion ways without being annoying the readers and the social followers. Over-promotion is not the way forward and never lets the bloggers earn money from their blog.”


2. Stop aggressive group promotion

Facebook groups give the best exposure of our blogposts to the known and unknown. Fortunately and unfortunately, we have infinity blogpost promotion groups available on Facebook with thousands of members (who are zombies at most).


These zombie members won’t care about yours or my promotions, they just do theirs. On the honesty side, we are also the same most of the times.


Only some zombies like ‘R’ in Isaac Marion’s ‘Warm Bodies’ (Novel/Hollywood movie) get their hearts beating for a second in a week or month and visit your site to read the post (only if that pot interests them).


I don’t mean that Facebook group promotion won’t help you but, not the way you are doing. Find a way to attract the road passers grab your attention and watch your promo, get amazed and visit your site.


Do not let the promotion flow into all the grooves at a time. Build a strategy and shoot them at right time (again strictly no tagging here. Because tagging in groups will bring the adverse effects 10x faster than normal).


Here is what Atish Ranjan of Tech Tricks World says about group promotion,


“Nowadays, most of the bloggers promote their blog posts in various groups to get some referral traffic and get share count increased. I am not against it as I do this sometimes as well. But, if you start posting so many links every hour it may annoy people who are in the group, and due to this reason they may mute the notifications or simply leave the group. That means they stop getting notifications about the new posts in the group that affects your posting because if most of the group members do so, who will see your posts then?

It makes sense.


Therefore, limit the number of postings in various groups. It is even better if you post in the groups that are relevant to your nice.


Now, coming to Facebook tags, I really hate when someone tags me to their post without any significance. If I am mentioned in a particular article, then if you tag me while posting, then it makes some sense. But, if you are tagging me just for the sake of notifying me, it does annoy me a lot. Come on, you are in my friend list already, and I can see your posts in newsfeed so why should you tag? It is spam!!


I hate to be added in Group chats whether it is Facebook or WhatsApp. They don’t do anything for good but annoy a lot. I was added in many such Group chats, and as expected, they end up within a few days.


In short, I would recommend everyone to promote your blog posts in a professional manner which must not annoy your audience and friends because once they are fed up; you can lose a lot of audiences.”


3. Stop creating group chats

Promoting links in group chats is one of the most annoying techniques that anyone would hate to see. I have seen people these days creating groups in the name of their blogs and promoting the links like ‘You-must-see’.


No member of that group chat would have a clue to figure it out the purpose of the group and the links appearing. Sadly, the group contains 90% of fellow bloggers and only 10% of feeders.


Many professional bloggers simply leave the group without saying a word. Because they know that arguing with the group creators would be a waste of time.


The funniest explanation the group creator gives would be rather annoying than his links in the chat. He says that the group is intended to help one another about blogging but he himself continuously posts his blog links.




Here are some basic points that we need to mind before creating group chats and adding people. It is a minimum kind gesture to think of them first.

  1. Group chats help a lot if truly maintained to help each other and push each other. An ideal group created to serve so should only have the members who have shown their consent to stay and be active.
  2. It is much important to ask or at least inform each and everyone that you wanted to add in the group.
  3. Let’s everyone raise a point or express their opinion on the rules set. Always remember that it is your idea of creating the group and adding members. So, respect their consent for staying.
  4. Do not remove members at your choice without talking to them personally if any action needed to be taken against inactive members. You have no right to disrespect their privacy and freedom by adding and removing at your decision.

Saurabh Tiwari of All Digital Trends shared his bitter experience with the attention-hungry promotions.


“I know everyone blogger want more and more traffic to blog/website, but these days bloggers are following unprofessional ways to get traffic.


I recently saw some fellow bloggers create WhatsApp groups with their blog names and if add people to the group and they used to share posts even the group is not entirely particular about their blog and even they used to share blog posts in irrelevant conversation. One thing more you are not allowed to share own post in that group, this is the guideline from group owner whether they can.


Also, Some Fellow bloggers Join many Facebook and Google plus groups and whenever they wrote a post they used to share the post in all the Groups that they have joined even the group is not related to the actual what the post is? And some used to Tag, their friends who have huge number of friends on their friends list and moreover, they ask their friends to share the blog post link in their timeline and if anyone asks the question in any groups or else in any conversation chat then they used to share the blog link even the post is not about the exact question is and all these promotional strategies is to get traffic which converts money, and this is Dangerous Promotional strategies for me because this may lead to users dissatisfaction regarding your blog even you write a great content for them.”


4. Stop promoting in personal chats

If promoting in group chats is trending method, promoting in personal chats is a classic of all the dangerous techniques.


Promoting here I mean posting links in the chats purposelessly.


If the person is not concerned with the topic of the blog post, if he hasn't asked you for a solutionary blog post, if he has nothing to do but just read it for god sake, do not recommend it to him to read. It might bring you a visitor and a page view, but you could lose a wonderful friend in your digital network.


Personal chats are to be personalized. Just because he praised you in his status update once or in a personal message, doesn’t mean that he will have to read each and every future post of yours.


Just think, if he really wanted to read your future posts, he would subscribe to your blog updates or at least ask you for a subscription channel. If you think there is a logic in this point, applaud in your comment below.


Swadhin Agarwal of DigitalGYD think the automated personal spamming is killing the life in promotions. Here it is in his own words,


“Automated group spamming, Facebook chats, twitter automated DMs have now come up as the evil outcome of social media these days. Whenever you follow someone on twitter there comes a rather unwanted and annoying DM to download their free eBook or check out a affiliate product.


If this was not enough, people nowadays have explored even more funny and intrusive ways to spam users through personal messaging platforms.


There are ways in which you can access people’s mobile numbers and add all those unrelated folks to a whatsapp group where only the owner rants his songs. This is annoying when you receive multiple notifications throughout the day and when you wake up you see you have 1288 unread messages from group “ultimatespam”.


Tagging on Facebook is another nuisance. People tag 100s of other people literally begging for likes to their profile picture. Some newbies are so adamant that they tag 50-60 others on their blog post shares and you literally carry the burden of the notifications.


Recently, someone tagged me and 83 other unrelated people in one status inviting us to visit some other blog post of his. When I reacted saying it was not cool and please don’t tag me. The smart guy instead of apologizing me, turned to say if you have problem why you don’t turn off tagging in your settings.


I was stunned by the shamelessness. I mean it’s like we gonna carry weapons, we gonna carry knives, if you have problem why don’t you wear clothes of steel and roam.


Being a social media enthusiast, I would take this opportunity and say that, please refrain from doing this. This is not a technology that will take you far. Instead of trying shortcuts, intruding their privacy and pissing them off why don’t you engage with those people? Talk to them, chat with them and discuss work with them.

This will help you build better relationships and lasting impressions.”


Susheel Karam of Digicular also had a bitter experience with personal message promotions. Read his story in his own words,


“I had experienced people using the worst ways to promote their content. Some of them being sharing posts to irrelevant Facebook groups, Twitter mentions, Google+ mentions and so on.


The two of most worst of them are

1. Twitter - People follow me, if I am interested and follow them back, then they unfollow me. This is cheap trick of gaining Twitter followers.


And there are some unknown people mentioning me in their  tweets just to make me click the link in their tweet.


2. Facebook PM - Blogging is all about community, so when a fellow blogger sends you a friend request we will probably accept them most of times even if don't know them well.

But these people make wrong use of it. They tag in each of Facebook posts. And they just send personal messages with a link to their blog post and ask us to read, comment, share.

Unless they have some blog post to share they never message you.
If you look at their chat, all you can see is a bunch of links. Even Rohan faced similar situation.


The only advice I would like to give to fellow bloggers never show such Robotic behavior.

Always keep in mind that you are a human and the person on the other side is human too. So behave in the human way and try to build true relationships, not to get page views.”


5. Stop using auto promoters

Auto promoters are of two kinds, one kind is to automate the social media promotions with time. These actually help us to post on multiple social media channel at once and also help us schedule the promotions as per our time requirement.


The second type is to promote in multiple groups and chats automatically equaling the spamming activity. These tools spam in every joined and un-joined group even though you have no permission to post in it.


Now, tell me a thing. How many times have you seen the same update in every other group you have joined in and how many time have you thought of reporting it as spam? The other feel the same too.


The aggressive promotion that we have discussed above will also be mis-considered as group spamming sometimes.


Who would like to see the same post titled, “cheap mangoes for everyone” in every other group named, “Programmers lobby”, “Bloggers SharePoint”, “Bike mechanics adda” and so on?


Yes! You are thinking it right. It is a pure spam.


I asked Mi Muba of Be A Money Blogger about the auto promoters and here what he thinks about them,


“Your every promotional strategy will fail if you do it inorganically that means completely relying on any automated sharing tool or doing manually but just for sharing and nothing more. Now online world has become just like offline world where you need to stay on place where from you want any support. If are not organic on any place in online world it is just like you are in a meeting in offline world where you sit silently, share your views and go away from the room soon after the meeting is finish and hope people would remember you and recognize you in next meet. So be organic, be friendly, first listen to others and then make them listen to do meaningful promotion on any online place be it social media, social bookmarking site, forum or any other community get together.”


6. Stop sending newsletters to non-subscribers and unsubscribers

Email marketing is not dead. There are some top email marketing service providers online that not only help you send beautiful emails to your subscribers but also help you manage the marketing reports for your campaigns.


It is always okay to send good informative emails to your subscribers as they are willingly subscribed to your channel for so. But, how good and ethical is it to send the emails to the non-subscribers?


If “C’mon Sasidhar! That is called advertising” is what buzzing in your head, answer me this question. How many times have you felt like spamming those Dr. Batara’s hair growth treatment emails in your inbox(es)?


Advertising is targeting audience who show some interest towards such products or services. It is not promoting an iPhone SE to the caveman. neither he knows the value nor he cares about your promotion and at worst, you will get spammed.


Email service provider like Gmail intelligently move the emails received from a particular spam reported email ID for other users also. This in turn blocks your reach to your target audience.


7. Stop mentioning people in your statuses for personal messages

Personal messages and general news feed like updates are differentiated and protected with privacy rules for a reason. Don’t you think?


What’s the point of mentioning people to suggest something or to say something that has to be said in personal? Let me demonstrate how awkward the statuses appear.


“Hey @John! I accidentally dropped your toothbrush in bathroom. Here is guide to buy a new one http://www.toothbrushsuperhero.com/how-choose-tooth-brushed-when-dropped-bathroom.html”


“Hey @Jessica, I saw your spoiled eye makeup when you were leaving home to party. I didn’t say it to you because I thought I could give you a guide to correct it. Here it is: http://theworldgotsaved.com/eye-makeup-guide.html”


Now tell me how fair these look?


(Please don’t laugh alone. Hit the share button and let your friends know about it.)


Sometimes the personal messages mess-up meanings completely. Naveen Kumar of F5 The Refresh shares an example that he had experienced. He even demonstrates how the spamming is propagated. Read this,


“Yes, I agree with you that these days’ people doing so much spam.

Let’s begin with Facebook, people trying to get traffic to their posts by tagging a lot of people in their post without any sense.


Sometime, it changed the whole meaning of status. Before few days, I saw a post. Someone updated her status “It’s time to sleep” and tagged around 75 peoples. Now think, will it make any good sense? Its sense goes something like that she is sleeping with 75 peoples. LOL! Really!!


So we should stop tagging our friends unnecessarily in our post to avoid such nonsense meanings.


Bloggers using automotive tools for sharing their posts in groups on one click. Even you can’t able to get traffic from these groups then why you are sharing in those groups. Just for social signals. These don’t have any value.


If you want to get high quality social signals and wants to make your brand value, share your post in relevant groups and engage with your audience. I think, this is the only way to spreading your post on the social media groups.


Another technique people often use is sending URLs in direct messages. This is so irritating. Let me tell those people who are using this cheap technique, your ID can be disabled very soon as soon Facebook will detect the spam.


Let talk another social media platform like Google+ or WhatsApp or another mobile apps. In Google plus spamming is so easy. Anyone can easily join any community and share their urls in those communities. They never check the relevant communities, they just check the number of people in the community and share the URL.


There is another technique used by blogger. Bloggers are using any erotic pic of girl or something like this in their feature image and share on social media in the hope of getting any click.


Most popular trick of spamming is giving offers. Like A 4G Network company giving you 1 month free 4G internet and 350 INR. Just register yourself here: http://goo.gl/0sigFp (Don’t forget to click here, you will really win something amazing)”


Do not force people eat what you make

Not everyone eat the same food. You can’t make an Indian eat Chinese snake soup. Just promote them the way that no one finds it a spam or irrelevant in that channel. Build a proper strategy to build a network of your own. That is of course what the experts and fellow bloggers say.


May be I should end this at some point or else it would become a book as it has crossed already 4000 words by now.


A healthy promotion should not be a obsession to drive traffic. It should drive you loyal readers, subscribers and fans who desperately wait for our next blog post.



I’d like to thank Rohan Chaubey, Nirmala Santhakumar, Mi Muba, Swadhin Agarawal, Saurabh Tiwari, Naveen Kumar, Susheel Karam and Atish Ranjan for voicing their opinions and suggestions regarding the topic of this article. They add true value to the post and help the readers understand the importance.


I hope this long post with the opinions and advices of professional & fellow bloggers helped you understand why it is dangerous to promote blog posts in such ways. If you think I missed any point to mention, please share it in comments. Your opinion or experience adds a value to it too.

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Top 8 Email Marketing Tools of 2016

Email marketing is never dead as per the hoax that is being propagated by don’t-ers. It has taken a new shape and reaching out the customers with newest possibilities. The reason for the shape shifting of email marketing is contributed by the introduction of email marketing intelligence tools with lot more features that to expect.
Becoming a business companion for digital marketers, email marketing tools have restored the faith in this conventional digital marketing process. An email marketing tool is more of a customer relationship maintainer than just a email sending tool. There are many email marketing tools on the internet but, I chose the following 8 in my top order.

#1 GetResponse

With more than 15 years’ experience in the industry and more than 350,000 customers from 182 countries, GetResponse makes the email marketing easy with their easiest email marketing tool that works effectively. This company offers solutions to small and large scale companies driving high ROIs.
GetResponse email marketing tool helps you create, customize and manage the emails and campaigns targeting the right list of subscribers. This tool has the following features,
  • Responsive email design
  • Lead capturing and subscriber forms
  • Landing pages with pre-designed mobile ready templates
  • Webinar solution to capture new leads and nurture existing leads
  • A/B Testing to test, analyze and optimize the campaigns
  • Auto responders 2.0 to handle the automated emails and replies
  • Email creator with simple drag and drop tools
  • Email intelligence to analyze the stats
  • List booster to manage the email lists effectively
  • Inbox preview which previews the email on client’s side
And much more
I personally prefer GetResponse as it makes email marketing easy with less efforts for the marketer to promote, connect and communicate with the customers, readers and visitors of the website. If you are here to pick an email marketing tool, I would recommend you to go with GetResponse.
Read my previous articles about GetResponse and you will get to know why I choose it over other email marketing tools.

#2 Vertical Response

Having 14 years on experience in the industry and 1,000,000 customers served so far Vertical Response stands no.2 in my top 8 email marketing tools list. It offers affordable email and social media marketing tools for the digital marketers with the following features,
  • Free responsive email templates that are pre-designed to meet your marketing needs.
  • Drag and drop email creator
  • Quick forms creator to capture leads
  • Auto responders to take care of the emails and replies
  • Social media manager tool
  • Funneled stats
Try out this tool and you would understand why I picked GetResponse from the list.

#3 MailChimp

MailChimp is also 15 year old email marketing tool with easy tools and UI. More than 10 million users and 600 million emails sent every day, MailChimp stands out always as beginner choice because of the following features,
  • Simple email designer
  • Easy automation solution
  • Advanced analytics
  • Suit of mobile apps for mobile accessing
  • Email list manager
MailChimp was my first email marketing tool which I found it missing the tools like responsive landing page creators, social media managers, etc. If you are a beginner and wanted to tryout an email marketing tool for the first time, go tryout MailChimp.

#4 Campaigner

Campaigner is the easy email automation tool that helps a digital marketer automate the common replies and emails that are to be sent to the customers in time. Campaigner provides the best customer service and has won the ‘gold’ award winner of 2015. The features it offers are as follows,
  • Segmentation while sending emails
  • A/B Split testing
  • Email reporting
  • Auto responders
  • Email workflows
  • SMTP relay
  • Email templates
  • Contact lists
  • Purchase behavior

#5 Mailigen

Established to provide dedicated email marketing solutions to improve the ROI of the investors, Mailigen provides flexible and functional email marketing solutions specialized only in email campaigning. The features Mailigen offers are as follows,
  • Responsive email editor
  • Real-time email reports and trackers
  • Dynamic content creators
  • RSS to email
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Subject line advisor
  • Auto responders
  • A/B split testing

#6 Pinpointe

Founded by the executives of Silicon Valley with broad experience in B2B email marketing services technologies, Pinpointe focuses on the robust features, allowing companies to create, automate, target and track their email leads. The following are the features Pinpointe provides,
  • Email and newsletter designers
  • Tracking and reporting tools
  • Response rate maximizers
  • Easy website integrators
  • Subscription managers
  • Email deliverability overview tools
  • Email marketing tools integration

#7 Aweber

Being opted by the most of the small businesses, Aweber spreads their services to 120,000+ customers in its 17 years of establishment. As you can see, companies like GetResponse and Vertical Response have more customers when compared with their ages. Take a look at the following features that Aweber offers with its email marketing tool,
  • Email campaigns
  • Auto responders
  • Signup forms,
  • Email newsletters
  • RSS to email
  • Drag and drop editors
  • Free email templates
  • Email stats and tracking
  • Subscribers management
And some more.

#8 Benchmark

With 73,000 clients so far, Benchmark claims to be providing the most powerful and simple email marketing services. Focusing on the only email marketing, Benchmark offers the following features,
  • Drag and drop responsive email designer
  • Built-in photo editor
  • Readymade free email template
  • HTML code editor for savvies

Logic behind my top order

All the top companies have built wonderful email marketing tools with great features. But, when compared to each other, they differ. Some good companies have built tools with limited features, some those are available with good features aren’t affordable and some which are affordable with good features have bad UI for an average user.
Among the top order, I found GetResponse the only best email marketing service with the wonderful features (and some are being added from time to time) and available at affordable prices. If there is a tool that follows the principles of simplicity, efficiency and reliability, you should go for it. GetResponse is one in such category and stood on top of my list. Second comes Vertical Response followed by my first and beginner-favorite MailChimp, dedicated to serve email marketing Campaigner, Mailigen, Pinpointe, Aweber and Benchmark.
What do you think? Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in comments below.
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Organize & Save Your Thoughts with Google Keep

“Save your thoughts, wherever you are” – is what Google says about the new notes taking app, Google Keep.


Google Keep is an online notes taking app that will never skip your thoughts whenever you are whatever you are doing. It syncs the app data on to different devices and let you keep on track.


Unlike the physical paper notes, you can tag pictures and audio notes and set reminders to notify. Also, you can share the notes with your friends and teammates and finish off your daily tasks in delegation.


Features of Google Keep

Add quick notes – Add quick notes of your thoughts by typing text, voice or by adding an image.


Set time and location based reminders – Set reminders to your thoughts based on the date, time and location precisely or just add a quick reminder that is available as later today, tomorrow and next week.


Divide and do more – Divide the tasks among the team by adding a check list and see them getting checked off in real time.


(New) Try the new Google Keep iOS app on iPhone – This useful application from Google is recently made available for iOS users too. It is worth a try.


Search the notes easily – It is easy to search and find the notes by label, color, picture, sound, keyword, checklist and shared status. It makes easy to organize the to-do’s so.




See the specific notes – You can only see specific notes based on the label name, by reminders and by archived from the menu.


Add once and sync on all devices – Once you add the Google Keep notes, they will be synched onto all the devices the app is installed on, logged in with the same email ID.



How to download and use Google Keep?

You can download Google Keep on your Android and iOS from their respective stores for free. You can even tryout a Google Keep web or install Google Keep extension for Chrome browser to add or check the notes on your computer.


It is always better to maintain a mobile app for smartphone and Google Chrome app for desktop accessing. Because you can refer your notes even when offline with these apps.



  1. Open Google Keep app after installing it from the legitimate source (check above links for legitimate downloads).
  2. Click on Add Note and it expands to take details. Give the title and short description of your reminder.
  3. When you are done, click on DONE to save it.
  4. Add the reminder – Add quick or precise reminder on a date, time and location to get notified.
  5. Share with friends – Share your notes with friends or colleagues and delegate your to-do list to get the tasks done in short time.
  6. Add a color – Discriminate your tasks by color so that, they can be easily identified.
  7. Add an image or voice/audio – You can add an image or audio to the note for taking quick notes.
  8. Note options – You can add/delete the note whenever you want, organize them with labels, make a checklist note, copy to Google Docs and duplicate the note to make another one of similar kind.

Hope that helps. All the best!

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5 Best Indian Companies among the Top IT-BPM Small Size Organizationsto Work for

It’s a new age for India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduced ‘Make In India’ campaign which forecasts the growth of Information Technology industry giving a good hope for Business Processing Management job market. BPM meets the goals of the organization by implementing the feasible framework approach and in the case if IT industry the scope has been elevated with the introduction of ‘Make In India’ campaign.

Before we dive into the top best list definingthe great place to work (in Indian IT-BPM companies), I would like to share the facts and the reasons why you should throw a glimpse on the small size organizations rather than larger ones.

The make in India program provides an opportunities to setup IT services, BPM, software and shared service centers for aspiring entrepreneurs and already established small size organizations. The support from the government to such aspirants and organizations motivates them to develop in the industry with the rapid speed. Should I be telling you that working with an rapidly growing organization helps the careers shine with the same glow?

So, you’ve got a reason to work for small size IT-BPM organization but which among those top companies are the best to start your career with? Here we go!

1. TO THE NEW Digital (formerly IntelliGrape Software)

TO THE NEW Digital is a premium digital services company (formerly known as IntelliGrape Software Pvt. Ltd.) that combines the power of technology, analytics, marketing and content for digital transformation. They are a team of 600+ people including technology evangelists, social media experts, content specialists, and creative mavericks who have transformed businesses of more than 300 companies spread across 30 countries worldwide.

They are also a strategic partner of many global companies including Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), YouTube, DataStax and MongoDB and is trusted by 20+ top industry leaders.To the new Digital is always serious about a having fun. They believe that a happy employee can make happy customers.

Who don't want to join a company like that?

2. Tavisca Solutions

Established in 2008 by seven entrepreneurs, Travisca Solutionshas grown up to 300+ employees as of today excelling the world class online travelling interface products by solving the key problems in it. The solutions they provide in creative design, product development and mobile application development have helped several travel agencies both online and offline, destination management companies, tour operators and consolidators.

Travisca believes in right of equality of growth and so provides an opportunity to the employees to grow with the organization. That implies if you could help company grow, it helps you grow back.

3. OSSCube Solutions

Established in 2006, OSSCube Solutions is a 100% promoter funded company backed by successful serial entrepreneurs. They have served 50+ industry leaders as clients including Google, Yahoo, Trend Micro, LinkedIn and more. They specialize in creating Big data Solutions, Social networking sites, ecommerce applications, mobile apps and games.

Every recruit will be treated as a potential leader regardless of the position and department he joins in OSSCube. The freedom and integrity kind of culture will give an opportunity to anyone to implement their ideology in the organization thereby in their careers as dreamt.

4. McAfee. Part of Intel Security

McAfee. Part of Intel security is one of the famous dedicated security technology company that delivers services and solutions related to network and system securities for an organization or an individual. They specialize in making, anti-malware, anti-spyware, antivirus and security management software products reducing risks and improving secure business operations.

With the support of award winning research team, McAfee is pronounced as threat detecting intelligence business solution in the industry. They are obsessed with safety and security, even in case of their employees too. They believe in bringing out the best of their employees by rewarding the best benefit packages to them. Who don’t love rewards from workplace?

5. Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi, being the inspiration to the next generations believe in creating futuristic information management and social innovation IT solutions. They now help companies establish software-defined infrastructure to improve IT agility and flexibility with more than 6K+ employees speeding over 100+ countries. India being one of those 100+ regions with 200+ employees on board, Hitachi Data Systems honors the integrity, honesty, trust and pioneering spirit in their personnel.

That’s it! Those are all the best 5 of topsmall IT BPM organizations. Always remember to choose a company that makes you happy. Happy job is everyone’s dreamafter all.
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5 Things to Remember While Doing Online Marketing

This post is submitted by Evelyn Golston, a part-time online advertiser. She writes blogs and optimized articles for various products-mostly cosmetics and fitness related. Find out more about her at essayjedi.com
If you decide to print an ad for your business at a local newspaper or a magazine, chances are hundreds of people who grab these while having coffee or upon arriving at work, or get bored while waiting at airport terminals would be able to see your ads.
Now if you choose to advertise on the local TV channel or the local radio, thousands of those who have the pleasure of time watching TV programs before they fall asleep or those who listen to the radio while getting pissed off with the rush hour traffic would actually have the chance of knowing about your business-before they forget about it the next day or the next hour.
But if you choose to market your business online, you can actually flood the online world with your ads (figuratively and in actuality).
In today’s set up, online marketing is more advantageous as it reaches a wider range of audience compared to just advertising with the conventional advertising methods such as the television (which is more expensive by the way) or the local newspaper (with a limited amount of readers) for example.
Imaeg for amfastech
Moreover, online marketing is more cost-effective to the point that you can actually advertise your products for free, given the freedom that we can actually have ourselves registered in these free online networks and promote our products there. Or better yet, we can actually create free blogs for our companies as an online marketing strategy.
Online marketing may be extremely advantageous, but we should be responsible advertisers as well. Otherwise, instead of reciprocating positive feedback from the potential market, we might find ourselves blocked by netizens or unfollowed.
Let me share with you some tips for responsible online marketing.

1. Respect the netizens

You may have the freedom to market your product online but it doesn’t mean that you are free from all the liabilities that come with this freedom. Say if you plan to advertise your product by creating an app which features it, be sure to program that app in such a way that it doesn’t involve too much invasion of the downloader’s privacy. Also, present your product in such a way that how you market your product do not ostracize a certain group of individuals.

2. Don’t invade personal space

We all crave for visibility but we shouldn’t overdo it. You can’t just go around the online world posting your info ad onto other people’s walls ten times a day or putting up lengthy advertisements in Facebook groups where you’re a member.

3. Easy on the keywords

If you are thinking of advertising using blogs or via Search Engine Optimization which makes use of keywords to be able to do traffic, make sure that you utilize these keywords in a smarter, more responsible manner. It would be irritating on the part of readers to see your product brand or the product keyword at every sentence that your company blog features. There are certain guidelines that govern the use of keywords in SEA, so be sensitive with these.

4. Minimize misleading pop-ups

Pop-ups are good ways to market your product but these really get on people’s nerves to the point that they might actually block your site. So be careful with utilizing these.

5. Be honest

Your potential market would greatly appreciate it if you are honest about what you advertise. Though they are a good strategy, including a lot of unreal claims regarding your product’s effectiveness might actually leave your market disappointed. And you’ll be doomed if they decide to put up a blog of how much they regret buying your product in the first place.
So be wise and responsible in online marketing. After all, it’s the best place to do your advertising.
The writer works as a part-time online advertiser. She writes blogs and optimized articles for various products-mostly cosmetics and fitness related. Find out more about her at essayjedi.com
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How to Create Beautiful Image Ads for Your Advertiser

If getting advertisers for your blog is a struggle, satisfying them with your ad creatives is another hurdle. You can’t just let go of any advertiser who comes to sign a deal with you, for just one time.

In order to pursue the successful blogging career, you must maintain long lasting business relationship with your advertisers. Only a happy advertiser(your customer) would like to proceed doing business with you.

Don’t you agree?

Satisfying the advertiser is the only way to maintain long-term relationship. One of the practices for achieving so is creating beautiful ad creatives. We’ll going to see how to create them in respect to the IAB guidelines.  

According to the major advertising networks like Google AdSense, the most successful Ad sizes are 300x250 medium rectangle, 336x280 large rectangle, 728x90 leaderboard and 160x600 wide skyscraper.

Here, we are going to use the the most famous image creator www.canva.com for creating the beautiful image ad units of successful ad sizes. Canva.com has introduced few more sized templates recently among which the ad sizes exist. However, custom size images can be created if wanted.

Creating Ad Units

Step 1: Go to www.canva.com and click on more button.


Step 2: Scroll down and under Ads category, you will find the IAB ad templates of above said sizes.

Step 3: Choose your template and edit the old way by uploading your images, adding existing ones and backgrounds.

Step 4: Save it on your computer and upload it on your website where you wanted it to appear.

That’s it!

Yeah, I agree that it isn’t a great trick, but admit that you didn’t know about it earlier. If you knew it, kudos to you! Cheers :)
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5 Reasons Why SEO Services are a Good Choice for a Start-up

This article is submitted by Sheela Joby, a freelance writer with an experience of 10 years in the field. Apart from writing she is into photography, traveling, music etc. You could reach her at - sjindia2013@gmail.com


There are a great many steps from idea generation to planning and implementation. For a business this path has even more obstacles in the form of competition. It is impossible to assume that your business is the only one of its kind in the market but it is not that hard to make yours the most popular among customers. To do this all you have to do is hire a search engine optimizer. This expert will knock all of your competition right out of the field and put you at the very top of the game!

Search engine optimization has come to be great help to businesses all across the globe and when a start-up employs these services they automatically guarantee a good chance to build a strong foundation in the market. The following five reasons will illustrate exactly how SEO services have changed the way start-ups survive in a new environment.


1. The key to success is to grab as many customers as you can and to grab them fast. To do this you must first familiarize yourself with all of the individuals in the market and be able to distinguish between those who may be potential customers and those who are not. SEO experts have plenty of research data that will assist you in this task.

2. When it comes down to it, the people who look for things on a search engine all have a pattern they follow. This may be certain words or phrases that are typed in. All of this information can be used to help your business gain recognition quicker.

3. Search engine optimizers will code your website in a manner that will make your business the first target for searches. They increase the back links and promote your page to the top of the list. So when someone types the coded keywords the first things they will see is a link to your website.

4. All of these optimizations are not only limited to keywords but can also be extended to image, audio and video searches. It depends entirely on how you want to reach out to your customers and how well your search engine optimizer is able to do so.

5. If you have a local start-up and are not particularly looking for large scale marketing then you can opt for local SEO services. This type of SEO will ensure that people from your locality or region find your business easier and quicker when they look for it on their search engines.

There are plenty of tricks and maneuvers that can be applied to get your business closer to the very top. All you have to do is find a good search engine optimizer and put their skills to work. From that point on, no matter where your customers are, you can be sure that will find their way to you just by typing a few words on their search engine!


Thank you Sheela for such an educating article. We’re glad to have you on our site. All the best and keep writing more wonderful articles :)

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How Social Media Optimization Helps Your Business

The idea of Social Media Optimization - SMO is to ultimately make content that is posted on various social media platforms become more visible by people liking it, sharing and even linking to it.  Because when great content is written and people enjoy it, this is what makes a social media campaign successful.  And, with a solid SMO strategy, your performance and rankings will improve.  When you have a successful SMO strategy, you will gain more traffic from the social media sites and search engines to your website.

Each of the popular social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest drive millions and millions of visitors to websites daily.  With Facebook and Twitter alone, they both have well over one billion active users.  If your business or brand is not actively using social media, then you are missing out on the possibility to gain more traffic to your website.

With so much activity taking place on the various social media platforms, your business or brand needs to stand out against your competitors.  Having a successful social media optimization strategy is the best way to voice your business or brand effectively.

Benefits of Social Media Optimization

Social media provides a great opportunity for businesses to be able to promote their business to potential customers about their products or services.  With social media, you have the ability to send messages to your customers and potential customers over and over again.

Think about it, businesses and brands that take the time to come up with a solid social media optimization strategy will be more likely to end up having better communication with their customers, which potentially have the ability to increase customer satisfaction.

How to Improve your SMO Strategy

You can improve your social media optimization strategy and start generating some positive results for your business or brand by doing the following:
  • Social Media Platforms – It is important to understand the different social media platforms and how to use them and how you can benefit from them.
  • Build your Reputation Online – Building a strong reputation online will build trust and visitors will find you as a reliable and trusted source.
  • Engaging with Audience – You can engage with your audience by sharing great content and liking and sharing other people's content.
  • Getting Social – Engaging yourself with others by discovering ways to share your experience by using social networks and providing your customers access to connect through your social feeds.
  • Social Media Optimization – This is about making improvements to the technical side of your social media, which includes ways your content can be shared by means of share buttons on your website. You can even hire a professional social media consultant from companies like BlueHatMarketingAgency.
Finally, every part of your social media optimization strategy should emphasize on different solutions to ultimately help your visitors and customers. Think of ways you can become more engaged with your customers online to improve their feelings about your business and how to improve the sharing of your content by means of the different social media networks.  You can have a successful social media optimization strategy if you take the time and invest into your social media.
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Are You Following the Same Old Strategies for Your Brand New Coupons Website?

Affiliate marketing have showed the internet marketers the scope of high earnings in the past few years. The current trend of ecommerce have extended the welcome to new strategies and new ways to earn most of it. People have inspired with this growth and success of fellow marketers and so started out coupons websites.

If you are the one who recently started out coupons website, you should read this article without missing out a word(I guess).

So, you have just started out your website with all your affiliate & sponsored links.

What kind of coupons are you planning to put in there?

How are you going to expand your reach?

How are you going to convince your visitors buy from your links?

What are your strategies?

If you are following the same strategies that everyone is following, you would become one among the everyone else. Make your strategies standout as the best among the rest. Just like the one I have came across these days on CouponMachine.in.


CouponMahchine.in writes about the products, the complete guides like ‘what to wear in this winter? – the complete guide to winter wear dressing style for men and women’ and then shows up the offers on the same products later.

This might sound like the one that an intelligent blogger-marketer often use, but they have improvised and molded it into their website niche well. It, in fact increases the conversion rate as they(visitors) are getting the full information about the products in one place.

To talk about the kind of coupons you need to place on the website, we should talk about these things,
  • Coupon expiry
  • Discount rate
  • Store’s reputation and
  • Season
Coupons expiry – It is one of the 3 major issues a coupon website owner should take care of. People don’t expect to see expiry date on the coupons they choose. So, it is better to fadeout or remove the expired coupons automatically.

Discount rate – It is one of the vital things that bring conversions from your visitors. Highlight the high discount product links on the top and the least to bottom.

Store’s reputation – Store’s reputation is one of the driving factors for your visitors. Though you display big discount coupons of infamous online stores in the front line and small discounts later, people will choose to take the small one with respect to reputation and positive feedback of the shop.

For e.g., If you place amazing discount coupons of 60% from a ‘Store X’ in the front line and discounts of 20% from a store like Flipkart in next, people will choose to buy from Flipkart only.

This in turn, might give you danger of loosing your valuable visitors as well. So, take care and plan good contrast among the above three points.

Season – Every season is special for any kind of marketer. As we talked about CouponMahcine’s creative strategy earlier, create your own strategy and target keywords for that season. However, the season is also dependent on other 3 points above somehow.

Hope that helps!

All the best!
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